First Time is with My Brother

First Time is with My Brother

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I am Helen and my husband is James. We have both recently taken early retirement. Our plan was to work until sixty-five but the sudden unexpected death of my brother William six months ago shocked us so much that we thought we should make the most of what time we had left. We are both fifty-eight and he died young at sixty-six of a heart attack. He was a keen runner and was at the gym two or three times a week. A recent health check had pronounced him fit and well so when he was found slumped over his desk at work it was a major shock to everyone. I was grief stricken. I had a week off work as special leave but when I returned was not in a fit state to do anything so my boss sent me home. My doctor then gave me a three week sick note.

After that first month I started to get back to normal. My head was clearing so I could now think of the future. I was determined to retire. Nobody was going to find me dead at work. I wanted to enjoy my life. I talked it over with James and was pleasantly surprised that he was thinking the same. I always thought that his work was the major part of his life. He said that it might have been before William’s death but not now. Fortunately we both had well paid jobs with reasonable pensions. Not enough for lavish holidays or to buy expensive cars but enough for a good life if we were sensible. Now that we had decided we wanted it done as soon as possible. I only worked another month but James did three so that he could tie up all the loose ends of the projects he was working on. I wasn’t happy but he said he had a reputation for doing a good job and he was not going to tarnish it now.

Retirement is good. We do all sorts of activities but what I like is the time I get to relax. I sit in my comfy chair and read or watch television. Sometimes I just close my eyes and think of William. I have lots of nice memories of him but the one I often return to is that special day nearly forty years ago. When I do it feels real as if I am back in the past experiencing it for the first time.


It was a Saturday morning and I had just woken up. There was nothing urgent that needed doing so I could stay in bed as long as I wanted. My twentieth birthday is on Monday, made special because my brother William is here to celebrate it with me. We don’t see a lot of him, he is always busy and travels a lot because of his job. My parents are away for the weekend but will be back tomorrow evening.

If you didn’t know I don’t think you would guess we were siblings. We are both five feet nine inches tall. That is probably the only thing we have in common. My eyes are blue my nose is small and my curly hair is black. Peter has large dark brown eyes. I often tease him about his long nose, but it does look good on him. His hair is straight and fair but he wishes it was black like mine. He has a slim muscular body. Mine is on the large size. I like to think of it as curvy. The top part certainly is. I struggle to find suitable bras that both look good and that I can fit into. Mother is 36C so has lots more choice than me with 42DD.

As regards personality we differ even more. I am shy and a bit timid, with little self-confidence. William is the complete opposite. He is at ease in all social situations. From an early age he has always been successful at finding girlfriends. He tends not to stay with them for long but I think that is generally his choice. ‘A disaster’ is the only way to describe my relationships. There have not been many but all have been brief. It might be because I attract the wrong men or it might be I expect too much from them. I don’t know. At twenty I am still a virgin and I cannot see that changing soon.

There was a knock on the door. “Can I come in, are you decent?”

“Yes come in.”

Sitting down on the side of the bed he said “How is my little sister today?”

“OK. I was going to come and see you about a problem I have.”

He frowned. “Sounds serious?”

I laughed “It’s not really a problem I just need your advice on something. Jane is having a party next week. The theme is ‘Our School Days’. All my friends will be there. What should I wear?”

“I remember Jane, very attractive.”

“She is but what should I wear?”

“It’s obvious. It suadiye escort has to be your school uniform.”

“I did think of that but it’s four years since I left school, I don’t have it anymore.” When I said that my voice was a bit harsh. He wasn’t taking me seriously.

With a big grin on his face he said “We still have it in the house. A month ago I tidied up the loft for mother. There was lots of old stuff most of which we binned. I came across your uniform and wanted that to go as well but she said keep it because it was made of good material. She might find a use for it. I was going to mention it to you but forgot.”

“It’s not going to fit. It will be too small.”

“I think it will. Try it on.”

I couldn’t argue with that. Ten minutes later he returned with it.

“It needs washing but I think I have everything. Hurry up I want to see if I was right. Go on try it on.”

I had to point out that he needed to leave the room. He gave me that same stupid grin again and said he would be back in five minutes. It was all there except for the knickers and bra. I quickly dressed. I didn’t bother with the tie, I knew that was going to fit. I shouted to him that I was ready.

“Turn around, all the way. It looks good. How does it feel?”

“The top is a bit tight.”

“That’s because you are well stacked.” He quickly added “Sorry sis.”

“I forgive you big brother.”

“Thanks very big sister.”

I had to laugh at that, especially since he had a cheeky grin on his face. Why could I not find a man like him?

“What are you going to do today?”

“I don’t know but for now I might go back to sleep. I think it’s a lazy day for me.” After saying that I flopped down on the bed, arms and legs outstretched. There was a loud creaking sound.

“Careful. I don’t want to spend the weekend mending your bed.”

I just ignored his funny comment and closed my eyes. When I opened them a few seconds later William had a strange look on his face. I had stretched my legs a bit too wide and he had taken the opportunity to have a good look up my skirt. I was surprised with what he had done but for some reason I didn’t immediately close my legs. He looked directly at me and we held our gaze. He tried to make a joke of it by saying “Those are not your school knickers, they should be white.”

That broke the spell. I closed my legs and replied “How do you know what colour they should be?”

“School knickers are always white.”

I didn’t think that was true but I wasn’t going to have a conversation with him about it. I was going to ignore him and see if I could manage a bit more sleep. “Thanks for your help big brother. Now let me sleep a bit longer.” I closed my eyes expecting him to leave.

“Do you mind if I sit with you until you fall asleep? I will play with your hair.”

That was my favourite when I was a child and he would often do it when I struggled to sleep. I didn’t say anything and he assumed that meant it was OK. He sat back on the side of the bed, his right hand stroking my hair and the left tight under my breasts. It felt good being held.

I was just starting to feel a bit sleepy when I felt a very light touch on my blouse. At first I wasn’t sure if I was imagining it. It continued and was now firmer. He was slowly running his fingers around one of my breasts, circling the nipple. I opened my eyes and was about to speak when he said in a low voice “Close your eyes and relax. Please do it.” I hesitated but then I looked into his eyes and gave a small nod. He didn’t say anything. I closed my eyes.

The touch of his hand was now firmer. He had also stopped playing with my hair so that he could work on both breasts. I was enjoying what he was doing. Both nipples were now swelling even though he had not touched them. I wish my boyfriends had been this gentle. Their touches had been rough making me feel as if I was being groped rather than caressed. At times pinching and squeezing the nipples too hard. They could never understand why I didn’t let them go any further. If they had done what William was doing I would have opened up.

My nipples were now aching and I was ready for it when he staring to massage them with the palm of his hands. Lightly yakacık escort at first but then slowly pushing in deeper. He replaced the palms with his fingers. I could now feel my nipples being pinched. I gave my first moan. He then removed one hand and I was on the verge of begging him to put it back when I felt him toying with a button on my blouse. It popped out and he moved onto the next one. All the time he was doing this his other hand was still playing with my nipple. Very soon he had skilfully undone them all. With both hands he opened my blouse.

The bra I was wearing was an old one. It was the first one I found when I was getting dressed. If I remember correctly I had picked it up in a sale. Mother said it was a nursing bra because it opened at the front. I didn’t care because it was a good fit. Now that he could see it I was wishing I had worn a better one. Then I heard William say with a mixture of surprise and excitement “It opens at the front.”

I felt the clasp open and the two cups pushed to the side. My breasts were now fully exposed. There was a gasp from William. “Magnificent, absolutely magnificent. And those nipples, so big.” Before I could even think of responding his mouth was sucking a nipple. It was my turn to gasp. Big long sucks taking the whole of it in. He then moved from one to the other making sure each was being serviced.

I was starting to feel hot and sticky down below. There was a strange feeling deep inside that I hadn’t experienced before. When I was younger I had played with myself but I didn’t get the excitement that the other girls at school talked about. If anything it just made me frustrated and I found that it was better for me if I didn’t touch myself. I just assumed I was a woman that found it difficult to climax and that I might never have one. I wasn’t overly worried about it. Now I was beginning to think again. I was experiencing a nice tingling sensation between my legs, one that was slowly building. A result of the attention my breasts were receiving.

When I felt William’s hands pull my dress up it startled me. I shouldn’t have been because that was the next step to take. He needed to get to my knickers. It just showed how naive and inexperienced I was. I had only let one boyfriend touch me there. It was just briefly on the outside. He had spoiled it by kissing me roughly whilst he tried to finger me. When I complained he stopped and we argued. He called me a frigid bitch and then left. This time I was excited and looking forward to it.

His hands reached for the top of my knickers. If I was going to say stop the time was now. I didn’t hesitate I lifted my bottom so that he could pull them down. He was struggling to do it so I raised myself higher. They were quickly down passed my knees and at my ankles, then they were off. My eyes were still closed and I was waiting for what was to come. I felt pressure on both my legs as his hands started to part them. I offered no resistance. When they were wide open he stopped.

“It’s a beautiful cunt. Better than I ever imagined it would be.” That shocked and aroused me at the same time. I wondered when he had first started to think of me in that way. I knew at that point I would get my first climax. His hands were now slowly moving up my legs, softly touching and massaging me. There was a slight hesitation when he reached the top before running his fingers through my coarse hair. I needed his fingers inside me but he was taking his time. Slowly he rubbed my inner thighs. Nice sensitive touches. He was gradually moving inwards getting nearer and nearer to my opening.

When the first finger started to enter me I said in a low voice “Be gentle I am still a virgin.”

“Do you want me to stop?” His reply was louder, he sounded concerned.

I opened my eyes and looked at him. I could tell he was surprised. “No” was all I said.

He smiled and looked relieved. “I will be careful.”

I smiled back and kept my eyes open. I now didn’t feel the need to keep them closed. He resumed by pushing that finger in deep. It went in quick up to the knuckle. It took my breath away. I was so wet that there was no discomfort just pleasure. A second was soon added. Slower this time filling me up nicely. He then şerifali escort started to move them in and out. Each time they went deep I moaned softly. His other hand was now between my legs playing with my labia, gently stretching it. My clit was swollen and more than ready but he kept his fingers away from it. I needed him to touch it.

I shouted something. I don’t know what. It might just have been a scream. That was because his tongue was now on my clit. It never crossed my mind that he would want to do that but I was now hoping he would not stop. The licking and sucking was driving me crazy. My moaning was getting even louder and I felt as if I might pass out. Before I did he stopped. “Turn over. I want you from behind.” He could see the confusion on my face, I wasn’t sure what he was going to do to me. He added “Doggy style.” My face was still blank but then I understood. I remembered that at school a friend had explained it to me, she was amused that I didn’t already know what it was. I couldn’t make eye contact with William, I just nodded then got onto all fours and waited for him.

He was now standing near the bed and I turned my face to see him start to undress. When he took off his underwear my stomach churned. I had never seen a fully erect penis before. I had felt them pushing against me through clothes when my boyfriends had been excited. I hadn’t realised how big they could be. Without thinking I blurted out “How big is it?”

William was taken by surprise. “Eight inches.”

“It’s massive.”

He said with pride “Yes it is.” Then he realised that I was concerned. “Sorry sis I don’t want to scare you. Trust me you can take it. I will be gentle. First I need to put a condom on.” That had never crossed my mind, I was so inexperienced.

I watched in fascination as he took it from the packet and slipped it on. His penis looked even bigger now. William then got behind me and I could feel him position it at my opening. Very slowly he entered. I relaxed, it felt so good. As he moved it in further it still felt good but tighter. Then he stopped. “I need to push harder to break through. It might hurt a bit.”

I didn’t say anything I just waited. He grunted as he did it and I felt a sharp pain. He stopped. “Are you OK?”

“I think so.” Slowly he pushed further. It was a bit uncomfortable but not too unpleasant. He then started to move in and out of me. Shallow strokes at first but gradually getting longer. There was now no discomfort. My clit was throbbing and I felt new wonderful sensations deep inside me. I started to moan again but this time louder. William was grunting with every stroke, getting louder as he went in harder and deeper. Some of my moans became screams. I heard somebody shout ‘fuck me, fuck me’ then I realised I had said it. My clit was about to explode. There was a strange sound from William as he pushed into me so hard that I thought he would split me in two. Instead it took me over the edge. The room blurred and stars danced across my eyes. I had no experience but I instinctively knew it was a massive climax. I could feel my cervix contracting and my clit felt as if it was surging with electricity. I think I actually passed out for a few seconds.

When I eventually opened my eyes William was sitting on the edge of the bed, relieved that I was now back in the real world. There was a very big grin on his face. “I told you I would be gentle.”

I had to laugh at that. “No. You were hard and rough but it was wonderful.” He then gave me a big hug and gathered up his clothes. As he left the room his parting shot was “Love you little sister.” He was already gone before I could say “And I love you very big brother.”


That was a long time ago. I was young and innocent. After it happened I assumed we would sleep together again, but we never did. I cannot really explain why because there was now a special bond between as. Sometimes William would look at me and my heart would skip a beat. What it did do was awaken my sexual desires. I started dating again. I was now wearing better clothes and having my hair styled. Men were finding me attractive and I was enjoying it. Eventually I met James my future husband. William remained single, lots of relationships but none he would commit to. He told me once that he was looking for somebody special, a girl like me. I blushed and he teased me about it. I was relieved nobody else was in the room at the time.

Now I just have the memory of him, and of that very special day.

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