The Diary of Jewel Delacroix Ch. 08

The Diary of Jewel Delacroix Ch. 08

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The following contains themes of forced feminization, reluctance, non-consent, and other adult topics, so before we begin here are the usual disclaimers: this is porn. You must be over 18 to read this. If not, go away and come back when you are old enough. If you are old enough and this style of erotica isn’t to your liking, then go find some erotica that is. You’re an adult, life is short, find porn you like and read that instead, but if this is a style you enjoy, then feel free to comment and provide constructive criticism and feedback. I need to grow as an author and honest constructive criticism is always welcome.


Jewel walked among the plants and flowers in the conservatory and was very upset. Although she didn’t show it as her training wouldn’t allow it. Jewel maintained strict control over her expression and her deportment. The fragrant blooming of the late season flowers assaulted her senses but served as a bit of a distraction for her situation.

Once again her husband was staging a scene and Jewel was to be one of the visual focus points for the assembled guests. The party was a huge social event and spanned throughout the house. Jewel was obligated to walk among the guests and socialize as expected as hostess and of a woman of her station. Jewel knew her role was secondary as the whole event was really an opportunity for her husband, Count Delacroix, to cement new relationships and ensure old loyalties for his current policies.

Jewel was at least thankful for the mental disciplines her therapist had instilled in her to prevent embarrassing herself any further than her husband had already done.

Jewel was forced to walk among the guests, feigning polite greetings and make small talk while wearing a Lolita Dress.

A white lace top with pink bows around her arms, pink lace bra just showing and barely visible through the top, her white tulle skirt with pink bows on either hip; her pink panties also barely visible through the skirt, her white suspenders and her pink stockings, and then her white high heels with pink bows as ankle straps; Jewel was made to be an image of innocence.

Jewel knew she should be even more upset given the length and volume of her skirt displayed her long smooth coltish legs in their entirety to just below her buttocks. While the volume of the skirt was minuscule, and the tiny tulle petticoat provided only minimum loft, her embarrassment was increased given the pink thigh high stockings (with tiny white bows on the hems no less) held up by her white garter belt suspenders were visibly exposed through the sheer tulle of the skirt.

Jewel walked with her head held high, but not just to keep her guests from sensing her embarrassment at how she was made to dress but also to keep her pigtails from swinging back and forth. The two pigtails of her Brunette hair were tied with oversize pink bows and carefully brushed and sprayed with hairspray to maintain their voluminous appearance on either side of her head.

Her makeup, professionally done by Leanne, was made to look as if she were an even younger woman than she was. Eye shadows in pinks and whites, silver eyeliner and silver wings from the corners of her eyes, long lash mascara and too much blush on her cheeks.

Jewel thought that the outfit couldn’t have been any worse as she viewed herself earlier in the mirrored room. She knew from her fashion studies with Leanne that she was made to look like a sissy; a sissy in alternating pink and white lace; to be a fetish for her husband. The function they were hosting should have allowed her to wear a formal gown.

“A great room for self reflection.” Her husband punned, badly; as he entered into the mirrored room behind her.

Jewel was surprised at his appearance there. Leanne wouldn’t have selected an outfit like this on her own. She knew her husband was to blame. Obviously he didn’t care that this outfit would be totally inappropriate for the social occasion. Jewel knew none of the other women attending would wear anything even remotely like it.

Her surprise turned to annoyance as her day got even worse because in his ardor upon seeing Jewel, Count Delacroix invoked his marital rights. The Count had never forced himself upon her when she was in her dressing room before, and had never before bothered to visit her there either, but dismissing Leanne and the servants attending her, Count Delacroix had insisted that Jewel attend to his needs.

Surrounded by mirrors the count gripped Jewels shoulders and forced Jewel to her knees. Standing in front of her Jewel responded as she was trained. Carefully unzipping his fly she reached into his trousers and grasped his turgid member.

Jewel delicately and seductively licked her lips to moisten her lipstick in preparation for what was to come. She thought of the training she had received from the professional fellatrix as she stroked her husbands swollen cock.

Like a dance she followed the script in her head for maximum effect. Stroke him until almost fully hard, altyazılı porno grasp his erect penis with her hand and pull it out through his fly. As the cock springs free, gasp in astonishment at his huge size and look up into his eyes. Make a wide eyed expression of surprise and even fear and moisten your lips again. Then, look back to his cock and kiss the head.

Timing was essential to a convincing seduction scene even though Jewel was technically the one being seduced since her husband was the one who initiated it.

Once his cock was free it was a matter of stroking the base with her hand while slowly working her way down the head of the cock with her mouth, pushing her head down lower with each head bob. Jewel place her other hand against her husbands thigh for balance.

Stroke…suck…bob down…a little bit farther each time..exhale from the nose…provide suction as she bobbed her head back up to the tip of his cock head…inhale…repeat.

Randomly Jewel would look up to her husband’s smiling face and make eye contact, or make a smile at him as his cock passed out of her mouth (to catch her breath of course) for only a moment before she renewed her oral assault on his rock hard cock. Occasional tongue swirls around the head, the shaft, and as close to the base of his cock as she could manage were interspersed throughout.

His girth and length combined were extremely difficult for her to overcome. Someday she knew she would likely be able to fully swallow his entire cock, the pinnacle of skill for performing fellatio; for a man the size of her husband the nearly mythical “Deep Throat!”

Sensing her husband was nearing orgasm Jewel now played with his balls and ball sack with her other hand, stroking his smooth sack and pubic hair delicately with her long polished fingernails. Pink nail polish this time and a bright ‘neon hot pink’ at that.

Jewel’s matching hot pink lipstick provided her husband with a visual focus point as the tight “O” of her lips stretched perfectly around his shaft. Jewel increased her tempo in an effort to push her husband over the edge but it was not to be.

Grasping her pigtails the count pulled her away from his cock and then kneeling down pushed her onto all fours. Kneeling behind her Count Delacroix pulled down Jewels neon pink panties to her knees and placed the head of his saliva slickened cock at her rosebud.

With masterful control the count gently yet insistently pushed his cock smoothly past her defenseless ass and was inside her.

Jewel could now see what the count must be seeing as the reflection in the six mirrors in the mirrored room provided multiple angles and reflections of multiple angles of the counts and countesses passion.

Jewel was breathing heavily as she watched her husbands face for signs of his impending orgasm. She wanted this to be over with as fast as possible. The near agonizing pain as his massive girth fully stretched her ass, the deep discomfort and awful feeling of fullness as his 10 inch cock plunged deep inside her, only to withdraw for a moment of relief, before plunging back inside her, without respite.

Jewel watch the count’s reflection as he would close his eyes as if he was close to rapture and about to come, only to open them again and continue fucking her. Jewel knew the count could go on for nearly an hour when he wanted to; an hour of agony for Jewel.

However, in a random moment of serendipity Jewel and the count made eye contact via their mirrored reflection and the count could see Jewel’s face and mistaking her expression for one of ecstasy, her gasps of pain for sighs of pleasure; finally had the trigger he needed to push him over the edge.

Count Delacroix’s orgasm was as full as it ever was. Jewel could feel the wet impact inside her belly as rope after rope of hot cum splashed deep inside her bowels.

Gripping her hips tightly the count held Jewel, impaled by his cock, her thighs against his lap, until he expended the last drop of semen inside her.

Slowly withdrawing his member from her gaped and ruined ass, the count, as thoughtful as ever, pulled her panties back up for her to stop to torrent of cum leaking out her ass from running down her legs and ruining her thigh high stockings.

Coming out of her reverie Jewel continued to meet and greet and socialize with her husband’s guests as she focused on walking with perfect posture. Jewel knew if she bent over even slightly then any of the guests may catch a view of her cum soaked panties stuck to her pert yet full bottom. Leaning forward or bending over was not an option with a skirt hem this short.

She had intended to wash her backside in the bidet and change her panties but the count didn’t let her. Taking her by the arm he escorted her out of her dressing room and directly to the receiving line to greet arriving guests.

After the receiving line Jewel insisted on walking among the guest, refusing to be seated as she feared leaving a massive cum stain on any of the chairs zenci porno or benches in the house.

She needed to keep moving, despite the pain of her heels that pinched her toes. Thus far her panties seemed to beholding their own in containing the slick and pungent seed and only Jewel knew of the disgusting sensations as her cock and balls, tucked back tightly in her panties felt awash in the semen and seminal fluid.

Jewel held her head high and refused to let embarrassment get the best of her. She was already thinking ahead to the end of the evening and composing in her mind what she wanted to write next in her diary.


Later that evening, after the festivities:

Dear Diary,

So there I was, strapped into a styling chair, sitting in the bride’s chambers at the chapel…


Jules looked up hopefully when the door opened. Wild and crazy thoughts that someone would come to save him, tell him it was all just a joke, or just a terrible misunderstanding rushed through his mind. When Leanne entered the room Jules started to speak but choked up. He had been crying earlier. His nose was runny and tear streaks were visible where they ran down his face.

Leanne looked at Jewel and again felt a touch of pity for him. She felt that way for all the women who were forced into an arranged marriage. But she knew that most of those marriages ended up being successful and that the temporary feelings of loss are usually replaced with happiness by the first anniversary.

Jules watched as several more women entered pushing carts or carrying boxes and baskets. They walked right past him and busied themselves staging things for what was to come.

Leanne looked down at Jewel and waved over an attendant. “Her hair is mussed. Give it a quick wash and rinse, then set it up in the style as we discussed yesterday.”

Leanne’s attention turned next to his finger and toe nails. She pulled off his slippers and examined them critically. The next attendant was waved over, “She needs a second coat of nail polish on all of her toes and fingers. Use the same color, it should add depth.”

She turned her attention back to his face and waved over the third attendant. “Use a straight razor for a close shave, then a gentle cleanser and then the exfoliating and moisturizing mask, it can set while her hair is being done. After that we can discuss her make-up.”

She then announced loudly to all the women “But first, let’s get her out of these clothes.”

Her announcement gave Jules a surge of adrenaline and a wild idea. Jules prepared himself to run. The minute they take off these straps to have him take off his clothes he planned to jump up and bolt out the door. Jules tried to fake being relaxed and calm, wait for it…wait for it…

Jules was yet again taken completely by surprise and deep disappointment when the attendants approached him carrying scissors and cut away his shirt and pants. In less than a minute and without loosening any of the straps Jules clothes were removed and he found himself sitting naked, still trapped in the styling chair. Jules felt overwhelming embarrassment at his powerlessness and his discomfort grew even worse when he realized the door to the hallway was still open.

Jules tried to reason with Leanne. “I’m not gay! This law, it was probably written so gay people could marry right. I’m not gay; never have been. I have a girl friend back home.”

Leanne was not convinced. “How do you know? How do you know you are not gay? Have you tried it? You said you have never even had intimate relations with a woman. That’s very unusual for a young man who claims to love women.”

Leanne watched as the attendant washed and rinsed then conditioned Jewel’s hair. Leanne was pleased as yesterdays spa visit meant so very little was needed. This would be an easy day for her staff.

“I know what I am, and I am not gay. The law can’t possibly apply to me.”

“Jewel honey, the law doesn’t make mention of orientation. It merely states that those who choose to live in a same sex relationship have the same right to marriage as those in a traditional relationship.”

“But I didn’t choose this!” Jules was close to tears again. Why wasn’t she listening?

“Hush sweetie, the hairdryer is set up and it’s too loud for you to hear anything and it won’t allow us any conversation. Now I have to watch as your nails get painted. Just relax now; I’ll make sure you have the prettiest fingers and toes in the room!”


Leanne was pleased with how the next two hours went. Jewel endured her beauty treatments well. Periodically she struggled against the restraints, but each time she tried her struggles took less and less time. All in all Leanne was pleased that she hadn’t had to resort to threats or coercion yet. She realized that Jewel was probably going to try to make a shambles of the wedding but Leanne had received pre-approval from the count on how to proceed if she showed signs of difficulty.

Leanne aldatma porno was interrupted in her thoughts when a bodyguard entered and informed her that the Sister and Mother had arrived and had demanded to see Jules.

“Her name is Jewel now.” Leanne corrected the bodyguard. She noticed Jewel stiffen in her chair.

The guard’s expression never changed. “They are waiting in the hallway. They’re wearing their bridesmaid dresses and appear to have been crying.”

Leanne was pleased they had followed her directions from their earlier meeting and were wearing their dresses. It meant they knew the wedding would take place with or without them.

“Why wouldn’t they cry” Leanne said “No mother would want to see her son in an arranged same-sex marriage. And yet at the same time it is a joyous occasion and tears of joy are appropriate. Give me 10 more minutes then show them in.”

Leanne looked over Jewels make-up and was very pleased with the results. Jewel had such naturally androgynous features that once the make-up was on there was no way anyone could tell she wasn’t born female.

Leanne had only used a very pale foundation with a tasteful bright pink lipstick and rouge. She had paid very close attention to his eyes however, applying the eye shadow in a smoky eyes method that was currently popular, yet also tying in the bright pink color from her lips. She was pleased with it because it would work for the wedding as well as for the consummation later that evening, possibly needing only minor touch-ups. Jewel was a vision of innocence.

Leanne looked Jewel in the eyes and spoke directly to him. “Your family is arriving. This wedding is going to happen whether you or they want it to or not. They may be upset, but you must be strong for them.”

“Do you have to use the bathroom? If you don’t go now you won’t have time later.”

“Of course I do. I’ve been strapped to this chair for hours. Let me up.” Jules tried to sound strong but only succeeded in sounding petulant and cross. It had been getting harder to control his bladder and he wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold it.

Leanne stood next to Jules and Jules watched her adjust something below the styling chair. He was taken by surprise when he felt the seat cushion he was sitting on fall away from him exposing his bottom to the open air. Leanne took a bedpan and placed it on a shelf on the styling chair underneath Jules. She looked at Jules and waited.

“Leanne, this is ridiculous. Let me up, please, I have to go.”

Leanne would have none of it. She just waited and watched, then finally spoke to Jules “Are you going to go or shall I take the bedpan away?”

Jules felt demeaned as he looked over to the clock and urinated into the bedpan. It was now 12:00. Leanne directed an attendant to take away the bedpan and clean Jewel with a baby-wipe. Jules was embarrassment as the attendant carried the bedpan away to the bathroom. Leanne adjusted the styling chair and Jules was once again sitting on the seat cushion before she covered Jules with an apron.

Leanne was all business as she took charge of her staff. One last thing before the family arrived.

“Let’s get her up.” At Leanne’s command, the staff unbuckled the straps restraining Jules in the styling chair.

Jules muscles were sore and tense from his earlier struggles and from nearly 4 hours of immobility. As much as he wanted to run, he found he could barely stand up once they un-strapped him and they had to lift him up out of the chair. An attendant stood beside him while a bodyguard stood behind him, loosely holding Jules wrists and arms behind his back.

After his white wine enema yesterday, Leanne knew he should be clean internally for later that evening, now she needed to take precautions against injury from the consummation later tonight.

“Bend her over please.” Leanne directed the bodyguard and attendant to lay Jewel over the chair. Working as a team they had her pulled over the styling chair and her legs spread in a matter of seconds.

Leanne placed one had on Jewels lower back as she took the lubricated butt plug and pressed the tip gently against her anus. Jewel jumped as she felt the cold tip touch her sphincter.

“No, no, NO!” Jules cried out, but to no avail as Leanne pushed the plug smoothly past his anal ring and fully inside his ass.

Jules struggled first against the overwhelming feeling of pain and then pressure and the horrible sense of fullness as he felt the urgent need to go to the bathroom and void his bowels.

“Please, please pull it out, it hurts. I need to use the bathroom again. Please!”

Leanne waited patiently as Jewel recovered, watching her breathing come back under control. Leanne held the plug in place until she felt Jewel’s bodies attempt to expel the plug lessen as she relaxed and adapted to the intrusion. Leanne, with the aid of an attendant, slipped a white thong up Jewel’s legs. Leanne had performed this task before on a female arranged bride at the request of the husband. Leanne was baffled that some people seemed to enjoy and find pleasure in anal sex. She couldn’t fathom it herself, but, who was she to judge. It was her job to ensure her clients were satisfied, and this was simply one of those services she could provide.

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