Escapades of Eva Ch. 49

Escapades of Eva Ch. 49

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Eva 49 Y – Feed me you silly subbie

“Sir we have been here for a long time already. Aren’t you afraid someone will want to come in to buy toys soon?”

“Not at all pet. If you remember I have the key and I have paid for the use of these premises for our weekend. So, I can stay here and fuck you as long as I want, or do anything I want to you … cant I pet?” he grinned as he squeezed his submissive a little tighter.

“I have been planning this for a long time. I know we have worked a lot of overtime at the store recently and you have been such a trouper. So, since I was able to schedule us both off for the same two days I decided to come here. And, since our weekend is in the middle of the week we will have the place all to ourselves. “

“Two days Sir?” Eva asked with a big grin on her face.

“Yes pet two whole days in this play land. I am going to work you over in ways you never imagined. And then I have a very special grand finale planned.”

“Really Sir?” she exclaimed.

“Yes really,” he laughed. And then he grabbed Eva’s hand and headed to the far side of the room where he opened another innocent looking door.

Eva gasped as she entered the immense room. She saw before her a fully equipped private combination Master suite and dungeon. The only light was that coming from the open door but she was beginning to recognize some details in the darkness.

The walls had been made to look like old brick from a real dungeon and it and the ceiling were painted black. The floor was stone as well and also painted black, but there was a large room size burgundy and black print carpet at the far end of the room.

She could see that on top of the carpet was a huge king size four-poster bed, complete with a black canopy. It also had black drapes tied back to each of the four posts just like in the pictures of a medieval castle. She could tell from the draping that if each corner were untied the bed would be enclosed with the satin, completely surrounding the bed making it cozy and very private. The drapes and the bedspread were burgundy satin, and Eva noticed that the bed was unusually high.

There was a brass candleholder on each of the two bedside tables and each held a fat red candle that Sir Dan quickly lit while Eva stood there with her mouth agape. She saw black iron wrist and ankle shackles attached to each of the four thick wooden bedposts. She also saw a thick black iron collar hanging from a very long length of iron chain that was mounted on the wall at the head of the bed.

Also at the head of the bed was a pile of thick overstuffed cushions in various shades of deep burgundy, red, and black. And she could also see from the turned down corner of the bed that there were black satin sheets. The whole effect was sensuous and elegant, just like her Sir. She thought this was the most romantic setting she could imagine.

She felt hot tears of love for this wonderful man beginning to gather in her eyes. Standing there naked, holding her hands together in front of her beloved Sir she felt so small and full of wonder. She felt like a little girl safe and warm and sheltered in this wonderful man’s Dominance. And there was a lump in her throat as she surveyed the details of this compartment that he had lovingly arranged for her enjoyment. She felt some of the tears stream down her cheeks as she beheld the awesome man in front of her.

She watched as Sir Dan walked around the room lighting each of six red candles set in sconces at intervals around the room. As her eyes adjusted to the dim light she saw that on one side of the room was a small version of the St Andrews porno indir Cross like she had seen at the local dungeon.

On one side of the cross there were also thick iron shackles mounted on the walls that would hold a person’s wrists and ankles while in a standing position. And, on the other side was a black padded saw horse type of spanking bench. All the furniture was black and blended into the walls.

On the other side of the room at one end was an open door. She could see that it was a very plush bathroom furnished with black wicker and black satin fabrics. The huge sunken tub, commode, and sink were of variegated black and gold marbled porcelain.

At the other end of that wall was something that caused Eva to draw in her breath. There set into the wall was a jail cell of black iron. It was about seven feet long, five feet wide, and four feet high. It was just low enough that no grown person could stand up inside.

As she moved a little closer she saw there were also thick black iron rings set at intervals around the room with various lengths of rope attached to them. She wrapped her arms around herself and shuddered at the thought of what could be done in that room. She heard Sir Dan chuckle as he crossed the room.

She also saw that there was a small table about waist high, and several low stools covered in black leather. She thought those must be things to set Sir’s toys on. Then she couldn’t help feeling a grin cover her face as she thought of the wide variety of toys just outside the room. She knew Sir would have a lot of fun, and she began to feel the wetness gathering in her cunt as she thought of all the possibilities.

“Check this out pet,” Sir Dan said. He reached toward the wall space between the bathroom and the jail cell and Eva saw him grab a couple of knobs in what looked like a tall black painted closet. When he pulled on it the doors swung open to each side and Sir reached up and unlatched a metal hook. Then he pulled down a tabletop that was hinged at the bottom and supported by sturdy chains attached to either side of the wall.

The table was in the middle and she saw a complete wet bar at the top and a small refrigerator below. There was also a small microwave oven on the shelf to one side, and two folding chairs tucked underneath. Everything was also black with clear glass plates and glasses with gold rims.

“Oh Sir,” she exclaimed, “This place is like a dream come true. It is so classy and elegant Sir.” Eva walked around the room touching things and enjoying the feeling of the different textures and the sensuality of the beautiful dungeon.

“Well come over here pet. Are you hungry?”

“I am famished Sir,” she answered as she took the folding chairs that he handed her and set them down on either side of the tabletop. Then she knelt before him on the floor in front of the table and added, “We have had quite a workout today. What can I do Sir?”

“Look in the refrigerator pet. I instructed the owners of the dungeon to put some of our favorite foods in for us. So, you chose something nice for lunch,” he added as he went and stretched out on the bed and looked at his lovely sub.

“Yes Sir,” she answered as she reached in front of her and opened the refrigerator. “Mmmm….this is wonderful Sir.” She saw that he had indeed chosen their favorite foods. After looking through it she turned excitedly to her Sir and smiling sweetly she asked, “Sir may I have permission to do something special please? It will be kind of a surprise.”

“You may,” he answered with a grin on his face.

Suddenly she jumped rokettube up and ran over to Sir Dan and sat down on the bed as she gave him a big hug. “Oh Sir,” she gushed, “This is the most wonderful surprise. Thank you Sir.” But as she leaned over to hug him again he grabbed her wrists and holding her back from him he gave her a stern look.

“Pet, is this how you have been taught to enter my bed?” he scowled.

Immediately, she slid to the floor on her knees and pressed her cheek to the back of his hand, “Please forgive me Sir. In my excitement I forgot myself.”

“Indeed you did pet,” he said, “And I think you need a reminder, especially since we are here for the entire weekend. Also, I have not instructed you to be in play mode at the moment, but I think you need something to keep you mindful of your place with me, don’t you?”

“Yes Sir,” she whispered. She did hate it so when she had to agree to any type of punishment or correction. She always felt so chastised for forgetting, but also she thought having to agree to her own punishment was the worst thing he could do to remind her of her place as his submissive. She felt the tears starting again and she knew her face was getting red from the embarrassment she felt at having to be corrected.

Sir Dan sat up and ordered, “Lie down on your tummy on the floor where you are pet.” Eva did as she was told. “Now pet,” he continued, “Lie down flat with your arms at your sides and your palms up. Turn your face to the side and spread your legs wide.”

“Yes Sir,” she whimpered. She wondered what new torture he had in mind. Then she heard him open the drawer next to the bed and he took something out.

In a moment she felt him kneel between her legs. Then she felt him grab her wrists folding them behind her back and he tied them together with a piece of soft rope. As she usually did when he bound her, she immediately sank into a relaxed fuzzy feeling. She started to sink into a sublime sub space, but at the same time, she felt her tummy start to tense in anticipation of what he was planning to do.

“Now pet,” he asked, “How are you supposed to enter my bed?”

Finding it hard to surface from the sub space enough to speak she slowly answered, “I am to ask permission first with my head bowed down Sir. Then I am to get on my knees at the bottom of the bed. And then I am to enter on my hands and knees and remain at the bottom of the bed until you give me permission to come closer to you,” she whimpered.

“That’s right pet. And, what can that cost you if you do not do as you are told?”

She knew that this breach of her personal protocol could prevent her from being able to sleep in his arms at night. As the tears began to fall she replied, “I can be banished from your bed for as long as you say Sir.”

“That’s right. And, whose submissive slut are you pet?”

“I am your slut Sir,” she sobbed.

“Exactly. And since I know you were just excited by the moment I am going to give you a break. I am only going to punish you by fucking your ass bitch.”

And then Eva felt him spread her ass cheeks, and before she knew it he quickly shoved his hard cock into her rectum. She cried out with the suddenness of his movements but it did not really hurt too much since they had done some ass play earlier.

He quickly began a fast pumping of his hard rod in and out of her ass. He bucked into her steadily over and over. He pumped her for all he was worth. Eva moaned as the wetness grew in her pussy. She always loved it so much when he took her suddenly and roughly. It made her so much more aware of seks filmi her submission and how helpless she was in his hands.

And then he stopped for a moment and slid his cock almost all the way out of her. Then he shoved it back into her hard and deep and he began to fuck her ass with long hard strokes, making her cry out. He fucked and fucked without pausing. She had never felt him fill her tender ass so hard and deep before.

Her cunt had been wet as soon as he entered her ass, and now she was on fire with the lust his hard cock had ignited in her rump. She could feel it way down deep in her cunt too as he banged her hard over and over. “Aiiieeee!” she wailed, “Oh Sir please may I cum?”

“NO!” he snapped and shoved his cock in and out of her ass with renewed vigor as he plowed into her asshole harder and harder.

“Please Sir, please?” she begged breathlessly.

“I said NO BITCH,” he growled. Then he slowed down and reached around and grabbed her long hair and told her to open her mouth. When she did he shoved a cloth of some kind deep into her mouth. She was totally open and helpless to his onslaught now with her hands tied and unable to speak.

“Now shut up slut and take this cock in your ass like the fucking little whore you are.” Panting hard, Eva felt herself getting wetter as his words made her weak with lust.

Then, holding her head back tight with her hair Sir Dan began to fuck her ass again. He rode her hard then as he held her hair and bounced in and out of her ass with his stiff pistoning cock.

She felt him move up onto his knees as his strong hands pulled her onto her knees with her ass in the air, without his cock ever leaving the warmth of her body. And then in the new position he began to fuck her again. Then he slammed fast and hard into her soft tender rectum with his thick meat. He rammed her again and again, over and over.

Bang, bang, bang … she felt his balls slapping against her cunt driving her wild. She whimpered and cried as he slammed her over and over again.

It was driving her wild; “Please let me cum Sir, please.”

“For the last time I said no you fucking whore,” he cried, “There is no cum for a disobedient slut. Now shut up and take this cock. Take it all, every hard inch into your ass my little cock sucker.” And he slammed into her with renewed fury piercing her ass with his pounding cock again and again.

Eva continued to cry in frustration as her Dominant gave her one of the hardest ass fucking’s she had ever had. She wanted to cum so badly, but instantly it occurred to her that if she did not hold her orgasm back that it might mean a worse punishment later.

Then, as she began to think he could not fuck her any harder she felt his body tense and he shoved the rock hard cock into her deep and fast. He fucked her again and again and she felt his cock jerk inside her ass and then the warm cum began to fill her. He banged her ass again, and he came again. Then he shoved the still hard cock deeper and pumped her with short hard strokes.

“Arrgghhhh! Take it ALL you cock sucking bitch,” he groaned as the last and hardest orgasm filled her ass.

Then as he collapsed on top of her she wept silently as her sobs shook her body in frustration. She knew better than to ask to cum again, so she let the tears fall quietly from her eyes.

Then to her astonishment, as her Sir pushed his softening cock tight inside her ass she heard him whisper, “Cum bitch.”

And then, as she breathlessly whispered back, “Thank you Sir,” she released every drop of cum that she had been holding back. Wave after wave of her orgasm rolled over her as she gratefully shuddered and let her hot liquid flow from her pussy.

In a moment as they both began to recover her Sir rubbed his face in her hair and squeezed her tight as he said, “Enough of this now. Feed me you silly subbie.”

… to be continued.

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