Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 45

They found Miss White in the living room, gazing thoughtfully into the fire. As they entered she looked Jodie up and down and nodded her approval. “Jodie dear,” she said, “would you be so kind as to go downstairs and fetch a fresh bottle of brandy?”

“Of course,” answered Jodie, and she bounded off. Luz sat down next to Miss White and sighed.

“I have to tell you, Alexis,” said Luz, “being here with you, and these girls… it really takes me back.” She sighed. “I’m not sure exactly how to say this,” she went on, looking Miss White straight in the eyes. “But I’m so… fucking… horny. My hormones have been going crazy, and my husband is afraid to touch me, like he thinks I’m going to break. But I’m not fragile, Alexis. I’ve never felt stronger in my life.”

Miss White smiled. “My dear, you’ve certainly come to the right place.”

Just then Jodie returned carrying a bottle of cognac; Miss White stood up and took it from her, then whispered a few sentences into her ear. Jodie nodded, walked over to where Luz sat, and dropped to her knees, gazing submissively into the older woman’s eyes.

Standing up, Luz turned around and pulled her long hair up off her neck, revealing the zipper of her dress. Taking the cue, Jodie reached for the zipper and gently pulled it all the way down. Luz slipped the dress down off her shoulders, then down around her waist, then all the way off. She picked up the dress and folded it carefully, sitting it down on the nearby end table.

Miss White walked over to add some wood to the fire, but kept her eyes firmly fixed on Luz, who now unhooked her bra and pulled it off. Her breasts were indeed bigger than they had been; they were at least DDs now. Luz sat the bra down on top of her dress, and it was soon joined by her panties. Now gloriously, luminously naked, Luz returned to her place on the couch, sitting back with her legs slightly parted.

Both Miss White and Jodie gazed at Luz admiringly, almost reverently. She looked so ripe, so fecund, so angelic — the perfect image of a mother goddess. Jodie wanted nothing more at that moment than to kiss her, and leaned forward; Luz bent slightly toward her, and their lips met.

The kiss was wonderful, soft and sweet and delicious, and Jodie would have continued it indefinitely. But Luz’s stiff nipples were dying for attention, and she took hold of Jodie’s collar and pulled the younger woman down to her chest. Jodie dutifully licked and sucked one thick brown nipple, then the other. Though there was no actual liquid, she could have sworn she tasted milk. This was a novel sensation and Jodie went with it, sucking hard on Luz’s breasts like an hungry baby.

Luz moaned as Miss White looked on approvingly, feeling her pussy grow wetter by the second. Now Luz tugged again on Jodie’s collar and Jodie was kissing her way down the older woman’s sternum and along the rounded swell of her belly. For a moment it struck Jodie how strange this was — wow, there’s a baby in there — but the smell coming from Luz’s crotch was intoxicating and inviting and reassuringly familiar.

Luz spread her legs wide and Jodie paid homage to her thighs, kissing and licking each with tender affection. Then neither one of them could wait another second — Luz was yanking on Jodie’s collar as Jodie’s tongue ran up the length of Luz’s slit, trailing along the furrow between her pussy lips.

Sighing happily, Luz sat back against the couch, then lifted one hand to play with her breasts as the other held Jodie’s head. Jodie was lapping gently, savoring the nuances of Luz’s rich and complex flavor, but Luz was so sensitized that she came quickly anyway. She shivered all over and her hand gripped Jodie’s shoulder as a look of the purest bliss spread across her face.

Jodie waited until the spasms had subsided, and was ready to go back in for more when she felt herself being pulled away. Miss White had taken hold of her collar, and was now gesturing for her to step aside. Jodie obeyed, and soon had the privilege of witnessing a very rare sight: Alexis White on her bursa escort knees.

At first Miss White had been perfectly content to sit and watch, sipping her cognac and enjoying the moment. But then a powerful wave of feeling washed over her — something more than mere desire, it was almost religious in its depth. This feeling cried out to be expressed, and so she knelt at Luz’s feet, looking up into the younger woman’s kind, calm, intelligent brown eyes.

They knew each other very well, had been intimate on many occasions, but the connection had never felt as strong as it did at this moment. They shared a long, deep, and loving kiss; Jodie, looking on, was so touched by this display of real tenderness that she could feel tears forming in the corners of her eyes.

The kiss went on for a long interval of suspended time before Miss White finally began slowly licking and nibbling along Luz’s neck, across her shoulders, and down to her chest. Her flesh was sweet, salty, savory all at once. Cupping Luz’s weighty breasts in her hands, Miss White craned her neck to take one stiff, throbbing nipple into her mouth. Like Jodie she got a vague taste of milk that was slightly sour but made her hunger for more; she opened her mouth wide to engulf as much of Luz’s swollen mammary as she could.

As she continued to suckle Miss White reached one hand down to explore Luz’s pussy; it was sopping wet and she easily slid one, two, three fingers inside, feeling Luz’s muscles clench around them. Jodie, meanwhile, had lifted her skirt slightly and started rubbing herself. As she did so she reflected on how fortunate she was to be sitting here watching this; truly, it was a world full of wonders, and she counted herself the luckiest girl in it.

As Miss White traced a path down Luz’s protruding belly with her tongue, Jodie continued to finger herself with one hand. With the other she picked up Miss White’s snifter and took a sip. It was bitter and felt like it was burning her mouth, but that impression was immediately replaced by a sensation of comforting warmth. She took another drink, and this one burned a little less; she began to feel pleasantly lightheaded.

Miss White, meanwhile, had arrived down between Luz’s legs. Normally she liked to tease a little, pay attention to a woman’s thighs and pelvis before diving into her pussy, but right now she couldn’t wait another second. She leaned down with tongue extended, keeping her fingers inside Luz’s cunt as she began to lap up the delicious nectar flowing from it.

Luz spasmed involuntarily, arching her back and gripping Miss White’s shoulder with surprising strength, accidentally digging her sharp nails into Miss White’s back. For a moment this was painful but soon Miss White found herself completely engulfed in Luz’s heavenly smell and taste, forgetting all else in the world. She had eaten Luz’s pussy many times over the years, but it was different now somehow; maybe it was the new hormones in her system?

Jodie sat there watching, sipping, and rubbing as Miss White brought Luz to orgasm after orgasm. After awhile Luz sank down sideways on the couch, and at this angle she was looking straight into Jodie’s crotch. It suddenly occurred to her that it had been years since she’d tasted a pussy, and that there was no reason for that situation to continue even one minute longer.

Looking up into Jodie’s eyes, Luz beckoned to her with one hand. “Come here, sweetheart,” she purred.

Jodie didn’t need to be asked twice. Sitting down the snifter, she moved over to the couch and climbed on. She tensed and then relaxed as Luz’s tongue penetrated her. Looking up briefly from between Luz’s legs, Miss White flashed Jodie a smile — a warmer, more uncomplicated smile than Jodie had ever seen on her face before — and went right back to work.

* * *

After the last movie the older women had gone to bed, leaving Kristin, Jenny, and Nicola alone in the living room. After sitting around watching movies all day they still had plenty of energy and were ready to something different, escort bursa but they didn’t know what.

They chitchatted idly for a while, and then it was quiet in the room for a restless interval. It was Nicola who finally broke the silence.

“So after yesterday, I was thinking…” She paused, evidently a little embarrassed by what she was about to say. “I was thinking we might…” she trailed off again.

“Come on, girl!” encouraged Kristin. “Spit it out!”

“Well, I have this fantasy.”

Kristin sat up straight. “Go on.”

* * *

And so it was that a few minutes later Kristin and Jenny found themselves in the Santinis’ basement, changing into the police uniforms that Nicola’s parents had worn for Halloween a few weeks previously. These were quality replicas, not cheap costumes, and came complete with handcuffs and billy clubs.

Kristin was about the same height as Carl Santini, and so his costume fit her fairly well, though it was roomy in the shoulders and the fabric was stretched very tight across her breasts. Lina’s uniform fit Jenny like a glove.

Once they were dressed they left the basement through the back door and walked around to the front of the house. Kristin and Nicola had worked out the broad outlines of the scene they were about to enact; the rest would be improvised. Nicola was an aspiring actress who had been in numerous plays, both in high school and in college, and took a regular improv class. Kristin had never been on stage but always enjoyed role-playing; and Jenny, as usual, would follow her lead.

When they arrived at the front door Kristin knocked firmly and loudly. A few seconds later Nicola appeared, looking adorable with her hair tied in pigtails, wearing pink pajamas with ruffled sleeves and teeny-tiny shorts. “Hello, officers,” she said. “What can I do for you?”

“Sorry to bother you, miss,” responded Kristin. “But we’ve had some reports of a suspicious character in the neighborhood.”

“Oh, no!” cried Nicola, sounding genuinely distressed. “Won’t you come in?”

“Thank you,” said Kristin, and she meant it. The weather was freezing and she was red in the face from just a couple minutes outside. She and Jenny stepped inside and Nicola closed the door behind them. After taking a few seconds to warm up, Kristin got back into character. “So have you seen anything out of the ordinary?”

“No,” answered Nicola, twirling one of her pigtails, “but you know, I’ve had a funny feeling all night. I’m all alone in the house and I get a little scared sometimes… the house is so big and so quiet.”

Kristin had to fight not to laugh out loud. Nicola was really good at this. “Would you like us to have a look around, miss?”

“Oh, yes, that would be wonderful, officer. I’d hate to think there’s a, like, psycho hiding in a darkened room somewhere. If you gave the place a once-over, I’m sure I’d feel much better afterward.”

They walked through the living room to the kitchen with Kristin in the lead, Nicola behind her, and Jenny bringing up the rear. Along the way Kristin checked every window and door, taking her time, enjoying the feeling of anticipation buzzing in her head and between her legs. At last she said, “Everything seems to be fine down here. Let’s check the upstairs.”

At the top of the stairs Kristin led them straight to Nicola’s bedroom. The light was on, and arrayed across the bed were a vibrator, a double-headed dildo, a pair of nipple clamps, and a lesbian porn magazine.

“I’m a bad girl, officers,” purred Nicola. “I think I need to be punished.”

There was no sense wasting any more time. Kristin spun Nicola around, pulled her hands behind her back, and cuffed them together. Then she bent Nicola forward over the bed; in this position her tiny pink shorts rode up even further into her crotch.

Kristin picked up her nightstick and tapped it a couple times against Nicola’s ass, then ran it up her thighs and touched it against her pussy through the fabric of her shorts. Nicola squirmed and rubbed her crotch bursa escort bayan against the tip of the billy club.

Handing the nightstick to Jenny, Kristin said, “Officer Baker, take over here.” Then she pulled down the top of her uniform, exposing her breasts; it was nice to be free of the restrictive fabric. Sitting down on the bed, she leaned across so her tits were dangling over Nicola’s head; Nicola obediently began to lick and suck them.

Jenny continued to probe Nicola’s crotch with the nightstick, slipping it up under the fabric of her shorts and pushing the tip between her pussy lips. Nicola arched her back and opened her legs wide. Kristin, meanwhile, had picked up the nipple clamps and snapped them on to Nicola’s rock-hard nubs.

Now Kristin reached down and pulled Nicola’s shorts down around her thighs. To Jenny she said, “I think a spanking is in order here.” Taking the cue, Jenny put down the nightstick and with her bare hand gave Nicola a firm swat on one cheek, then the other.

As Jenny spanked Nicola, Kristin tugged on occasionally on the nipple clamps; every time Nicola gasped and whimpered, momentarily distracted from what she was doing. Then Jenny would whack her on the rump, and she’d get back to work on Kristin’s boobs.

At this point Jenny was starting to feel overdressed; she abandoned the spanking and began to peel off her uniform. When she was naked, Kristin had her sit down on top of Nicola. Kristin then grabbed the two-headed dildo and impaled Nicola with one end, then slid the other end into Jenny’s slippery hole.

Kristin began to move the dildo in and out, enjoying the way the two girls squirmed and writhed. It made a pretty picture, but after a few minutes Kristin grew tired of it; she tossed the dildo aside and unzipped her pants, allowing a black strap-on to pop out. She wasted no time driving the thick shaft into Nicola’s slit.

Nicola moaned as the prosthetic cock entered her, then sighed with disappointment as Kristin pulled out and penetrated Jenny instead. Back and forth she went, back and forth, until all three of them were dripping sweat as well as pussy juice.

At this point Kristin lifted Jenny and deposited her on the floor between Nicola’s legs. Jenny began to eagerly lap away at Nicola’s pussy as Kristin got up onto the bed and pushed the juice-slick dildo protruding from her pelvis into Nicola’s mouth. Nicola gagged a little and then adjusted; she was a pretty good deep-throater. But then as Jenny’s skillful tongue probed deeper into her pussy she lost her balance. If her hands hadn’t been bound behind her back she would have held onto Kristin for support; as it was she fell forward, driving the full, considerable length of the strap-on into her mouth and beginning to choke.

Taking pity on Nicola, Kristin held her by the shoulder and pulled out. Her pussy was dying for attention, anyway; she quickly unharnessed the strap-on, stripped her uniform all the way off, and pushed Nicola’s head down between her legs.

For awhile there was no sound in the room but low feminine moans and soft slurping sounds. Then the moans began to grow louder; both Nicola and Kristin were approaching powerful orgasms, the sense of it was tangible in the room. When they hit Nicola collapsed onto the bed and lay limp, while Kristin braced herself against the wall with one hand, her legs visibly shaking.

When her head began to clear Kristin looked down at Jenny, who knelt there looking doe-eyed and lovely, her face generously smeared with Nicola’s sticky ooze. Jenny had been a real trouper, she decided, and deserved a treat – though her idea of what constituted a treat was a little different from most people’s.

Kristin got Nicola up and uncuffed her; she stood rubbing her wrists as Kristin laid Jenny out on the bed. Lifting Jenny’s right arm up over her head, Kristin cuffed it to the headboard, then went to get the handcuffs that Jenny had been carrying. She used these to bind Jenny’s other hand, then found two of Nicola’s belts and used them to tie Jenny’s ankles to the foot of the bed.

After scooping up the two uniforms and nightclubs, Kristin took Nicola by the arm and steered her toward the door. Giving Jenny a quick wink, she turned off the light and they were gone, leaving Jenny alone in the dark.

They found Miss White in the living room, gazing thoughtfully into the fire. As they entered she looked Jodie up and down and nodded her approval. “Jodie dear,” she said, “would you be so kind as to go downstairs and fetch a fresh bottle of brandy?” “Of course,” answered Jodie, and she bounded off. Luz…

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