Black Penis

Do you enjoy trans girls having some bondage fun propelled by magic-induced lust? What a silly question; of course you do!


Diane slammed the black leather bound tome onto the reception desk. “I want to borrow this.”

Val raised an eyebrow. She took a single glance at the cover of the musty book in front of her, took off her glasses, and rubbed the bridge of her nose.

“No, you don’t,” she said with the weariness that one develops at the end of a shift. It was past closing in the normal wing of the library, but someone had to keep the magic side of the stored books safe from thieves…and the books themselves. “That’s way beyond your paygrade.”

“C mon Val! When can I get to the good stuff? I’ve been practicing basics for, like, two weeks now!” Diane looked adorable when she pouted, which was good because she did that a lot. Her short brown hair and full face gave her a cute appearance, rather than a hot one. She wore a rather chase outfit, consisting of a skirt and blouse which left much to the imagination and an adorable summer cardigan that really brought together the whole ‘film student on a permanent summer break’ aesthetic.

Val leaned back in her chair, arms folded. With her stylish glasses, tousled blonde hair, and denim jacket, she didn’t look like a learned witch. But her piercing blue eyes held the spark that could bring a town to its knees…or put on one hell of a seance.

“You don’t just leap into magic after a couple weeks, Di. I’ve been practicing the Craft for years and I’m still scratching the surface. And what are even gonna do with the Sorcerus Sinistras, anyway?” Val asked. Speaking the book’s name made burning Latin characters glow on the front cover and a deep, abyssal voice echo the title from some place underneath the floor. Diane waited for the infernal reverberation to stop before stating her case.

“Look, I’ll level with you. Sigils and reagent grinding is great and all, but ever since the…incident with my Familiar, you haven’t let me do anything fun! If the book is all high level magic, then I won’t be able to do much with it, right?”

“Improperly cast spells can be even more dangerous than successful ones. You’re asking me to give a toddler a flamethrower. I’m sorry.” Val covered her hand with the sleeve of her sweater, picked up the book, and placed it in a drawer. Muffled complaints by the book about the lack of light inside were ignored.

“B-But Vaaaal,” Diane whined. The librarian rolled her eyes. Here come the waterworks. She’d never been one to restrain her feelings, but ever since she’d transitioned, Diane had become a geyser of emotions waiting to blow. Before the younger woman could get going on a sob story, Val held up her hands in surrender.

“I got another book. It’s advanced, but it shouldn’t be too damaging to newcomers.”

The crippling emotional anguish on Diane’s face vaporized, replaced by barely restrained excitement. Almost as if the whole thing had been a show… “Ooh! Is it Burial Rites of the Tribes of the Snake? Practical Reality Smithing?”

Val grinned, pulling out a special book from underneath her desk she was saving for a special occasion. Unlike many of the others in the arcane wing of the library, this one looked as if it had been bound recently. The pages didn’t drip ichorous fluids, and it didn’t scream when Diane picked it up.

“There’s no title,” she said, flipping it over in her hand. “What’s it called?”

“‘Manipulation of Psychic and Physic Energies’ by Karacelsus. It’s a book a lot of freshman witches at the Dark Colleges get in their first year. It’s a test,” Val explained, then added with a wiggly hand gesture, “Of a sort.”

Diane thumbed through the pages. The words all looked normal to her. “How can a book be a test? Is there a test inside?”

“You’ll see. Read the first fifty pages here. If it’s something you’d want to pursue, you can take it home. If not, or if you’re too scared of the kind of elemental magic contained within-“

Diane scoffed. She tucked the book under her arm. “I don’t fear some book. Just you watch!”

And so she took off to the study room. If she heard the laughter that Val sent her way as she walked off, Diane gave no sign.


The study room of the library was a room in the corner of the first floor that held several creaking old wooden chairs and tables the likes of which one could only find in wizardly estate sales and haunted houses. Names of legendary witches were carved into the unvarnished oak from the days when they were but bored initiates in the world of magic. The only light was provided by candles, though since they burned hot with the blue light of magefire, they illuminated as much as any fluorescent lamp. Technology more advanced than clockwork went on the fritz around powerful magical items. Since the library was a repository of said, all the light was from non-electrical sources.

Diane settled into her favourite chair nearest the back corner, perfect for Ümraniye Grup Escort keeping an eye on the door for when she was browsing the kinds of material she shouldn’t have been, and cracked open the volume. There, it plain English no less, was the descriptions of a ritual. On the very first page! They weren’t messing around with accreditation or warnings of dire consequences; they went straight to the good stuff!

From what she skimmed, and the handy illustration, it looked like all the instructions to cobble together a simple teleportation spell. Val had told her it would take months to learn how to flick a spoon through the netherworld. Now this manual was giving ever everything she wanted in a fraction of the time? It was too good to be true!

Each page held new secrets, new ways of bending the world around her to her whims. Diane couldn’t read fast enough. She blew past the 50 page mark and kept going; she wanted to absorb it all! Diane wondered, briefly, if Val hadn’t made a terrible mistake and not remembered exactly what the book she’d turned over was. But that pang of guilt melted when she found another passage on the transmutation of sea water to dragon’s blood, and she forgot her hesitation.

That palpable energy she’d felt when opening the book had not gone away. It had only increased, in fact, making her skin tingle. The buildup was making it hard to concentrate. But she had to! Diane had to absorb every lesson this book had to offer!

The tingling focused itself by the time she made it to a quarter way through the book. Her soft cock swelled, demanding her attention. With a frustrated whimper, she tried attending to her needs by rubbing her thighs together. But she wasn’t particularly gifted between the legs, and even on the rare occasions that she became totally erect, her dick never extended beyond the four inch mark. She only succeeded in slightly squishing her balls, as tiny as they were, leaving her even more frustrated than before.

She settled for rubbing herself through her clothing while she read. Her focus wandered over to the illustrations more than the words, but they carried similar impact. Invulnerability to bladed weapons, the recipe for an ever-burning fireplace, polymorphery…there seemed to be no end to what was possible!

Half way through the book, one picture caught her eye. The image was of a traditional depiction of a master sorcerer. His robe blown by unseen forces to his left, terrible arcane power burning in his hand and at the edge of his staff. The more she stared at the image, however, the more detail she saw. That wasn’t a robe, she realized. It was a dress. A long, crimson dress in fact. And his long hair wasn’t unkempt. It was glossy and clean, sliding gracefully down to his shoulders.

She rubbed at her eyes. Something was going on with the picture in this book. The more she stared, the more she discovered that this wasn’t a man at all! It was a gorgeous woman, with blue eyes and beautiful blonde hair. It looked an awful lot like…Val.

Startled, her eyes shifted to what she had thought was merely an outcropping of rocks at the feet of the mighty sorceress. But she had been wrong. It was a person, prostrating completely, as if submitting to some terrible goddess. She was naked, facing away, but Diane saw a distinctive tattoo that she recognized on the lower back of the submissive form. It had been the very first tattoo she’d gotten after she’d transitioned, in fact. A laurel of roses, arranged around her chosen name.


She shut the cover. Hard. Her heart was hammering in her chest. Val had given her some kind of perverted book! Something that was making her hidden fantasies appear! The librarian hadn’t often been an object of her desires. After all, it was wrong to have deviant daydreams about someone you know in real life…wasn’t it? Still, her confident demeanour, not to mention her power as an accomplished witch, made her stand out to Diane.

They’d talked about their private lives before, and Val had casually let it slip that she found her attractive. But this was too far! She was about to go storming off to give Val a piece of her mind when Diane remembered what the older woman had told her.

“This book is a test,” she repeated, tapping the cover. “There’s some kind of protection spell here that’s…making me lose focus. But I’ll beat it. I’ll understand everything you have to offer, book, if it’s the last thing I do!”

But the strain in her panties was too much to ignore. The aspiring witch was painfully aroused. It was like her whole world has shrunken down to the little tent that was poking out the fabric of her skirt. Just a bit of play and she could get back to studying the book…she was sure of it!

It started with little circles around her tip. She could do that easily enough with one hand. It felt good, but it wasn’t enough. With a blush, she slid her hen from out of the restraining fabric of her underwear and let it hang out Ümraniye Manken Escort underneath her skirt. It was easier to touch then, and she could feel much more of the flesh as she rubbed and kneaded her cock. A tiny bead of moisture formed on her head. She whisked it away with her finger and, after a moment’s hesitation, brought it to her mouth. It tasted good~

“Having fun?”

Diane squeaked! She covered herself back up with the hem of her skirt, though her obvious semi-erection was plain to see.

“W-what’s wrong with this book?!” Diane asked in a desperate act of deflection. Her hand trembled with the effort of restraining herself from shamelessly pawing at her prick in front of another woman.

Val sauntered in, hands behind her back. “You didn’t think I’d just give you a super-powered magical book just because you asked, did you? Karacelsus was a famous trickster, with most of her works having more than one purpose. But you would have known that, had you paid attention in your studies.”

Diane whimpered. “Then what is this book?”

“It’s like I said: a test. It’s a bunch of nonsense rituals on the surface, but there’s underlying magic in the pages themselves that act as a magical amplifier. Simply put: it builds up energy within your body as you read. In some it manifests as brilliant inspiration. In others as an intense feeling of joy. And in you, apparently, your stored energy takes the form of lust.”

“I’m not a pervert!” Diane shouted, then immediately contradicted herself by absent-mindedly grabbing one of her tits and squeezing it gently. Her eyes rolled back in her head before she even realised what she was doing. When she realized, she looked down at her hand in surprise…but didn’t move it. It felt too good to touch herself. And it was over the clothes. It wasn’t that depraved…

Val laughed, giving Diane’s hair a condescending tousle. “Your body says otherwise. How about we ask it some more? Really get to the heart of what makes your little heart beat. Maybe we can help your magical career this way? Or we can just find out what sounds you make when you’re about to cum. Either way, I think we’ll have some fun.”

Caught between her body’s growing desires and her mind’s resistance, Diane’s body compromised in the worst way possible. She stood up to get away from Val, then caught her leg on the leg of the table and flopped to the carpeted ground, face up. Before she could recover, Val was on top of her.

“Lemme go!” Diane demanded, squirming against her captor.


“Wait, really?”

Val moved off to the side on her haunches. “Sure. I won’t restrain you anymore.”

Diane breathed a sigh of relief! “Oh thank goodness, because-“

But the librarian cut her off. “I won’t, but my special friend will.”

With a whistle, a floating red rope slithered through the air like an eel into the room. Dozens of feet shimmied in, closing in on the pair of women. Diane was too dumbfounded to move. She’d never heard of any spell like this!

“My own special enchantment,” she explained. “Wanna see a neat little trick I’ve been working on?”

Before she could do anything of the sort, the rope lashed out like a striking cobra! It grabbed her clothes at various points, tugging them away from her body. Diane resisted, but the rope came at her from seemingly all directions at once, undoing the buttons on her blouse and yanking off her charming cardigan while doing the same to her mildly damp skirt and panties. It a matter of moments she was naked, save for her shoes and socks!

But the magical rope was not done. It latched onto Diane’s ankle, using it as an anchor point with which to spin around her entire body, wrapping it from top to bottom in a soft but sturdy binding! It paid special attention to her wrists, which were lashed behind her back. The rope’s progress ended at her neck, which it touched with one end like a gentle lover.

Diane still struggled against the bindings, but her arousal could not be denied. In fact, it had been made worse by her bondaged predicament! Totally helpless…at the mercy of a much stronger witch…it pressed all kinds of submissive buttons in her mind. She’d been rendered naked and exposed like this, with her slight form revealed for her captor’s amusement. Her stiff nipples and her dripping cock were both on display. There was no hiding her arousal.

“So,” Val began, sliding her finger down Diane’s belly, “You’re enjoying this kinda treatment, aren’t ya? You’re a really cute sub, you know that? Not many girls I know actually get wetter when they’re stripped by a magic rope. You must be a special kind of pervert~”

“Ngh! No! I…um…it’s the book!” Diane said, shaking her head vigorously. “It was a tricky lust trap that’s only making me LOOK like a horny slut!”

Val waggled a finger. “Shh, you silly little girl. The energies built up by the book can only latch onto something that was already there. What did Ümraniye Masöz Escort you see in the pages? What was getting you so hot and bothered?”

The image of Val’s smug face in the illustration came back to Diane, making her blush even more than she had when her clothes had been torn off. She looked away, her mouth a flat line, unwilling to give her captor the satisfaction. But Val took it anyway.

“You saw…oh my Goddess, did you see me?” Val asked. Diane nodded lightly, which made the librarian cackle. “That is too rich! Gonna be honest, I have had similar dreams about you lately. But that you’d fixed on me so hard already…oh dear, you have it bad.”

Diane was outraged, but not so much that she didn’t squeak when Val thumbed her right nipple. Her transition had not only given her a modest amount of breast to play with, but it had turned her nipples into two little pleasure buzzers that some days made wearing a bra almost impossible. It has also come with pain, but it was moments like this that made all that tenderness worth enduring.

“You’ve got a nice pair of tits, Di. You know that?” Val asked, resting her hand on one while going in to tongue the other. All Diane could do was writhe and moan, which was like music to the dominant witch. She was careful not to overwhelm Diane all at once. She’d lick around the left breast one moment, then switched to nip gently on the other. The cute squeals and wiggling that her captive made told her all she needed to know about whether she enjoyed it. But she needed to hear it out loud. She just…did. She leaned close to Diane’s ear. Her breath was hot and wet as she whispered: “Tell me truthfully that you don’t want this. Tell me you’re not enjoying yourself and I can let you go free with a snap of my fingers.”

A part of Diane wanted to say just that. That this wasn’t what she wanted at all! She wasn’t a pervert who got off to being tied up in a library and sexually controlled by a dominant woman. But that was such a small, sad part of her psyche. That was her demure self. The one that stood in the corner of parties and sipped at a beer instead of talking to others. The rest of her longed for something like this. To be taken and teased and made to serve a much stronger woman.

To be free.

“I…I want this,” she said in a thready voice.

Val took her hands off of Diane’s body. “What? Sorry? Could you speak a little louder?”

The bound acolyte could possibly turn more red than her face was at that very moment. “I want it. I want you!”

That was more than enough. Val returned her lips to Diane’s body, this time planting little wet kisses along her neck. Her hands did the work on her breasts, playing with them gently like the poor girl was an instrument. Oh the music she made when she squeezed and pinched, kneaded and groped, tugged and teased at the pair of perky mounds.

She felt just the hint of teeth in some of those kisses. It was enough to make her cry out in expectant pain! But all she got were love bites. Gentle nips that let Diane know she was the prey. The bites dissolved to kisses once more, and Val paid special attention to the girl’s sensitive breasts.

The trail of kisses wound their way down to her taut tummy, where Val paid special attention. She gained much amusement from peppering the navel of her prey with gentle affection and hearing poor Diane be unable to do anything but whimper.

“You liking this?” she asked rhetorically, kissing her soft stomach once again, “You like being my helpless toy?”

Diane nodded, nearly hitting her head off the carpeted floor. Val giggled, which made Diane shudder. For such a dominant woman, she had such an adorable laugh!

“Well then. I suppose we’ll have to start playing with you properly~”

Val raised her hand, and the rope pulled Diane off the ground and into a kneeling position. It completely supported her, so her legs wouldn’t get tired at least. But she was well aware at what level her bindings had raised her mouth too. She looked up with hesitant expectation.

Val’s smug expression was one for the ages. “I’d ask you to unzip me, but I can see you’re a bit…indesposed. I’ll do the honours.” She tugged down her fly and fished out several inches of semi-stiff girlcock. Though she’d lost some of her length to the hormones, she still dwarfed Diane’s little squirtgun by two inches. Her submissive fantasies and the lust forced onto her by the book’s magic made it impossible to focus on anything but the dick in front of her.

The librarian rotated her hips, forcing her large, half-hard hen to rub around Diane’s lips. She followed the dick around like a drowsy animal, making weak efforts to latch on with her mouth but more entranced with the idea of sexual obedience than engaged in active service.

Val gripped a handful of Diane’s hair, close enough to the scalp to give her complete control when she tugged without yanking out any follicles. She pulled just enough to make the girl at her feet yelp when she pulled her into place

“You want relief? You want to cum out all that tainted lust? Then get sucking.”

The warning and the twinge of pain broke her out of her cockdrunk stupor. Diane sucked down the prick nearly to its hilt, causing Val to moan out and clench her fists.

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