Fantasy Night Ch. 03

Fantasy Night Ch. 03


“I have an idea.” You told me as You looked at me, smiling that devilish smile You save only for me. “Yes”? i answer.

“Go get your camera and we will take pictures.” You never fail to surprise me.

You know that i am nervous, but as usual, with a smile and some patience, you relax me. “you know that i am proud of you, don’t you?” You ask as You sit me down onto the bed. “you know that I love to show you off.”

“Yes Sir”. i answer. i know very well how much i mean to You. You never let me forget it.

“Here now, put your finger inside the leg of your panties. If you are going to wear them, you might as well let the world see them.” i do as i’m told. i slip my middle finger inside the leg, only to see the look on Your handsome face and hear Your gasp of air.

“What’s wrong, Master”? i ask.

“Nothing, My dear, just slip your finger in farther.” The grin is back.

i once again do as i’m told. i slip my finger farther inside my panties. i am now touching my cunt lips. A flash of bright light brings me back to my senses, i have no idea what my face looked like when You snapped the picture.

“O.k. unsnap your bra and hold your beautiful tits for Me, but don’t cover them up.”

That is a hard job to do, as my tits are kind of small. i do the best i can and i can tell that You are pleased. “Look at Me, pet.” You say softly.

i look straight into the camera and hear You snap the picture.

“Take off your panties, and kneel for me.” Your voice is getting demanding, just xslot the thing i don’t need right now. i climb onto my knees after i have removed my thongs and i know how You want me. Knees spread out and my hands behind my back. You surprise me,

“Put both of your hands on your sweet pussy. Hold it open for me, precious.” i start to tremble. i know where this is leading. i only wish we could hurry up.

i do as i’m told, i always do as i’m told. i want to please You. Pleasing You is the only thing that matters to me. Making You proud to call me Your slut.

“Ah, yes. Yes My angel”. Your demanding voice has turned into a raspy whisper. “Look at Me as you touch your clit.” if You only knew what this was doing to me. Picture after picture was taken. With each click of the button, i get wetter and wetter. my nipples are hot and i feel a fine film of sweat breaking out on me. i am nearing the edge. my pussy is dripping wet and my clit is hard and swollen.

“Mmaster,” i whisper.

“Yes, My love”?

“May i”?

“May you what, dear”?

“Mmay i ccum?”

“Now? No.” You sound as though You are amused by me. Even though You know what taking pictures of me like this does to me.

Your answer nearly crushes me. i hold on, knowing if i give up, You will be disappointed. i will not disappoint You. i love You, You are my Master and i refuse to let You down.

“Put three of those tiny fingers inside your pussy and fuck yourself. Do it for Me. Look at me and fuck yourself. xslot Giriş I want to watch.”

i continue to hold my lips open with one hand while i put three fingers inside me and fuck myself, like You told me to. Oh, this feels too good. my pussy is soaking, dripping and is hot and soft inside.

“i want to cummm”! i scream out.

“No!” You tell me. Your own voice is starting to crack, watching me fuck myself is one of Your most favorite fantasies. i try to fulfill everyone of Your fantasies, just like You try to fulfill everyone of mine.

“Please, Master!” i cry.

“Take your fingers out of you and put them in your mouth.”

i don’t know what is happening, i can’t stop. It feels too good. “No, Master, please don’t make me stop, please!” i am on the verge of tears.

“Do it, now!” You tell me and i know i had better do it. With my fingers shaking, i put them to my mouth and taste them. i hear the shutter click again for the first time in what seems like forever. i know You are still taking the pictures, i have just been preoccupied. my pussy juice tastes good and sweet and a little salty. It smells good.

“Yes, that’s My girl.” i hear You and i want to scream out Your name.

“Are you ready to cum, sweet?” You ask me, knowing that i am. You know i can’t hold out for much longer. And i get the feeling that You won’t be able to either.

“Yyes sir.” i can barely speak.

“Put your fingers back inside you and rub your clit. you have been a good girl, xslot Güncel Giriş you may cum now.”

“OhthankYouMaster!” i can’t help it, i have to speak so fast that all my words run together. With my fingers working my cunt and tits on fire, i open my eyes to see You watching me throught the lens of the camera.

i hear Your voice, “Yes, baby, cum for Me. I love to watch you cum.”

It starts in my legs, i feel them start to quiver. Then the start to flex. my pussy juice is dripping onto the bed and i feel it going into the crack of my ass. i close my eyes and see You fucking my ass. my body goes stiff, my ass raises off the bed and i scream Your name. i can barely hear You,

“Yes, cum. Who are you?’

Your slut……!” i cum. my pussy tightens around my fingers and i feel the contractions that Your cock feels when i cum with it inside me. i hold my fingers still and feel myself settling down, my breath is slowing and so is my cunt, though it still longs for You.

Then next thing i know, You are holding me, kissing me. You tell me that i am the reason You were put here on this earth, to be loved by me. You then enter me slowly with Your hard cock. Your hands stroking my face and hair, Your eyes burning into mine.

“Cum for Me, again. Cum with Me.” Your voice has a plea in it. i hear it everytime we make love. i cannot help but obey.

“i love You, Master, my Master.” i whisper into Your ear as i cling to You and cum again.

“I love you, My angel.” You say softly as go stiff inside me and i feel our juices mixing together.

Later, as we fall asleep, holding each other, we count our blessings. We both feel that we have been truly blessed with each other, and our love shows it, night after night, day after day. Picture after picture.

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