The List

The List

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My family was in shambles, we lost all the employees in our mansions and properties and we were forced to live in a normal house without anyone to take care of the garden or miscellaneous stuff.

Father left us for another woman as Mother couldn’t control him well and let him cheat on her all the time.

We were on the brink of going bankrupt because of the debts left by our ancestors and the new political order which confiscated almost everything from us.

I thought that everything was done when she appeared before me, Lyn Brountight, a nineteen-year-old young adult man with messy long black hair and particular effeminate face.

She was beyond beautiful with inhuman piercing silvery white eyes and hair golden as Ichor. “Pitiful boy, even from the Soul I could hear your fate tearing. How about I help you? I will give you back all your assets and money, but only if you do two things. Are you willing to do them?”

My body was frozen and I instinctively knew she was dangerous and someone I couldn’t disobey, it was a fear branded on me before I even born and I could only assume it was something of supernatural nature.

I was forced to nod against my will.

“Good.” She clapped her hands in happiness. “You just need to continue living in this small house and complete this List for me and I will immediately give you everything back as if time had gone back to the past. But let me warn you that failing to do any of them, you and everyone in your family will die.” She said with a smile stamped on her face despite the nature of her words.

The woman wasn’t kidding, I didn’t know how she would do it but I knew her threats were real. I shakily received a list and browsed through its contents in bewilderment.

“You just need to make the people in the List either fall in love with you or just have the same old good sex. It only depends on you and normally they are going to be one on one but I will make an exception for the first two people on the list, I want you to make them fall in love or have sex with you at the same time.”

I was going to protest because the first two people on the list were my brother and mother but she interrupted me with a cold look.

“Let me warn you that the List isn’t finite, it will eternally go on until you fix the problem in your fate and you can’t tell to the ones involved about it, so don’t dare complain to me. It isn’t my fault that you passed your whole life without being loved, don’t you know that to fix someone’s fate you need to do the exact opposite thing that caused its break? Which is in your case to love other people. While you don’t learn how to properly love someone or the boredom don’t come to me, this List will never end!”


I jumped and hugged Mother from behind. “What’s the breakfast?” I said with a false chipper tone while ‘accidently’ passing my hands near her bulge and slightly touching her enormous breasts.

With my crotch near her butt, I sensed her tremor and quick breathing as she erroneously got aroused by her own son.

“Your favorites, simple eggs, and guava juice. I know you don’t like eating too much in breakfast.” Mother said trembling and trying to control herself. “Can’t you release me now? I can’t continue working with you holding me.”

Mother was a chubby woman with long brown hair and hollow black eyes, she was way taller than me and normally really strict but not so much after Father left and all our assets suddenly came back without her knowing how or why she didn’t feel like leaving this small brick house.

I needed to make her love or make sex with me, but the problem was that the information on the List was too absurd for me to go right into it without asserting if it’s true or not. By what was on the List, Mother wasn’t only a pervert that could get off by her own blood, she was also into various fetishes, even voyeurism, and cross-dressing.

By her reaction, I can be more or less sure that the List is only telling the truth.

I didn’t feel that comfortable with what I was doing and I knew I needed to be slow to get Brother and Mother at the same time, so I let her go with a smile and went to the table where Timothy was.

He was my younger brother and was even more effeminate looking than me, making me suspect that Mother was at fault here. He had a perfectly tied black hair and cute blue eyes, and like everyone else I know, he was taller than me.

By what was on the List he had problems with his own sexuality and was enamored with me because of how close we were when younger and how I had the bad habit of sleepwalking to go to his bed, and tightly hug him.

While it’s true I had problems of sleepwalking because of what was happening with Mother and my room got separated from Tim’s room because of it, I didn’t know that Timothy ended up even masturbating using me as the material.

Maybe the fault is also on me by doting on him too much and causing such feelings to grow in him. Tim was the one who most missed our father and didn’t sex izle even know that what caused him to part was his own mother’s bad decisions, that made me want to protect him from the bad sides of our family and now it came to me to shoulder the consequences of my acts.

I sat at Tim’s side and after struggling with my own masculinity and common sense, I put my hand on his thighs and reached even close to him. “Are you reading philosophy again?” I said as my hand slowly went towards his crotch.

“Yes, it’s about Con-” He tried to talk, only to stop at perceiving what I was doing. He could try to fool me but I saw his eyes getting brighter and his breathing becoming quicker just like Mother. He was another pervert, only that he was a hidden one.

“Why did you stop? It’s ‘con’ what?” I grabbed his growing dick through the pants and caressed it. I felt so wrong and even a little disgusted by touching another man’s dick, but the heat coming from it and how well it fitted on my hand gradually made me a little more willing to continue this ‘play’ I’m making to conquest my brother and mother at the same time.

“Brother, this isn’t-“

I tightly grabbed his dick as if crushing it to shut him up and whispered in his ear in way lovers would do. “Don’t yell, do you want to Mother discover what’s happening? Just continue the conversation normally,” I pretended to look hurt while making a pause,” of course, if you don’t like what I’m doing, you can just say so and I will stop.”

I gently stroked him up and down with love as I waited for his answer.

…Wait, love?

“Mother will see us.” He whispered back without really answering my question.

I completely opened his jeans and put my hands on his balls, his dick was smaller than average but was erected. “She will take at least more five minutes to finish and she has her back to us, it’s fine,” I whispered while looking closer at his dick.

Its thick smell reeking of semen made me sure that Tim had masturbated before sleeping and with all the pre-cum sliding through my hands, there was no way he wasn’t loving what I was doing.

“Why are you doing this all of sudden? Don’t you have your fiancee?” He meekly whispered and put his hands over mine as if trying to stop me, but all it accomplished was to increase the pressure and speed I was jerking him off.

“Stop talking about other women, just concentrate on me.” I could sense his dick throbbing and wanting to release already, but Timothy was doing his best to endure. “And I will let you guess the reason to all of this.” I seductively said with my mouth really near him and almost kissing him.

“I’m going cum!” He warned me and I knew this was the moment my determination to complete the List would really be tested.

To continue his ‘conquest’ I really need to swallow his cum now.

My body reacted against this mere thought, but I knew that I would eventually have to have sex so thinking rationally, a little of cum in my mouth was nothing in comparison.

I dropped down my head and sealed my lips on his dick, the taste was weird and the smell was really nauseating but yet enticing.

Soon the flow of cum came with his dick pulsating, I struggled to swallow it all with its bitter taste but ended up succeeding.

I raised myself and put his dick back while closing his jeans. I patted his thighs and said. “Let’s do it again some other time.” I distanced myself from him and observed his reaction.

His eyes were glittering while looking at me and I knew this was only one of the steps I needed to make to conquest him.

But now wasn’t the time to continue on him, Mother also needed some attention. “Mother, is the breakfast done yet?” I yelled at her like a spoiled brat.

“It is, Lyn.” Mother came with our breakfast and sat down at my front.

I engulfed down the breakfast with gusto to take off the semen’s taste from my mouth while Tim was eating absently. “Mother, it’s so delicious that I even want to do something for you to thank you. What could be in your mind that you need of help?” I put my feet on her bulge and tried to pry into her ‘dwelling’ where her dick and pussy rest, of course, I failed as Mother decided for some reason use jeans today and I wasn’t dextrous enough with my toes to open her zipper.

No reason to change a strategy that’s working, even if it’s becoming a little tiring to me be always playing with dicks.

Mother handled no better than Tim in excitement but she didn’t try to make any movement or question against it, she was probably living one of her fetishes of having her son ‘play’ with her on the immediate vicinity of her other son. “I’m needing some good ‘head’ later to help me with the calculus of our assets, aren’t you good with Math, maybe you can help me with that?”

“No problem, I would love to ‘blow’ away some of your stress.” I smiled to her and noted how she was shifting her body in the itch to receive proper attention.

The breakfast was almost ending and sikiş izle I didn’t want to make Mother cum now as she needs more teasing, so I commented about my final plan where I will finish the ‘conquest’ while I stooped moving my feet. “Ah, Mother I forgot of telling you this but I really can’t sleep more alone. Every day I wake at night with fear that all of this is a dream and that we were poor once again, I can’t sleep anymore alone. Can’t I for some time sleep with you or Timothy once again?” I feigned my best puppy look.

Depending on her answer I will decide who I will make love me or have sex with me to it occur at the same time to finish the List.

Mother struggled but answered. “You can sleep with your brother then. You should feel more comfortable in this way since you two slept together in the past.”

I’m quite impressed she didn’t want to sleep with me even after all my signals, so maybe even she has some kind of inhibitions inside of her yet. Mother isn’t a total pervert that wants to have sex with her own blood-related son, yet.

“Are you fine with that, Tim?” She asked my brother.

Timothy in his stupor and absorbed in his own thoughts, dazedly answered. “Yes.”

“Good, and Lyn, if you want to help me come to my room later after college.”

The breakfast ended and I and Tim went in separate ways to our colleges.

I did my best to avoid my fiancee’s sister as I didn’t have the courage to face her considering what am I doing and what I will do.

Even though I didn’t have any romantic feelings for the marriage arranged for me since a child, a trace of guilt still existed in me and so I did a bad thing, I began to blame that beautiful blond person for all of this to lessen the pain in my conscience.

I overheard some worrying conversation between my Monsters classmates but mostly ignored it.

“Did you hear? The Dragon Heiress is once again messing around and killed some of the Pro-Human factions in the last World Clan meeting.”

“No, but what those high-class beings do have nothing to do with us, what we need to be careful is of that new drug being spread around. My father said to me its name is Perdita di Passione if my antique Italian isn’t rusty, Father also said that it makes us lose the ‘will’ to do anything, it was even something weird I didn’t understand that seemed to make no semen ‘want’ to reach the womb.”

“Yes, that’s true. My mother that works as a private detective is also unsure about who is distributing these drugs and why would someone want them. It isn’t like cocaine that makes you happy, this new drug literally makes you wish for nothing, even sex. The suspects now are gangs from the underworld but she hasn’t any proof.”

I didn’t really care about the subject of drugs as in this period of the year before the selection to the candidates for the Lord position something fishy always happen, but the matter of the Dragon Heiress worried me.

First, because I will have to go to the next World Clan meeting as our financial situation got better and I’m a human. And second, because my fiancee went to the last meeting, was she fine?

I should go to her house next weekend to see what happened as she lives too far away from here. Although I could ask her sister, I don’t really like being in contact with her as she is really creepy and could discover what I’m doing with my family with her hyper instincts.

The day then passed quickly and I prepared myself for what I will do to my mother today.


As I opened and locked the door for Mother’s room, I was met with the sight of her sitting on the bed in her most sexy purple nightgown while looking embarrassed at me.

I could see her bountiful breasts and erect enormous dick that was much bigger and thicker than mine through her nightgown that covered absolutely nothing.

Mother was probably thinking that things would escalate to something serious, but that wasn’t in my plans, for now. However, I couldn’t deny how my body reacted to seeing my mother looking so cute while embarrassed.

I was really being corrupted by my thoughts and this List as I caught myself wanting to ravage my own mother’s body.

But not now.

Patience is one of the biggest virtues given by the Lord.

“Mother, you’re beautiful. Did you wait for me like this for how long?” A little of compliments here and there don’t hurt anybody.

Mother averted her eyes from me and quietly said. “Just some minutes, and you, when did you begin to…” I could sense her hesitation and I sat next to her to assure her as I know her self-confidence was pretty low after Father left, “lust after your mother’s body? I’m old and I’m gradually becoming fatter. How can you want to do anything with this slouch body?”

It was amusing to me how she accepted so quick the thought her own son is going to have sex with her and yet had some reservations against it while looking to me with unbridled lust. “I’ve always had improper thoughts about you.” türk porno A lie. “And don’t degrade yourself anymore, you aren’t that fat and has a own charm.” I sat near her and passed my hand over her almost plumb belly with care. “Please be more confident on yourself, if you weren’t attractive, I wouldn’t be doing any of this with you, right?”

I regretted what I did by lying to my mother as her eyes got cloudy and she shook with emotions I didn’t expect to be so easily manipulated.

This was going too much in the emotional route and was making the guilt too much to bear.

“Lyn, I’ve never been-“

I shut her up by kneeling at her front and lifting up her nightgown to have full access to her equipment. “It’s time to me do that favor, isn’t it?”

I touched that beast that blocked the vision to her pussy with her big gonads full of semen. Her smell was overwhelming in comparison to Tim and I didn’t lose a moment to begin to stroke it.

I had to use my two hands to pump its full length and thickness.

“Lyn, do you really like my hideous self so much?” Mother said, this time caressing my head with the love only a mother could produce.

Damn, it seems I can’t escape from the emotional stuff, no matter what. “If not, I wouldn’t do this, right?” I spread her pre-cum all over her length and kissed her tip to give me good luck before delving into it.

My lips were sealed on her dick and I could taste her… delicious dick?

The taste combination of her pre-cum with her dick turned me on and I found myself stroking my own dick in excitement.

I rolled my tongue over it and prepared myself to properly blow her.

“Lyn, I’m so happy for having a son like you!” She moaned as I slowly bobbed my head up and down in her dick.

Now she was gripping my head not with the love of a mother but with the fervor of a lover. I strangely felt hotter by thinking like that and doubled in my efforts to satisfy her.

But there was a limit of how my lips could stretch and how deep I could take her with my untrained gag reflex. I mostly reached a third of her before finding myself unable to continue.

Today isn’t the day I will deepthroat her.

“It’s fine, honey. Relax and close your eyes.” Mother instructed while moaning and going totally crazy with what I was doing to her by going in the territory of ‘honey’. Father probably didn’t do anything of this sort with her.

I put my free hand on the base of her dick to stroke it while doing what she said.

With my eyes closed, I felt more intimate with her dick while I stroke her and myself.

Without the visual input, the pleasure of blowing her seemed to increase and how I could count each of her veins.

The best part was without any doubts her tip. It was squishy and I loved how my tongue passed under it. In certain moments I wanted to just bite it of how good it was.

Mother’s hands were encouraging me to take her deeper and all the moans she released only did well to my ego of how good I was blowing her.

Eventually, Mother began to shake and I grabbed her balls to fell all the semen that was going to flow from her.

I redoubled my actions and wanted more than anything to be cum on and receive the definite proof that I was pleasuring her.

… I’m really becoming weird, aren’t I?

“I’m cumming, honey!” Mother warned me but still maintained her hands on my head, letting no escape from me besides swallowing it all.

I opened my eyes and found myself deeper than before, it scared me and I tried to pull back but Mother interrupted me by finally cumming.

I could feel the semen passing through my sealed lips and going to my stomach, I and Mother seemed to roll both of our eyes as the flow took so long to stop.

It was so fucking thick and sour but it had a charm like coffee that made me addicted to it.

So I swallowed, swallowed, swallowed it all until she was dry and let me go while heaving in exhaustion. I would also cum if that blowjob took any longer.

I saw her whole body glistening in sweat with her looking flushed at me. I almost couldn’t completely control myself as I reached really close to her.

I wanted to ravage her, I wanted to make her cry my name and forget about Father, I wanted… to have sex with my own mother.

But I couldn’t, I need to follow my plan if I want to survive the List.

However, a little of fun never hurt anybody, right? I needed to make her completely fall in love with me after all.

“Mother, you’re irresistible now. Do you take responsibility for that?” My breath brushed into her and I slowly moved my mouth near while positioning her body at the bed.

Mother’s eyes were deeply widened and she watched with rapt attention what I would do without moving.

My chest gradually squished her soft tits and both of our dicks touched each other as I lay down on top of her. “I hope this makes you believe more in my belief that you are attractive.”

I kissed her.

Time seemed to stop as we both looked to each other eyes and I tentatively moved my tongue to play with hers’.

I stopped after lightly biting her lips and said. “This was my first kiss, I hope you enjoyed it and understood my meaning.” I smiled as I watched mother’s cute reaction.

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