Psychology 101: The Prequel

Psychology 101: The Prequel

Sometimes being the hottest girl in school comes with its advantages. I’m certainly victim to the male gaze, but I have known for a long time now how to behold its power.

It’s no secret, I know when boys are staring at me, and even the teachers. It’s so frequent now that I just ignore it and let them play out their fantasy in their head. In the process I’ve discovered what turns men on, from the clothes I wear to how I bend down in the opposite direction when I “accidentally” drop my pencil.

I find it to be a fun little game.

The thing nobody knows about me though is that I have an IQ of 160. But I’ve discovered that men don’t like to be intimidated, so I pretend to be a ditsy little girl. However sometimes I tutor boys and help them with their homework, and that’s my secret to having clear and radiant skin. Why? Because they pay me with their semen. So far I’ve swallowed 204 loads from my tutoring sessions.

It was my last year in high school, I was in math class doing my differential equations in non-euclidian geometry homework, it was pretty easy.

The principle walked in, “Mr. Andrews, may I speak to Katie for a moment?”

Mr. Andrews glanced over to me, clearly stealing an eyeful of cleavage.

I didn’t say anything, I just smiled at Mr. Andrews and stood up strategically with my ass facing his gaze. As I was walking I could feel the heads turn from behind me. I was wearing a short skirt with a tight tank top, my blonde hair in a ponytail.

I approached Mr. Daniels the principle, and to no surprise, I could tell my body was having a deep effect on him. But he remained professional as he walked me out of the class and into the empty hall.

“Katie, this is going to sound strange, but you have been chosen to participate in an ongoing experiment.”

I noticed the sweat running down his neck. Mr. Daniels was a tall and fit man, I’d guess he’s about 6’4” with a large frame. He towered over my petite 5’3” body with assertive dominance.

“What kind of experiment?” I asked

“Katie, you haven’t been selected randomly. You’ve been selected…well, because of your physical attractiveness.”

Suddenly I realized where this was going, but I chose to play dumb to look cute.

“Oh, am I really that hot?” Mr. Daniels gulped and said, “This is research done by the local university, they’ve found you to have great potential for their program.”

I was flattered, but I was still wondering exactly what I would be doing. I took a look down at his crotch and noticed a growing bulge. I bit my lower lip as I asked, “What would I be doing in this experiment?” with an innocent look.

“You will, umm…” The 35 year old was loosening his collar for some air. “…perform oral sex on male students at the university in attempt to increase their academic performance.”

This whole time, I was slowly leaning in towards his crotch until my nose was level with his belly button. It wasn’t until then that he noticed my cute eyes and pouty lips looking up at him.

I didn’t have to say a word, that’s what I love about my power. In less that 3 minutes he was flooding my mouth with thick semen, clearly his wife wasn’t taking proper care of him. As I swallowed I thought, “That’s 205.”

I noticed the splotch on my tank top and thought “Damn Porno it, I thought I was done making those kinds of mistakes.” Mr. Daniels recomposed himself after getting a demonstration of my expertise. He explained I would have to take an “Introduction to oral pleasure” class offered by the researchers. I told him it’s fine, clearly I’m experienced enough to skip the class. But he said it was a requirement.

“Be in room 211 tomorrow at 2:00, you’ll be in this class with 7 other girls.”

I returned to math class without cleaning my face or tank top. As I walked casually to my seat I felt a flood of stares and whispers. I pretended to not know I had cum on my face, I wanted these boys to have some fuel for their masturbation fantasies tonight. After all, for most of them this may be the only time in their lives they get to see a girl with cum on her face in real life.

The next day I was eagerly waiting for my new class, wondering what they could possibly teach me that I don’t already know. I was wearing my hair down with my cheerleading outfit.

I found room 211, inside was a geeky looking university professor. “Ah yes, Katie we’ve been expecting you, please have a seat next to Amanda, the busty freckled redhead over there.” I sat down and sized myself up with the other girls. I’ve always been a competitive person, and these girls were some serious competition. These girls were taken from other schools, I was always just used to being the best.

“Alright ladies, I think the 8 of you already know why you’re here.”

He went on explaining the details of the experiment and the syllabus for the class. The midterm would be a blowjob race with 8 incredibly lucky male students, ours grades determined by the place we finished. And the final exam would be a double blowjob performed on a random teacher.

I thought, “Isn’t that unfair? What if the other girl screws up?” He then explained we had to do it this way because the budget only allows hush money for 4 teachers.

So the professor began his first lesson on the male anatomy; the cock, balls and all of the erogenous zones. I was bored stiff because all of this was elementary to me. However, as the course went on I did learn some useful bits on information. Such as how to be more creative with my hands, how to tease and edge, and how to control a man’s orgasm.

We were also given these high tech A.I dildos to practice on, which to my surprise were very realistic. They even twitch and cum like a real man.

I easily won the midterm, I made my boy cum in under 30 seconds. Usually I would want it to last longer but it was a competition after all. I stood up and taunted the other girls displaying the generous load to all of them as they were still sucking.

Then it came time for the final exam, I was paired with Amanda. Her tits were bigger than mine but I was the prettier one. We had the whole thing planned out, all the way down to who takes the load and how we’ll swallow.

The teacher was to give us a rating out of 10 on our performance to determine our grade, 8/10 was passing. But I was determined to get a 10/10.

We setup a bed in the back of the room specifically to be used for this final. We turned off the lights and setup ambient mood lighting. Amanda and I were alone Altyazılı Porno in the room putting on makeup and stripping down to a matching black bra and panties. The professor knocked, “Our subject is ready.” I was anxious to see which teacher we would get, but then he opened the door and I recognized the voice of Mr. Andrews, my math teacher. His jaw just about hit the floor seeing our half naked bodies.

“So you girls will have the pleasure of blowing the 27 year old calculus teacher, good luck! Please, sir, make yourself comfortable, I’ll be back in 20 minutes.” He closed the door and locked it.

“Oh My Lord” he said visibly squirming in anticipation. Perhaps he wasn’t expecting me to be one of the girls in this class. Up to this point he had been only fantasizing about me, but I was eager to prove to him that I’m capable of things way beyond his imagination.

I used a soft, innocent voice I had been practicing over the years, “Cmon, Mr. Andrews, give that guy some breathing room” I giggled. Amanda walked up to him and removed his belt. And I was in pure disbelief as she pulled down his pants. Through his boxers I could tell he had the most massive cock I had ever seen ( and I’ve seen over 200). That thing catapulted from his boxers like a spring holding tension for hours. From my estimate it was 9.5 inches.

“Oh my, Mr.Andrews, what a pleasant surprise” I smirked. He was frozen and choked up, but of course I was used to this.

We now began the first phase: teasing. “I know all these years you’ve been checking out my ass when I’m not looking, perhaps it’s time you see it for real.”

I turned around and bent down revealing my incredibly toned ass with form fitting panties running up the crack. “Do you want to see my wet pussy too? I know that’s not what we’re here for but this is your only chance.” I slowly backed up until my ass touched the base of his cock. He was visibly shaking and I could feel it too. Amanda, as we had practiced, joined me and we both rode the base of his cock like strippers. And trust me there was enough to go around.

“Ok daddy, take your shirt off and lay on this bed for us ok? And spread your legs wide enough for both of us to fit.”

Entranced by us, he obliged. I was ecstatic, he was completely hopeless. “Now just relax daddy” I said as I took my top off, Amanda soon followed. “Or don’t relax, either way you don’t have a choice of what’s about to happen.” We took our panties off and in perfect synchrony we crawled up the bed and snuggled up next to him, each girl in an arm. I was on his right.

We strategically avoided his cock for now, since we’re still in the teasing phase.

“You’re a hard working man Mr. Andrews, you only deserve to get blown and drained by 2 gorgeous 18 year olds at the same time.” I began to kiss his neck, working my way down slowly to his chest, stomach, then to his inner thigh. Amanda and I were in perfect synchrony, like olympic divers on each side of his body.

The purpose of this phase is to gauge his tension levels in his muscles and then improvise a plan of contact with his penis. I could tell by his breathing and how tense he was that he could blow his load too early if we weren’t careful. I looked at Amanda and I could tell she was sensing the same Brazzers thing.

So we continued to lick around his cock and balls for another minute to get him to relax. We nestled ourself between his legs, then I finally made first contact with his heavy ball sack. After one lick I could tell they were full to the brim and in desperate need for release, they were the size of golf balls. Very carefully, we each took a testicle in to our mouth, slowly adding surface area until the the whole thing was in our mouths.

I took a moment to look up at out subject, who had a pained look in his face, a look I’m all too familiar with. His cock was harder than it was before, and the tip was oozing copious amounts of precum. I gently removed his right ball from my mouth, “We both know that what’s in here will be in our tummies in the next few minutes, hehe.”

He moaned and laid his head back as the pool of hot precum was building on his upper abs. “I could get it faster if I wanted, but I like to work hard for my reward.” I smiled as we began gliding our tongues up and down the full length of his shaft. We left no square centimeter unloved, and that was a hard task.

I took the liberty to taste some of the precum dripping from his engorged head, “Yummy, but probably not as tasty as going straight to the source.”

And now we begin phase 2: sucking. We could tell he was ready, and that he wouldn’t blow prematurely. So I grabbed his cock and pointed it up at the ceiling, got on my knees and let the head of his cock completely fill my small mouth. I relaxed my throat and attempted to take in as much of his length as I could. I couldn’t make it all the way, but when I let Amanda have a turn she managed to easily swallow the thing whole in one go. She’s such a show off.

We took turns as we continued to edge him, fondling his huge balls on our off time. He was now becoming very vocal, a clear cue for what’s about to come. I let Amanda take over as I crawled up to him and whispered in his ear, “It’s ok, it will all be over soon. Just look at that pretty young face down there, she desperately needs your cum daddy. All of it.”

Now commence phase 3: The climax.

“Give it to her daddy, fill her mouth with your hot sticky load.” As if right on cue, he started instinctively bucking his hips and Amanda pulled the 9.5 inch cock from deep in her throat to catch the cum in her mouth.

Mr. Andrews was letting out ecstatic grunts that were in time with the ropes of cum he was shooting into her mouth. I quickly realized she was getting overwhelmed, so I stepped in and forced myself onto his exploding cock. Even so he still managed to completely fill my mouth to the brim too.

After a minute of pure ecstasy, Mr. Andrews finally relaxed and began to recover. We stood on our knees on the bed and proudly showed him the reward he had given us before eagerly swallowing all of it with several gulps.

“My God Mr. Andrews, I didn’t know you had it in you. Well it’s in me now” I laughed. He hadn’t spoken a word since he arrived, and he remained speechless as we continued to milk and clean his cock for every last remaining drop. And with one final kiss we smiled and thanked him.

He could barely get dressed because he was still so hard. And we were still fully naked as the professor barged in. “Ok sir, thank you, your job here is done. Now if I could just have a word with you in private to discuss the performance these beautiful ladies just gave.”

Later that day I found out he rated us 10/10, and I passed at the top of the class.

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