Enduring Dreams of Submission Ch. 09

Enduring Dreams of Submission Ch. 09

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I couldn’t see anyone watching me through the huge curtained windows at the front of the house, but I could feel and sense their eyes on me with such intensity that my pussy started getting moist and my long nipples stood up to full length before I had even gone a hundred feet. I walked slowly. Sometimes I would even skip and bounce my tits a little and turn around in circles to look in every direction of the surrounding area and see every detail of the forest and mountains and the entire open area of Sir’s huge property. My tits are a complete handful and I loved the feeling of their bouncing up and down as I drew closer and closer to the front porch. I hoped that my audience enjoyed watching them bounce as much as I did. Being totally naked in the wide open mountains gave me such a sense of freedom. I even laughed like a little girl at times during my walk and threw up my hands in the air when I spun around in circles. I wanted to make sure that Sir and Reina could both clearly see the joy and freedom I was feeling during that entire walk.

I reached the porch and stopped for a moment. “This is it,” I thought to myself. “This is the moment of truth.”

I took a deep breath and walked up the eight steps and across the ten foot wide porch and positioned myself facing the front of the door. The door was only a few inches from the tip of my nose. I spread my feet as wide as I could and still keep my balance and put my hands behind my head with my fingers interlocked. I thrust both my chest and my pussy out as much as I could in that position. My tits stood up proud and firm. My nipples were solid and erect. My breathing began to calm down a little but the nerves in my legs still wanted to dance. My outer labia lips were getting increasingly puffy and they slowly but steadily spread themselves open all on their own. “Like a flower opening in the morning when the sun comes up,” was the dumbest thought that had gone through my head all week. Then I began to feel many increasingly intense and overwhelming sensations of physical, emotional and sexual responses throughout my entire body. More than I had ever experienced. I didn’t think that it was possible to have this many different sensations at the same time. I could actually feel an orgasm lingering inside of me getting ready to break out and explode out of control the instant the right trigger was pulled or button pushed. I had never experienced so many bodily responses at one time in my life and nothing or no one was even touching me or visible to me at the moment.

I’m not sure exactly how long I stood there motionless in front of that door. It seemed like hours and days. I finally heard the doorknob turn and the door began to open up slowly. Just inches at a time. With each inch, my excitement grew in intensity. Finally, the door was fully open and I could see Sir for the very first time. He wasn’t tall and he was older then I had anticipated. Probably around 60 I had guessed. He had a moustache and even had a ponytail. He was silent as he looked me over and then he stared directly into my eyes and asked me if I would like to be accepted into the house.

“More than anything else in the entire world.”

“Then please come in to the living room and let us have a look at you.”

“Yes Master,” was my instant response. I was surprised at how easily that word came out of my mouth. I wasn’t at all sure where it came from. I didn’t even know if it was appropriate to call him that.

I had no idea what to do with my hands and arms so I dropped them down and then held them behind my back in what I hoped was a sign of submission. I stood up straight and walked through the door into what may become my new life. I had no doubt that this was going to be my new life. There wasn’t any possibility that Master would not accept me after this first weekend. No doubt in my mind what-so-ever. Well…..not too much doubt anyway.

The house was decorated in a beautiful western style. Most of the furniture was natural wood and the decorations on two of the walls, which were made of large rocks, were all things that one would expect to find on a ranch. A huge fireplace took up an entire wall on one end. Pictures of western scenes were common. There was a gun case with rifles and pistols next to a large roll top desk on another wall. Cattle horns and horseshoes, and several types of riding crops and whips decorated another wall. The whips caught my attention immediately. They looked just like some of the ones I saw in the BDSM room at the adult store.

There was a long sofa and 3 huge single chairs around the edge of a 12 foot square rug on the open end of the living room. There was a beautiful coffee table and, in the very center of the carpeted area was a curious looking table. It was about four feet by four feet square and the top was knee high with some sort of a soft leathery type of material covering the entire surface with the exception of the outer four inches of highly mobil porno polished wood. There was a round metal one inch ring attached to each corner.

“I want you to stand on top of that square table that you are looking at so intently Karen Kelly and resume the position you held at the front door. And position yourself so that you are facing the sofa. Any time that I refer to your ‘slave table’, this is the table that I am referring to.”

“Yes Sir.” I was so nervous I thought my legs might give out. The embarrassment from being naked had not even begun to set in yet.

I immediately went over to the small table and stepped up on top of it. I turned to face the sofa and spread my feet as far apart as the limited space allowed and put my hands behind my head once again. Reina and Master sat down on the sofa together and began to talk about me as if I couldn’t actually hear them. Now the humiliation and embarrassment began to take control of the turmoil of emotions that I was experiencing at that very moment. And then my mind began talking to me in a very loud voice. ‘I am completely naked, my pussy is shaved, I’m also standing on a short table that sort of puts me on a mini-stage with two people watching me, and I am doing this willingly. I wasn’t dragged here. I came here on my own. I am sexually aroused and petrified with fear at the same time.’

I could never have done this if Reina were not here. I would never have done this. My mind is going in a thousand directions at the same time and each vital part of my body is doing it’s own thing without any regards as to what the rest of my body is doing. My pussy is leaking, my heart is beating so loud I can hear it in my ears, my legs are weak and unsteady, my nipples are standing erect and my mind is asking me ‘what the fuck are you doing here asshole?’

“She has a beautiful body doesn’t she Reina?”

“Yes she does. I love the shape and firmness of her breasts but the nipples are a monstrous turn-on. They must be nearly an inch long. I have never seen such long ones before on any woman I have ever known.”

“I agree with you. She has shaved herself as I ordered. Her labia hangs down just a little more than yours do but still perfectly acceptable. They give us more to play with don’t they?”

“Yes they do Master. And did you see how nice her heart shaped her ass is and that it doesn’t hang down loose at all. She must work out a lot for a woman in her 40’s to have such a firm and well developed body at her age?”

“I noticed that the second she walked past us when she first came in the front door. You know all too well just how much I like nice firm ass cheeks to whip and paddle and spank.”

“Yes Master. I do. That’s why I spend so much time exercising mine.”

“Why don’t you go get my good camera Little One. I want to take a number of pictures of our new slave trainee. Bring the new notebook with the papers she brought also so we can begin putting her personal training album together.”

“Yes Master.”

Reina got up off of the sofa and disappeared down the hallway between the living room and the dining room/kitchen area that led to the rear of the large house. She returned a few minutes later with the camera. While she was gone, Master cleared the nick-knacks and ashtray and magazines off of the coffee table and carried them into the dining room and left them there. He returned at the same time Reina had walked back into the room with the camera. Actually, it was an entire camera case that looked like a knapsack.

Other then asking me into the house and telling me to stand on the table, he has not said another word to me. I was sure beginning to get really embarrassed when they started talking about my boobs and my nipples and my pussy lips. It’s a very strange feeling standing naked on a table while other people are talking about your body as if you were a statue or something inert.

Master opened the camera case and pulled out a small pocket sized digital camera and a much larger one that looked very impressive. Like a camera a professional photographer would own. He put a large flash unit on the table and three very complicated looking lenses next to it.

Master looked up at me and said, “I am going to take a number of various pictures of you slave. ‘Slave’ will be one of your names for this weekend. You’ll also be getting a few other names as we go along but ‘slave’ will do for now. I want you to keep telling yourself over and over again that you are a slave. When I next ask you what you are, you will tell me that you are my personal naked slave to be used in any manner that I chose. I will be taking pictures of you, for that matter, for the entire weekend. I will be keeping a notebook as a record of everything you do. It will also contain the papers you have written, any that I write such as evaluations or summaries, and anything else that is created during the next two days that need to be kept alman porno for future reference. I want you to know right now that these pictures are not private. I’m not going to lie to you and say that they are just between the three of us. If and when I so choose, I may, and will, show them to my friends, my acquaintances, and people I may not even know should the opportunity arise. I may even show them to your friends. I reserve the right to show them to anybody I choose. I will have a complete record of you in a state of total naked submission and enslavement. I may also create a web page for just you alone. I have done that in the past and received mostly good responses from those who viewed those pages on their computers. I will tell you now that any of those pictures that might become available to be seen on the internet will not show a clear picture of your face at any time. Nor will I allow any copies of pictures that reveal your identity to be given to anyone at any time. They will be available for viewing only. Sometimes in your presence if the occasion should come about by the presence of visitors while you are here. Do you understand what I have said and do you fully accept what I have told you?”

“Yes Master.” I said this after a few seconds of quick thoughts of strangers looking at my nude and fully exposed body in lewd poses. “If you consider me worthy of showing off to other people, then I will be proud and honored for you to do so.”

That answer sounded pretty good but I’m not so sure I meant it right at that moment. I had just started thinking about him showing the pictures to some of my friends and that didn’t sit too well with me at all at that moment. That thought scared the living shit out of me.

“Good. I’m glad you feel that way slave. That lie is your one and only freebie. If there is a next one, it will be extremely painful. Now, as I was starting to tell you, the three lenses I have here for the Canon camera are wide angle, telephoto, and micro close-up. The micro lens can take high resolution pictures of just the tip of your nipple or the tip of your clit in such detail that the texture of the flesh will be clearly visible. With my graphics software, I can create a high resolution poster measuring 4′ X 4′ of just your nipple or clit that I could frame and hang on the wall. The telephoto will take the usual normal sized pictures with the ability to zoom in whenever I want closer shots. The wide angle will only be used for general pictures that include both you and the area around you.”

Master put a lens on the big camera and began taking pictures of me just standing on the table. Legs spread wide apart and hands behind my head. He walked slowly around and around the table taking pictures as fast as he could push the button. He would often move in and take close-ups of one of my tits or my pussy or my ass. I would guess that he took several hundred by the time he finished with this set.

He then told me that he was going to have me get into all sorts of sexually explicit poses. I have never allowed anybody take pictures of me naked in my life. A few guys I dated tried to get me to pose for them but there was no way I would ever trust a guy to take a picture of me in the nude. That never happened, until now of course. The instant fear of wondering who would possibly be seeing these pics in the future was there for sure but I had an instant sense of trust for this man who was now becoming my Master. He was not my Master or Owner as of yet but he most certainly was my Master in every way possible for the duration of this weekend. I was actually feeling a little excited and turned on by the prospect of posing for lewd and obscenely sexual photos. I began making mental images of some poses I thought he might order me to get into. I have always be an exhibitionist at heart. What woman isn’t!!!

He spent the next half hour taking pictures of me standing up, laying face down, face up, on my side, legs spread, legs pulled back to my chest, legs pulled back and spread wide, on my knees with my head on the table and my ass aimed high while spreading my cheeks apart, and some of me masturbating. He took close-ups of my asshole, my pussy hole, my pussy spread open, my fingers pulling open my vaginal entrance, a finger in my pussy and in my ass, my tits, and my nipples from every angle possible. I can only begin to describe the poses he put me into. He even took some with Reina kissing me, touching my boobs, squeezing and pulling on my nipples, holding my pussy spread wide open, and her finger on my clit. By the way, my clit can stand up very prominently when it wants to. Master took several pics of the whitish head of my swollen clit standing up outside of the safety of it’s hood. He took one with that lens he said was for close ups and showed it to me. The tip of my little clit took up the entire picture. It was shiny and wet and you could actually see the texture of the skin. alexis texas porno When he backed away a few inches and snapped a few shots, the protective folds around it almost made it look like a flower.

When he was finished with all the pictures, Master put his cameras away and pulled out an HD Video Camera. He told me to lie on my back with my legs hanging over the edge of the table to keep them spread apart. Then he looked into my eyes with his face only inches away and almost whispered that he was going to take a complete video of my masturbating myself to an orgasm including all the sounds of my sexual excitement. Just like I did when masturbating for him over the phone. After cuming the first time on my back, I was to turn over and get on my knees with my head and tits still touching the table, spread my legs and hold my ass up as high as it would go and masturbate to a second orgasm while he took a real close-up video of my hand action from behind. And I was strongly reminded to not forget to ask for his permission to cum.

Reina was standing next to Master as he gave his instructions and would be watching all the action as I played with myself for the camera. I had an even more difficult time dealing with this then I did playing with my clit while Master listened on the phone. That was not an easy barrier for me to break. I was being told to masturbate while two people watched and took a movie of the whole performance. My mind was winding out like a freight train on a long downhill slope and I had to keep telling myself that I was a ‘slave’ and that this is what I wanted to be doing more than anything else in the world. And, deep down inside, I had no doubt that it was indeed. But not so deep down inside I had a whole bunch of doubts that I was having a very difficult time keeping under control at that moment.

Then, I’m on my back with my knees pulled up and spread and both my hands go between my legs directly to my pussy. I use two fingers from my left hand to spread the red swollen lips apart and use my right index finger to start lightly rubbing the area over the head of my clit. I can feel the cool air on my wet and open inner pink. It takes a few minutes but that little fella will suddenly pop out into view without any warning. It’s very white and rounded with its own tiny head and it sends shockwaves up and down my body as I rub it in circular motions, going one direction and then reversing to go the other way. My clit is ready to burst. It is standing up hard and I’m nearly ready to cum. My ass is picking itself up off of the table on it’s own volition. What a sight I must make with my ass in the air and my fingers going at my pussy like it’s going to be the last time I’m ever going to be bringing myself off in this life. Master has had the camera lens pointed at my pussy from the start. I can see the lens going in and out as he zooms in on the action.

“May I cum Master?”

I barely managed to gasp that one out in my state of arousal.


My God…. I couldn’t believe he said not to cum. I can only last another few seconds at this rate.

“Please Master. I’m begging you to let me cum. Pleeeeease. I need to cummmm….”

“Go ahead and cum after you count down from 20 at a slow steady pace. If you don’t cum on zero, I’m going to pull your hand away from that wet twat of yours and make you start all over again.”

“Oh please Master…. 20….19……18…..17. I paused to squirm a bit and to force the orgasm back down. I kept counting and finally managed to make it to 4…….3…….2…….1……..0”

The moment I said zero, my ass rose up even further off of the table then before. My entire body arched into a ‘U’ with only my head and shoulders and my feet on the table with the rest of my body in mid air. I started turning red and my legs started shaking. And then the explosion hit me like a shock wave. My whole world rocked. And it kept rocking and rocking and rocking. The orgasm wouldn’t stop. I took my finger away from my clit and the explosion kept going another ten seconds or so. And then it ended and my body slowly lowered itself back down till it was lying flat on the table once again. My entire body was soaking wet with sweat. My pussy was flowing with thick juices and I had even pissed myself during all the fireworks. The table was soaked. I was soaked. The floor was soaked where the piss shot over the end of the table. Master’s pants were soaked where the piss had hit his lower legs and shoes. The smell of my essence of sex filled my nostrils and probably the entire room. And I couldn’t move. I didn’t want to even try. I had to get more air into my lungs and let my body settle down first. That was the most powerful orgasm I had ever had in my entire life. It was twice as powerful as the best one I had ever had since that very first little cum many years ago when my first real boyfriend’s finger had been pushing in and out of my little wet pussy hole with a technique that demonstrated very little experience but certainly not lacking in enthusiasm.

I couldn’t hear. I couldn’t speak. My eyes were closed and I kept them that way until I heard Master speak.

“Very good slave. I’m actually impressed.”

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