*** A short story, hope you enjoy*** Sorry for my extended absence.

Lilly sat watching tv with her good friend.

Her girlfriend got home from work and returned to sit in changed clothes.

Her phone pinged. It was her girlfriend. She smiled as she unlocked her phone to read “I need to fuck you in the shower.”

Lilly’s face dropped. She looked over to her comfortably sat lover. Her lean olivey copper skin on show from a t shirt and boxers.

Sandra felt her lovers gaze. She side eyed Lilly. She then gave her a smirk and met her gaze straight on.

They shared a moment, Lilly biting her lip as her eyes and mind wondered.

She shook herself out of the thought.

She snatched up her phone and sent a message.

“Right now???”

Sandra looked at her phone, she eyed Lilly as she picked it up. Lilly watched as she typed, her phone pinged.

“Yes beautiful.”

Lily smiled as she felt her body warm up to the idea. —The both of us standing in the hot steamy room with the hot water cascading over our bodies. Fuck -she gasped through her thought— the feeling of her stuffing me with two fingers -she felt her stomach clentch as her vagina walls tightened and twitched at the thought— oh god and then we would move to the bed room and she would get the strap…jeses christ oh the way that feels deep inside me—-

Sandra watched as her lovers mind raced with the thoughts.

She typed to Lilly who was snapped out of her thoughts by the alert.

“Tell me what you have in mind I do to you.”

Lily smiled up to her.

“You’re the boss, what do you want to do to me?”

“I am and I, the boss am asking you what you are thinking about over there.”


You win.

I’m thinking about how if we were alone, we would both grab our towels and head for the bathroom. We would begin kissing as we waited for the water to warm. You aggressively kissing me grabbing at my ass and biting my nipples …i love when you do that…we would get in the shower…both of us so hot and wet…i want three fingers filling all of me as I lean aroused against the wall… I want you to fuck me until I cum shaking against your hand… I want you to take care of me I want you to help me to the bedroom… Then …fuck baby I want you to put on the strap and fuck me…fuck me like you mean it…until Im screaming…”

Sandra read the message with a raised eyebrow.”

“So if we were alone?”


“Give me a minute. Just go ahead and go back to the room.”

Lilly had said she was going to shower.

Sandra spoke up to their friend. “Hey so our water is going to be shut off soon so we are going to go and try and get in a shower, you are welcome to stay here though.”

“Oh no bursa sınırsız escort I should be on my way out anyway. We will have to do this again.”

“Yes of course.”

Sandra locked the door behind her.

She took her shirt off as she walked back to the bedroom. Her lengthy arms flexing as she did. Peering through the crack in the door she looked in to see Lilly brushing her hair naked.

“It’s not nice to stare.” She teased.

“Mm how could I not.”

Sandra removed her last article of clothing.

Her strong body on display, Lilly got up and kissed her lover. Lilly dug her gleaming pasty thigh into her beautiful lover’s pussy, pushing her to a wall. They began making out , milk chocolate mashing with cream.

Sandra pushed her lover off of her as she began getting the strap. As she adjusted she spoke.

“I thought we could use this in the shower…?”

Lilly’s face nearly fell to the floor with this thought.

“Yes please!”

“Go ahead and get the shower ready. I’ll be in.”

Sandra walked to the bathroom she was met by her eager lover she was finishing up brushing her teeth.

Sandra grabbed her toothbrush she had to stand sideways due to her erect appendage. Lilly saw this as an opportunity.

Lilly dropped to her knees she hesitated then took the silicone figure in her mouth. Sandra rinsed her mouth as she looked at her beautiful girlfriend surprised by this act.

Lilly then put her hand at the base … she began to move a bit more. Sandra moaned at this attention. She put her toothbrush back and the water off. Lilly purposely went harder. Throwing Sandra into an aroused shock. She stumbled to lean on a wall. She arched her back. She readjusted so that her clit would get more of the attention it needs.

Lilly enthusiastically sped up Sandra gasped as her breathing was labored.

Sandra’s hand found it’s way behind Lilly’s head following her and pulling her closer to her.

Sandra gasped and moaned as she began to fuck Lilly’s mouth with the object. It was a mind game, Sandra’s imagination took over, it was as if she had feeling in this object. She watched as Lilly’s lips moved across it. She thought of how warm her mouth would be. Sandra thought back to whenever Lilly would go down on her. The warmth, her tongue running through her folds.

She was so close her whole body felt the pent up arousal. Sandra pulled away last second to tease herself. Her clit was on fire too inflamed and sensitive to a touch.

“On your feet.” Sandra said out of breath.

“But I…”

“Now!” Sandra said as she drug her up by her hair. “Lean over the counter stick that ass out.”

Lilly slowly did so.

She felt sandra’s hands slowly making their bursa üniversiteli escort way around to where she wanted them… she effortlessly fit three fingers in.

She smirked at her in the mirror … she could see Lily’s embarrassment.

“Seems you liked your little stunt?”

“Yes Mistress.” She said as Sandra pulled her fingers from her orifice.

Lilly felt a lot pressure at her entrance. And just like that the fireworks went off as the dildo filled her wanting muscles.

Sandra hung onto Lily’s shoulders, bending Lilly’s body so that she were right in line with her bean.

She pulled her lover back on her appendage, a shock went through Lilly as she moaned out in pleasure. She had goosebumps, her nipples hardened.

Sandra watched in the mirror as her lover enjoyed her efforts. She could feel her clit twitching, she grabbed a fist full of Lilly’s hair, pulling her lover’s back to arch which resulted in her ass higher.

With this Sandra could grind against her. She got into a perfect rhythm the two of them enjoying this.

They needed this, they hadn’t had this passionate of an encounter in a while.

Sandra could see that Lilly were close. She could see her lover’s eyes shut completely in the moment. Her mouth hung open her breaths being thrust out of her. Her eyebrows tense in a hope for her relief.

Sandra kissed Lilly’s shoulder and began leaving trails of them.

Sandra saw Lilly’s face soften and a small sweet smile come across her lips.

Sandra eased up, wanting to slow things down. She continued her journey of kisses. She got to Lilly’s lower back.

“Baby we should hop in so we don’t run the water out.”

A small groan came from Lilly.

She pulled away, turning around to kiss Sandra. She stepped into the shower and closed the curtain.

As she stood under the stream of water she spoke. “I’d like to use that in the bedroom after this… please.”

Sandra smiled as she adjusted the straps and stepped out of it. Leaving it in the sink to be washed.

Lilly was under the stream when Sandra pushed her against the wall. She kissed her as her hand trickled down her waiting body. They stared into each other’s eyes with their foreheads touching as Sandra spread Lilly’s lips, she effortlessly eased two fingers in.

Lily’s eyes slowly shut enjoying the feeling.


Lilly’s eyes snapped open.

“Eyes open and on me.”

Lilly gave a small nod.

Sandra began a come hither motion, Lilly’s eyes fluttered.

“Good girl.” Sandra cooed.

Lilly began grinding her hips.

Dipping low so Sandra could stroke her bean with each curl.

Lilly could feel the bursa anal yapan escort build up, she knew it was coming. This was still new to her. She grew nervous again.

“You’re okay. Nothing to worry about.” Sandra cooed as she increased her speed slightly. “Let go honey, you’re safe.”

With this Lilly slowly put her hands to her sides and let her lover take her. Sandra turned her hand a bit so her thumb could hit Lilly’s clit. She jumped at the new attention.

The slow burn began, she loved that Sandra knew exactly what she needed. Lilly held Sandra close.

“M-mistress… im so close.” She gasped and moaned.

Sandra could feel Lilly’s walls clenching her fingers.

“Come for me baby, let it out.”

Lilly was visibly fighting with herself. She was so close to releasing her fluids. Sandra pulled harder against her spongy skin.


Lilly held harder and dug her fingers into her lover as she gasped and let her fluids go. The sudden gush streamed down Sandra’s hand. She kept with her lover and rode out her first orgasam.

“Good girl.”

Sandra pulled her drenched fingers out, she smeared Lilly’s wetness all over her folds. She sucked on her fingers while staring into Lilly’s eyes.

Sandra dropped to her knees she lifted Lilly’s leg over her shoulder and attacked her clit.

She let out a loud moan at the sudden attention.

Sandra lapped hungrily at Lilly’s little button. She tensed her straight leg as she held Sandra close with the other. Pulling her head closer to her body.

“Please don’t stop …please…”

Sandra flicked her tongue, side to side for a few flicks then switching to and up and down line.

Sandra felt Lilly pull her bent leg, pulling Sandra closer to her. She could feel Lilly’s legs shaking.

Lilly groaned as Sandra pushed her mouth harder to her lover.

She used all of her tongue to get Lilly teetering on the edge.

Lilly let out a high moan as her body shook around Sandra. Who was enjoying her snack. Moaning into Lilly’s folds. She did not stop until Lilly had to peel her face away.

Sandra looked up at her panting, her eyes dark with lust.

“Lets go to bed… I can’t stand anymore.” Lilly said with a light laugh.

Sandra smiled as she rose, she rinsed off.

Lilly seemed in thought and hesitant.

Sandra eyed her as she ran the soap over her body while under the stream.

“What is it?” Sandra asked.

Lilly looked up into her eyes. “I was wondering if it would be okay if I…Did the same for you?”

Sandra eyed her. “What exactly?” Sandra wanted Lilly to say it to prolong this discomfort.

“I was wondering if I could go down on you …eat you out?” Lilly finally said.

Sandra smiled. “I have a better idea.”

Sandra shut the water off and handed Lilly her towel.

Lilly stayed in the shower unsure.

“Come on. We are going to the bedroom.” Sandra said as she rinsed the dildo off.

***Remember to comment! May do a follow up on the characters, leave a comment if you enjoyed**


*** A short story, hope you enjoy*** Sorry for my extended absence. Lilly sat watching tv with her good friend. Her girlfriend got home from work and returned to sit in changed clothes. Her phone pinged. It was her girlfriend. She smiled as she unlocked her phone to read “I need to fuck you in…

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