Zoe’s Dressed for Success


First attempt at a story like this, do let me know if you like it and any comments as to how to improve! Just a guy that wants to get better!


6.50am and the alarm makes its usual invited, but unwelcome, sound to indicate the start of another day.

Zoe rises slowly out of her bed, shoulder length brown hair ruffled as she pads across the deep carpet to the bathroom, stopping just for a moment in front of the full-height mirror to take in the sight of her naked body.

The view of her petite 5′ 2″ frame in the reflection, with the small but perky breasts sporting tight little nipples jutting out in front, causes her to smirk to herself in the morning light.

Sleeping naked is somewhat unusual for the 29 year old, after splitting with her boyfriend nearly a year ago, comfort and shut-eye are the only things her bed has really seen in recent months, but the chance to feel the soft silk sheets against her skin was too much for her the previous evening, and she stripped down to her birthday suit, falling asleep before giving in to any lustful desires.

After seeing to her usual bathroom routine, Zoe carefully dressed herself in matching purple thong and bra, tight black suit trousers, crisp white longsleeve business shirt with enough buttons left open to give a hint of cleavage, and Ankara travesti black single-button jacket, before slipping on some mid-height heels and springing off out of the door for another day at work.

She knew how she’d feel before she got to work. Her chosen outfit had some effect on her that she didn’t understand fully, but instantly made her sensitive to any remotely erotic sensation. Perhaps it was the power of being smartly dressed, or something else, but by the time Zoe was sat at her computer at the marketing agency she worked at, the familiar warm sensation was beginning to grow between her legs.

Throughout the morning all-hands meeting, and back at her desk, she kept subconciously rubbing her legs together to put any kind of pressure on her warming crotch that she could, and by the time her morning coffee break came at 11am, the inside of her purple thong was already slick with her dampness.

She stood in the office kitchen listening to the dating affairs of her colleague Jennifer, a tall blonde in her 30s who had today chosen to wear a tight blue dress cut to just above the knee and which hugged her 32C breasts like a second skin, but could simply manage a nod and a smile as she struggled to contain the sensation between her legs. A sensation not helped as the meandering conversation Antalya travesti reached Jennifer’s recent sexual escapade with Dan from Finance in the stairwell of a carpark.

Zoe’s nipples were now hard against the white fabric of her shirt, but mercifully hidden by the blazer she’d kept done up, as her eyes took in the curve of Jennifer’s hips in that blue dress. A part of her mind pictured what she’d look like without it on, but she shook that away before making her way back to her desk to at least attempt some work.

It wasn’t long before the yearning became too much, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to wait until home-time to satisfy the urge, she (as calmly as she could) made her way to the bathroom, locked the cubicle took off her jacket and ran her hands over her clothed breasts, shuddering as the mixture of fabrics brushed against her all-too sensitive nipples.

She spread her legs wide, the seam of her trousers and V of her thong tightening against her pussy, tensing and easing her stomach muscles to drive some friction against her crotch, causing her to gasp.

Her hands then began rubbing up and down her thighs, not yet reaching her apex, but getting closer with every movement.

The jerking movements she was making causing the toilet seat cover to bang İstanbul travesti rythmically, plastic on ceramic, but she was lost at this point, lost to the sensation which was now reaching fever point inside her.

It was only then she reached her right hand down inside of the waist band of the tight black trousers and began the little pulsating movement against her clit with her index finger which got her nearer to climax. She immediately grabbed the wall and gave a loud gasp, before gaining focus again, with her left hand now going down inside of her shirt and bra to flick at the engorged nipples.

She pushed two fingers inside of herself, as deep as she could with her hand jammed in her trousers and she pinched at her nipples with all the pressure she could muster.

As the wave of an intense orgasm began to wash over her, she arched her back and gasped loudly, letting the sensations branch out from her pussy to her head and toes, before gently sitting herself back squarely on the seat.

After a few more moments of come down, she pulled her left hand from her breasts, and her right from her now sopping wet crotch, noticing the cuff of her shirt was now damp from her creation.

Once she’d recovered, and had cleaned herself up at the bathroom sink, she made her way back to her desk, hoping no one would notice the damp shirt sleeve or the post-orgasm flush on her face.

As she made her way home, Zoe made sure to stop off to buy a bottle of wine, ready to give herself a little “me time” before changing out of her outfit and snuggling up naked in her silk sheets.

First attempt at a story like this, do let me know if you like it and any comments as to how to improve! Just a guy that wants to get better! —– 6.50am and the alarm makes its usual invited, but unwelcome, sound to indicate the start of another day. Zoe rises slowly out of…

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