Her First Time

This is just story telling, not based on anyone specific, any likeness too a person living or dead was not intended.

My name is Carla, I own and run a small female only gym in my new home town, I’m 34 years old, brown shoulder length hair, around 5′ 5¨ tall, very slim weighing around 110lb and finally the best part my measurements, I’m 34C-24-34. This story will tell you of the first time I have ever tasted the lips, tits and pussy of another woman, something that was the most erotic experience of my life.

I hope you enjoy reading my story.


My body ached for her touch as I watched her rinse the foamy soap off her body as I stood in the shower cubicle facing her, since the first moment I saw her I was transfixed by the sheer beauty of the woman facing me in the Gym showers, four weeks ago she had first joined my gym she was always one of the last too leave before me as I always had a work out before I closed up for the night. I was simply too afraid too even talk too her especially since I owned the towns only female exclusive gym and the last thing I had needed was a sexual harassment law suit against me and gym. Out of the corner of my eye as watched as she ran her fingers over her small tits rinsing the soap her tiny body, it was fair to say she stood a little over 5ft with long dark hair almost reaching her tight little ass. She shocked me when she spoke too me for the first time, he voice was soft and erotic with a slight hint of an American accent mixed in with Australian and English.

“Excuse me, I have forgotten my shampoo, may I please borrow some of yours?”

I bent down and picked up the bottle at my feet not realising that my ass was in full view for her, slowly I handed it too her almost loosing control of my own pussy as her finger tips touched mine, almost like a bolt of lightening running threw me as my pussy awoke and began to flow I remember thinking it was a good job I was in a shower. From that point I had too strike up a conversation with her if just too hear her gorgeous voice, her birthday was four weeks ago and her sister had bought her membership as bursa escort a present I thought I must thank her sister sometime for delivering this angel into my lap or should that be dreams?

For the next few weeks we talked and as we worked out I had even offered her a job at the gym on reception which she had greatly accepted, once the day was over we worked out together and showered before going our separate ways home, sometimes we had a quick meal sometimes even a drink but it always ended the same way for me laying on my bed with my hands playing with my moist throbbing pussy I had never felt this way for a woman before even very few men what was it about her that had me so wrapped up in her?

One night something was different with her perhaps she had noticed me watching her working up a sweat or in the showers I did not know but after we finished working out I was just getting undressed for a shower when I felt her hands softly touching my waist quickly I spun around too see her facing me naked with a smile on her face that said ‘take me now’ before I had even spoken she took my hand and placed it on her neatly trimmed pussy and smiled as she began too kiss my neck before pushing one of my fingers softly into her tight wet pussy, I didn’t want too pull away but something made me something I despise as I looked at her and asked her.

“What are you doing?”

“I have noticed you watching me babe, and I’ve had the same thoughts as you don’t talk just give your self over too your desires!”

With a smile I picked her up as she wrapped her legs around my waist and we kissed passionately her moist pussy almost dripping down my stomach as my tongue rolled around her mouth delicately, slowly taking in the passion of the angel giving herself too me. Quickly I pulled her into a shower as we continued too kiss her heart pounded threw her chest almost in unison with my own as she slowly slipped down out of my grasp and ran her tongue down my naked tight body until she knelt down and softly pushed my legs apart, slowly she began too rub my pussy lips softly as I watched her studying me, I was almost begging her to continue bursa escort bayan until finally her lips met mine and her tongue slowly parted them softly; my god it was pure ecstasy as slowly her tongue probed inside me deeper with every soft stoke, my hands began to caress her hair as she slowly took me too an orgasm that flowed over her lips and chin I thought she was going too stop there but I was wrong, her tongue probed even deeper and faster and kept bringing me too more and more orgasms for what was forever I was taken threw multiple orgasms until finally I couldn’t take anymore and collapsed too the floor.

With a large smile on her cumm dripping face she ran her tongue up my body until finally she kissed me with all the passion she could muster until she whispered in my ear.

“Now it’s your turn honey”

My eyes widened as I knew what she meant, I had never done this before and to be honest my body was still recovering from the powerful orgasms she had given me, she was looking deep into my eyes with a smile that just melted me into doing anything she wanted, nervously I told her I had never done anything like this before with yet another smile she looked down at me and whispered.

“Trust me honey, just do to me what you like done too you and go from their”

With a large smile on my face I nodded and kissed her once more as I rolled her over and began too kiss down her body too her perfect little tits, while my tongue rolled over her nipples as I ran my fingers down too her tight little pussy and probed slowly around her lips until for the first time I felt the warm wet of another woman’s pussy, urged on by the feel I quickly ran my tongue down her body and ran my tongue slowly over her lips until I finally pushed deep inside her. She took a deep breath from the shock of my tongue pushing deep inside her and slowly ran around in circles around inside her what happened next shocked me as much as it did her, a powerful flowing orgasm exploded over my face as I opened my mouth and accepted her little love gift and drank her juices, not phased by had just happened I continued to lick and suck her tight pussy escort bursa over and over as her orgasms flowed over my face, I had lost count of how many times but I just couldn’t stop eating her tight pussy.

After what appeared to be forever I pulled her too her feet and pushed her against the wall for an amazingly deep kiss full of passion and excitement we pushed our fingers deep inside each other as we kissed and once more brought each other too yet another orgasm and another. After a long hot and steamy shower as we cleaned each other off I took her by her hand too the lockers as we dressed and left the Gym, after locking up and with a slight smile we took each others hand and made our way too a bar for a few drinks we where all over each other giving the patrons at the bar a great show as I pushed her down into seat of the cubicle and began too kiss her passionately once more until my hand found her pussy again and explored the wet patch on her panties as I pushed my fingers into her threw them before I pulled her panties aside and went to work, for the duration of our sexual encounter we had forgotten that we where in a bar until she looked up and giggled slightly as she noticed a large crowd gathered around us. Blushing we both stood up downed our drinks and left the bar with her juices still on my fingers, with a smile I looked back at the small crowd and licked my fingers as we just stood in the street nervously laughing before I took her too my small house for a little night-cap and orgasm or as many as we could manage.

The next day I awoke in her arms, the bed was a mess and covered with cumm as I leaned over and kissed her softly, the excitement of last night still present on both our faces as we looked into each others eyes and smiled slightly before she pushed me down and jumped playfully on top of me and walked her fingers down too my pussy for yet another round of fun. We where both sore from last night but couldn’t seem too stop enjoying each other, needless to say we didn’t show up for work the following day we spent all day together having fun and many bottles of wine before returning too bed with many toys.

We’ve now been sleeping together for about 5 months and she’s ready too move in soon, I never thought I’d never love another woman but I still can’t figure out what it is about her, I just ach when she is not near me… but she is my dream, heart and soul.

This is just story telling, not based on anyone specific, any likeness too a person living or dead was not intended. My name is Carla, I own and run a small female only gym in my new home town, I’m 34 years old, brown shoulder length hair, around 5′ 5¨ tall, very slim weighing around…

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