First Encounter In The Barn

First Encounter In The Barn


I had just returned from a long ride. I was feeding my beautiful stallion when I heard footsteps behind me. Then I heard a deep voice it said: “Strip!” he instructed. Then to bend over the saddle that was in front of me. Without hesitation I hurriedly removed my boots, jeans and shirts. Becoming very excited by not knowing what was going to happen to me. The man then informed me that I had been a very bad girl and needed to be punished. I asked what I had done to receive punishment. He said that I had not given my stud a proper rub down. And for that I would receive 10 swats. “There’s nothing you can do now,” he said, “You have absolutely no control.”

As he finished saying that he began to administer the swats with my riding crop. First the left side of my ass and then the right side. “Such a perfect ass.” He said as if to Himself. Each time that the crop touched my backside it sent a chill through my body. It was one that I did not recognize because I had never experienced anything like this before. The more strikes that I received; the more excited I became.

He then placed a bit in my mouth and used it to turn me around. He told me jojobet that I would hold my head high and proud like a horse. As he was telling me this I realized that my pussy was becoming wet. He then took the strings that hold hay bales together and tied my hands and feet to the nails on the wall. And began to use the crop on my nipples and pussy. The pressure was intense but not too bad. The pain was a most intense, pleasurable feeling. Causing me to moan, move my hips, and arch my back. Although this was quite hard considering that I was tied to the stable wall. As he was doing this, my nipples harden to rocks and my pussy became soaking wet.

As quick as the spankings had started they were over. And I was being untied from the wall. Leaving my body and mind wanting and craving more. I was not to be disappointed.

He then commanded me, “Lie across my lap Face Down.” And that he was going to give me a lesson in rubbing down and that I had better pay attention, because I was expected to perform the task later on him. I said him; “Yes, Sir.”

He then began a slow almost painful exploration of my body. Starting at my neck and jojobet Giriş then moving to my back. All the while holding my head high with the reigns. His other hand free to caress the entire length of my body. Pushing between my thighs and around my waist. I was overpowered by the feeling; by my need for him touch me, by my desire for him. Even though I did not know him. He ran his fingers up through my hair, across my face, down across my luscious tits, occasionally brushing or flicking my clit. Causing me to cry out in pure joy. Then he began to caress the curve of my ass and the inside of my thighs. I started pressing myself against his hand, which was beginning to massage the lips of my wet pussy.

He then slid me off his lap and removed the bit before shoving his cock into my mouth; with a promise to replace it. I began to lick it starting at the head and working my way down to his balls. I then took both balls into my mouth hungrily and sucked them vigorously. I worked my way back up his shaft and licked the head of his cock with my tongue ring rubbing the edge of the head of his cock. He started to moan in pleasure begging jojobet Güncel Giriş me not to stop. I obliged him by taking his whole rock hard cock into my mouth. I began to suck up and down in a slow sensual way. He then yanked my head up and replaced the bit and reins, telling me, “Stand up, bend over the saddle, and spread your legs.” He then pushed inside me, I gasped loudly through the bit. As he exclaimed, “What a tight and wet pussy that you have.” His cock was not small by any comparison. First moving very slowly letting me become accustom to his massive size, and then gradually moving harder and faster until his entire cock was in my pussy pounding it hard. All the while massaging my ass with his fingers and occasionally slapping it with reign straps. He then inserted first one finger and then another into my ass. Moving his fingers around and around and deeper into my virgin hole.

After long minutes, I felt him start to come in me, by now, I was screaming into the bit, and his fingers were moving frantically in and out of my ass. I felt a rush as he started to explode inside me, cum gushing into my pussy. The feel of his orgasm pushed me over the edge and I experienced the most intense orgasm of my life.

With the sweet smell of hay and the odor of the animals surrounding us. We laid there basking in the after math of our wonderful encounter. Knowing that we would soon meet again.

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