Her Secrets

As many other times before, I woke up that morning completely soaked in sweat. As I stood up to head to the kitchen for a glass of water, I noticed my gorgeous husband, Joe, lying in our bed. He was completely oblivious to the feverish, sexy dream that I had just had. They were always the same… Some unknown woman had climbed in to my bed and seduced me in to having mind blowing sex. I can only imagine what my therapist would say. She always told me that these dreams were part of my deep desire to experience sex with a woman. It wouldn’t be so bad, but I have never seen the woman before she started appearing in my dreams.

The thought of her made me blush and turn hot. I could feel the excitement dribble down my leg. I rushed to the kitchen, drank some water and made a conscious determination to seek out a woman- any woman- that would stop the rush that I have been feeling. I just prayed that I could stop at one woman. I have a deep fear that I would turn into some kind of lesbian whore because one wouldn’t be enough. I know, I will admit that my imagination runs pretty wild sometimes.

I glanced at the microwave clock. Three

o’clock? That’s it? It would be another three hours until my darling woke up and would want me to prepare breakfast and go through with our morning routine. I sat down in my favorite chair and flicked on my laptop. Was I absolutely serious? I had no idea even on how to begin a search for a sex partner yet alone a female partner. Where do I start? More importantly, where do I find a website that isn’t going to bring some freak knocking at my door?

I started at an infamous website where adults can find anonymous partners to explore their fantasies with. That website seemed to be the jackpot. As I created my profile and looked thru the website, I couldn’t help but to be amazed on the amount of people that were looking for some fun. I was equally amazed by the revealing pictures people are allowing complete strangers to look at.

It seemed like I had been searching through millions of profiles before I came across a picture of a woman that seemed to be extremely familiar. I thought I was dreaming at first…. It was her! The woman that had been in my dreams! Right then and there, I left a puddle in my favorite chair. I couldn’t get over the burning desire that this woman gave me. I perused her profile with pure hunger and decided that I needed to do it. I needed to take the leap. My fingers had a mind of their own as they moved the mouse to the “send me a message” link. I shook with desire and delight as I typed a message to her. The message went like this:

“Hello, blueeyedbeauty. My name is Tori. I know this may sound so cliché, but I have been dreaming of you. I see that you are pretty near, so would you like to get together some night for coffee or tea?”

As I clicked the “SEND” button, I gave myself a mental slap. What if she took me up on my offer? What would my husband say? What would I tell him? How would I explain that I have a hunger for the taste of another woman? How would I explain sneaking out to meet her?

I am overreacting, I thought. Who even knows if she will respond? I decided to stop thinking about her for a while and go satisfy the horny impatience coming from between my legs.

As many mornings before when I awoke from my dreams, I went in to the bathroom and locked the door. My darling vibrator even has its own hiding place in here now. I pulled him out from beneath the sink and took my position on the floor with my legs in the air. I tried playing out the desires in my head, the different ways to lick and tease, but that just made me want her more. I jammed my poor toy deep within me and turned the speed to the highest it would go. I had to put a hand towel in my mouth to keep from screaming as I exploded all over the floor. I lay on the floor for a few minutes so my heart wouldn’t explode.

Once my heart returned to a semi-normal speed, I got up and cleaned up my mess. After I returned my toy to its hiding spot, I decided I would just get a shower and start preparing for my day. In the shower I let the water find its way in to all of my intimate spots. My mind started wandering and I felt a little urge again, so I removed the hose from the shower and allowed the water to massage my pulsing clit. Again my mind went back to the image of the woman in my dream. I have never wanted someone so bad in my life, yet alone a woman! The more I thought about her, the closer I got to having an orgasm. I allowed the shower head to take me to the edge and push me over.

Feeling satisfied, I climbed out of the shower and toweled off. In the other room I could hear the alarm going off. I knew it was time to pretend that I was focused on my darling husband. I can’t let my mind wander when he is around.

She shook her hips at me, slowly, tempting me. I watched as she unbuttoned her pants and they fell to the floor. I wanted to jump up and take control, but she had given me firm bursa escort instructions otherwise. She winked at me and pulled her shirt up exposing her perky breasts. She crossed the room, straddled me and began nibbling on my neck. I started kissing her back and made my way down to the curve of her wonderful, sexy, tantalizing mounds. As I was kissing, my hand started making its way down the curve of her hips and to the top of her thigh. I started moving my fingers slowly, exploring every soft and moist part of her…

“Honey?” I jumped. I didn’t hear him come down the steps and put his arms around my waist. “Did you hear anything I just said?”

I shook my head. “Sorry, I must have been off

in my own world. What is it you were saying?”

“I have a business trip this weekend, so I am

afraid that we can’t do our normal movie night. I hope that you aren’t too upset. I promise I will make it up to you.”

“Oh, that’s okay honey.” Right there the twinge of hopefulness arose. “I think I will call the girls and go out for margaritas instead.”

“That sounds like fun. Like I said, I promise I will make it up to you. I love you so much!”

“I love you too.” I kissed him on the cheek as he finished his coffee and assembled his briefcase.

As Joe walked out the door, I heard a mumbled “talk to you later.” I wasn’t sure what to do from there. I took my coffee and walked back over to where my laptop was sitting on the end table. I had made sure to leave it open and on while he was home. But instead of the pornographic website I was viewing before, my latest article was on the screen. I sipped my coffee and stared at the screen. No point in trying to concentrate. There was no way I could write about the latest design trends while my mind kept going back to those curves.

On a whim, I closed my document and opened up an internet browser. My hands began to shake as I typed in the website address. I followed the prompts, while closing all of the pop up windows, and logged in. I glanced around the site and got a strange butterfly in my belly when I saw that I had one new message waiting for me. As I clicked on the READ MY MESSAGE link, I resisted the urge to stop what I was doing and grab my vibrator.

Once the screen loaded, I saw that my new message was, in fact, from the lovely blueeyedbeauty. I nervously clicked the link and read the message:

“Hello, Tori. My name is April. I looked over your profile and couldn’t help but to dream about what it would be like to experience a woman for the first time. You see, I actually created this profile to see if I could find a decent, good looking man. Seems like every guy that I have met just wants the sex and that’s it. So, I figured that if I created a profile on here maybe I could find someone who is honest.

Anyway, back to the point. I would love to meet up with you, if you would still like that. I am free tonight, if you are. Send me a message back and we can set something up. Coffee or tea sounds alright with me.”

I left a puddle. I couldn’t take it anymore. I climbed the stairs to our bathroom and pulled my vibrator from its trusty hiding spot. With the heat building, I didn’t even bother to move to the bedroom. I sprawled on the floor once again and went to town. It didn’t take long for me to achieve my goal. Again, I waited for my heartbeat to return to normal before I got up off the floor.

As I found my way back to my seat in front of my computer, I noticed a flashing box on the screen. My heart leapt against my chest.

“Blueeyedbeauty has sent an invitation for instant messaging, would you like to accept?” I moved my mouse with my shaking finger and clicked the OK button. A message popped up:

“Blueeyedbeauty: Hi Tori! Did you get my message?”

“Yes.” I typed back. “Tonight would be great.”

“Blueeyedbeauty: Awesome! Would you like to meet me at the Starbucks on the corner of 5th and Main Street?”

The conversation went on for only a few minutes longer. We decided that we would meet there at seven o’clock and we would go from there. I spent the rest of the day wondering what I would do and what I would say. Should I attempt to get her in bed tonight or should I wine and dine her? Would I be too nervous to make a move, or would I be too excited to make it through a cup of coffee?

Only time would tell. I busied myself by working on my article and cleaning up the house.

Looking back, I am not sure how I completed my article or if it even made any sense. I just have to thank God for the spell checker and a great editor!

By the time I looked at the clock again it was almost six. I decided that I would take a shower, shave and pretty myself up. In the shower my mind wandered again and I had to take advantage of my water pressure. Feeling satisfied, hairless and clean, I climbed out of the shower.

It took me longer than usual to pick an outfit, apply makeup, and style my hair. By the time escort bursa I looked at the clock again, I realized that I had no more time to be nervous. I only had time to get moving.

The whole ride to Starbucks, which was a mere five minute drive, I kept wondering how the night would turn out.

Inside the coffee shop was a madhouse. There were people everywhere. I almost didn’t see her sitting in the corner sipping some sort of iced concoction. I kept my eyes on her as I weaved my way through the crowd. I had almost made it to the table when her gaze drifted to me and we locked eyes. She smiled at me, a cross of devilishness and nervousness.

When I got near the table, April stood and gave me a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek. I could tell she was just as nervous as I was. “Hello! It is so nice to meet you.” I started.

“Same here.” Her eyes darted across the room. “Would you rather go some place less crowded?”

I thought for a second. “Yes, that is probably a good idea.” We sat for a few minutes long before we decided that there was really no place private to go. She suggested we sit in my car for a few minutes while we were thinking.

When we got to the car, the butterflies in my belly got worse. I felt more comfortable in the crowd because I didn’t have to think about what moves I was going to make. Luckily when we both were settled in our seats, she started the conversation.

“So as I was saying on the messenger, I have never really done anything like this before. Mainly, I just went to various clubs and bars and found random guys. And of course, they were all mamas’ boy losers who didn’t know anything about how to treat a woman. I was really surprised though, when I received your invite. I have to be honest with you that there was quite a debate in my brain about whether or not to respond. Finally I ended up giving up and going with my other brain.” She laughed lightly. “I am pretty nervous about this whole thing. I am not sure what to do or how to act. Being with another woman had always been a fantasy of mine, but I never dared to admit it to anyone. Something about you though…” Her voice trailed off and she looked out the window. “You know what, I know this little private restaurant that we could go to and have coffee. There is never anyone there, and it’s the type of place where you only see the waitress if you stand up and scream for her.”

I agreed that it sounded like the perfect spot, and nosed the car on the road. As we drove, she opened up to me and told me more personal details. She asked the type of things I liked, what I did for a living and if I had children.

“No, my husband and I haven’t really discussed the children aspect. We have been married for a few years, and honestly I would rather not have any just yet.”

“Wow. How did you get him to agree to meet me without having him tag along?”

I laughed and tapped my fingers on the steering wheel. “He doesn’t know.”

“What?! I thought for sure you would have told him. Where does he think you are?”

“No, he doesn’t really allow me to open up about things I would want to try or things that I like. He is pretty old fashioned in the fact that he does what he has to do and we don’t talk about it. He had a business trip this weekend, so he wanted me to go out with my girlfriends and have margaritas.”

She laughed again. It was so sexy to hear it. I resisted the urge to take her right then and there. “Yeah, I know what you mean. I dated a few like that.”

We pulled in to the parking lot and headed for the door. Inside, April had picked a quaint little booth in the corner of the restaurant where, even if the place did fill up, there would be plenty of privacy for our conversations. I was shocked that when I climbed into the booth, she opted to sit next to me. Not across from me, next to me. Close enough to smell her hair, perfume and the overall scent of her. I could feel my nipples perk at the thought of the lean tan legs so close to mine. In the deep recesses of my mind, I imagined lifting that sweet little skirt over her hips and taking advantage of her. I was in the midst of burying my tongue deep inside of her when the waitress came over to give us our menus. I had to mentally slap myself to focus. When she returned with our coffee, I had to put the attention back on the goddess next to me.

We continued our conversation about men, and their wonderful insecurities. We had a lot in common, besides our willingness and nervousness to experiment. We were so deep in conversation, that I didn’t notice her hand slowly creeping up my leg. She was asking about my dreams that I had about her when I felt her fingertips creep under the corner of my panties. I gasped as she explored me, right there. I don’t know what got me more excited, the fact that she was getting me wet, or the fact that she was getting me wet in a public place. I started blushing and she leaned closer to me.

I could feel her hot breath on bursa escort bayan my neck as she whispered in my ear. “I hope you don’t mind. I couldn’t help myself.” She nibbled on my neck and inserted her finger deep inside me. At that moment she read my mind. “Since your husband is out of town, your house is empty, right?”

I nodded as she picked up her purse and put money on the table. Looking back on it, I realize that I should have won an award for quickest exit from a restaurant. We made it back to my house in great time. The whole ride there, April didn’t remove her hand from my thigh. I don’t know how we made it without an accident.

We arrived at the house and could barely keep our clothes on. When we finally were inside and able to fulfill our fantasies, we just stopped and stared at each other. I couldn’t get over how beautiful she was.

I ran my gaze hungrily over her- from head to toe. “You know, my dreams were always something like this.”

She crossed the room and ran her fingertips across my chest. I shuddered and she took that as a signal to begin kissing my neck. I returned the favor and ran my fingers thru her hair.

Somehow we made it to the nearest guest bedroom and April playfully pushed me on to the bed. “Don’t move,” she instructed firmly. As I sit on the bed, she proceeds to undress herself seductively. Normally I am a patient person, but she was really starting to get to me. She finally saw the frustration on my face and straddled me.

Our mouths fell into a continuous kiss. Her tongue probed mine as her hands wandered up and down my body. I could not keep my lips from her. She tasted so sweet and delicious. I opened my eyes once and found hers open as well. We stopped suddenly, panting breathlessly. She looked at me longingly and whispered “are you sure?” I nodded and slowly stood up.

She watched me intently as I began removing my clothes slowly. I could feel my knees shaking nervously. I kept telling myself that this was not a dream. I went to the bed then, straddled my new friend and started tasting her from head to toe. I moved my tongue down her body, covering every inch of her. When I reached her belly button, I could feel her shudder with pleasure. I proceeded with tasting her. She ran her fingers thru my hair and urged me to go on. I gently opened her legs, unleashing a moisture and heat similar to mine. She shuddered again as I touched her. I wanted to take my time and fulfill her in many ways, but her hands in my hair we persuading me to go on. I moved my mouth to her warm center, moving my tongue slowly over her button. It didn’t take long for her to fill my mouth with her warm sweet juices. I sucked and nibbled while inserting my finger deep inside her. She moaned softly and pulled my mouth to hers. She crushed me with her lips.

“Tori, I brought something with me. I hope you don’t get offended if I wanted to try something with you.” She looked nervous. I could sense that it was something that she wanted to do, so I smiled. Knowing that I was comfortable with anything she wanted to try, she stood up and found her purse. In the dark I could see her remove something long. She smiled mischievously and skipped back to me.

“What is that?” I was almost afraid of her answer would be.

“Well, I was anticipating our meeting so much that I made a trip to the adult store before I met you. I found this and wanted to try it with you as soon as I saw it.” She was so sexy as her mouth formed the next words. “It is called a double ended dildo.”

I giggled nervously and said “How does it work?”

Again came the mischievous smile. “Lie back, relax and enjoy.” She inserted one end in me slowly, and pulled it back out. I wanted to scream at the pleasure it brought. She continued inserting and removing the toy. As I was about to achieve maximum pleasure she inserted the other end in herself and began moving her hips to my rhythm. I tried holding off as much as I could. We continued, moaned consecutively, and became overwhelmed by the pleasure that was being unleashed.

As if it was rehearsed, we both exploded at the same time. I could feel the puddle underneath me that both of us created. She removed our “toy” and rolled over to lie next to me. I must have drifted off, because I awoke with a shock. I had been having another one of my dreams. I looked over at the beauty lying next to me and began to feel the tingle between my legs again. Without waking her, I slowly ran my fingertips down her lean body. She moaned and sat up.

I grabbed her and kissed her. She pulled away slowly and winked at me. “It’s my turn,” she said with a sly smile.

I was about to ask her to elaborate when she got on her knees and buried her tongue inside of me. I wondered if she knew that she was not putting an end to my wanting, but actually making it worse. She answered me by inserting her finger deep within. I could hear gentle sucking sounds as well as feeling the nibble on my pulsing clit. I let out a long sigh and pulled her up to mount me. We did this for a while. We took turns pleasing each other until our appetites were finally satisfied.

April finally collapsed on top of me. She looked at me with her beautiful eyes and smiled.

As many other times before, I woke up that morning completely soaked in sweat. As I stood up to head to the kitchen for a glass of water, I noticed my gorgeous husband, Joe, lying in our bed. He was completely oblivious to the feverish, sexy dream that I had just had. They were always…

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