Mending A Broken Heart Ch. 02


I had no doubt that my parents would let me stay with them for as long as I needed. I just was not so sure what the reception from my mom would be like. It was just after 9:00PM when I came to a stop in front of their house. I reluctantly went and knocked on the door and suddenly felt very cold even though it was a warm night.

My dad opened the door and took one look at me before stepping aside and letting me in. He could always read his little girl like a book. The fact that I was crying and shivering just made it an easier book to read. He led me to the couch and sat me down just as my dog Jake came running up to me trying to crawl into my lap. The problem was he is far from a lap dog. He is a 90 pound German Sheppard.

“Was she killed?” My dad asked already knowing it had to do with Sara.

“No.” I said between sops and groans as Jake was fidgeting in my lap. “She came back from Iraq just to kick me out of the house.”

I strategically left out the sex part because what parent wants to hear about their kid having sex. Just like what kid wants to hear about their parents having sex. Hell I still believed in the Stork story. I was just starting to calm down a little when my mom came walking out of the bedroom and came to stand over me with her arms crossed. Clearly not happy that I was there. I did my best to ignore the irritated look on her face when I asked if I could stay for a while. Mom just snorted but dad said yes right away.

He told me to take my old room and I knew that I would need to sleep on the small couch in the room until we could get my bed out of storage. After my mom went off to bed my dad and I chatted for awhile about anything but Sara. He was telling me about some of the calls he had been on in the last few weeks. Being the only responding paramedic for a 50 mile area he got to see some really cool and really bad things. I had always thought about going into the EMS field but figured I would faint at the first sight of blood.

Finally I was pretty much over taken by the events of the day and headed to my room and flopped down on the small couch but had to make room for Jake seeing as he followed me. I curled around him and quickly fell asleep wondering how my life could get any shittier.

I brought it on myself and I knew it. Less than three weeks after I moved into my mom and dad’s my mom was rushed to the hospital by ambulance for heart attack symptoms. It just happened that my dad was at the hospital dropping off a patient when my mom was brought in. I was riding in the front of the ambulance so I was right there and I thought my dad was going to faint right there in the middle of the Emergency Room. I think he knew all to well that not only his partner but every member of the hospital and EMS community bursa escort would have heard about it before the day was up so he kept on his feet.

It took me half an hour to get him to calm down and leave the hospital staff alone to do their jobs. He was critiquing their jobs and he was bugging more than a few of them. Finally I got him to leave and head back to his station after promising to keep him updated. My mom was rather scared that she was having a heart attack even though the EKG machine was showing nothing out of the ordinary according to the Paramedics and Nurses that were looking after her. I just stood in the back of the room we were in and let everyone do their thing. I think they stuck her with about ten needles between drawing blood and other things. Mom looked like she was about to faint at any minute. I was not feeling all that well myself to tell the truth.

It was getting late into the afternoon when the rush around my mom died down. They just kept her on a monitor and would come in and check her blood pressure and other things every so often. It was around seven in the evening when a new nurse walked into the small room. I had my nose stuck in a magazien but looked up as soon as she said hello.

“Hello hello” I thought to myself looking her up and down.

She looked to be about my age, Chinese or maybe Japanese hell if I knew. Her hair was solid black with just a little line of blue going through the left side. She was wearing the sexiest secretary glasses I think I have ever seen. If this woman was a nurse then my mom better get out of that bed because I wanted to play patient. I looked at her name tag which was strategically placed over her left breast. After looking at her breasts for a second I managed to read her name, Mai. I made a mental note to ask her how to pronounce it later because I missed it when she told us her name. She talked to my mom for a second and explained that she was the evening nurse for this section and would be here for the rest of the night. I did a little happy dance inside.

She looked over at me and smiled and I could feel my face get all hot and I know damn well I was blushing like a crazy woman. I’m sure she noticed but she did not show it. She checked my mom’s blood pressure before saying she was going to make some rounds but if we needed anything we should feel free to ask. She also said when she came back she would bring some food for us.

“I’ll take you on a silver plate with plenty of whip cream.” I thought and my mouth watered.

My night was looking up now that this woman was here. She was always coming by to see how my mom was doing and to reassure her that they were running all the tests to rule out a heart attack and so far everything was looking good. Thorough the next bursa ucuz escort few hours I used every excuse I could to walk out of my mom’s room just to get a glimpse of her as she made her rounds. Sometimes when she was at the computer putting in orders for medications or other things I would gather my courage and go talk to her. She had such a sweet voice that danced on the edge of being musical.

She was making me laugh all the time just by making the silliest comments about the medical field. Even if I did not understand what she was talking about there was something about the was she would tell me that I found funny every time. And I was really laughing not faking. It was nice to laugh. I had not done much laughing since Sara had left me. I tried my best to gage what side she was batting for but she never took the bait and it really would have been rude of me to just come out and ask if she was dating anyone. Most of the time when I cot to talk to her it was only for a minute or two before she had to go. My dad was in and out of the ER half the night and always made sure to come check on mom even though as soon and 10:00 rolled around she was fast asleep.

So I spent most of my time sitting in her room thumbing through whatever magazine I could get my hands on when I was not out flirting with Mai. By midnight I had her timing pinned and was able to walk out of my mom’s room right about the time she was coming down the hall to check up on us. Seeing as my mom was asleep she just let her be and talked with me instead. On one of those times when I walked out of the room Mai was nowhere to be seen. I guessed she was in working with a patient so I turned to head back into the room when I heard something hit the tiled ground. I turned around and saw Mai on the ground wrestling with a patient who from the look of it had broken out of his restraints.

I had taken two years of Muay Thai training after my attack so I started heading to help her but before I could even get five feet closer to him I saw her bring her knee up hard right into the mans dangly bits. I don’t care how big and bad a man is, a hit that hard to such a sensitive place and he is down. He rolled off of her, vomited and passed out before I could even get to where she was still laying. I helped her get to her feet right when security arrived. They put the man back in his room and hand cuffed him to the bed. My heat was racing with so much adrenalin that my hands were shacking.

Mai laughed and said it was time for her coffee break and invited me to go along. I jumped at the offer and followed her to the cafeteria. The coffee was hot and strong and very soothing. I told Mai that she was amazing for keeping calm with that big man on top of her but she just bursa elit escort laughed and said that it happens at least once a week. I grimaced at the thought of this beautiful woman being tackled in any way other than something sensual. I was still unable to get a feel for what side she was batting for but was determined to find out. Once her coffee break was over we headed back to the ER and as we passed by the big mans room her yelled out an apology and begged for some ice. Mai looked rather pleased that and it made me laugh.

Later that night I heard Mai calling for some help in the room next to me. I walked out of the room just as nurses and doctors were running into the room. Curiosity got the better of my like it always does so I walked to the door and looked in. Mai was standing on a chair performing CPR on an old man. I would have been freaking out in her situation but she looked so calm and collected it amazed me yet again. They closed the blinds to the room so I headed back to my moms room and sat down. I never did find out if the man lived or not.

There was no more excitement that night that I saw but Mai continued coming to check on me and my mom and I made sure to talk with her every chance I got for the rest of the night. I even spent her lunch break with her. She did shock me however when she stepped outside and lit up a cigarette. She did not strike me as the smoking type. She offered me one and I all too quickly accepted. Sorry to say I had picked up smoking two days after moving back in with my parents. So we sat outside and smoked for a few minutes before heading back inside to finish our coffee and what was left of the small lunch we were able to get at three in the morning.

Finally right before shift change a doctor came in and told my mom that everything had come back fine and that she had not had a heart attack and she was free to leave as soon as she was ready. I never knew my mom could move that fast as she jumped out of bed and got dressed. I walked out of the room to let her get dressed and looked for Mai to let her know we were leaving but I could not find her. I stood outside the room until my mom walked out and said lets go. Reluctantly I followed behind. Just as we were about to walk out of the ER I heard Mai yell my name and I turned as she ran down the hall.

“I’m glad I caught you.” she said looking a little flush. “Here is my number. Give me a call maybe we can go get something to eat that is better than hospital food.”

“That would be great.” I said taking the piece of paper from her not even trying to hide my smile or keep from blushing.

“Yeah? How about Saturday?”

“You had this all planned out didn’t you?”

“Heck no I think on my feet. Besides I have Saturday off.”

I smiled and blushed again as I accepted her invitation. I still had no clue if she was into girls or not. Hell she could just be a very sweet girl. I said goodbye when my mom yelled for me to hurry up. I skipped down the hall happy as could be. My life may be looking up things were starting to go my way.

I had no doubt that my parents would let me stay with them for as long as I needed. I just was not so sure what the reception from my mom would be like. It was just after 9:00PM when I came to a stop in front of their house. I reluctantly went and knocked…

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