My Fantasy – Created for Blue

A fantasy of mine makes me hotter than anything in the world. Thinking about this drives me out of my fucking mind, insanely horny! It is a fetish-fantasy and Blue loves me enough to roleplay it with me…and it makes me cum many, MANY times when we do. I’ll try to explain it…I hope I can properly do that.

First, the backstory of my fantasy:

I was created for Blue. She commissioned a lab to have me created for her according to what she wanted. I was then genetically made and was born as a full-grown adult.

I was given a body and brain for sex. Genetically bred into me, from Blue’s instructions, was an unending and constant hunger for sex with Blue. It’s all I know…I must have her, and I am constantly playing with my pussy, which is always wet and glistening.

I immediately fell in love with her and she fell in love with me. I cherish belonging to her and she cherishes me.

It is pure joy being her lover…she may have me whenever she wants. I was created to be her prefect lover, and created to absolutely LOVE it!

According to my fantasy, this was our first encounter:

I knocked on her front door when I was first given to her. I had no clothes on. Didnt want them…didn’t need them. She opened the door and her mouth fell open…I smiled at her…

“Hi! I’m Sunny…if you’re Blue, I belong to you.”

Although she ordered what she wanted, I think she got more than she ordered…

“Oh…I see…oh my…I’m…a little surprised.”

I stepped around her through the door, letting my natural musk oil scent get to her, then I stood very close to her, took her hand and kissed it…

“Is there a problem?”

“Oh, no…I…um…see…no problem at all…I don’t think…”

“Very good!”

I led her by the hand with my long platinum blond hair (that was what she specified) gently trailing behind me and hanging to my ass. I helped her sit down in a very large easy-chair.

I climbed up in the chair and straddled her…I kissed her, then kept my lips very softly to hers…

“You seem a little overwhelmed. You want me to stay, don’t you? I can make you feel things you haven’t even dreamed of…I can make you cum in ways you never thought possible…and more times than you thought you bursa escort bayan ever could.”

“Oh! Yes! Stay! Oh wait…you didn’t bring clothes or anything.”

“Clothes?” I slid off her and stood before her, holding my arms out to my sides. “You want me to put clothes on this?” I turned around, spread my legs and bent way over, holding my ankles. Then, I stood up and threw my hair back, letting it fall against my ass. I spun back around on one foot and looked at her. “Clothes?”

“Okay…no clothes!”

“Good choice! Ya know…it would be really good if you didn’t wear any clothes, either.”

“But…don’t I…have to wear clothes?”

“Of course not…why would you?”

“Huh…I don’t know…okay, no clothes for me either!”

I climbed back up to her lap…my large butterfly pussy resting on her tummy. I placed her hands on my hips and brought my mouth to her neck, giving her hot, wet kisses right under her ear with my arms draped on the back of the chair. I held still, letting her feel my swollen pussy lips quiver against her.

“Oh…Sunny…I think I…I’m going to want to suck your pussy sometimes…”

I smiled, my juices flowing all over her…I moved my mouth to her lips and kissed her, then spoke hotly…

“Always remember…I am yours. I was created just for you…to completely satisfy you sexually, and to love that so much, that I will cum many times while doing so, and cum a LOT when I do, whether you’re touching my pussy or not. Do you like that?”

Blue was breathless and squirming now…

“Fuck…yes, yes…I love it…I love it a lot!”

“Very good, because I’m devoted to you and only you…I am your possession…I belong to you…you own me…and THAT excites me to death. In fact, I’m already madly in love with you. Is that a problem?”

“Not at all! I’m feeling…something more than sex…love. I never want you to leave my side, okay?”

I placed my forehead to hers and looked in her eyes…

“Never, never will I leave you…EVER. That is my promise to you.”

I placed my forehead against her shoulder…I was ALREADY so turned on, my body was shaking…a hard shuddering orgasm was building deep inside me

“Blue…oh fuck…I’m going to cum…fuck…your bursa bayan escort baby’s gonna cum hard…”

“Oooooooooo…yes, my baby…cum for me…that’s it…cum hard…”

Blue held my ass and slid her finger in my pussy and fucked me deeply…my body was an earthquake when my orgasm hit me…hard spasms…I slid up higher on her body…then, I came all over her…LOTS of hot, luxurious woman-cum flowed all over her breasts, her tummy and soaked her pussy…

“Fuck Sunny! You’re a fucking miracle!”

I smiled at her and kissed her very deeply, my tongue sliding around inside her mouth. She whimpered and purred for me…

“I’d better explain what just happened…your baby might cum at any time, for no apparent reason…I can’t stop it. I hope that’s okay?”

“YES! More than okay!”

I wanted to show her what my tongue was capable of…

I slid down her cum-soaked body to her pussy…I slid the length of my tongue over her clit and looked up at her…

“Now, my precious Blue, tell your baby what you desire, and it shall be yours.”

She was trembling…

“Please suck me! Bite me! Fuck me! Make me cum good!”

It was time to let her experience my tongue. My tongue is…well…longer. Waaaaaaaay longer. Her life was about to change…but hey…she asked for this when she had me created…

I spread her legs wider and clamped my mouth on her…I fucked my tongue into her hungry pussy and immediately pushed out my tongue to it’s full eight inches, filling her pussy and ramming my tongue against the back of her pussy, then pulling it back out…

“Holy FUCK! What WAS that? I loved it!”

“Only my tongue, my love. Isn’t that what you wanted?”

“I mean what hit the back of my pussy? Because, that, I hadn’t even thought of!”

I opened my mouth and let her watch me push my tongue out all the way…she watched in amazement, her mouth open, but unable to speak.

I smiled and tossed my hair back, my bangs still over my eyes…I leaned against her, my firm tummy pressing against her. Her juices ran down my tummy, set my big, swollen clit on fire, then ran down my inner thighs.

Fuck! I wanted her! I looked into her eyes…

“Lie bursa merkez escort back and give your body to me…I’m your own personal fucktoy, and I will take very good care of you. Scream real loud and pull my hair as hard as you want…you can’t hurt me. I love you very much, my Blue. Are you ready for me?”

Her breathing had deepened…her thigh muscles were quivering against my body…

“Oh, Sunny…yes…suck me…fuck me…please…make me cum hard…oh fuck…”

I slid my face between her thighs…my tongue, higher in temperature than that of any human, burned her skin…I got closer to her pussy and let her feel my hot breath on her outer lips. When my tongue-tip touched her clit, she jumped hard and screamed for more…

I slid my hands under her ass, held onto her and fucked my eight inch tongue HARD into her!

“Fuck yeah, Sunny! My fucking hot slut! Give it to me good!”

I bent Blue’s knees, pushed them back and kept her legs spread…because of my long tongue, I was able to keep my mouth on her pussy and tongue-fuck her as only I can! Over and over, I rammed my tongue against the back of her pussy, shoving her body and making her scream like hell each time! I came so hard while fucking her with

my tongue…three times…the towel under me was soaked!

Her body went to hard spasms and she was making one long continuous scream when she came very hard! My tongue enabled me to keep fucking her and drink down her wonderful cum at the same time!

I lowered her legs, but kept my tongue inside her…I purred for her and kept sliding my tongue in and out of her…

“Sunny! Yes, fuck yes! Make me cum again!”

Ooooooohhhh, I sure did…I rode Blue to death with my mouth and made her cum over and over and over…not stopping between orgasms…I was created to not WANT to stop, and to cum hard JUST from doing that to her…

Blue finally had enough and scooched away from my mouth, seeming to be barely alive. I kissed her quivering pussy, slid up a little and rubbed my cheek on her tummy, then laid my head on her right there…

Blue was catching her breath…I could feel her pussy throbbing against my tummy and her thigh muscles in mini-spasm against my hips. She was petting my head over and over with both hands…

“Sunny…oooooohhhhh, my baby…fuck…you’re soooooooooo damn good! I love you…”

“Your baby REALLY loves sucking you and fucking you, Blue. Know what else? I love you soooooo much…”

Thank-you for reading!

My love to all,


A fantasy of mine makes me hotter than anything in the world. Thinking about this drives me out of my fucking mind, insanely horny! It is a fetish-fantasy and Blue loves me enough to roleplay it with me…and it makes me cum many, MANY times when we do. I’ll try to explain it…I hope I…

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