Opening the door to the two-story home, things don’t “feel” right. A cold hand races up the back of Jared’s spine, setting the hair on the back of his neck on end. Looking around warily he slowly makes his way into the too silent dining room. No TV is playing in the den, and no stereo is playing in the house. Which is odd considering his little submissive loves to listen and sing with the songs played by the local radio station and music stations she had discovered upon coming to live him two months ago. Moving catlike through the hall, Jared searches the living room, then the den for any signs of his submissive. A nagging feeling needles at his gut as he closes in on the kitchen, which by now should smell of cooking food. Growling low he moves silently through the house, moving to his study and still finding no sign of the now infuriating slut.

Catching the sound of a muffled cough, Jared moves quickly toward The Chamber… His room. Where only he takes her when he wishes to use, abuse and pleasure her. Placing his palm flat against the wooden door, he lays his ear against the engraved wood trying to catch any signs of who might be trespassing in what He had made as a safe and comfortable place to take Leigha.

Hearing the sound of a whip crack, followed by a muffled moan as the lash made contact against flesh causes Jared’s caution to be thrown wayside. Slamming the door open, he moves swiftly into the room stopping only inches from the only means of safe escape.

Staring in disbelief at the two women before him, Jared’s eyes make burning contact with the dark hazel eyes of his girl. The flogger still held tightly in her right hand, her fingers buried possessively in the dark triangle of a bound girl, and the unmistakable crisscrossing lines of flanges across her milky white skin. Letting his eyes travel her body, his teeth grind as images flash in his memory of nights spent with this girl now holding the flogger, as HE made those same identifiable marks on HER body.

Letting his eyes come to rest on the bound girls face he wonders what it would be like to kiss those soft pink lips wrapped around one of his silk gags and have him place the unmistakable look of subspace on her lovely features, Jared slowly forms a snarl, his lips curling away from white even teeth. Eyes narrowing dangerously, he watches as Leigha slowly slides her manicured fingers from the girls’ cunt, being sure to torment the already abused flesh. With eyes glinting, a slow challenge lights her dark hazel eyes. ‘Oh yes her training was obviously coming along just fine’.

“What the hell?”

The whispered curse slips past Jared’s’ sneering lips, taking a deep breath Leigha raises her chin proudly as she grasps the handle to the flogger more tightly.

“Master, I didn’t expect you home so soon. I thought you were in Colorado on a business trip.”

“I was, just not long enough apparently.” Stalking the few steps between himself and Leigha, Jared snatches the flogger from her hand. Grabbing a handful of hair, he forces Leigha to her knees in front of him on the hard polished wooden floor for her bound toy to see. Keeping his fingers firmly tangled in Leigha’s long brown hair, Jared watches as the girl slowly focuses on the scene before her dazed vision. Looking into her shocking blue eyes his loins tighten with anticipation. ‘This will definitely prove very interesting’. Glancing down at the woman kneeling at his feet in silent supplication Jared smiles, evil thoughts race through his mind. The thought of forcing his dear little submissive to watch as he uses his skill on her ‘experiment’ suddenly seems like a wonderful idea.

Pulling Leigha’s head forcefully back with her hair, Jared leans down into her face, lips nearly touching hers.

“She have a name love?”

His question is met by a soft whimper; with trembling lips Leigha slowly nods her head. Looking up to the girl, he sees her building discomfort. Moving her wrists nervously in the cuffs, he watches as she strains against the chains holding her arms above her head. Noting that her feet are firmly planted on the floor and bound to the rings at the ankles, he nods his head in surprised admiration of his slut.

“You have learned well Heaven.”

“Thank you Sir.”

The whisper brings his attention back to the girl still clutched in his fingers. Narrowing his eyes, Jared releases her abruptly and watches as she falls into a crouch at his feet.

“Release the bitch, we…”

Looking from Leigha to the other indicate that she is also included in the ‘we’ part of the coming conversation.

“We have much to talk about.”

Rising quickly, Leigha releases the now frightened girl. Whispering calming words to her, she tries to reassure her that master is not going to punish her in any way. If anything it would be Leigha receiving a brutal reprimand, and since coming to be with him he has never once hurt her in anger. Shutting the door and locking it, Jared turns on the two kağıthane escort girls. Snapping his fingers, Leigha quickly takes her place at his feet.

“I am Jared, also known as Lord Master Dracko. I do not know how much my slut has told you of me, but apparently she has told you more than she has told me at this point. That we will sort out later. Your name please.”

Looking from Jared to Leigha, the girl wrings her hands nervously then swallows the sudden lump that has formed in her throat. Swallowing again trying to rid herself of the oppressive object she opens her mouth but no sound is made. Licking her lips, she senses Jared’s eyes watching her.

“I’m Shauna, Sir.”

Raising an eyebrow, Jared seems surprised to hear the use of the term ‘Sir’, obviously something has been going on for some time. Looking to Leigha, he watches as she lowers her head in shame. Or to hide that infuriating smirk she gets when she is proud of herself or enjoying a cat and mouse game at his expense. “Nice to meet you Shauna.”

Nodding her head slowly, Shauna stands waiting.

“Seems my slut has been working with you for quite sometime, you may sit.”

“Thank you Lord Master Dracko.”

Moving quietly with slight stiffness, she finds a place near Leigha but far enough out of Jared’s reach. Noting her choice of seating arrangements, Jared chuckles softly, rising to pace the enclosed space he wonders to himself just what he is to do with his girl… and this newly added yet deliciously looking twist of fate offered into his lap. Hearing a slight noise, Jared turns to find both Leigha and Shauna on their feet. Folding his arms over his chest, Jared plants his feet firmly apart as the girls boldly approach him. Looking at the two of them, he begins to wonder what is going through their devious minds. Smiling wickedly up into his face each girl reaches for his wrists, taking them into velvety soft hands Jared quietly allows them to lead him into the dimly lit bathroom he had built within ‘the chamber’. The scent of melting candles and flicker of the burning flame draw his attention to the small room, looking from Leigha to Shauna, Jared opens his mouth as though to speak. Quickly placing her hand over his mouth, Leigha stills the very idea of speech. Deciding to play this game a little longer, Jared’s curiosity is peeked. Shaking her head in denial, Leigha leads Jared into the close confines of the bathing room. Entering the room Shauna quickly shuts the door and slides the bolt into place. Glancing back, Jared stares dumbly at the new bolt. He wasn’t the one who installed the blasted thing, but he would be the one to remove it… maybe. Closing and locking the door, Leigha and Shauna slowly converge on Jared and start removing his shirt. Their soft hands brushing against his chest and arms as they slide the material from his body, standing before Jared Leigha places her hands on her hips a devious smile on her lips. “Remove your pants Dracko, I want to see your naked flesh before me.”

Looking down into Leigha’s eyes, Jared laughs.

“Who the hell do you think you are cunt? I’m Lord and Master here.”

“Not tonight you aren’t Dracko.”

Holding her head at a defiant angle, she watches the menacing change come over Jared. Leigha watches as Jared’s eyes begin turning from brown to near black as he attempts to reach for her. Hearing a sharp hiss, Jared feels his throat throttled by the lash of a whip. His whip. The cord cutting his ability to breath in half. Cursing under his breath Jared slowly unfastens the button of his jeans and releases the zipper. Letting the heavy material fall from his hips, Leigha watches the material pool at his feet. Smiling at the sight of his nakedness before her, she reaches out and strokes Jared’s thigh causing the hair on his legs to stand on end. Slowly tracing her finger up Jared’s thigh and across his cock, Leigha smiles as it jumps at her tender touch. The blood beginning to pump through his veins brings the member to life, gently wrapping her fingers around the hardening cock she easily pumps the rod from base to head. Squeezing as she repeats the action, watching his face as Jared’s eyes slowly flutter closed and a moan passes his lips.

“Did I say you could speak?”

A fast crack against his thigh snaps Jared’s eyes open, staring in disbelief at Leigha. Snarling slightly he quickly conceals the glare of doom in his eyes and takes the part of submissive, averting his gaze to the floor his jaw tenses as he clamps his teeth against the unspoken snide comment.

“That’s better. To your knees boy.”

Watching Jared slowly go down onto his knees, Leigha watches his body tense, the strong muscles in his shoulders flex with each fist he forms at his sides. “Apologize to your Domme boy.” The softly spoken command coming from behind him surprises Jared; the mouse he had seen in the Chamber is no mouse after all. Getting no response Shauna tightens the lash ever so slightly against elit escort istanbul Jared’s throat. Bringing his head up, Jared stares dumbfounded at Leigha. Of all the arrogant, pigheaded, hair-brained women, attempting to rise, his only thought is to wrap his hands around her neck and bring the little bitch to her knees. The sudden pull against the whips lash still wrapped around his throat stops Jared from his attempted desire of getting to his feet, cursing under his breath he raises defiant eyes to Leigha. The look of love shining in her now dark hazel eyes knocks the wind from his sails; softening his own deathly look Jared lowers his eyes to the floor. Cupping Jared’s face gently, his lips caress her palm in a silent apology. Using his tongue to trace small circles in the center of Leigha’s’ palm, she feels the warm moistness of the tip of his tongue against her skin. Pulling her hand slowly away from Jared’s mouth, she traces her manicured fingertip along his roughened jaw line to the delicate shell of his ear. Softly tracing the contours of the shell shaped ear. Moving away from Jared, Leigha smiles gently into his face, feeling her heart nearly skip several beats with her love and desire for her Master. But knowing at some point she will pay for this wicked game, and pay dearly. Swallowing the lump in her throat, Leigha turns her attention on Shauna.

“Rise and get yourself bathed. Shauna assist him girl. I want him cleansed for this evening.”

Watching Shauna kneel beside the tub, Leigha sits in the chair silently enjoying the relaxing sound of the water sloshing and dripping in the tub as Shauna bathes Jared’s’ body. Smiling as he stands in the water, Leigha gently rubs her braless nipples through the sheer blouse hanging loosely on her thin frame. Knowing how much this excites Jared, she lets her hand wonder down her stomach and over her wet crotch. Leigha’s eyes narrow as she watches his mouth gap slightly, then suddenly snapping shut and swallowing the saliva in his mouth. As Shauna continues to soap his body, Leigha watches her hands move expertly over Jared’s wet skin with the cloth leaving a soap trail along his thighs and down exquisitely shaped legs.

“See to it you wash him completely slut. Leave nothing untouched.”

Hearing the quick intake of breath Leigha lazily travels her dark eyes up Jared’s body to his face.

“Nothing untouched boy bitch. I want your body clean.”

Waiting for an explosive denial from Jared’s lips, Leigha nods her head as he drops his head in submission to the command.

“Very wise Dracko, you are learning my love.” Watching Shauna’s hands roam Jared’s beautiful body, the soap washes away the dirt of the day. Cocking her head to the side Leigha watches as Shauna begins washing his ass. Her light touch and coarseness of the soapy cloth slide over Jared’s cheeks as he stands there with head down. Leigha can see that a mental battle is waging within Jared’s dark mind, the desire to take Shauna’s hands from his body and most likely the want to wring her own neck. Leigha knows that indeed she shall pay for this trespass. With fingers twitching, Jared’s legs begin to tremble as desire races through his taught body. A soft curse slips past Shauna’s lips as she drops the cloth into the cooling water. Leaning into the tub to retrieve the dropped cloth, Leigha stops her hand by gripping her slender wrist. With Jared watching Leigha’s actions she can almost hear his body hum from the sexual tension racing through his veins.

“Use your hands Shauna My love, feel him awaken with your touch on his bare skin.”

Shock fills her suddenly widened blue eyes, but letting the cloth fall from her fingers she silently complies with Leigha’s soft order. Lessening the grip on her wrist Leigha seems pleased to see how well her training is beginning to take affect.

“Yes M’Lady, as you so desire.”

Releasing her wrist Leigha places a finger under her chin and gently pulls Shauna to meet Leigha’s gentle lips. Setting her lips against Shauna’s in a gentle kiss Jared moans from above. Deepening the kiss, Leigha’s tongue teases her bottom lip requesting Shauna to open her mouth. As Leigha feels Shauna’s compliance, her tongue snakes into Shauna’s mouth possessing it, claiming her. Slipping her hand into Shauna’s hair, Leigha’s fingers entangle in the thick tresses at the base of her neck. Balling her fingers in the mass of shimmering dark locks Leigha pulls her head back away from her kiss gently. Shauna’s eyes close and Leigha trails warm kisses down her jaw and over her exposed throat. Shauna’s soft moan brings a grin to Leigha’s lips as she gently releases her from the spell woven about the girls’ senses. Looking up to Jared, Leigha traces the contours of his face with her dark hazel eyes. Following the curve of Jared’s jaw, Leigha traces a path with her eyes down his throat and past his collarbone to lazily caress his muscular chest and abdomen until coming to rest on the now rigid cock fatih escort standing boldly before him. Reaching out to Jared, Leigha wraps her hand around his throbbing cock and strokes it leisurely with deliberately slow strokes. Jared’s moan again tells Leigha that any control that Jared thought he had was slowly slipping from his grasp. Using her palm, Leigha rubs her fingernails over the head of Jared’s cock, feeling the warmth of his cum seeping from the slit in the velvety soft head. Suddenly pulling away from him, Leigha nods to Shauna to finish her task and wipes the soap from her hand to return to lounging in the chair next to the tub she was seated in. Balling his hands into fists Leigha grins crookedly as Jared struggles to remain standing, Shauna’s soft hands lather his inner thighs and slowly work toward his cock. Slipping her fingers between Jared’s butt cheeks, Leigha watches as his body instantly tenses. Making a clicking sound with her tongue she shakes her head and points toward the floor. Dropping his eyes, Jared slowly bends forward. Shauna’s fingers slip over the tightly puckered hole of his anus as she cleanses his body. Rubbing her hands between his legs from behind, her palms rub lightly against his ball sack sending chills over his entire body. A soft chuckle from Leigha nearly brings Jared to his knees, a harsh hiss and ragged breathing his only reply to the new sensations coursing through his lean, muscular frame. Daring to glance in Leigha’s direction, Jared watches as she raises her head slightly cocking an eyebrow at his obvious defiance. The single look alone says more than a hundred words could speak. Watching Jared drop his head she smiles slightly, watching Shauna continue her administrations to Jared’s body. . Standing with jaw clenched and trembling, Jared gasps as Shauna’s hands slowly caress his throbbing cock. Pulling back the foreskin to rotate her hand around the head of his velvety dick, Shauna glances up to watch his reaction. Moaning, the sound a near growl as Jared slowly crumbles to his knees in the chilled water of the tub. Rising from her seat, Leigha snatches the towel from the hanger and hands it to Shauna. “Get up Jared my sweet, I am not finished with you as of yet.” Slowly rising to his feet, Jared stands next to Shauna as she offers the towel for him to wrap around his tightly sculpted waist. Still trembling Jared cautiously steps from the tub and places the towel snuggly around his slim hips. Turning to look at Leigha, Jared sees the black strip of cloth grasped in her hand. Slowly shaking his head no, a mutinous threat cloud his dark eyes as Leigha shakes her head yes. Feeling the firm, gentle grip of Shauna’s hand on his wrist, Jared finds his hands being bound with a sturdy rope. The course rawness of the roping warns Jared not to struggle, for if he were to struggle against the hemp cord the marks would be evident on his wrists for a long time to come.

“Turn around love, ’tis time for my pleasure.”

As Jared turns around Leigha can only imagine the glare cast at Shauna as her face breaks into a wide smile and she lifts her hands up as if her wrists were also bound by some invisible rope. Stepping onto a stool, Leigha places a blindfold over his eyes and securely ties the knot behind his head. As Jared’s vision becomes totally impaired; a low growl escapes his throat. Taking hold of the towel wrapped around Jared’s body, Leigha snaps it quickly from his waist, exposing his nakedness. Unlocking the door she opens it, letting the cool air kiss his damp body as Jared is led into the outer room. Giving softly spoken directions, Jared is led the short distance to the stairs with Shauna’s voice as his only guide. Beginning the slow ascent up the stairs, Leigha rests her warm hands against Jared’s hips to keep him balanced as he slowly walks from one step to the other. Leading him into what he knows as the master bedroom, Jared catches the scent of burning candles. Being told to kneel, he slowly goes to his knees feeling the bed make contact with his legs. Letting his weight sink into the mattress; Jared feels the solid push against his shoulders as Shauna or Leigha forces him onto the mattress, his bound wrists going under the weight of his body, trapping them under his muscled chest. Leaving Jared’s ass fully exposed to view, vulnerable. Knowing how easy it would be for someone to fondle him, he feels a slight frisson of excitement and then the dreaded anticipation of what might happen. Listening intently for any changes in the sounds around him, Jared steadies his breathing waiting for some sound. Hearing none, he waits. Jumping slightly from the soft touch of hands, Shauna and Leigha chuckle at Jared’s expense. Not making a sound, two sets of hands begin touching and stroking his body, caressing the goose bumped flesh along his strong arms and legs. As the assault of caresses continues, Jared becomes aware of the path they are taking. Softly the hands linger against his sides, sliding lower until they stroke his stomach making him quiver with anticipation.

The gentle stroke of fingernails causes Jared to catch his breath as the path leads to the thick mass of hair between his legs, just at the bold caress touches the base of his hard cock, Leighas’ lips brush against Jared’s’ mouth.

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