Pleasure Thy Sister Ch. 05

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. All characters are over the age of 18 and are not modeled after specific people.


Chapter 5: After the Car Ride

Faith giggled helplessly as Hannah lightly tickled her feet.

Having the afternoon free, she had just been introduced to Hannah’s special car rides. Just a casual drive around town, laughing hysterically as Hannah teased her sensitive bound soles. Now they were back at the sorority, where Faith was discovering just how much more fun play time with Hannah was.

They were now in a library/office style room of the house. Beautiful dark wooden shelves lined the walls, and big comfy armchairs and sofas sat in various corners.

Faith was now bound to one of these chairs, stripped bare. Her legs spread back, draped over the arm rests and tied by the ankles to the chairs sturdy legs. Hannah had carried her up to the office and swiftly removed her clothes before securing her to the chair. She had, however, placed sheer nylon stockings on her feet. This made the sensation of her wiggling fingers all the more intense on Faith’s trapped feet.

“HhhhahahahhahahahahaAH!” She squealed, squirming in the chair. Hannah was settled on an ottoman in front of Faith, going to town on her cute ticklish soles. But her eyes were focusing on something else.

Spread wide, pussy on display, Hannah could see Faith getting wetter and wetter with arousal. All the tickling truly arousing Faith more than ever before.

“I think someone else is looking for attention.” She commented, running her fingers side to side along the space where the balls of Faith’s feet met her toes.

“Eeeeeheheheeeeeehehewhaaahahat?” Faith asked between giggles. The nylons making the tickling more pleasurable.

Hannah took her hand away from one of Faith’s feet and lightly cupped her warm vulva. She ever so lightly rubbed up and down the length of her sex once. Her other hand used a single finger to flick Faith’s arch.

“Riiight here…” Hannah teased, smirking at Faith who gasped between her laughter. Hannah took her hands from Faith’s pussy and feet, then reached for something behind her.

“Ah! Hahahhha Hannnnahhhh!” Faith whined, trying to buck her hips. She hadn’t realized just how aroused she was until Hannah touched her slit. She was craving more attention.

“Don’t worry baby, I’ve got something for you.” She grinned. Faith’s eyes widened as Hannah pulled out a large fanned brush from behind her, it’s soft bristles taunting her. She felt a surge of wetness below.

“I think this cute pussy needs a tickle.” Hannah twirled the paintbrush in her hand. “What do you think?”

“… Oh-oh my god…”

“What do you think, Faith?” Hannah asked, lowering the brush between Faith’s legs.

“Heheheh” Faith giggled nervously. She had never been tickled there before.

“Already giggling? I haven’t even touched you yet!” Hannah taunted, still hovering the brush. Faith squirmed.

“Ha-Hannahaha.” She watched in anticipation as the brush slowly descended, approaching her sex. She braced for impact.

There was a pause.

“… Hey Faith..” deja vu.

Faith clenched her eyes shut.

“…tickle tickle..”

Soft hairs made contact with the skin where inner thigh met outer labia, dragging up and down.

“Tchhhnnnahahahhahahhahaha!!” Laughter tumbled from Faith’s lips. Hannah began stroking the brush up and down on either side of Faith’s pussy, not touching yet. With her free hand she went back to tickling one of Faith’s feet.

“HeeheheheeaaAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA” She yelped.

“Tickle tickle tickle Faith.” Hannah chimed, knowing how much her teasing egged Faith on. She continued tickling just around the aroused pussy in front of her, basking in the laughs and guffaws. bursa escort

After several minutes, Hannah lightly began running the brush up and down Faith’s moist lips, first on the right, then on the left.

“Oh!!ohmhahahhhaha.” Faith had never felt a sensation like this before. The tickling was maddening, but the caress was also slowly building tension in her core. The paintbrush against her smooth labia making her shiver.

“Tickle tickle,” Hannah continued. “Does Faith’s pussy tickle?”


“Does it feel good?” Hannah used her free hand to spread Faith’s pussy lips. She could see her wetness glistening and her cute little clit starting to peek from its hood. “I think someone thinks it feels good.”

Hannah ran the paintbrush up and down along the inside of Faith’s pussy lips, the tickling even stronger.

“Mm!!ohohohomygaaawdahaha!!” Faith was squirming in her chair. With her feet tied down, legs over the arm rests, she couldn’t escape Hannah’s tickling. And boy, was it tickling. Her pussy spread wide for the brushes attacks, making her wetter and wetter.

“Do you like me tickling your pretty pussy, sweetie? Hm? Does your pussy like to be tickled?” Hannah moved the brush, now wet with Faith’s arousal, to her hole. She wiggled it back and forth across her sensitive opening.

“AHH! Ahahahahahahaha!! Ohhmygohohohohodd!!” Faith laughed even harder. She couldn’t believe her pussy could be this ticklish. Her clit was starting to throb.

“Was that a yes?” Hannah asked, swirling the brush around Faith’s hole. By now the brush was becoming too wet to tickle. She put the brush down and ran her thumb a long Faith’s quivering opening, but not entering.

“Hhehhehehmmmyesss!” Faith giggle, rolling her hips slightly.

“Mm good girl,” Hannah smiled. “I like tickling your pussy too… and your cute feet!” She took her hands from Faith’s needy sex and skittered her fingers along her arches. Faith screamed.

“NOOONONOnononoohohohohoho!” She bucked in her chair.

“But you said you like when I tickle you!” Hannah pouted, wiggling her fingers up and down Faith’s soles. “You don’t want me to tickle your feet?”

“Eeehheheeyeeeheheheesss!!” Faith heard herself admit, shamelessly. “Buh-bu-buuhahshhs HANNAH!” She screamed.

“But what?” Fingers began digginging between toes.

“AH!!fffff-fffuhuhhsaa-fuuckk!!” Faith’s head fell back against her chair.

“But what Faith?”

“I wuh-ehhehehehheee! I wan-”

“Want what, baby?” Hannah slowed her tickling down to light strokes and flicks.

“Mmmhmhmhmheehehehe” Faith giggled trying to regain her composure. “I-eheehee w-wannmmmahahaaa want mmyyhihi”

“Want your what?” Hannah sped up her attack again.”

“AHHHFFUCKAAHAHAHhahahahhahaha!” Faith laughed and squealed. “Arrrgghhhahahahaaa MYPUSSY!!” She finally shouted.

“Your pussy?” Hannah feigned innocence, still tickling away at Faith’s arches. “What about it??”

“Tchhhtttiicklee!!” Faith ground out, desperately. “Tttiihhehehehehtickle!!” She never thought she’d find herself bound to a chair, pussy spread, asking her her sorority sister to tickle it. Yet, here she was.

“Ahhhh you want me to tickle your pussy again, baby? Want me to make it cum?”

“Yeeehhehehehheesss!!” Faith shouted again.

“Mmmm okay you asked for it.” Hannah smiled. Stopping the attack on Faith’s feet, she grabbed a small box from under the ottoman. Shifting it next to her on the floor, Hannah took the lid off, making it easier to grab items from inside. First, she pulled out a small tube.

“This’ll make it more fun.” She explained, unscrewing the cap. Carefully, she squeezed a small amount of some sort of gel onto her finger, before lightly rubbing it around Faith’s hard bursa escort bayan clit. She jumped, having not been touched on the throbbing button yet. With very little pressure, Hannah massaged the gel into Faith’s clit, also allowing some to absorb into her inner lips. As she placed the cap back onto the tube before returning it to the box, Faith began to feel a tingling sensation build in her pussy.

Whatever Hannah had put on her sex was making her even more aroused. How on earth that was even possible at this point, she couldn’t say. The afternoon had been full of surprises. Still, Faith squirmed slightly, waiting impatiently for Hannah to stop rummaging through the box. She whimpered.

“We have plenty of time, don’t worry.” Hannah soothed. Her words gave little comfort as the tingling in Faith’s pussy was growing stronger. She was so sensitive now, that even this was starting to tickle.

Finally, Hannah brandished a beautiful feather from the box and waved it enticingly in front of Faith’s face. Faith didn’t know what animal it came from. She didn’t care. All she could think about was that feather teasing her pussy. She WANTED it to tickle her pussy. She felt her walls contract in anticipation and shivered.

Hannah didn’t say anything this time. Spreading Faith’s wet labia once again with her free hand, she moved in for the kill. Slowly the feather began circling around Faith’s little nub.

“Mm!” She squeaked. The soft feather combined with the tingling gel was almost indescribable. Faith couldn’t figure out whether she should be laughing or moaning now.

Round and round it went, teasing her sensitive sex, as she gasped and panted. Hannah kept a steady rhythm, occasionally alternating between clockwise and counterclockwise. After several minutes, Faith’s pants slowly began to turn into moans.

“hah…ahhhh..” she sighed.

“Goood girl.” Hannah cooed. Taking a moment, she moved the feather down, teasing Faith’s perineum suddenly. Faith squeaked again and giggled. Hannah then dipped the feather, barely, into Faith’s quivering hole. She wiggled it about, wetting the tip of the feather in Faith’s arousal.

“Ohmmmmeeheheheheheheee” she squealed. Her hips were rolling, trying to increase the pressure of the tickling feather. It was driving her insane, but she was loving it. By now, her clit stood proud out of it’s hood, begging for attention. Hannah took notice.

“Look at your little clit,” her feather circling the nub, once more as Faith’s giggles mingled with sighs. “Does it need a tickle?” The circles moved closer to their target.

“mmmhhmmmmpp-pluhhahaha-pleaaase!!” she begged.

Hannah pulled the feather away and pointed it directly at Faith’s clit. She let it hover for a moment, as Faith gasped and stared at it longingly, her pussy craving attention. The few seconds Hannah held it there felt like hours. With one last glance at Faith’s pleading eyes, she began to sway the feather up and down. But she still didn’t come close enough to touching Faith. Faith whimpered, watching the feather move back and forth, her mind playing tricks as if it had already made contact. Her hips bucked trying to find the phantom brush of the feather, but nothing happened.

“…tickle tickle tickle…” Hannah said softly, moving the feather closer, but still not touching.

“hahh…” Faith panted.

“…tickle tickle tickle…” The feather even closer, just barely grazing.” Faith thought for sure she was going to explode.

“…tickle… tickle…TICKLE!”

Faith’s eyes slammed open. Pure tickling sensations ravaged her as Hannah’s feather made contact, steadily painting up and down over her pulsing clit. The arousal gel and her own wetness allowing the feather to slip and slide across bursa merkez escort her button with ease.

“AAAHHHHAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHAHA” Faith screamed, going wild. No matter what she couldn’t escape the tickling. In no time at all, tickles of Hannah’s feather were building the pressure in her core up even higher, and she could feel it growing with each flick over her clit.

Hannah alternated her tickles between flicks up and down, sweeps side to side. Occasionally she circled the nub with the feather directly, watching how each change brought different ticklish sensations to Faith’s pussy.

“eehhhehehehehehehehmmmmmahhhh ah!” her moans growing more frequent between her laughs. The pleasure of the tickling was almost unbearable to her, but she never wanted it to stop. And so she giggled and moaned away as Hannah kept tickling and tickling.

“mmmmmahhh! haaahhhahahahahaa Hannnaahhhh!!” Faith could feel her climax beginning to rush in full speed. “Eeeee!! Heehehehehehehehee!!” her hips rolled up to meet the feather.

Hannah wasn’t relenting. She steadily swept the feather back and forth over Faith’s clit.

“Are you gonna cum, Faith?” She taunted. “Is your little clit having fun being tickled? I’m gonna keep tickling your clit until you cum.”

“ahhahahahahahahahahahhahaha!! ohhhh mmmmyyhhahahahagoodd!” Faith was a moaning giggling mess. She was right on the edge of her orgasm now. The feather sending wonderful tickling sensations all through her body. With just a few for flicks…

“oh! ohhaahahahahaaaaaa! ohmygoddaahahh!!”

Faith’s whole body tensed. She couldn’t hear or see. All she could feel was tickling. Only tickling, starting right at her clit, and exploding outwards. Hannah circled the feather around the throbbing nub until just the tip of the feather wiggled against it’s head.

“heeeaaaaahhhahahaaa oh my goooodddd aaaAAAAHHHHHHHH!!”

Faith’s orgasm slammed into her like a train. The tickling of her clit built her to a release she didn’t know she could have. She was in heaven. Hannah did not stop running the feather all over Faith’s clit as it jumped and her pussy walls contracted. Faith’t back was arched in pure pleasure as wave after wave of her orgasm tore through her. It was as if it wasn’t going to end. And still, Hannah kept tickling.

“ah! ah! ah!” little yelps left Faith’s lips with each pass of the feather.

“Goooooood girl.” Hannah cooed again. She continued to lightly tickle Faith’s clit through her orgasm, drawing it out, as she reached down to tickle her foot again with her free hand.

“AHFUCKKKKhhehehehehehehaaaaaa” Faith was laughing and moaning all over again, more sensitive as her first orgasm was beginning to subside. But with Hannah still teasing her clit and tickling her feet, her second climax was already building.

Hannah continued to tickle and tease Faith through several more orgasms. One hand running its fingers along her sensitive arches, tickling even more as she came and came. One hand using the soft feather to tickle and caress Faith’s throbbing clit, making it feel like it had died and gone to paradise.

By the time Faith felt like another orgasm would for sure kill her, she managed to find the strength to get word out through her laughing moans.

“hhehehehehehAH! haaahhahahaa- red! ahahhaa!!”

Immediately, Hannah stopped. She dropped the feather and placed her hands on Faith’s knees.

“You okay, babe?” She asked lightly rubbing Faith’s thighs. Faith nodded her head yes, head falling back as her chest heaved. Hannah set to work untying Faith’s feet and gently lifting them over the arm rests of the chair to avoid hurting her. Overly sensitized, shudders still shook Faith’s frame from time to time. Her pussy swollen and pulsing, pleasurable tingles still making her groan softly as she caught her breath.

Hannah smiled as she watch Faith’s pussy contract every now and then.

“Thank you for choosing Hannah’s Driving Service” she joked, laughing when the only response she got was a middle finger from an utterly exhausted, but happy and satisfied Faith.

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. All characters are over the age of 18 and are not modeled after specific people. *** Chapter 5: After the Car Ride Faith giggled helplessly as Hannah lightly tickled her feet. Having the afternoon free, she had just been introduced to Hannah’s special car rides. Just a casual drive…

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