Years In The Making

When Ryan’s alarm went off, he was pretty groggy, so he lay there for a couple of minutes before he remembered the reason he’d gone to bed with a major hard-on. Today was the big day: he and Kaley were finally going to hook up. He kind of laughed at the thought of “hooking up”, because that sounded pretty innocent compared to what was really going to happen. They weren’t going to hook up; they weren’t going to have sex; and they certainly weren’t going to make love. They were going to fuck. More specifically, Ryan planned on fucking Kaley as hard as she’d ever been fucked. And if real life turned out anything like his masturbatory fantasies, well…

They’d known each other for years, but both had been involved with others, so they’d never gotten together. When they reconnected via text message, Ryan subtly brought up a sexual topic to see if Kaley would bite. She did, and the conversation snowballed from there. They’d been texting for weeks, so each knew what the other liked, what they loved, and what put them over the top. Both had talked about how good it was going to be once they would finally be able to get together, and now they were about to find out.

Kaley had just gotten out of the shower when Ryan arrived. She answered the door in a towel and said she just needed to brush her teeth. When she came into the bedroom where Ryan waited, Kaley was making a half-hearted effort to keep herself covered with the towel. She lay down on the bed, and Ryan wasted no time. In less than two seconds, his hand was caressing her cheek, and their tongues were in each other’s mouths.

She felt his erection against her leg. What she thought was already hard became even harder. As she felt Ryan sucking her tongue and pressing his cock against her, Kaley shuddered with anticipation. Ryan somehow managed to undress without breaking their kiss. A momentary draft of cool air between her legs made Kaley realize her pussy was already soaking wet. She held Ryan’s head in her hands as he sucked görükle escort and lightly bit one nipple while gently fondling her other breast. She thought this might be enough to make her come. It wasn’t, but Ryan’s fingers were.

While sucking her tits, Ryan ran his hand up Kaley’s inner thigh. He could feel the heat from her cunt before his hand even got close. She was so wet that as soon as Ryan touched her, three of his fingers slid inside her. “Holy fuck!” she moaned, as her nipples hardened and her body squirmed. Ryan pulled his hand out, fingered Kaley’s hard clit, then put his hand back deep inside her. He did this over and over, and Kaley was about to explode. “Don’t stop,” she said. He kept going, plunging his fingers deeper and deeper, rubbing her clit faster and harder.

When she came, her whole body shook. Her back arched, her toes curled. She was completely unaware of how loud she was. Ryan couldn’t believe how wet Kaley had become. She was soaked from her waistline to her knees.

Kaley decided to take charge, at least for a moment, so she pushed Ryan over on his back. She started to grab his cock, but found Ryan’s own hand wrapped around it. Seeing a guy touch himself had always been a huge turn-on for Kaley. Another huge turn-on was when Ryan let go, then took Kaley’s hand and placed it on his cock. With just one stroke, he moaned with pleasure. Kaley had never felt anything so hard and couldn’t wait to suck it.

“Oh, yeah!” Ryan whispered loudly, as Kaley, in one motion slid down toward the end of the bed and put his cock deep inside her mouth. He couldn’t believe how quickly it was seemingly halfway down her throat. She took his cock out of her mouth, and Ryan soon realized Kaley was only getting started.

Her blowjob skills were quite meticulous, to say the least. Kaley carefully ran her thumb upwards along the shaft. Ryan recoiled slightly when he felt her tongue lightly licking the head of his cock. It then took him a few seconds eskort bayan to realize she had only the very tip between her lips and was simultaneously sucking and licking. Less than a quarter-inch of him was in her mouth, yet he’d never felt anything like this before. He’d barely even noticed she was very lightly rubbing her fingertips just below his balls. He asked Kaley to stop, because he wasn’t ready to come yet. She took his cock out of her mouth and did one of her favorite things: she squeezed upward, causing a small load of pre-cum to ooze out. She licked it off and pulled away, stretching a string of the pre-cum from his cock to her mouth.

“Fuck me!” said Kaley, as she climbed on top of Ryan. But he had other plans.

Ryan forcefully rolled Kaley onto her back, taking her by surprise. He wanted to show Kaley he was in charge, and she was happy to give in. The heat rose from her wet pussy and it glistened in the light as Ryan placed the palms of his hands on Kaley’s inner thighs, spreading them as far apart as they’d go. With his fingers on her thighs and his thumbs on her butt cheeks, Ryan dove in headfirst. Kaley moaned as his tongue surged deep inside her. With his tongue in her pussy, he sucked her clit. Another orgasm came out of nowhere. Ryan lapped up her juices as they flowed onto her ass.

Ryan knew what Kaley was waiting for, because it was the favorite thing for both of them. Using his thumbs, he spread her butt cheeks a little more, licking and sucking her wet asshole. Kaley put her hands on the back of Ryan’s head and pressed herself into him even more. This time when she came, it was so intense her legs squeezed together and pushed Ryan away from her. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, as Kaley’s entire body thrashed on the bed. Kaley was certain she’d never experienced anything like that before. And she hadn’t even gotten fucked yet.

“Turn over and get on your knees,” said Ryan. Kaley was happy to obey and was quickly altıparmak escort on her knees and elbows near the foot of the bed, ass in the air, waiting to feel Ryan’s cock deep inside her. Instead, she felt it sliding up and down her ass, immediately discovering it was possible to be turned on even more than she already was. Ryan finally entered her, sliding only the head of his cock inside her and then pulling out. He did this repeatedly, and she quickly realized he was teasing her. “All of you!” cried out Kaley. And she got all of him — all of his tongue, that is.

Ryan was on his knees, eating her out from behind. With a hand on each cheek, he spent a couple minutes licking from her dripping pussy up to her ass. Ah, her beautiful ass. Time to spend some time there. “I love it!” is what Kaley had said when they had talked about ass licking. She writhed with pleasure as Ryan licked her ass. She started to finger her clit, while at the same time three of Ryan’s fingers entered her juicy pussy. All the while, his tongue pressed hard against her asshole. She was so wet, he was able to penetrate it slightly with the tip of his tongue. He thrust it in and out repeatedly until she came yet again.

They both paused briefly and took a deep breath. But before Kaley knew it, she had a rock-hard cock deep inside her cunt. Still behind her, Ryan had his hands on her hips and was no longer teasing. With quick motions, he pulled his cock all the way out and slammed it all the way in, as deep as it would go, over and over, the sound of their flesh slapping together being drowned out by Kaley’s screams.

Now it was Ryan’s turn to explode. When he started to come, he was still inside her. But he decided to pull out and shoot his load of hot come all over her. Ryan pressed his cock in the crease of her ass and jizzed on her back. He could feel the orgasm way down deep into his balls, as the come just kept shooting out. The last surge was a load that went onto her asshole and dripped down to her pussy and onto the sheets.

She collapsed onto her stomach, her back and ass covered with his come. He rolled over onto his back and lay next to her, as they both basked in the afterglow. They had expected it to be epic, but this was off the charts.

When Ryan’s alarm went off, he was pretty groggy, so he lay there for a couple of minutes before he remembered the reason he’d gone to bed with a major hard-on. Today was the big day: he and Kaley were finally going to hook up. He kind of laughed at the thought of “hooking up”,…

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