Roommate’s Mistake

Roommate’s Mistake

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I heard Bryan drunkenly come through our apartment front door as I lay in my bed. I was in the middle of jerking off so I paused it and waited for him to go to his room. It was a gangbang scene where this guy was blowing 3 other guys around him. Gosh I wished that could be me some day. To my surprise, Bryan opened and fumbled through my door. In the dark, he drunkenly moved about. Confused, I was about to ask him what he was doing when I heard him unzip his pants. That intrigued me so I waited.

I could hear him undress and then felt his hand paw at the bed. He touched my thigh and whispered, “Babe, move over.” He must have thought he was in his room and I was his girlfriend Ashley. She sometimes spends the night here, but tonight was not one of those nights. I scooted over and he got on the bed. By the way the bed sank, I could tell he wasn’t lying down. I felt a hand on my face, turning me to face him. A warm, fleshy bulb pressed against my lips.

“Come on Baby. You know what Daddy wants,” He whispered in the dark. I opened my mouth and let him in. A moan escaped out of his mouth as he slid his cock further in my mouth. I slowly sucked his cock, savoring the feeling of his manhood in my mouth. A drunken, “Yes Baby. That’s it. Suck that cock.” slurred out. Bryan started to slowly thrust more urgently. I tried to take more and more of him while he gently fucked my mouth. The salty taste of his precum coated my mouth and tongue.

I reached out to touch his balls and fondle them. That got a, “Ohhhhh Ash. Yeah Baby. Just like that. Such a good girl.” I was rock hard so with my other hand I started to jerk myself off. I honestly kaynarca escort didn’t care about the aftermath that was to come after this. I just need some cock. He leaned in more and my nose was brushing against his pubes. He had a musky smell from being out all night. I savored the entire experience. His hand tightened on my head. He was really rocking back and forth now.

Bryan was really fucking my face. I tried to keep up, sucking and bobbing my head with his rhythm. A mixture of precum and saliva now all over my lips and slowly dripping downward. He was starting to get aggressive, “Yeah take that cock slut. You love my cock. Tell me you love Daddy’s cock.” A bit terrified, I gave a quiet, “Mmm Hmm.” He bought that and continued to thrust his cock through my lips.

I love the feeling of pleasing someone. I loved the feeling of my tongue sliding under his cock as it slid in and out of my mouth. I loved the feeling of being sexually used like this. He withdrew his cock and slapped it against my face a couple times before sliding back into my awaiting mouth.

“Oh Yes, here it comes Baby.” He yelled. I took his cock as far into my mouth as I could and felt the shots of cum hit the back of my throat. I breathed through my nose and glugged down what I could. He released my head and my mouth opened in exhalation as I felt his cock withdraw. I rolled over to search the floor for a shirt or boxer shorts to wipe my mouth and chin with, but then I felt Bryan’s hand on my ass.

“Baby, you have such a nice ass.” Bryan complimented me. I won’t lie, I do have a nice ass. I found a sock but then felt Bryan straddle over küçükyalı escort me. I looked behind and could barely make him out in the dark. He sat over my thighs and was massaging my ass. His hands slid up my back and not only did I feel his body press against me, but his still erect cock.

“You know what tequila does to me Baby. Ready for round 2?” He whispered with a grin. I dropped the sock and grabbed hold of the bed. His cock, still slick with cum and my saliva, rubbed up and down my crack. I was so hungry for his cock. I raised my ass up to meet him. He grabbed a hold of his cock and aimed it for the only opening there. I pushed as he did.

“Damn Baby, you’re so tight.” He cooed. It was a little bit of a stretch and felt a minor sting, but I didn’t care. I just wanted him to fuck me. His head was now in me and both his hands were on my lower back. I clenched my teeth as he slid in further and further, rocking back and forth, letting his cock inch deeper into me. Finally, I felt him fully against me. He pulled back and slammed into me.

“Mmmm…you’re gonna get it tonight Baby.” He said with another thrust. Again and again, he pulled back and drove his cock into my ass. I tried to muffle my grunts and moans. Everytime he fucked me, it was like air was being pounded out of me. In my mind I was screaming, “Yes fuck me! Fuck me harder! Fuck my ass!” He leaned down and gently bit my shoulder. I was in heaven.

“Take it. Take Daddy’s cock. Pussy so good baby. You like that cock don’t you?” He moaned. I threw my ass with his rhythm. His groans and moans filled the room with sounds of our flesh slapping sancaktepe escort against one another. He gripped my shoulders and then really started to drive his cock in me. He was like a rabbit in heat. My eyes rolled back with the sensation and pleasure of having a hot, hard cock being rammed into my ass. I hadn’t been fucked like this in a while. It felt so good having a real cock fill my ass.

“Oh my gosh, Baby. I’m almost there.” He breathlessly said. In between my quiet moans I whispered, “Cum in me.” He didn’t need to hear much after that. With a few long hard thrusts, he drilled his cock as deep in me as he could. For the second time that night, I accepted his semen in me. I could feel his cum fill me as his cock twitched with the ejaculations. He collapsed on me and kissed my back. His cock softened and I felt his semen drip out of me.

I didn’t care about the catastrophe that was awaiting soon or in the morning. I was basking in the ecstasy of being satisfied from a good fucking. I was now aware that the sheets under me were slick. I must have come too from that climax. And then there was a flash of light. We both looked over to see what that was. A silhouette of a woman was in my dark doorway. The faint glow of the phone revealed Ashley’s face. Her expression didn’t reveal anything. I couldn’t tell if she was mad or sad. It was just a blank look as she gazed upon the picture she just took.

I looked back to see Bryan’s horrified face of realization. Ashley faded out of sight and Bryan bolted after her, telling her to wait and explaining he didn’t know it wasn’t her. I got up to close and lock my door. A drip of bodily fluids ran down the inside of my leg. I flopped down on my bed and rolled into my blanket. I was going to savor being tired from good sex. I dozed off into my dreams, replaying what had just happened and enjoyed the feeling of having cum in my mouth and my ass tonight….

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