Margot , Lucia

Lucia’s heart was in her throat as she knocked on the door. The house was bigger than she remembered, enormous and imposing, like she had to keep an eye on it. Beautiful, but mostly frightening. She’d been advised that the son had moved out years ago, but the husband was almost worse, untouchable since he’d avoided that prison sentence. She stood up straighter and raised her chin, before grabbing the giant knocker and banging it three more times.

Immediately the door opened. “No need to knock twice,” the person who opened it was already saying. “Oh. Who are you?”

It was not the husband but the wife. Margot? She was much taller than Lucia, aided by strappy black heels and the habit of looking down her nose. She had long wavy blonde hair and wore a black dress that seemed too fancy for staying at home. Her arms were crossed. Despite the anger on her face, she was alarmingly, coldly beautiful.

Lucia cleared her throat squeakily. “Hello, ma’am. I’m here with the Ministry.”

Margot flinched at the word “ma’am.” This girl, probably still a student, shows up to her house expecting – what? To uncover the truth about the “mad scientist” that the government had missed? She must have been new.

Margot quirked an eyebrow. “And? I didn’t receive any notice.”

“Here you are!” Lucia said brightly, handing her a piece of paper from her bag. “This was mailed here a few weeks ago, I’m pretty sure.” She glanced at the decrepit mailbox to her right. The woman just stared, so she went on, “Sorry if the timing is bad. We’re a bit pressed at work at the moment. May I come in?”

“Certainly not! You’ve picked a very bad time, miss—”

“Pardon me,” Lucia said politely, “but I think you’ll find if we have reason to believe you’re harboring dangerous, potentially treasonous, materials, we have every right to search the house.” She handed her another official-looking document from her bag.

Margot stared at her for a long time, as if considering. Then, she smiled, a hard smile, but she was distractingly attractive when she wanted to be. “Come in, Miss…”

“I’m Lucia,” said the young girl, wiping her feet. “Thank you.” Margot, back to frowning, closed the door behind her.

“Come through here to the kitchen,” the older woman said, leading her through high-ceilinged corridors. Lucia looked around for signs of life, but quickly got distracted by the splendor of the house, despite its darkness.

“You have a lovely home,” she found herself saying.

“Thank you,” Margot said sharply as they got to the kitchen, which was huge but empty of people. “Sit.” Lucia did.

Margot was smiling again. She stood there staring at Lucia, who fidgeted under her gaze. “Are you new to this, darling?”

Lucia looked down and Margot detected the slightest blush on her cheeks. “Well, it’s my second week,” she admitted.

“And they have you here with me?” Margot tsked sympathetically. “That can’t be right.”

“Oh, I wanted to come!”

“Did you?”

“They didn’t want me to. They’re finished with you,” she said, and then blushed more at her own forwardness. “They think I’m crazy coming here,” she said in a softer voice.

“Aw,” Margot cooed, looking at her with that deep, penetrating gaze. “And why did you come here?”

“Well, I had to see for myself,” Lucia said, more assured now. “And I believe in the… occult, y’know.”

“Occult? Ha, that’s not what I’d call it. Would you like a drink?”

Lucia eyed the wine bottles behind the sink. “I’d better not.”

“No? Not even water?”

“Um.” Lucia’s throat was dry. “Yeah, I’ll have water. Thank you.”

Margot’s face lit up with a Cheshire cat grin. “Of course.”

Lucia fidgeted as the other woman got glasses. Margot had to have been in her late thirties, over ten years older than her, but her figure remained, wrapped beautifully in her dress.

When she turned around, Lucia pretended she’d been looking around for signs of sorcery. “Here you go,” Margot said, placing the glass on the table and taking a sip from her own.

Lucia chuckled nervously. “Thanks.” She sniffed the glass.

Margot laughed, still not sitting down. “I didn’t poison you, darling. You saw me pour it.”

“Sorry. I have to do that,” Lucia said, taking a drink. “People don’t usually like the government poking around their houses.”

“No, I imagine not.”

“So, I’ll need complete access to the house. I may even ask you to leave for a few hours, actually. I need to speak with the servants privately for a brief period. Standard procedure, ma’am. Is that all right?”

“Yes, certainly.”

“Is anyone else home?”

“No, no. I live alone these days. No servants either.”

Lucia looked surprised but unbothered. “Right.”

“Though I do miss them sometimes,” Margot said, not taking her eyes off Lucia. “We were very lucky. They were so… willing, and obedient.” Lucia squirmed. “We paid them well, of course, but they loved their jobs. They loved to serve.” The younger girl twitched visibly in her seat.

“Something bursa escort bothering you, darling?”

“Yes,” Lucia said, to her surprise. There was an odd look of confusion on her face, and she looked down at herself, almost as if to check she was still there.

Margot nodded knowingly and chuckled. “Do you like to serve, Lucia?”

“Yes,” she whispered, and covered her own mouth, mortified.

“Mmm. I thought so,” murmured Margot. “Don’t worry, I can’t read minds,” she laughed, slinking over to Lucia’s side of the table. “You were too obvious as soon as you walked in here. You can’t hide your submissive nature.” She kneaded her shoulders and the younger girl let out a sigh of pleasure. Margot gripped the back of her neck, lightly in her soft fingers, and saw her eyes briefly close. She chuckled knowingly. Leaning in, Margot whispered, “Are your knickers wet, darling?”

“Uhh, yes,” Lucia moaned.

“Mmm. I did not poison you, my love,” she said, “but it appears my truth serum is as powerful as it ever was.”

“Now, ma’am, I really—”

“Do you want to know what I have in mind for you?” Margot purred.

“Yes,” Lucia said automatically.

Margot rubbed her fingers along Lucia’s neck. “Then let me,” she whispered, “into your mind.”

Lucia hesitated, and looked up at the woman towering over her, lust blazing in her previously cold eyes. She tried to move in her seat, but Margot held her still, which made her even wetter. “Please,” Lucia breathed, and Margot nodded. She felt her eyes close and her resistance weaken.

“Thank you, pet,” Margot said. One hand was tight on Lucia’s neck, the other one slipped under her skirt and moved her underwear to the side, rubbing her pussy lips. “Why are you so wet, love?”

Lucia groaned.

“Use your voice. Why are you so wet?”

“Because I want to serve you, and I – I want you to fuck me!” Lucia blurted.

“Is that all you want?” Margot stuck a finger inside her and Lucia gasped in pleasure.


Margot laughed. “I didn’t think so. I’ll teach you what you want.” She gripped Lucia’s hair tight in her hand. “Stand.”

Lucia hastened to do so.

“Remove your clothes. All of them.”

Slowly, shyly, Lucia slipped off her clothes. “Throw them on the chair,” said Margot, and Lucia obeyed. The older woman walked around Lucia in a circle, surveying. Lucia kept her face down. “Very nice,” crooned Margot, and pleasure coursed unbidden through Lucia’s veins. She gripped her ass hard from behind, making Lucia moan. “Mmmm, lovely. I can’t wait to break this ass in later. You look good naked, pet. Those clothes don’t do you justice.”

“Thank you.”

Margot smiled. “You can call me… master. Do you like that?”

“Yes… master,” said Lucia, as if trying the word out.

“You learn so well already,” Margot said, pulling her chin up. Lucia couldn’t help but swell at the praise. “I am the master of this house. My husband is usually gone, enjoying his freedom in the wilds of Monaco and the whorehouses of the French Riviera. My son, as you know, is living… elsewhere. You call me ‘master’ because I am master. Now, let’s lay down some ground rules.”

Lucia was surprised but silent.

“Safe words are essential for play. If I do something that you don’t like, say ‘red.’ If it’s something you’re not sure about, say ‘yellow.’ If I check in with you and what I’m doing is perfectly fine, say ‘green.’ Do you understand?”


“And you’re to call me ‘master,’ always, understood?”

“Yes, ma—master.”

“Good,” Margot said, caressing Lucia’s breast. “That’s good.” She breathed in deeply. “God, your mind is just filthy, isn’t it? Not what I would have expected. Although,” she said, squeezing and pinching the nipple so Lucia cried out, “there’s plenty I have to show you. Follow me.”

Margot took a few steps, then theatrically looked back at Lucia just behind her. “On all fours,” she said as if it were obvious, and Lucia immediately dropped to the ground.


Margot sat on the enormous four-poster bed and watched Lucia crawl in behind her, slightly out of breath from hurrying.

“Finally,” said Margot. “Get up here.” Margot tsked. “No, no, no. Over my lap. That’s it,” she said as Lucia settled in. “God, you really are soaking wet, aren’t you?” she said, feeling her.

“Yes, master.”

“Such a needy slut. Why are you so wet, pray tell?”

“Because it turns me on when you dominate me. Master.”

Margot chuckled, stroking Lucia’s ass. “You like to be dominated, darling?”

Lucia shuddered. “Yes, master.”

“Don’t be ashamed. It’s perfectly natural,” Margot said, and spanked Lucia hard, making her cry out in pain. “You’re not used to pain of this nature, are you, slut?” she said, gripping Lucia’s ass hard, digging with her nails.

“Not – really,” Lucia panted. Margot continued laying long, heavy slaps on her big round ass, enjoying the jiggle of each globe. With every strike, Lucia whimpered in anguish and ecstasy.

“Huh. We can escort bursa fix that. But you like pain, don’t you, darling? Most sluts like you do. Most of them can’t get enough of it.”

“Yes, I do, master,” Lucia said. “Thank you.” Margot chuckled as Lucia arched and rocked back, desperate for the next slap.

“This big fat ass was just made to be slapped, you know that?”

“Uh, yes!”

“God, as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have you face down in my bed for days!” Margot cried, laying blow after blow until Lucia’s ass turned an angry red. She squeezed and kneaded, slapped her pussy lips occasionally for good measure as Lucia bucked and twisted, trying to get some kind of friction.

“Ah ah ah,” Margot said, steadying her with a hand on her lower back. “Don’t move, pet. That’ll spoil it.” Lucia groaned. “I know you want to come, but I have to punish you. A proper punishment for being such a tease. I had to drag it out of you that you wanted to be dominated. That’s no way to be. Tell me how much you want it, slut. Tell me how much you want it and then I’ll let you come.”

“Please, master,” Lucia cried, unable to keep still.

“Please what?”

“Please spank me, punish me. Put me in my place, please, master!”

“Good start,” Margot murmured, and started smacking, even harder than before. Lucia’s big ass jiggled beautifully as Margot smacked the same place over and over, making her ache all the way to her core. “Can you give me more?”

“Yes! Please, master, I need to come! Please, I’ll do anything—” She was rutting and bucking now, but Margot was past caring, just focused on watching her come undone, how much she enjoyed spanking and humiliation.

Finally, Margot stopped and steadied her hand on Lucia’s ass cheek. “You don’t deserve it,” said Margot. “But I’m going to let you come anyway.”

“Thank you, master, thank you,” Lucia gasped.

Margot positioned her hand right under Lucia’s clit, just far enough from reach. “Get yourself off on my fingers.” Immediately Lucia started rubbing herself desperately, panting, almost animalistic in her desire. She quickly came all over Margot’s hand and slumped down against her as if she’d been hit, muttering incoherent thanks.

Margot removed her hand and stroked Lucia’s hair, making sure to dirty it. “Good pet, taking her punishment,” Margot cooed. “Your ass looks even better now.”

Lucia wasn’t speaking, just breathing hard.

“Did you like that, slut?”

“Yes, master. I liked it more than I can say.” The truth serum was still working wonders.

Margot smirked. “You’ll learn how to say it soon enough. Clean off my hand,” she said, and Lucia hurriedly sucked on her fingers till all the juices were gone. “I’ve plenty more for you to do.”


Lucia slept beautifully that night at the foot of the bed, exhausted from her long day. She awoke to Margot standing over her, already dressed.

“Get up!” she cried. She was holding something over her arm. “Stand up!”

Lucia struggled to her feet, almost falling over in the process. She’d almost forgotten she was completely naked.

“Did you sleep well, pet?”

“Yes… master.”

“Good. You needed your rest. Because today your work starts. This is the only item of clothing you’re allowed to wear in this home, if I say. Put it on, see if it fits.” Margot tossed the garment toward Lucia.

As she hurriedly put it on, she realized it was a very undersized maid outfit. The skirt was far too short, she could hardly bend over without revealing herself, and the top was very low cut. The rest of the fabric clung to her body, though did not constrict her movement. “Perfect,” drawled Margot, stroking her from waist to thigh, and Lucia squirmed, feeling her body react.

“You look perfect. The kitchen is a mess from last night. I’ll need you to start cleaning there.”


“Lucia,” Margot said sternly, “did you think this would be all fun and games? Silly bitch, I told you that you were here to serve. Don’t you want to serve me?”

“Yes, master, but—”

“Oh, I almost forgot the most important part,” Margot said. “No touching yourself without my permission. This,” she said, and gripped Lucia’s ass from behind so she shuddered into her touch, “belongs to me. And believe me, pet, I will know.” Abruptly, she released her and shooed her away. “Get to work.”

Hours later, Margot waltzed back into the kitchen to find Lucia still on her hands and knees scrubbing a particularly grimy tile. Her ass was completely on view, and jiggled slightly as she worked. Margot sighed and watched the sight for a full minute before slowly walking into the room. Lucia stopped and looked behind her. “Oh, don’t stop on my account,” she said, and Lucia turned back to the tile, but stopped moving as much, aware that Margot was watching her. Slowly, Margot walked around Lucia. “You’ve done a marvelous job in here,” she said, as though she hadn’t dirtied it specifically for this purpose, “although you’re not even close to finished.” With her stiletto, she bursa escort bayan touched Lucia’s face, forcing her to look up. “Look at me when I speak to you, slave.” Margot could see that she was breathing quickly. “Thank me.”

“Thank you, master.”

“Your body must just ache from working so hard.”

“Well, yes, master, but—”

“You are a hard worker, aren’t you?”

“Yes, master, I think s—”

“Crawl over here.”

Lucia inched over, leaving the cleaning materials behind. She’d clearly been on her knees for hours. Margot looked down at her and tousled her hair as if she were a dog. “Thank me.”

Confused, Lucia said, “Th-thank you, ma—”

“No. Thank me for letting you clean my kitchen.”

“Thank you for letting me clean your kitchen, master.”

Margot smiled. “Good girl. Now clean my boots.”


“Clean. My. Boots.” Margot conjured an absurdly luxurious chair and sat, her stiletto thigh-high boots in Lucia’s face. “With your tongue, obviously.”

Lucia looked abashed for a minute, but she lowered her head and licked the heel of Margot’s boot experimentally. “Good,” Margot said breathily, “Get them nice and clean, just like that.” The boot tasted leathery and made her want to cough, but Lucia persisted, licking eagerly up the side of the boot at Margot’s praise. “Stop.” She lifted her leg in the air. “Suck the heel. Suck it like a cock, that’s it, good girl. You like my boot in your mouth?” Lucia nodded eagerly. Margot laughed, and maneuvered her leg so the little heel was further into her mouth, down her throat. Lucia gagged, but kept eye contact with Margot, who couldn’t help but be impressed. “That’s right, take my little heel all the way down your throat like the eager little slut you are.” Lucia whimpered.

“Get on the floor now, on your back. Take off that silly outfit.” Margot was breathing heavily, obviously enjoying herself. “Spread your legs.” Lucia obeyed. She looked up nervously as Margot eased her leg forward and stuck the toe of the boot into Lucia’s soaked cunt. “Ooh, you’re gushing, pet.”

“Yes, master,” Lucia said in a small voice.

“Look at me!” thundered Margot, poking Lucia’s hole with the toe of her boot. “This makes you wet, doesn’t it? Servicing me day and night? Worshipping my boots? Choking on my boot heel? Say it!”

“Yes, master!” Lucia cried. Margot pulled out some rope and bound Lucia’s wrists. Lucia moaned as Margot started rubbing her clit with the toe of the boot. “Please,” Lucia whispered, closing her eyes.

“Say it,” whispered Margot.

“It makes me so wet, master, servicing you!”

“Good little slut, you love this, don’t you?”

“Yes, master,” Lucia breathed.

“You like being my plaything, don’t you, love? My fuck slave?” She pushed in savagely and Lucia cried out.

“Yes! Master! Please, let me come!”

Margot growled and took her boot out. She lowered herself down to Lucia’s level and whispered hotly in her ear, “Not today, whore,” before sitting on her face. “You’ll eat my pussy today and make me come all over your slut face.” She started riding Lucia’s face, coating it with her juices. Lucia sputtered but recovered. Margot groaned at how Lucia just submitted. “You’re good at this, pet,” she panted. “I’d never have thought. You were born to do this,” she moaned, pushing her pussy further into Lucia’s face as the younger woman struggled to breathe.

“That’s right, you filthy whore, get—oh god,” Margot panted as Lucia’s nose brushed her clit, again and again. “Yes! Oh, make me come, slave, or I’ll put you in the docks.” Lucia relaxed and let Margot push even harder on her face, and Margot took advantage, rutting against her rhythmically until she came hard, riding out the orgasm on Lucia’s face.

When Margot had got her breath back, she turned back to Lucia and stroked her wet face almost lovingly. “You’re a natural cunt licker,” she said, and Lucia beamed. “I can’t wait to see you suck cock.”

She ran a finger over her mound and Lucia whimpered desperately. “Still wet, darling?” Lucia nodded. “You want me to fill you with my cock?”

Lucia moaned. “Yes, master, please.”

“It’s bigger than any you’ve had before, I promise you that,” said Margot gently. “You’ll be walking funny after.”

Lucia groaned again, rendered speechless by Margot’s words, and her fingers ghosting along her swollen folds.

“Use your words, pet. Tell me what you want.”

“I-I want you to fuck me with your enormous cock.”

“Monster cock.”

“Monster cock,” Lucia said nervously. “Please, master.”

“Mmm, just destroy your pussy with my favorite toy,” Margot drawled.

“Please, master, destroy my pussy with your monster cock.”

Margot sighed in pleasure. “I believe you. But it’s getting late. Off to bed, pet.” She untied her slave, and Lucia followed her out of the room on hands and knees, her pussy still on fire.


Margot was proud of herself. It had been fairly easy to tame her new slut. She loved the official breaking in of her slave’s ass. Most of the women she slept with were anal virgins, luckily, and there was nothing she loved more than claiming her territory.

The next day, she came home late and Lucia was not in the ballroom, where she was meant to be all day.

Lucia’s heart was in her throat as she knocked on the door. The house was bigger than she remembered, enormous and imposing, like she had to keep an eye on it. Beautiful, but mostly frightening. She’d been advised that the son had moved out years ago, but the husband was almost worse, untouchable since he’d…

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