Slave To Rhythm

Slave To Rhythm


Dewsbury was a 20-year-old guy, and apart from a few clumsy gropes with girlfriends over the years, and one excellent blow job, he was still a virgin. He wanked to porn most days and had recently discovered that he liked to watch guys cross-dress and have sex with women. He still lived at home with his mum and younger sister, and he fantasised about dressing up in his sister’s clothes and being caught by his mum. His mother, at one point, forced him to keep the dress on that she caught him in and made him parade around the house. While the dress-wearing part appealed, his mother’s abhorrent behaviour was the reason for Dewsbury to decide he needed to go elsewhere.

After a couple of years in a dead-end job, he had decided he wanted to become an architect. On his computer, he went through the various universities in New Zealand before noticing Victoria University in Wellington offered just the right course. No sooner had he been accepted into the course, he tried to find a house share, but had no idea where to look. It was then a friend suggested he make an advertisement online. The internet was definitely the way to go, and sure enough, he got a reply a day later from a couple in their mid to late forties. It sounded perfect. Close to uni, in what looked like a big modern house. His own big room and a really cheap rate as they wanted him to “help us around the home” with a few things. They exchanged a few chatty emails, and then after a quick chat on the phone, he agreed to move in. Within three weeks, he was at the airport in New Plymouth awaiting a flight to Wellington. In fact, it was the first time he had ever been on a plane. Initially, he had planned to just catch a bus there, but the couple, Robert and Nikita, offered to fly him down so he would arrive “fresh.”

Rob and Nikita collected Dewsbury from the airport and in through the front door they went, with Dewsbury’s old sports bag of clothes in tow. They had a quick talk about living arrangements before Nikita asked Dewsbury if he wanted to see his room. Dewsbury went to pick up his bag, but Nikita suggested he leave it in the living room so Rob could place it in his room later. That had Dewsbury a bit confused, but never mind. He, along with Nikita, strolled down to the spare room. Dewsbury got the fright of his life.

It was far more luxurious than he ever could have imagined. The photos didn’t quite reveal the fact the room had a spa adjacent to it and a home theatre on the other side. As he glanced around the room, he did notice some type of fixture like an eyelet, on one of the ceiling beams. Ponderous, he thought. Nikita then suggested he use the room’s en-suite for a shower, leaving a very soft and plush bathrobe and a selection of botanical soaps. Rob organised to take the bags into his room. The shower was worth the rent alone. High pressure, with cascading jets of water, effectively massaging him head to toe. It was nice to rinse the sweat of anxiety and flying nerves away. The soaps were delightful, and Dewsbury did rub his cock just a bit. But he figured he had better not jerk off in the shower just yet, not when Nikita and Rob expected his company.

However, Dewsbury noticed his bag of clothing was empty and figured either Rob or Nikita had put the clothes away in the drawers. It prompted him to head towards the drawers and open the top one. He was bemused…are all those free thoughts he had on the flight coming to fruition? The drawers were full of lovely pairs of panties, in every colour and every style. He slammed it shut, thinking perhaps they were elsewhere. An investigation of every other drawer revealed that all of them were filled with a cornucopia of lingerie and women’s clothing.

Maybe his clothes were in the wardrobe? No, all he found was a selection of designer evening dresses and pairs of stiletto heels. Dewsbury suddenly felt his chest tighten as he broke into a sweat. Anxiety and panic had taken over. What the fuck had he gotten himself into? But the scenario had his cock twitching about underneath his bathrobe. An erection was the last thing he expected. Not quite…

Dewsbury saw the door creak open and was faced with Rob. Rob was dressed in a pink lace bra with silicone tits, a matching pair of panties that enhanced his cock, and a pair of Ümraniye Ukraynalı Escort stockings in lurid pink and the suspender belt. Where was Dewsbury supposed to look, and it was Rob who broke the silence.

“So, have you chosen what you are going to wear yet? We have stocked your drawers and wardrobe with all the clothing you will need while you are living with us”.

It is then that Nikita entered the bedroom. She was dressed in a full-length gown, that is almost see-through. The full silhouette of her solid form, with her stiff nipples and full breasts threatening to escape. She looked at Rob rather sternly, in a terse tone she spoke…

“Sissy, have you not explained any of this to him yet?”.

Dewsbury went to speak, his mouth opened wide before he took a gulp of air. But before the words had left his lips, Rob interrupted.

“Baby Girl, while you are living with us, you will dress as a girl and act like a girl at all times you are in the house. Only when I go out will you be allowed to wear boys clothes. Because hey, I wear the girly panties all the time.” Nikita fell silent before spluttering out.

“Well, get dressed Baby Girl, we want to get to know you a lot better this evening…”.

“I know, Miss. Do with me as you please.” Dewsbury suddenly became compliant.

Nikita stepped towards Dewsbury and went to remove the dressing gown, claiming it was hers. As soon as it was removed, Dewsbury’s erect cock swung free. She reached down with her other hand and ran her fingers through his pubic hair…her light giggles became stifled with excitement.

“Hmm, I prefer my Baby Girl’s little clit to be all nice and smooth. I will have to correct that for you the next time you shower”.

Dewsbury knew her intent was serious, and there could be consequences if he did not obey. Nikita ran her long, red fingernails down the length of his throbbing, dripping cock, and then back along the underside to his balls. She gave them a gentle squeeze, which made Dewsbury shake. Nikita then left alone, with a cock leaking pre-cum. Rob told Dewsbury he had to be dressed, reading for an initiation ceremony to be performed by Nikita later in the evening. Now the fun could begin.

Dewsbury was drooling at the vast selection of pretty unmentionables he now had at his disposal. Rob went with a black set of bra, panties, stockings and suspender belt. From the wardrobe, Rob procured a short, pink, lacy dress which was miles too short. Dewsbury’s tight little ass peeked out from behind. Dewsbury attempted to put the bra on himself but struggled with the clasp, so he asked Rob to help. Dewsbury stood upright when he realised he could feel Rob’s erection grazing his butt. Rob also offered to help with the suspender belt. It was clipped around Dewsbury’s waist before Dewsbury sat upon the sofa. Rob began to roll up the stockings, and Dewsbury did notice Rob was keeping a close eye on his cock. Rob licked his lips absentmindedly. Dewsbury then got up and slipped himself into his panties.

Rob ushered Dewsbury towards the drawer again, retrieving a set of prosthetic tits.

“These should fit that bra nicely!”

Dewsbury slipped them into the cups of his bra. He grabbed both boobs and jiggled them about so they were even and straight. He instantly became aware of the weight of the tits and how sexy they looked when he admired his body in the mirror. Rob picked up the dress and put it over Dewsbury’s head, and watched as it slipped down over his lingerie-clad body. Up went the zip.

“Hmm, I do wonder what shoes might go with this dress.”

Rob opened another cupboard to reveal an extensive range of high heel shoes and boots. He chose a simple black pair of heels, nothing too high to start with, and called Dewsbury over so he could slip them onto Dewsbury’s stocking clad feet. Dewsbury then saw how he looked at the mirror. A lot sexier than he ever could have imagined. Rob then whispered.

“We had better not keep Mummy waiting any longer, she is horny as fuck tonight and wants to try that rock hard cock of yours in all of her holes. I might get lucky.”

He grabbed Dewsbury by the hand, and carefully lead him from the bedroom, as Dewsbury struggled to come to grips with walking Ümraniye Üniversiteli Escort in heels for the first time. They reached the lounge, and upon opening the door, it suddenly hit Dewsbury that it was initiation time.

The lights in the lounge were low, but they could see Nikita was sprawled on a chaise lounge, her legs apart and a hand rubbing up and down the exposed slit of her pussy. She glanced over as Dewsbury tottered into the room, struggling to walk in the heels he was wearing.

“Come over so I can get a better look at you, Baby Girl.”

He slowly walked towards her. She asked him to slowly turn around in a complete rotation, so she could check him out from all sides.

“Not bad for a first time, and I can see you are enjoying the fashions too.”

She reached out to pat the bulge in the fabric of his dress as his cock strained in his panties. Rob fixed them all a drink, and Mistress patted the couch beside her, motioning to Dewsbury to came and take a seat. He did as he was told, and took a long sip of his drink. Nikita untied her gown, and he saw the curvature of her boobs and her erect nipples. He could also clearly see for the first time the thick bush of pubic hair above her pussy. She allowed his wandering eyes to linger and drink in her naked flesh for a short while, before reaching over and gently holding his hand.

“By now, I realise that this will not be a normal boarding arrangement. From my reactions so far, I seem to be enjoying the experience. But before we go any further, we need to agree to some of the more specific details of the arrangement”.

Dewsbury had struggled to speak as Nikita had been stroking his stiff cock. She explained some more specific rules of the arrangement.

“Baby Girl, you will be housed, fed and looked after. You will be allowed to go to university to attend all of your lectures. Upon returning home each day, you will shower and change into your femme attire. I will allow time to study, but in the evenings, we would like you to join us in fun and pleasurable sessions.”

She asked Dewsbury if he had ever had the pleasure of sucking a man’s cock before. He shook his head but stated he had always wanted to try.

“Another rule is that you are not allowed to masturbate unless it is in our presence. You will be able to cum as many times as you wish each day, but it just needs to be put to good use. So, are you in, or do you wish to leave?”

“No hesitation, I am in.”

She smiled and embraced Dewsbury, with her lips landing on his and her tongue probing through his mouth. The kiss went for what seemed like an eternity, with Dewsbury’s head spinning as she pulled away.

“Well, let’s get things really started then, shall we?”

She stood up, as her gown fell to the floor, leaving her completely naked. Her pussy was at the same level as Dewsbury’s mouth. She inched closer, gently cradling his head as she pulled his face towards her crotch. He could smell the overpowering aroma of her damp cunt. Just as she got really close, she suddenly spread her legs, as her pussy lips parted to reveal a glistening slit.

Tentatively at first, his tongue extended out and licked up and down her folds. She guided his head gently, so the flicks of his tongue concentrated on the top of her slit, where he felt a small round nub of skin. It was the first time he had licked someone’s pussy, and he now realised the power of the clitoris to drive a woman wild. He could feel her whole body twitch each time his tongue dragged over her clit, and she pulls his head in tighter and tighter. He reached around and grabbed her tight ass cheeks and pulled her in closer.

The twitching started to change to tension in her legs and ass, as she shook and arched her body. She exploded in her first orgasm of the evening, before releasing Dewsbury’s head and collapsing back into the couch in front of him. Her breathing was in rapid rhythms as she looked across to Dewsbury.

“Now I have me all ready to go, how about you fuck my cunt with that rock hard cock of yours.”

Again, she spread her legs wide. Rob was enjoying his view. A gaping pussy, as Dewsbury daintily removed his panties. His cock jumped out, and a dollop of pre-cum seeped Ümraniye Vip Escort from the end, slowly falling to the ground. The thought crossed his mind that perhaps he should use a rubber, but fuck that. He wanted to ram his cock into that drenched pussy. He was slow at first, fearing he may upset Mistress. But that was not the case. No sooner had Dewsbury entered her, he bucked his hips against her thighs and thrust into her deeply. Was she going to be concerned if he came at lightning speed? Just a moment’s worry, completely banished when she told him to cum in her. He couldn’t resist. He may as well have been a virgin. Three quickfire strokes as he squirted his load deep inside her, completely forgetting that they were not alone. No sooner had he withdrawn his cock, Rob put his glass down. His thick cock threatened to rip his panties apart as he got down between Nikita’s legs and began to eat Dewsbury’s cum from her. Nikita slammed her legs shut and told Rob to fuck off. He went back to his post, apologising to her profusely.

It was time for dinner. There was no time to cook a home meal, so they made do with a meal from the local Italian restaurant. Dinner had to be eaten very carefully, so Dewsbury did not spoil his beautiful dress. Nikita was looking a bit uncomfortable but kept smiling and after dinner, asked Dewsbury if he was still hungry.

“Maybe, Miss, but what for?”

After the meal had settled, Nikita had the two men on the knees. Before then, Mistress was again almost nude apart from a pair of skimpy panties, rammed up her cleft. They were soaked and smelling like sex. She turned around, her ass high in the air because of her heels. She bent over, exposing her ass as she slowly peeled her panties off, cum still oozing out of her cunt. She carefully made sure they did not fall to the ground before she turned around and told Dewsbury to sniff her panties. Better yet, why does he lick them clean? It is his cum, after all, missed with pussy juice. Rob, on the other hand, got to lick Nikita from behind, burying his face in her pussy and ass, trying to retrieve every last drop of Dewsbury’s precious ejaculate.

“Now, now, good Baby Girl. I think you have not quite earned your cum slut stripes just yet. See your poor Baby Girl over there, his clitty is really wanting some attention. Can you give it? I want your hand to take that cock, and stick it down your throat.”

Dewsbury waddle over on his knees, scuffing his stockings. He helped Rob slip his panties down until his cock came out, in a gooey mess of excitement. Dewsbury did as he was asked. He slipped Rob into his mouth and took in his full length without choking. Nikita was astounded.

“Wow, Baby Girl. Who knew you loved the taste of sissy clit that much? I want you to work that mouth around that clit. Lots of licking. Taste every inch of him.”

Cock in one hand, his other hand cupping Rob’s ass cheek as he hoovered on Rob’s hot dick, with Rob sounding slightly awkward. That did not escape Nikita’s attention.

“Sissy, don’t be so shy. Let Baby Girl pleasure you with his mouth. Give in to the sensation of his tongue as it twists and twirls around that big, thick clit.”

Nikita lay back in her chaise lounge, legs apart as her pussy began to swell with lubricant. She let her hand glide slowly down, her clitoris ready for another massage, this time of her own doing. She was hugely turned on by seeing the new housemate giving head to her partner. Two lads in stockings, Dewsbury making a slobbering mess as he spat at Rob’s cock before letting it slide down his throat again. Dewsbury would forever be known as the deep throater. It was something not even Nikita could achieve. Rob held Dewsbury’s head in his hands, so the right angle could be achieved. Shaved balls slapped against Dewsbury’s chin.

“Keep sucking that clit, Baby Girl. Tasty, yummy, big and swollen clit. I want to see that clit explode down your throat.”

Rob began to thrust deeper. The moan nearly shattered the champagne glasses in the room. Nikita had fingers deep in her, rubbing the inside of her pussy. In contrast, the other hand violently rubbed her clitoris until it began to make her whole body shudder. It was deafening in that living room, when Rob suddenly let rip with a massive lashing of cum, straight down Dewsbury’s throat. Did he stop? Not at all. He kept sucking, making sure every last bit of cum was washed down. Nikita made a complete mess of the lounge. In fact, everyone was an absolute mess.

Initiation complete. Dewsbury was a certified cum slut. He had passed the test.

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