The Next Level

The Next Level

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It’s been a couple of weeks now since I sucked my last shemale cock and swallowed her load, and with enough distractions, it hasn’t been too difficult keeping myself preoccupied and my mind off of satiating my new fixation. Still though, I do have my moments when I sit back and imagine a beautiful girl busting her load in my mouth, but I distract myself with work.

The problem I’ve got now, though, is an unexpectedly large bonus for my last project that went far better than I had hoped. I can spend the cash on any one of a few needs, like some overdue car repairs, new laptop, retirement savings, whatever, but my mind keeps thinking that money could get me a whole bunch of shemale enjoyment. Who am I kidding? It’s all but a foregone conclusion that I’m going to indulge.

Ok, it’s time to be an adult though, and budget accordingly. There’s enough for my indulgence while still socking enough away for other things, I just have to moderate myself. With a budget figured out and X amount of dollars set aside for my new habit, I go back to the online sites that have treated me so well in the past and peruse a bit.

Many familiar faces, a few new ones, nothing that jumps out at me though, until…whoa, what is this? My God, she is gorgeous! A tall, slender built Dominican beauty named Taya with all the right curves and she says she’s got ten inches of fun between her legs. Good lord, ten inches? I can’t suck that much! The two girls I’ve swallowed weren’t anywhere near that, and I could barely handle them without choking myself. It seems like way too much, but damn, I’m very intrigued. Scrolling down her ad, she says she’s dancing at a local strip club. Hmmm…I’ve never heard of the place, looks like it caters to an alt crowd. I check the address and it’s twelve miles away on the freeway, not a bad drive.

This gives me an approach. I can go in, check her out, and if I don’t like what I see, just leave. Easy enough, and no risk other than a short drive and a little bit of gas. Ok, it’s set, I’m going to go see her.

Two hours later, done with work, showered and ready to head out the door. Rush hour has passed, the drive isn’t bad at all, I’m there in less than twenty minutes. Looking around, I think to myself how many times I’ve driven past this area on my way to elsewhere, and this place was never even a blip on my radar. Well, no sense wasting time, I go in…

It’s almost funny, if I were to describe the place, all I could say is that it’s just like most every other strip club in the world – it’s dark, loud with old hair band music and smells like cigarettes, booze, stale perfume and despair. I kind of smirk at that, if only for the irony that here I am, looking for a ten inch shemale cock. I pay the cover and go find a table out of the brightest lit area near the side wall and take a seat.

Almost instantly after I sit, a waitress comes by asks for my drink order, and she’s a stunner, looks like a mix of Polynesian and Latina, very exotic, very sexy, and fills out her waitress uniform very nicely. I order, and since it’s not very busy, she’s back with my beer quickly.

“You’re a new guy, aren’t you? Don’t think I’ve ever seen you here before,” she says as she sets my beer down.

“Yeah, first time here for me. Been by this place a million times, never even knew it was here.”

“Mind if I join you for a little bit?” Her question surprises me a bit, but she’s gorgeous, no way I’m saying no.

“Of course, please, sit,” and she slides in next to me on the couch I’ve found. She extends her hand and introduces herself as Sheri, and I shake her hand and tell her my name and she smiles such a pretty smile at me, it almost makes me blush.

“So what, or better yet, who brings you by,” she asks me. Hmmm, now I’m a bit stifled. Here’s this beautiful woman asking me why I’m in this seedy little out of the way strip club that obviously caters to the alt lifestyle, and what the hell do say in response?

“Oh, I don’t know, just having a look to see what’s what, I guess.” I sit there looking straight ahead at the stage, wondering if she bought my line.

“Yeah? Usually, new guys are coming in here looking for someone specific. This isn’t exactly the type of place that brings in random customers, you know what I mean?” Yup, I knew exactly what she meant, but still, how do I tell a goddess like her I’m here looking for a monster shemale cock to suck?

Then the DJ pipes in and announces the next dancer, Jasmine, because every strip club has to have a Jasmine or two, and Jasmine turns out to be quite a looker. I take advantage of the DJ’s timing to mention that Jasmine is pretty sexy, and Sheri agrees, shaking her head, “she sure is, she’s got a great body.” Yeah, I clearly saw that for myself, but Sheri isn’t letting me off the hook so easily.

“So you don’t want to tell me, huh? That’s ok, we don’t judge here, it’s all good, babe.” I look at her and she’s smiling at me, and she rubs my thigh and turns towards the stage where Jasmine is dancing. “We bring in all kinds of folks here, gays, bisexuals, butch and fem lesbos, curious straights, the trans click, whatever, porno everyone’s welcome. So how about doing a shot with me?” With a segue like that, how could I say no?

Sheri got up to go to the bar and get us our shots, and I couldn’t help but stare at her the whole way. She had a beautiful figure, and her black skirt hugged her hips as snuggly as her white blouse hugged her tits, and I’d guess they were 36Ds or so. Her walk was so smooth and fluid, just so sexy. A few minutes later, we’re doing our first tequila. Not my favorite, but when in Rome, so down it went. The crowd didn’t seem to fill in as the night progressed, but that’s probably because it was a Tuesday night, hardly the busiest night for a place like this. That worked out well though, because Sheri had a light work load and was able to sit with me. She and I sat when she wasn’t serving drinks and watched all the dancers together, and I could tell she was gauging my reaction to each of them.

An hour and a half and several more shots later, still no sign of Taya, and I’m wondering if I’d wasted my time. I guess my constant looking around for her cued Sheri in further that there was definitely someone in particular I was there to see. The liquor has loosened me up a bit and I’m chatting more about the dancers with Sheri, talking about which ones I liked and such, and she’s just taking it all in. There were a few very pretty girls, three shemales who danced also, two of which were pretty hot, but not Taya hot, and she is who I wanted to see.

Sheri sets another two shots down and it’s become a reflex now that I just pick it up, clink her glass in a toast, and throw it back. Definitely feeling a bit giddy now.

“You look like you’re expecting someone, if you don’t mind me saying,” Sheri spoke to me as I caught myself looking towards the door in the hopes that Taya was arriving soon. “Me? No, not really, just looking around, you know, taking it all in.”

“Hahahahaa! Yeah, right! You can be straight with me, I said it before, we don’t judge. You’re not just here off the street for curiosity, I don’t buy that.”

I sit there thinking about what she said, and I wonder why I’m apprehensive about telling here why I’m there. What’s the big deal? Why can’t I tell a total stranger whom I’ll probably never see again that I’ve got a fetish for sucking shemale cock? Hell, she’s here working in a place that caters to people like me. She’s heard it all before. I should be able to tell her about this if no one else.

I look a Sheri, take a breath and tell her yes, I am there to see someone in particular. “And who would that be?” she asks with a smirk.

“I saw an ad for girl who said she was dancing here tonight, her name is Taya.” Sheri’s face is steady, then she looks around like she’s thinking, then she turns and looks at me with a devilish smile,

“Oh yeah, Taya, I know her, she’s new, very pretty, uh, lady.” I feel my face getting flushed a bit, hoping it’s the effects of the shots we’ve shared and not embarrassment. “So you like Taya, huh?”

“Um, well, I don’t really know yet, I’ve only seen her ad, I’ve never seen her in person yet.” I’m looking straight ahead at the stage but I can feel Sheri’s stare from my right side, like she’s processing things about me. I’m not sure what to think about that or how to feel, so I just sit there staring at the stage, then her hand lands on my thigh and runs up and down it a few times, and rests just a few inches from my cock.

“Taya’s a special kind of girl, you know. There’s a few like her in here.” Sheri then takes my hand and places it on her thigh where her skirt is covering her leg, and I’m instantly rock hard. I’ve been sitting here with this gorgeous girl for about two hours watching all these dancers with her, but every time she got up to get us more drinks, I couldn’t help but stare at her every move between us and the bar and back. She’s such a vision, just drop dead sexy.

She rubs my hand for a moment, then slides it under her skirt, and my heart starts racing. Her inner thigh is so silky soft, I can’t wait to feel her pussy. She’s slowly gliding my hand further and then there it is – she’s got a big, throbbing cock trying to burst through her panties, and I momentarily pull my hand back, then look at her, and she’s just smiling at me.

“It’s ok, baby, you don’t have to be freaked out, I’m sorry if I shocked you.” I sat there for a moment taking it all in and instantly regretted pulling my hand back, so I softly placed it back on her thigh, hoping she’d give me another chance.

“I’m sorry, it was a bit of a surprise, that’s all. It was a good surprise though, it just caught me off guard, that’s all, it felt really good.” I hoped she’d believe me, I really did like how her cock felt, I wanted to feel it some more.

“I get it, baby, you’re all good. Like I said, we don’t judge. I like you,” and she hit me with that smile again. I badly wanted to lean in and kiss her but didn’t want to push things when we were in view of everyone in the place, so I just rubbed my hand a bit on her thigh, hoping she’d get us back to where we were a moment japon porno ago.

Right then, she looks away from me for a moment and lights up with a huge smile, then looks back at me, “your girl is here,” then she motions with her eyes to the door, and there she is – Taya walked in, and my jaw dropped. She was even more stunning in person than her photos. the perfect hourglass figure, long, dark hair past her shoulders, everything was as beautiful as I hoped. I just stared at her and watched her walk all the way across the place and to the dressing room, then just stared at the dressing room door as it closed behind her until Sheri nudged me a bit and brought me back to life. “Wow, so just like that, I’ve been replaced?” Sheri’s question made me feel uncomfortable, like I had to choose between the girl who sat with me for two hours, got me drunk then let me slide my hand up her skirt, or dump her like I was just using her until someone better came along. She chuckled a bit at me when she saw my face and kissed me on the cheek and turned sideways on the couch we were on, facing me, and took both my hands in hers.

“I know why you’re here, baby, I don’blame you. She’s beautiful.” Sheri then slid closer to me, slid her left leg behind me, opened her right leg a bit, and slid both my hands up her skirt where her cock was now free of her panties, rock hard and now in my hands with hers guiding them up and down its’ full length. My word, it was so hard and so thick, I wanted to lean her back and lift her skirt right there and wrap my lips around it, didn’t care of the whole place watched.

“Just a little to remember me by, sweetie. I’ve got a few new customers, I’ll be back in a bit,” then she stood up, discretely tucker her cock back in her panties, and walked off. I felt crushed watching her walk away. Did I make the wrong choice?

Sitting there by myself, I suddenly felt very alone. Weird, since the place isn’t packed, but brought in a few more people, but they aren’t the people I’m here to see or with whom I want to spend any time, they’re customers, they’re here for the same reasons I am. Truth is I’m enamored with Sheri’s cock. I can’t believe, first of all, that she’s even got one, and even better, that she let me feel it, she offered it to me. I want more of it.

In my adoration of Sheri, I forgot all about Taya until the DJ announced that she was next on stage, and a moment later, there she was, strutting her stuff, and my God, what a bombshell! She was just stunning! She came out wearing a skin tight black mini dress that was low cut enough to show off her beautiful tits, and it hugged her hips and ass so perfectly, she was a fantasy come to life. Every time she leaned over, the short length of the dress let her red thong peak out and gave just a hint of her ass. I wanted so badly to climb up those legs and bury my face between them, she was just such a shocking vision, I’ve never seen anything like her.

She had several admirers waiting to tip her while dancing, and she indulged every one of them with a brief show in exchange for their offerings, so I decided to wait until she danced her second song, since they all danced two songs then exited the stage. I had to make a statement though, differentiate myself from the rest of the crowd, so she might be enticed to join me after she’s done on stage. I figured she’d appreciate a bigger tip than anyone else gave her, because after all, it’s always about the money. I folded a twenty dollar bill in half and walked up to the stage, and she saw me there immediately, so she danced her way over, turned away from me and bent over in front of me, showing off her ass, and I was awestruck. I just stood there, not blinking for her brief but effective show, then she crouched down in front of me, dress raised up to her hips, knees spread so I could see her thong and the bulge it contained, and she ran her finger through her garter, waiting for me to slip the money ion it.

“Wow,” is all I could mumble, as I slipped the twenty in the garter on her thigh, and she smiles as she noticed it wasn’t the typical smaller bill.

“Oooh, thank you, sweetie,” she said as she leaned in and kissed me on the cheek.

“I’d love to get you a drink when you’re free,” I told her, and she said she’d like that and she’d be over in a few minutes. My heart raced a bit, she’s coming over to sit with me!

Back at my table, I sat as patiently as I could while anticipating Taya’s arrival, and about five minutes later, I saw her silhouette walking across the room towards me. She moved with a sexy fluidity that I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. She was truly a vision. She approached the table and slid right in behind it and sat next to me on the couch, then kissed me on the cheek again and thanked me for the tip. She smelled like lavender and her skin was so soft, I wanted right then to lean in and kiss her on the lips but I refrained. I didn’t want to come across the wrong way.

We sat for a while, we had a few drinks, then she did her first lap dance for me. At one point in the song, still dressed in her thong and top, she leaned lezbiyen porno back against the table and thrust her hips out straight at me, and my God, what I would have given to be able to reach out and just run my tongue up and down her from head to toe. I reached out and just grazed her thighs as she danced, and she didn’t seem to mind. I ran my hands lightly up and down her legs, then up to her hips, and she turned around away from me and bent over the table. Her ass was as perfect as I’ve ever seen, and it was everything I could do to stay seated. I slowly ran my hands up the back of her legs and to her ass, hoping I wasn’t pushing things too quickly, and Taya’s little ass shake in response told me I wasn’t.

Taya then turned around facing me, taking my hands in hers and slid them up her body to her tits, letting me cup them both. They felt so perfectly soft, and I could feel her nipples getting hard right in my hands through her top. She then came closer, leaned forward and straddled me on the couch and grabbed the back of my head, forcing my face into her cleavage. Her tits felt so good on my face, I just closed my eyes and started licking them, sucking on her bare skin, when I reached for her top and pulled it down a bit, just enough to expose her nipples.

She read what I was doing and leaned to her side a bit, bringing her nipple to my mouth, and I didn’t let the chance slip past, I sucked on it like it was a lifeline. Her nipple was rigid and I pursed my lips around it, swirling my tongue all over it, and her groan told me she was enjoying it as much as I was.

At that point, I leaned back for a minute to look up at her face, and she was looking down at me, then without a word, she leaned in and kissed me on the lips hard, her tongue finding mine and her lips sucking on it, then tongue exploring my mouth again. Her lips were like satin, her tongue wet and soft. We kissed for a few minutes, then she again leaned back, pulling my head down to her tits with her hand.

That’s when I reached around her to untie her top, wanting to free her tits so I could suck them both free of her top. She stopped me right then, saying no. When she leaned forward to reach behind her and retie her top, I felt horrible. All I thought was that I did something wrong and she was turned off, I had blown it. Here I was with the sexiest creature I’ve seen in forever, I had my mouth all over her and somehow ruined the mood.

How elated I was when I saw why she stopped me.

“Not here, baby, everyone can see us. Let’s go out back to VIP.” WHEW! I didn’t blow it! She just didn’t want us to be so visible to other patrons. Ok, I’m good with that, I’d like some more privacy with her too, even as dark as it is. She stands up, takes my hand and leads the way. We stop along the way to tell Sheri we’re heading out back since she’s our waitress, then we stop again at the doorway to the VIP area where I’m assuming I’m going to have to pay the guy standing watch there to enter, but Taya said something to him I couldn’t hear over the music and he nodded and motioned her in, still holding my hand and bringing me in with her.

As dark as it was in the front room, VIP was even darker, and my eyes needed a few minutes to adjust. The layout of the place looked different than out front, like what looked to be almost cubicles around the outer perimeter of the room, but with walls going to the ceiling. Taya walked to the furthest one back, farthest away from the doorway, and lead me into our little cubicle. Everything was black, the couch, the table, the walls, everything. I could barely see her until the my eyes adjusted to the one very dim light above us.

“Ok, this is more like it,” Taya said, as she sat down, still holding my hand. I sat down next to her and she turned towards me and threw a leg or mine, grabbed my face and once again stuck her tongue in my mouth, probing every bit of it. I leaned back, letting her kiss me, sucking and licking her tongue as it was all over the inside of my mouth. I immediately reached for her top, pulling it down to expose her tits, and she grabbed my head and forced it to her nipples, and I eagerly responded. Her nipples were hard as rocks now, and I kept going form one to the other, sucking and licking them to her groans as she leaned back.

“You have a very talented mouth,” Taya said to me as I devoured her nipples.

“I’ll suck anything of yours, sweetie, you’re so sexy,” I responded, hoping she’d want to take me up on it.

She pulled away and stood up, and told me she wanted to do another lap dance for me, to which I happily agreed. The song began and her hips swung back and forth, mesmerizing me, as I ran my hands up and down her thighs, up to her sides, wanting badly to reach between her legs but not treading there yet. Then she laid on her back on the small round table right in front of us, and as small as it was, her ass was barely a foot away from me. I leaned in towards her, she wrapped her legs around my head and drew my face closer, and I kissed her inner thighs, slowly working up her legs. I was so close to her cock, I could barely contain myself. Then she leaned forward off the table, straddling me on the couch again, pushed me upright against the back of the couch and wrapped her arms around me, kissing me again. This time though, she pressed herself tightly against me, and I could feel her hard cock against me.

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