Ella’s House of The Way Forward Ch. 05

Ella’s House of The Way Forward Ch. 05

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Without needing to say any more, the pleased women smiled at Gray and returned to the cab, Gray’s cock maintaining its erection as he followed behind the women, with their comments on watching the disposal of males still fresh in his mind. The waiting cab driver looked down from his elevated seat and smirked as he watched Gray follow the stately women into the cab, it was obvious they had some authority over him; he chuckled as he heard them direct him to where he should sit, before the door was closed. Ella reminded the cab driver of the address for Arachne House, and pulled the slide closed, cutting the smirking cabby off from the events which would follow within the cab’s interior. Ella smiled wickedly at Gray as he sat, once again, between Faith and Constance.

“Trousers and pants down Gray; we Ladies would like to see your enthusiasm for our next play; today’s little excursion will have added spice and a little spark to all our proposed parts to be played.” The women laughed at Gray’s stiff cock and the gloved hand of Constance was on it immediately, slowly stroking it up and down, making Gray want to shoot his cream each time the tight glove teased his bell-end on the slow upward stroke. Constance smiled with pleasure as she controlled him, and Faith then cupped his balls and softly sqeezed them; the three women smiled knowingly at each-other as Ella slipped her hand into the shoulder-bag she’d been carrying, and looking Gray in the eyes with a stern smile, produced a silky cord noose and eaning forward, slipped it over his head. The women laughed as Gray groaned audibly and jerked, impatient to unload his balls as they enjoyed their tease. As Faith pulled the slip-knot tight against Gray’s neck, Ella pulled her skirts up to ensure they were not spoiled by Gray’s seed, which she knew would be released with some vigour and in plentiful quantity; the view of his mistress’s legs adding extra torment for Gray, Ella would now allow him relief.

“Yes Gray, in your next role for the thespian society, we shall require the assistance of a good friend of ours, Agnes Fairchild; she has a very special talent which is enjoyed by her many clients who include High Court judges, and politicians, whose fantasies are indulged by her. She has ‘hanged’ many men; some enjoying being ‘executed’ once a month at her gallows room, others in the comfort of their own homes, each occasion bringing them exquisitely close to death. Bound and noosed, and then suspended, they are at the complete mercy of Agnes; each time their trust in her is tested as they are taunted in delicious role-plays, often acknowledging her supreme power by giving up their seed as they hang. Yes Gray, you shall be executed by a woman, before a crowd of women, who would dearly love to see the sentence finalised and watch you snuffed out by the rope.” Gray’s cock was now stroked with enthusiasm by Constance’s gloved hand as Faith squeezed the silky slip-knot tight against his neck; the thought of being hanged by a woman, as others watched him with spiteful delight in hoping he’d be left to die, was a pleasure he could not wait to experience; the three laughed victoriously as the owned draper groaned in ecstasy as the hot semen burst from his grateful bell-end, the gloved hand of Constance working him hard, ensuring he showed the women his gratitude at being allowed to hang for them. Faith arched her back and did her best to throttle him as his hot offerings sprayed his mistress’s legs.

“We shall so enjoy seeing you naked, bound and suspended by the rope; we’ll ensure you get the full benefit of it, and there’s always a chance that a mistake will be made.” Gray spent with renewed vigour at Faith’s words, his balls ached as they relinquished all they could muster at her teasing jibe, the women sneering with pleasure at Faith’s words as Gray shot wads in a delirium of submissive heaven under their control.

Gray was held tight in the grip of the short noose as he was made to bend in the confines of the cab and lick his mess from Ella’s legs; Faith’s cunt bulging as she enjoyed ensest porno the tension of the noose, and Constance’s tingling likewise as she directed him in ensuring he did not miss any morsel of the spent semen which had generously spotted Ella’s legs. His mistress looking forward to having her own excited cunt licked to satisfaction later. Having completed the task under his strict supervision, Gray was allowed to dress once more, after thanking all three for being allowed relief.

Gray left the cab nervously as he viewed Arachne House for the first time; on entering, the staff greeted the woman who owned it and her two friends warmly, ignoring Gray completely until Ella introduced him as her latest consort. They then looked him up and down with studied dismissive looks. Gray’s cock swelled as the stern eyes of the redheaded Hope, sneered upon him.

“I trust your obedience and servility are worthy of such a position; Mistress Ella knows you will be most welcome to spend some time under my authority if you are found lacking even in the most minor of respects.” Gray’s cock was almost fully erect once more as the dominant ginger woman flexed her cane and sneered at him with a wicked eagerness to punish at a moments notice. Ella and the other two stood smiling for a moment, to allow Gray to take in her promise, and the atmosphere of total female dominance that she engendered; they were very pleased with her work at Arachne House, she had broken many males in preparation for their sale to the many dominant women who required a slave; her acutely severe ways were legendary, Ella and the other women of the committee allowed her complete freedom to run Ward D with a rod of iron, and she was also allowed to take any male she chose home with her, where they would enjoy special disciplines. Ella was of course, always very interested in new inmates.

“Do we have any new prospects in Ward D Hope?” The dominant redhead gave a wicked smile as they walked along the corridors, past A, B and C; the gauping multitude of scruffy male inhabitants not given a second glance by the women. Hope flexed her cane and lifted her head as she strutted, her cunt swelling as she thought of the two new inmates she’d had the pleasure of thrashing earlier.

“Two in particular spring to mind; one will take some work in breaking, though his submission is beginning to show itself; he masturbates well on having been caned, and cannot help but display his excitement when shown his place. The other is a very pleasing find, and will be ready for sale as a ‘speciality’ in no time; he admitted to the enjoyment of being caned by a woman at first interview, and we have discovered another trait which will fetch us a very good price. The two came in together, like lambs to the slaughter, and have settled into life in Ward D very nicely.” Constance was just as interested in the progress of another submissive who had arrived a few weeks earlier; she had a strong woman who liked to entertain less submissive males in mind; a society lady who loved to be fucked by well-endowed males of a less salubrious background, while having a submissive who would never have that pleasure watch, and then take more immense pleasure in humiliating them by having them clean the delivery as the satisfied stud looked on.

“How is Granger, the come-eater, progressing? I take it he is still relishing the benefits of the protein supplied by the many pairs of balls here? Madam Grace Charnforth is most excited at the prospect of having a resident cunt cleaner on hand to entertain her and her favorite studs.” Hope smiled wickedly.

” I am so glad you asked. Granger has progressed from merely lapping at the warm seed left in bowls by other inmates; you shall see for yourself.” As the women entered Ward D with Gray walking obediently behind, the males who were not confined to rooms, immediately dropped to their knees and put their faces to the floor, quivering as the magnificent red head strutted past, she obviously enjoying her total dominance over them. Being at the asyalı porno rear, Gray noticed how some of the males turned their faces as she and the other women stepped past them; they looked longingly at the women and licked their lips, their yearning to be owned and dominated by such examples of womanhood was all too apparent. Constance noted that Granger’s room was empty; Hope smiled teasingly at her.

” Never fear Madam Templar, you shall witness the progress of Granger very shortly.” They stopped at room 15 and Hope swung the door open with a sneer. Her cunt bulged with pleasure and pride as the inmate fell at her feet and kissed her boots before the others had time to enter; all but Gray smiled at the naked ass in the air, striped crimson and purple with the evidence of rigorous applications of the cane wielded by Hope.

“This is Will, he has only been here a few days but has decided already that he wishes to be owned, dominated and enslaved, by a strong woman. What is your favorite treat after a caning, when I allow it Will?” The women smiled as Will lifted his head, and his erection was seen; testament to the immediate excitement Hope engendered with her powerful dominance.

” I love to be allowed to lick your asshole in thanks, Mistress Hope.” He bent again immediately as Faith brushed past him. The others laughed as she lifted her skirts and sat on his bed; she always wore no underwear on visits to Arachne House, and the hanging, followed by the teasing and ejaculation of Gray in the cab ensured she would thoroughly enjoy today’s visit.

“If you enjoy licking assholes you will enjoy licking my cunt; come and see to it immediately.” Will did not hesitate in moving to her, and the women smiled with satisfaction as he made sure to bend and kiss her feet first, his cock stiff in homage to his own recently awoken desire to be controlled and dominated by all females, brought to the fore by the treatments of the stern redhead. Without hesitation, and with his anus tingling at the subliminal humiliation at being ordered to perform before an audience, Will readily Faith’s nicely aroused cunt; its strong scent generated by the previous excitements, mingled with fresh arousal, ensured his cock bobbed rigidly as he sampled the mature woman’s essences. Faith watched over him with half-closed eyes and a broad smile, breathing heavily with her hands behind her knees as Will lapped obediently and eagerly at the moist warmth of her excitement; she moaned with dominant pleasure as the naked and broken male tongued her clitoris to a satisfying orgasm. As she sighed with relief, Hope moved toward him and tapped his erect cock with her cane.

“You will now masturbate for the ladies, and think of the caning you shall have from me when they have gone; such a display will merit a caning and I will enjoy administering it.” She sneered down at him as she tossed a towel to the floor and their eyes met as he began to stroke his cock, kneeling in submission before her and thinking of the caning promised. The women stood around him as he quickly began to convulse with pleasure; Hope pointing to the towel with her well-used cane, he groaned with pleasure as the sniggering women watched him shoot his cream in several passionate spurts. He bowed, spent, and Hope stroked his back with the cane while the women filed from the room as though nothing had happened. Hope pressed the cane against his flesh.

“I shall be back very shortly; you may expect forty strokes.” Will watched the glorious woman strut out, his flagging cock dribbling. He would be ready for purchase within a month. Ella let her true instincts about Will out, as soon as the door was closed and the wretch remained with nothing but his thoughts on the promised caning, and the fact that he was at least warm and well fed, though his balls tingled at what fate may bring him.

“He will fetch a good price Hope, he is facially attractive, fit and reasonably endowed; his obedience seems to be firmly on track, and there are several women I know who gizli çekim porno would love to own him. How long do you think he’ll need?” Hope wore a pert smile as she replied, her nipples pointing and cunt bulging as she relished caning him.

“He would probably serve a lady well already, but I am so enjoying breaking him in; with a few refinements, he should be ready within a few weeks.” Ella and the other two smirked at her remark; Gray’s cock swelled as he thought of being thrashed by the superb redhead. Hope smiled and turned as she stood at the door of the next chosen room.

“This is the ‘speciality’ who came in with Will; I think you will find this one most enjoyable.” Hope opened the door to a room which was at least twice as large as Will’s; Ella and the others were puzzled at first, a woman strutted about a blackboard, cane swishing, whilst an attractive girl sat with tearful eyes; punished by said cane on any errors she made with her English class. She curtsied elegantly in her long dress, the tightly corseted waist making her gasp slightly as she bent; her face was red cheeked with rouge, her lips cherry-red. Hope delighted in increasing the feminine feel of the girl before her.

“Oh Elsa, you are such a pretty girl; each time I look at you, I think what a sweet maid you are going to be for a deserving mistress or perhaps a head governess. I am so looking forward to taking you out onto The Strand once more; how the men of the world do look at you, any one of them would take you for a wife.” The girl shuddered and looked up with piteous eyes as Hope smiled and nodded at her strict tutor. The stern mentor pointed the girl to a bench in the corner, over which the girl dutifully bent; her mistress lifted her skirts up over her to reveal long legs and and a rounded ass, squeezed into a feminine shape by the tight corset. Ella, Faith and Constance applauded when they noticed that between her legs were a pair of shaven balls, adorned with a pink silk ribbon tied in a sweet bow. Hope strutted over with a smile and addressed her grinning tutor.

“And how is Elsa’s English improving? Has she made many mistakes today? I hope she is not failing purposely; we know how she readily accepts the cane, she told us so at interview.” Hope turned to the women with a wicked smile.

“Her alter ego, Elijah, also confessed as to how his stepmother liked to dress him as a girl before he was thrashed, and how it gave him a thrill which would make him spend under the cane; now Elijah has surrendered himself to us, he will become that girl permanently; Elijah will be thrashed from her memory completely, as she becomes the girl she really wants to be. Ladies, this is now Elsa; she will be delighted to spend for you as she continues her transformation.” The women applauded and gasped as they studied the feminine form before them, as the tutor placed a pad beneath the whimpering Elsa’s stiff cock, moved round the desk and held her arms flat; the sneering redhead cutting the air several times with her cane, before announcing punishment.

“You have a long way to go sweet Elsa, but you shall have the pleasure of being humiliated before an audience today; you will feel the cane until you show the passion you feel from the parts which will always belong to Elijah, you are a girl now and will be sold as such. A grateful mistress will purchase you, and no doubt, the master of that household may be made to service you like a girl while the true head of that household takes pleasure in witnessing it.” Hope lifted the cane high, and commenced thrashing the sweet white cheeks which blossomed red; with each stroke Elijah moved closer to being Elsa forever, the feel of the feminine clothes excited him as much as the delicious pain as the cane bit into the soft hairless buttocks, the pursed lips tasted the oily lipstick and Elsa realised she was concerned she’d smudge them; the pink bow tightened as her hairless balls retracted in readiness to come, a reminder of the sweet feminisation which overtook the once masculine soul. As the relentless cane whipped down, Elsa’s legs stiffened and her sweet buttocks pushed out invitingly; she moaned in ecstasy as the cock which was once owned by Elijah spurted cream as it became Elsa’s too, the thought of being mastered by a real male was exquisite; there was no going back now, Elsa had arrived.

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