The Accidental Hotwife

When being a good girl is no longer an option.

It had been nearly two years since the accident that had rendered John impotent. The first few months were particularly rough on the 6′ 00″ tall, one-hundred-and-sixty-pound man because he was depressed and irritable. This in turn made his wife Jennifer, a statuesque 5′ 04″, 130-pound honey with soft, chocolate brown eyes, auburn hair, pouting lips, legs that went all the way to the floor and a never quit, D-cup rack, irritable as well. Jennifer wasn’t getting any hard cock sex, a sport that she particularly enjoyed, and this complaint was at the core of their problem. The accident had rendered him incapable. He had no feeling or control over his 8″ endowment and was unable to get hard. His talented tongue could carry him so far, but she needed more, so much more. He’d tried wearing a strap-on, but it just wasn’t the same. She couldn’t seem to get over the final hurdle.

At one point he tried to make her understand why she should leave him and seek another man. She wouldn’t hear any of it. “‘Till death do us part!” she said emphatically with her eyes flashing passionately, and that was final. There was no way she’d ever leave her man, for this or any other injury. They would adapt and overcome.

A few weeks later, Jennifer was sitting with her best friend, 5′ 06″, 120-pound, C-cupped, Pilates instructing Linda on her couch drinking coffee. She was at wits end with the problem she and John were about to give up all together.

“I can tell when there’s something bothering you,” Linda said softly. We’ve been friends a long time; do you want to talk about it?”

Jennifer couldn’t help herself. The words blurted and fell from her tender lips while tears welled and flooded from her eyes as she related her tale. Linda cuddled Jennifer into her bosom to comfort the distraught lass.

“Could you have an affair? Just to” asked Linda as she gently kissed Jennifer on the forehead.

“Well, I would love the relief of a nice, hard cock,” replied Jennifer. “But I couldn’t do that to him, especially now! Be like kicking him when he’s down!”

“In all that time, he hasn’t cum either?” asked Linda. “That’s really rough on his prostate. Men need to cum now and then just for their own health.”

“It’s been like this ever since the accident,” replied Jennifer. “We’ve tried everything without success. He can’t feel any of it or even get hard.”

“Well, you could always try pegging him,” suggested Linda. Linda was very much more carefree when it came to sex and had had a lot more experience than Jennifer. John had taken Jennifer’s virginity on their wedding night, and she had had no other since. She simply didn’t have the sexual palette her friend did.

Jennifer sat back to consider this new solution. She was desperate and ready to entertain anything at this point. “What will that do?” she asked as she turned her innocent, gorgeous, liquid chocolate eyes full on her friend

“That, my dear, will stimulate his prostate and make him cum,” smiled Linda.

It was though a light burst forth inside Jennifer’s brain. “Well, I don’t have a cock,” she laughed in a naive way.

Linda laughed; her mirth was infectious. “That’s why they invented Strap-ons, Dearie” she giggled.

“There might be a way in this,” thought Jennifer as she continued sipping her wine. “Do you have any?” asked Jennifer innocently, while chewing on her pinky fingernail, regarding her friend and feeling the fire ignite in her belly.

“Oh yes, Dearie. I have… some.” Linda probably had the largest collection of dildoes and strap-on harnesses in the city and she was very proud to have used them all at one time or another.

“We could make tonight an introduction,” smiled Linda as she lovingly combed her friends hair through her fingers.

“Oh, could we?” fawned Jennifer.

Linda leaned down and tenderly kissed Jennifer’s warm and waiting lips, whispering, “Of course, we can. Whatever makes you feel comfortable, my Pet.”

Linda smiled and a lascivious look suddenly leapt from her eyes. As she leaned forward and tenderly kissed her friend. Jennifer fell to Linda’s advances immediately and accepted her tongue into her mouth, gently sucking and moaning in her friend’s arms.

Presently, Linda stood up and took Jennifer by the hand and led her into her inner sanctum. Once the two had crossed the threshold, Linda seized Jennifer by her hips, spinning her to kiss her passionately on the lips, neck, shoulders while unwrapping the morsel before her for tonight’s consumption.

She always gasped at the sight of Jennifer’s beautiful, Playboy quality, D-cup breasts, each topped with a beautiful, upturned strawberry coloured nipple. She couldn’t keep her hands off the soft, supple mounds on Jennifer’s wonderful chest. She slipped Jennifer’s bra off and attached her mouth to one gorgeous nipple and sucked passionately, bracing her friend’s considerable mammaries with her hands.

Jennifer moaned softly and gorukle escort slipped her arms around Linda’s neck as her friend nursed from her. She dearly loved how her girl played with her gorgeous tits. The adrenaline and endorphins coursing through her system were leading the way, and she didn’t care where they went. She only knew that she was sure to follow.

Linda finished stripping her friend down to her thong before her fingers busied themselves with her own garments. She then lay down almost on top of Jennifer, proffering her own more than ample, C-cup bosom. Jennifer smiled as she hooked a lip around Linda’s magnificent nipple and lock on for a slow, sizzling suck. “Oh, Baby,” cooed Linda. You know just what to do with that, don’t you?”

Jennifer’s eyes flashed their response as she sucked her friend’s supple nipple harder causing Linda to moan low and long as the sensations raced through her.

She then lay back as Linda slithered down between then spread her legs, pushing the lovely gams up and out of the way. She knew precisely what was to happen next. Linda’s tongue touched Jennifer’s puffy, excited pussy lips and made her gasp. No one could get her as wet or get her off as well as Linda could, and she loved her for it.

Suddenly, Linda’s tongue found Jennifer’s tender, swollen and throbbing love button. An electric sensation ran the length of Jennifer’s body, and a moan escaped her excited mouth. “You always know just what to do,” breathed Jennifer as she gathered her friend’s hair to keep it out of her face. Linda dipped her head again and delved to the bottom of Jennifer’s juicy slot. The sensations were reverberating around Jennifer’s body, quickening her breath and pulse. “God, you have always been so good at that!” breathed Jen as she watched her friend have her way with her sweet, striped pussy and marveled at her technique

Linda’s tongue darted in and out, stimulating Jennifer’s tangy and tender twat more and more. Suddenly, Jennifer moaned loud and long. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” she squealed. As her first contractions wracked her body, her sense began to dissolve into sensation and the feelings generated carried her along with them.

Linda watched her friend explode into the world of sexual magic and smiled as she crawled up her face to kiss her again. “I know you liked that, Baby,” cooed a smiling Linda as

she gently nuzzled Jennifer’s lips while pushing two fingers in and out of her juicy pussy. “Your whole-body lights up and tells me,” she giggled.

“Mmm, yes,” agreed Jennifer. “No one has ever made me cum like that, Linda,” she admitted as she rolled onto her side and slid a slender hand between the thighs of her lover, fondling her friend’s soft, smooth cunt while smiling up at her.

“You want some of that?” asked a delighted Linda as she rose to her knees and looked down on Jennifer with her head clutched in her grasp as she rose to tower above Jennifer.

“Um hum,” giggled Jennifer as she began to move into position. She knew what Linda wanted and was dying to give it to her.

Swinging a leg across her seated lover brought Jennifer nose to cooze with her taller lovers cunt. She looked up into Linda’s loving and expectant eyes then unfurled her tongue into her luscious slot. She licked and slurped up to Linda’s gumdrop like clitty, wrapping her lips around it to make it throb even harder and her to moan even louder.

“Oh yeah! Right there on my clit! Keep going, you’re going to make me cum!” moaned Linda as she gyrated her hips, grinding her sopping wet pussy into her lover’s face. She shivered above her as she dropped her delicate hands to Jennifer’s ever bobbing head as she drove her tongue as far into Linda’s pussy as she could causing an explosive eruption to occur deep in Linda’s body, and she began to wail and cum all over Jennifer’s face.

A weak-kneed Linda stepped away from that position and. She guided Jennifer the rest of the way to the bed, then stepped around the room, wondering which strap on rig to wear tonight. She chose a red bejewelled affair fixed with a modest six-and-three-quarter inch dildo before returning to Jennifer.

Linda leaned in close. “Jennifer, Honey… I want you to turn over on your stomach,” whispered Linda. Jennifer gazed with dream eyes while complying with Linda’s request. Linda climbed up behind her, all rigged for battle. Kneading her she-cock between her legs, she began to work Jennifer into position. When Jennifer’s sweet pussy was finally positioned, Linda stood up, seized Jennifer’s hips then plunged the plastic penis into Jennifer’s cunt causing her to howl in delight. “Oh, my God! No one’s ever fucked me like this, Linda!” said Jennifer through halting breaths. “Bar none, you’re simply the best!”

Linda looked down on her girlfriends writhing movements and she propelled the fake phallus in and out of her with expert speed and timing. Jennifer was left to endure orgasm after orgasm and loved every minute of it.

While altıparmak eskort bayan Linda was still deep inside her girlfriend, she dribbled a little lube down the crack of her ass and began to massage it in.

“What are you doing?” asked a breathless Jennifer as the new sensations began to hit her system.

“I’m going to peg you to start your lessons,” chuckled Linda as she slowly withdrew her female phallus from Jennifer’s soaking wet twat and began the process of preparing her girl to receive her bulk up her chuff. “My, you are tight, my Darling!” delighted Linda. “Am I going to take your anal virginity?”

“Yes,” hissed Jennifer as she enjoyed Linda’s attentions. New sensations were coursing through her veins, and she wanted what Linda was about to do.

“Oooo,” tittered Linda. “Exciting!” Her work finally paid off as she wormed her way into Jennifer’s puckered and tight hole. She smiled as she felt Jennifer’s ass relaxing as she lay moaning and groaning. “Are you still ok?” she asked out of concern for her friend. Jennifer’s uncoordinated response told her she was on the right track and to proceed. She smiled as she wrapped her hands around her girl’s hips and watched the rest of the dildo in her harness slide effortlessly inside until her hips rested against Jennifer’s sweet ass cheeks.

Jennifer had never been fucked like this before and was moaning, groaning and squealing as Linda carefully entered her tight little ass. Different sensations now coursed through her system casting her into new fields of ecstasy. Linda’s dainty hands held her fast as the dildo now rocketed in and out of her.

Linda finally eased out of her girlfriend’s hole, discarded the harness and lay down beside her lady friend’s heaving frame. “Did you like that?” asked Linda with a smile. She lovingly kissed Jennifer’s tender, quivering lips as she smiled down on her girl.

Jennifer’s twitching ass and pussy coupled with the scattered thoughts told the story. She had loved it. “Oh, God yes!” she exclaimed. “You are awesome with that and all things lesbian!” She rose and planted her lips on Linda’s mouth and kissed her passionately. She had loved this woman ever since the two of them had met a few years before and loved her more now.

“Okay,” smiled Linda as the pair lay back, basking in the afternoon delight. “Now I have a feeling you’re going you need a strap on rig of your own now. Get out your phone and order one right now. Strike while the iron, or in case the pussy, is hot! There are lots to choose from, so take your time,” advised Linda. Jennifer pulled out her phone but didn’t know of anywhere to go. Linda took Jennifer’s phone and soon had images of strap-ons and dildoes filling the screen.

Soon, Jennifer and Linda were lost while they looked through screens at different harnesses and dildo sizes. Jennifer settled on a black harness with a six-and-three-quarter-inch dildo that she could fit into the rings and a small container of lube. Linda had already informed her of the essentialness of this product. She shipped the goods direct from the warehouse, so she had at least a few days to work on her approach.

As Jennifer got dressed and bid adieu to Linda, a million thought suddenly occurred to her at once. “What if he doesn’t want to get a prostate massage? What if he doesn’t like it? How am I going to talk him into this?” Then, she considered what she had caught him and Bill doing. “Naw,” she grinned. “This will be easy!”

One evening the setting was just right. She sat in John’s lap with her arms around his neck, wearing a sheer black teddy that accentuated her whole form, kissing, licking and generally enticing him. She’d spiked his drink with a special concoction and would be arousing him right about now. Right on schedule his hands came wandering and fingers began to probe her sweet little pussy.

“A little horny, are we Honey?” cooed Jennifer into his ear.

“Oh yes,” agreed John as his fingers worked into her moistening slot, gently brushing her sensitive clitty with his thick fingers making her bristle in anticipation.

“So, what do you want to do?” she asked gently.

He dropped to his knees with his head opposite her crotch as was their custom and said, “I want to eat your sweet, little twat until you cum,” he replied with a huge grin on his face.

“I want to make you cum,” she said countered through a cock-eyed grin, as she drew out and displayed her dildo and harness while looking at him with a crooked smile. She froze for a second or two, not really knowing how he would take this. Now was the moment of truth. Either he would accept it or he wouldn’t.

“How would you want to give it to me, then?” he asked after the momentary pregnant pause had passed.

“Get on your back at the edge of the bed with your legs facing me, and prepare to enjoy,” Jennifer smiled as she began to do up the straps and clips that would hold her phallus to her body.

She sidled up nilüfer eskort bayan to the bed between her husband’s legs, slathering on more lube. and gently probing his tight little asshole with her dainty fingers, then replaced them with the she-cock now dangling between her legs. In her excitement to get inside him, she raised his legs too far, and jolted forward, making him jump. A sudden, “Ouch!” from John’s lips brought the whole procession to a crashing halt.

Jennifer sat frozen, horrified at the thought that she had hurt her husband. “Are you ok, Baby?” she hesitantly asked, rubbing his hips to hide her worry.

“I’ll live, but just not so fast, okay?” he admonished gently. “You’re not rushing the gates of the Alamo here.”

She smiled and started moving her hips, albeit slower, once again, pressing the plastic penis inside him further and further as his eight-inch dong rocked limp and feelingless in front of him. This time she managed to contain her excitement, and, in time, the pair shared the delightful pop deep inside him. The moans and sighs emanated from him, told her that he was enjoying himself. She slid the rest of her female phallus deep inside him, gently brushing his prostate as she went. He moaned loudly as she began to push easier in and out of him. He was widening out nicely and she now slid smoothly in and out causing John to moan, groan and thrash with pleasure. She gripped his ass with her feminine hands and shot her hips back and forth as she had been shown, propelling the dildo deep inside him and massaging his prostate expertly. The lessons she had been taking from Linda were paying off.

Suddenly, John’s body began to stiffen. Old familiar rhythms in his gut told him of his condition. “Oh, my God Jennifer! I’m gonna cum! You’re gonna make me cum!” he squealed in delight.

She redoubled her effort and slammed into him with increasing speed. “You gonna cum, Baby? Cum for me! C’mon… cum for me, Baby!” Within moments, there were fountains of cream erupting from the end of his limp dick and flying about landing on his chest and stomach as she fucked him to a wild crescendo. “That’s it, Baby, cum for me, cum hard. Oh my God, that is sofa king hot! You can make me cum with that wonderful mouth of yours afterwards! Just let go of your juice right now!”

“Um hum,” he mumbled through his semi delirious state.

“Did you like that,” she asked as she withdrew and lay down beside him on the bed scooping up his still hot cum with her fingers and feeding it to him. He lay on his back with his asshole twitching and jumping from the special attention it had received.

“Oh my God!” he replied with a glazed look on his face. “That was fantastic. I knew I would enjoy that from the start, but wow! I still see stars! Where did you learn to do that?”

“I’d say that’s a big yes on the ‘I enjoyed that’ scale!” she laughed as she slipped his bonds then climbed up on the bead and crawled toward his head. “Linda is a very good teacher,” she giggled.

“Would you want to do it again?” she asked coyly.

“Anytime you want, Baby. You made me cum.” he breathed as she looked at her with starbursts running through his apple green eyes. She bent forward and kissed his upper lip before sliding her smooth tongue between to sample his inner delights. She gazed down at him going about his task and thought, “Nothing could ever make me stop loving this man.”

She sat up on her knees, gazing down at him through her doe soft eyes. “I’ve made you cum,” she uttered in a low sultry voice. “Now, it’s your turn!” He smiled up at her as she flipped her knees beside his head in preparation to sit on his face. His tongue flashed out of it’s hidey hole, slithering up her sumptuous slot and tickling her rapidly engorging, cherry red clit. She took his hair in her hands, settled her slit down over his lips and enjoyed the fruits of her husband’s experience and knowledge. Ever since the accident, he had become a so much more attentive oral artist. He could usually get her off in about fifteen minutes from any position and this was her favorite position, sitting on his face, rocking her hips back and forth and feeling his exquisitely talented tongue tantalize her fully electrified twat. His tongue would soon have her steaming pussy amped up to boiling point, a place he took her each and every time. But he’d never be able to plant his cock inside her sweet pussy in it’s condition.

One night as the pair lay in bed, he asked her if she would appreciate a nice hard cock for her sweet, little pussy. “I know I can’t complete the act, but I do think you need to,” said John late one night as the pair lay in bed. “I think it would do you a world of good to get the real thing again.”

She sat back on the pillows and contemplated the suggestion in her endorphin addled brain. “You wouldn’t mind?” she asked as her curiosity was piqued.

“I really just want you to be happy,” he replied. “I remember you really couldn’t live without hard dick in your pussy. That and the thought of watching you getting fucked hard makes me hot all over, to tell you the truth!”

Her mind hearkened back to the conversation with Linda and she chuckled, “Did you have anyone in mind?” she asked after a momentary reflection. The suggestion was new and somehow excited her.

When being a good girl is no longer an option. It had been nearly two years since the accident that had rendered John impotent. The first few months were particularly rough on the 6′ 00″ tall, one-hundred-and-sixty-pound man because he was depressed and irritable. This in turn made his wife Jennifer, a statuesque 5′ 04″,…

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