Dreamer Adventure

Dreamer Adventure


He arrived at my apartment early as usual, the door unlocked for him, and I was more than ready to welcome him into my arms. I was about to put my arms around him, when he came over to where I was sitting on the couch and sternly asked me what I was doing sitting on the couch. I was at a loss to explain, since I did not think I had received any instructions to the contrary. I was wrong. He had sent me an email just before he left his house, instructing me to be sitting in the beige chair across from the couch. I had neglected to read the email. My dreamer assured me that I would be punished for this infraction. While I enjoyed our “play” punishments, he reserved special punishments for the times he felt I deserved “real” punishment, and that usually meant something to do with ice. I shivered, but it was not with delight.

“Punishment will be later”, he said, as he undressed and pointed me to the bedroom. I docilely went into the bedroom as ordered, and again, as ordered, lay down on the bed. I was already unclad, having anticipated this portion of his expectations. Our arms around each other, sweet kisses on our lips, bodies touching, we said hello to each other. His lips sought out my nipples, and waves of arousal swept over me. I felt such a need for him, such passion. I had an overwhelming desire to give myself to him, again, and again, even though I had surrendered my body and my mind to him a long time ago. He touched me in the most intimate parts of my beşiktaş escort body, and the desire climaxed into an orgasm, as I stared into his beautiful blue eyes. “Good morning, subbie,” he said to me, with a grin of accomplishment.

“I have an adventure planned for us today,” he informed me. He then went into my closet and took out a length of thick, red rope. He put the rope over my breasts, then down between my legs, forming what he referred to gleefully as a chastity belt. “Now put on your shoes,” he instructed. I obeyed. “Put together a picnic lunch,” he commanded me next. I was getting a little nervous, as he had not yet instructed me to get dressed. Surely he didn’t plan to take me out only wearing sneakers and red rope. I was relieved when he

“Get dressed. Wear an opaque skirt and an opaque blouse, no underwear.” I followed his ordered exactly, and he approved of my choice of skirt and top.

His hand on the nape of my neck, he manipulated me down the hallway of my apartment building, and to his car. As I sat down in the passenger seat, he reached behind him into his backpack and drew out a blindfold. He knew that I disliked being blindfolded while riding in the car. But at the same time, I liked being obedient even more, and my dreamer realized that. The blindfold in place, he started to drive, my left hand on his right leg, his right hand occasionally brushing against my nipples. I was so ready for his adventure.

When istanbul escort we arrived at his chosen location, he removed the blindfold. I had no idea where we were. But it didn’t matter, I was with him, and he was controlling me. We followed a path through some trees. The path was lined with purple wild asters, in full bloom in the early fall weather. We next came upon a clearing, and he led me across the clearing to towards a copse of trees by a river. He led me deeper into the dense foliage, then stopped. He put a cloth on the ground over by a tree, and ordered me to sit down, with my back against the tree.

As I sat down, he went into his backpack and took out a length of thick, red rope. He proceeded to bind me to the tree. I felt the rope tighten between my legs, and a surge of desire went through me. He grinned at me, knowingly. My dreamer knew full well what I was feeling. Every sensation showed on my face. Next, he took out leather ankle and wrist cuffs, and attached them. His collar followed. “You are mine”, he said. “I own you. I own your body, your mind, your soul.” I felt so close to him when he said those words. I so much wanted to belong to him.

We proceeded to have lunch. Once lunch was over, my dreamer began to work his magic on me. His fingertips brushed my nipples, bringing them to attention. I felt the wetness between my legs, as arousal overtook me. I moved against the ropes, the sensation sweet. But I would have preferred bakırköy escort his fingers over the rope. As if reading my mind, he put his hand down the front of my pants, and parted the rope. His fingers reached my clit, and began to rub against it. I pushed myself against his fingers, wanting to feel more of his touch. The feelings of arousal built until I was panting with desire, and then a wonderful climax overtook me, waves of orgasm washing over me. I looked into his eyes, and I was lost in them, ready to do whatever he wished of me, giving myself to him over and over again.

Too soon our interlude by the river was over. He released me from the rope that bound me to the tree, and bid me to stand up. The sopping wet rope was still between my legs, and I was very aware of it as we made our way back to the car. I was still wearing his collar. We passed by a few people who I am sure noticed the collar and cuffs, but seemed to avert their eyes and grin. I wondered what they were thinking…lucky woman, to be owned by such a wonderful man.

Once in the car, he placed the blindfold over my eyes for the return trip. I still did not know where we were, or how we got there. It enhanced the feeling of vulnerability and helplessness that he wanted to instill in me. And he was doing a very good job at it.

Once back in my apartment, he bid me to undress, but leave the cuffs and collar on. Once again he pointed to the bedroom, and ordered me to lie down on the bed, face up. He had put in restraints in each corner of my bed, and he proceeded to fasten the cuffs to the restraints. I was spread-eagled on the bed, all of me accessible to him. My time with my dreamer was not yet over…the adventure was to continue.

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