Dirty Words

Dirty Words

Big Tits

You tell me to stand still in front of you; the thick, black rope is in your hands. You proceed to roughly, wind the rope round both my breasts, pulling it tightly until they ache and are left standing to attention in front of me. The handcuffs jingle as you secure my hands behind my back. The order to kneel on the bed can only be obeyed and I desperately wiggle into position, the lack of hands hindering my process slightly, making you impatient. You push my shoulders down forcing my head onto the pillows and I raise my bottom instinctively, spreading my legs open at the same time; I know by now what is expected of me and what is next to come.

You force your fingers into my anus and I groan with the heady erotic feeling as you stretch me wide open and ready for your entry. I can feel your cock as it pushes it way, deep inside me, stretching me further. When it is fully inserted, you stop and slap my arse, hard.

“You better not dare to come!” You growl.

I answer with a whimper, “I won’t Sir.”

Taking up the slack from the breast bondage, you start to pump your cock viciously hard and fast into my arse, riding me like a naked slavish pony. The rope pulls at my breasts, scraping my tender, engorged nipples across the sheets.

“Fuck me, you dirty slut,” You shout.

I start to push my arse onto your cock, as you pull at the ropes controlling the rhythm. The ropes tighten round my breasts further, making me cry out with combined pleasure and pain. Suddenly, you let go of the ropes and yank my head up by my hair. White, hot pain shoots through my scalp as you lift me up to whisper in my ear,

“What are you?” You ask.

“I am your dirty whore and slut Sir.”

Satisfied, Ümraniye Sınırsız Escort you release me and withdraw your cock from my arse. I am now positioned on knees with my back against the cool wall; you are holding me up by one hand tangled in my hair, and slapping one of my tied breasts with the other. The red, hot pain that surges through my breast makes me swoon and you pull my head back up with my hair. You swap over and start to rhythmically slap my other breast. The pain begins to diminish as I start to float away into the blackness.

My mantra plays in my head, “Please my Master, please my Master.”

I am fully aware that this is an exercise in obedience and punishment for my bad attitude with you earlier. My head flops forward onto your chest when you let my hair go and I ache for the cuddle of reassurance. You give me a brief embrace and then instruct me to lie down my back. Even though I long for a more substantial cuddle, I silently obey.

You push my legs up high and wide and let them rest on your shoulders as your cock enters my cunt.

“Remember, no coming,” You remind me.

I groan and shake my head obediently. I desperately try to stop myself from coming as your thrusts become harder, deeper and faster. I shut my eyes and let my head drop to one side.

“Look at me,” You command.

I force myself to look you in your eyes and bite at my bottom lip as the frustration becomes almost too much to bear. You place your hands around my throat. I plead at you with my eyes, but then submit as I see your determined expression. I know that my Master would not let me come to any harm and I trust you completely. A gentle illimitable Ümraniye Suriyeli Escort force is applied to my throat, slowly becoming tighter until I cannot take another breath. I shut my eyes, feeling my body go weak as my head becomes empty. The next thing I am aware of is the pressure being released and my Masters cum being ejaculated into my cunt. I gasp, drawing in a deep lungful of air, as my Master’s pleasure ends.

I move over as you collapse beside me and demand me to clean your cock. Hastily, shaking the dizziness from my head, I pull myself up although my arms and hands ache from lying on them, and I position myself between your legs to clean the various juices from your cock. I wistfully hope that my punishment is over and that you will take me tenderly into your arms. However, my Masters needs come first and I am eager to obey when you tell me kneel on the floor and collect all the toys up and put them away into the box using my mouth. I try to stem the feelings of humiliation while I do your bidding and I can feel you watching me complete the task as quickly as possible.

You then stand and tell me to get up and follow you to the bathroom. I run a small of amount of warm water into the bath as instructed, climb in and kneel facing you in the water.

You utter one word, “Open.”

I open my mouth and you position your cock towards it, the stream of piss gathers on my tongue and I gulp it down. Three more mouthfuls follow which I swallow down gratefully as if it is the finest vintage wine. You tell me to take one more mouthful. I struggle to swallow this last drink and try to overcome the retching. I always feel that I am letting you down slightly Ümraniye İranlı Escort when I cannot take anymore, but I realise that have taken more than I have previously.

I resolutely close my mouth and bend my head, as the last of your piss covers my head and runs down over my breasts. I gulp back my tears of humiliation as you continue to mark your property. When I have cleaned the piss from your cock thoroughly you tell me to stay there and leave me kneeling in your excrement. Tears stream down my face when you leave and the thirty seconds that you are gone seems longer. You return, undo the handcuffs, and tell me to run more water, quickly wash my hair and body and serve you tea and biscuits in the bedroom. I clean the ropes thoroughly as instructed, being careful to be gentle with my sore, bruised breasts and hear you turn on the television. When your tea is made, I enter the bedroom and kneel on the carpet by the side of the bed to pass you the cup and plate of biscuits.

I bow my head bashfully, but you cup my chin in your hand and tilt my face up to look you in the eye and tell me that I am your good girl. A silly, girlish grin spreads over my face, I am so happy that I have pleased you, the punishment is over, the badness forgiven and forgotten. You roughly undo the rope that bounds my breast firmly together, pulling it swiftly until they are both realised. The action leaves me gasping as the blood is released back into my breasts, leaving them throbbing in more pain. I wait kneeling patiently while the pain continues to explode through both my breasts. You watch me gain my breath back and then tell me to join you in bed.

I clamber into bed, rest my head against your chest as your arm snuggles me close to you. My heart feels like a Yorkshire pudding rising in the oven and overflowing over the side of the dish. Tender kisses and cuddles develop and then the tweak of my nipple sends me back to catch the last tendrils of sub space and I float away contently safe and secure in your embrace.

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