Wrangler Butts Ch. 03

Wrangler Butts Ch. 03


Mitch woke slowly, the soft breeze wafting across his body as he lay against Darrin’s sleeping form. He propped himself up and enjoyed the sight of the man next to him. At some point during the night they had kicked off the covers, leaving them both completely exposed, and Mitch was enjoying the scenery. He had thought from the first day that Darrin’s crystal blue eyes and light brown hair made him irresistibly cute. The goatee and lightly haired body just added a level of hotness to the overall effect. Of course, there was the fact that he had always been attracted to bigger guys, and Darrin’s muscular, tall body was perfect so far as Mitch was concerned.

Darrin’s bare body allowed him to enjoy what was so often covered. The light dusting of chest hair that concentrated over Darrin’s sternum and then plunged in a sexy line to his pubic bush was hot, thought Mitch. And it was a bush too, while it might have been pruned back a little, it certainly wasn’t mowed to almost smooth. The covering of hair on his legs and calves did give you a clue about the thick fur that Mitch found so erotic that covered his ass. Of course, the physical attributes were just a plus so far as Mitch was concerned. He found it adorable that Darrin was so easily embarrassed, usually by things that Mitch thought were really hot. Mitch thought back to last night, when their ‘few more minutes’ had stretched into a couple of hours of cuddling and soft whispers. Eventually, he could no longer resist the tantalizing man in front of him. He caressed Darrin’s chest, running his fingers through the hair, enjoying the texture of man under his fingertips. As he rubbed over Darrin’s nipples, his blue eyes fluttered open and a smile stretched across his face.

“What a great way to wake up. I could stand that every morning,” said Darrin as he stretched.

Mitch leaned down and licked one of Darrin’s nipples, feeling it harden as he gently worked on the pink circle. His fingers slid over its wet surface, his saliva matting down the hair surrounding it. Both men enjoyed the slow process and the time to leisurely explore each other’s bodies. Running his fingers through Darrin’s light brown pubic hair, Mitch carefully caressed this man he was beginning to think of as his lover. Darrin rolled toward him and pulled their faces together, pressing their lips softly against each other. Mitch reciprocated with a slight parting of his lips, his tongue gently touching the moist lips pressed against his. Pulling back, he gently stroked the masculine face before him and smiled.

“So how’s . . . everything. . . this morning babe?” said Mitch.

“Hmm, very good. My boyfriend woke me up and he’s amazingly handsome.”

“So, you’re not . . . sore?”

Darrin wiggled a little, thinking that last night certainly had an effect on him, but felt very little tenderness in his neither region.

“Nope, no damage done.”

Kissing Mitch gently on the lips, he rolled over on top of him, covering Mitch with his larger frame.

“Oh damn, you’re squishing me with your fat ass!” teased Mitch.

“I’ll show you fat ass! And you seemed to like my ass last night, Mister!”

“Hmm, yeah. That was good wasn’t it? Maybe nice bubble butt would be more accurate than fat ass,” said Mitch as he ran his hands over Darrin’s backside. “Yeah, definitely a nice ass. Definitely.”

Darrin wiggled his ass under Mitch’s hands and leered at him. “Does that mean you’re ready for another round, stud?”

“Hmm, that was fuckin’ amazing. Your ass was so tight around my boner. Shit.” said Mitch.

Mitch opened Darrin’s ass and dipped a finger into the groove between the twin mounds. Finding his target, he stroked Darrin’s tight pucker. As it slowly opened, Mitch pressed his finger in, catching the slight wince that flickered across Darrin’s face. Deciding that Darrin needed a little more recovery time, Mitch slowly withdrew his finger, as he nursed on Darrin’s nipple. He enjoyed the masculine texture that rubbed against his hand and felt Darrin move in sync with him, humping against the smaller man under him.

As their juice-coated cocks rubbed against each other, the friction brought their heat to a new level. Mitch reached between them, and wrapped his work-roughened hand around their rigid cocks, trapping them in his vice-like grip. Mitch heard Darrin’s gasps, and felt his urgent thrusts as he moved closer to a climax. The feeling of hard, slick cocks sliding together, and through his hand, soon had Mitch panting as a familiar tingle emanated from his balls. Twisting slightly, he took Darrin’s nipple in his teeth and started gnawing on the knob of stiff flesh. As his teeth sank into the hard nipple, Darrin let out a guttural scream.

“Shit! Fuck yeah! Harder!” cried Darrin.

Mitch increased the pressure of his teeth, as he continued his constricted grip on their cocks. Feeling the big man rabbit fuck into the created cavern, Mitch surrendered to the losing battle with his own climax. With cum racing down his cock, he realized that Darrin was shooting his load Escort bayan over their trapped dicks. Mitch’s body tensed as his jizz shot into his already over-flowing hand. Their cum mingled as both men were submerged in their post-orgasmic delirium. Wrapping his arm around Darrin, he held him tight as they both relaxed in the early morning light. Eventually, he felt Darrin push himself up. As their eyes locked, he smiled and wiggled a little under Darrin’s crotch.

“College, I could get use to doin’ this all the time.”

Darrin kissed him softly and then smiled. “Oh yeah. It’d be easy for this to become a habit.”

Moving further apart, Darrin planted his bare ass on top of Mitch’s pelvis. Running his hands over the gooey mess below him, he chuckled.

“Wow, what a mess. I think we need to clean up, dude!”

Mitch raised his cum filled hand and quickly reaching up, trapping Darrin’s face and kissed him. Then he fell back to the bed, laughing.

“We sure do now!”

Darrin moved off, leaving the cum handprint on his face. Stopping he turned back to look at Mitch.

“Just remember. Paybacks are hell . . .” And then a huge smile broke over Darrin’s face as he pulled Mitch from the bed and toward the shower.

The rest of the week was spent with short periods of frantic activity, followed by a lot of waiting. But the periods of slack time did allow them to spend more time getting to know each other, and exploring each others bodies, both of which moved to a whole new level. But as their time on the station drew to a close, Mitch started hatching plans for an intimate surprise for Darrin. He volunteered them to do some fence repair on a remote part of the station, knowing it wouldn’t take all day so they would have time for . . . other things.

“Mitch, explain to me exactly why you volunteered us to repair the fence in the BF Egypt part of the ranch?” asked Darrin.

Mitch wiped the sweat from his face and answered, “Only three more posts. Then I’ll show you why.”

Mitch flashed his brilliant white smile at Darrin, grabbed the posthole diggers and began pounding at the ground. Digging through the stony earth, both of them were drenched with sweat. After they tamped the dirt around the last post, they piled the fence building equipment on the ATV. With Mitch driving, they started across the pasture. Minutes into the ride Darrin noticed they were not going back the way they had come.

“Hey Mitch. Where are we headed?”

Mitch glanced back and smiled. “I told you. It’s a surprise, and the reason we spent the last three hours digging holes in that damn limestone chert.”

They drove a few more minutes, with Mitch enjoying the feeling of Darrin’s arms wrapped around his waist. He was almost sad when they reached their destination. Mitch slowed as they entered a densely shaded grove of trees along a winding creek, and it’s accompanying surprise; a large, secluded, swimming hole. Turning, Mitch planted a hot kiss on Darrin’s lips and then vaulted off the ATV.

“First one in gets a blowjob!” yelled Mitch.

Mitch plopped on the bank, yanking off his boots and quickly stripping as Darrin struggled beside him to do the same. Mitch threw his t-shirt into the air as he ripped it over his head and launched his bare ass into the cool water. Surfacing he watched as Darrin waded out to him. When he was close enough, Mitch lay back to float and wrapped his legs around Darrin’s stomach.

“Slow poke. You gotta suck me off now!”

“Whatever, like I have to lose a race to enjoy doing that,” said Darrin with a smile.

Mitch laughed and tightened his legs around the taller man. Wrapping his arms around Darrin’s neck, Mitch pressed their lips together, passionately kissing him while he ran his hands over Darrin’s scruffy face. Releasing the kiss, Mitch floated in the water with just his legs holding him to Darrin. Moving again closer, he grabbed Darrin’s shoulders and began slowly humping his hairy abdomen. Then after working Darrin into a state of high arousal, he pushed off Darrin’s torso with a laugh and swam off a short distance.

“Come on cute ass, try to catch me!” yelled Mitch.

Time suspended for them as they played in the cool water. Their concerns evaporated in the warm Texas sun as their foreplay and horseplay intermingled. Finally exhausted, they emerged from the sparkling water and collapsed on a convenient patch of grass. Panting to catch their breath, their play had left both of them in a state of semi-arousal. Mitch leaned over and kissed Darrin on the jaw, flicking his tongue down his neck, still tasting a hint of salty sweat as he moved his way down the big man’s body.

“Damn Mitch. That feels good,” said Darrin with a moan.

“I’m horny as hell. I wanna fuck you.”

“Here! What if someone finds us? It’s awfully open.”

“Nah! No body will come up here. They’re still workin’.”

Darrin glanced around again. “You’re sure?”

“Yeah, positive.”

Darrin leaned in and kissed Mitch again, Bayan escort “Yeah babe, fuck me. You have me horny as hell.” He moved back slightly and then lay down, opening himself to Mitch’s exploration.

Mitch smiled in delight at his partner’s receptiveness. Placing his hands under Darrin’s knees, he pushed them back and exposed the fur-lined trench. He lowered his face and tentatively licked at the contracted scrotum. Moving south his tongue slowly trailed through the thick hair until it found the puckered gem nestled inside. Mitch ran his tongue in circles around the twitching orifice, not touching the inner folds. He looked up and watched as Darrin ran his fingers over his nipples, mimicking Mitch’s actions. Moving back to his groin, Mitch sucked Darrin’s mushroom head into his mouth. He polished the coating of precum from it, causing Darrin’s moans to escalate. Diving back to his backdoor, Mitch curled his tongue into a rigid little cock and shoved it inside Darrin’s hot ass. Pistoning his head back and forth, Mitch eagerly tongue fucked the expanding opening. Listening closely, he could tell from experience that Darrin was close. Not wanting this to end so quickly, Mitch stopped, laughing softly as Darrin emitted a low moan of disappointment.

“Not so fast, College. I have more things in store for you.”

Crawling over the flushed body beneath him, Mitch moved upward and planted his ass over Darrin’s face. He knew that Darrin loved the musky pheromones that clung to his body hair. Of course, he thought, it doesn’t hurt that I love for Darrin to eat my ass. Darrin’s tongue probed upward, searching for its goal. A small gasp escaped from Mitch’s lips as the hot tongue hit its target. Mitch unconsciously started sliding back and forth over Darrin’s face as the intense pleasure radiated from his hole. He felt big hands clamp onto his thighs as Darrin’s tongue eagerly feasted on Mitch’s hirsute butt. He reached down and grabbed both of Darrin’s nipples, twisting and playing with them as his ass was reamed.

As the lust reached a boiling point, Mitch again stopped. Moving off Darrin, he fished in his jeans for the now ever-present condom. Kneeling, he unrolled the magnum size sheath over his throbbing boner. Pressing forward, he gasped as his swollen dick made contact with the hot hole in front of it. Spitting on his dick, he pressed forward, but immediately felt Darrin tighten, resisting his entry. Pulling back he looked at Darrin, shocked to see tears rolling down his face.

“Shit! What’s wrong? Are you hurt?”

“No, I’m fine. Don’t stop!” said Darrin around a barely stifled sob.

“Darrin. Are you hurt?”


“Why are you crying then?”

“I’m not. It’s fine. Please. . . just fuck me.”

“Babe, I have to let you in on a secret. I very seldom fuck a someone who is crying.”

Mitch sat back on his heels, caressing the man in front of him. Mitch was baffled, unable to determine what had happened. Moving forward he laid on Darrin, moving up until they are face to face.

“Come on. What’s goin’ on? No bullshit either. This is kinda freaking me out.”

A huge sob rattled through Darrin. “You must think I am such a freak!”

“No. But I’m getting worried. So whatever you tell me can’t be worse than what I’m imagining.”

Darrin nodded agreement.

“Is it us? Is it something I did?” asked Mitch.

“No! God no!”

“Ok, then tell me. Start at the beginning, work through the middle and then wrap it up.” Mitch said with a smile.

Darrin smiled feebly, “Yes. Okay. “

Mitch moved so that he was holding Darrin’s head in his lap. As he gently caressed Darrin’s face, Mitch wondered what could be affecting him so deeply. He watched as Darrin took a deep breath and started to explain,

“Well, it was like this. I mean the swimming hole and all. I was there with Teddy, my . . . friend. From down the road. I was about 15. Teddy and I messed around from time to time. Actually we messed around whenever we could. We were 15!”

Darrin flashed a feeble smile at Mitch and was comforted when he returned it and touched his face gently.

“Sounds nice babe. Did something happen to Teddy? Is that what happened?

“My Dad happened. Teddy and I had snuck off and met at the swimming hole. He only lived a mile away so it was an easy walk. We’d gotten pretty hot and heavy, enough so he had started fucking me.”

Darrin smiled weakly at Mitch and then gathered his courage to continue.

“So, anyway. Teddy was pounding my ass and I was moaning. I don’t know if you noticed, but I can be a little loud when I’m getting fucked,” said Darrin with a smile.

Mitch barked out a laugh. “Yeah babe. I might’ve noticed that.”

“Yeah, so, we were going at it. We never lasted long. We were young and horny. About the time Teddy was filling my ass with his load, I heard someone screaming from the top of the bank. It was my Dad. We hadn’t heard the pickup, and he caught his son getting cornholed, with a fresh load of spunk escort up his ass.” Darrin was now gritting his teeth in determination to finish.

“Ok. So then what happened,” asked Mitch, afraid he could see the direction this was going.

“He screamed at Teddy that he was going to burn in hell for the sin of fortification.” Darrin looked at Mitch and tried to smile again. “Did you know I was sending you to hell?”

“No, you aren’t sending anyone to hell,” said Mitch.

“Anyway, he sent Teddy home. Almost ran him home was more like it. Once he was finished with Teddy, he whipped me. He said he was beating the demons out of me.”

“Do you want to tell me about it?” Mitch said through clenched teeth, thinking it was good that Darrin’s Dad was out of his reach or he would have killed him then and there.

“Not much to tell. He had me grab the side of the pickup. Didn’t even let me get clothes on, so I was naked. Just to complete the humiliation, I had cum running down my leg as he whipped me.”

Dreading the answer Mitch asked, “He whipped you? With?”

“Baling wire.”

Mitch choked in fury, his vision glazing over to red, as he envisioned his lover being beaten with wire in some sick effort to ‘cure’ him of being gay. He was beyond livid. He swore to himself that he would kill the man. Realizing that Darrin was hypnotically replaying the scene, Mitch refocused on the story.

“Yeah, it was in the pickup bed from feeding. He grabbed a couple of bundles and opened them together. I remember hearing the noise of air whistling through them each time just before they hit. I don’t know how many times he whipped me. 10 or 15? I was screaming, and begging for him to stop. When he did stop, I just collapsed.” Darrin turned to look at Mitch as the tears renewed, “Then he left me. On the ground. He drove home and left me there. Once I could stand, I put my clothes back on and walked to the house. That night when I showered, I had long bruises covering my ass. Some of them oozing blood. For each time the wire had hit me.

“Did you tell anyone?”

“Tell ’em what? That I got a whippin’?”

“No, that you were beaten. That wasn’t a whipping, it was a beating.”

Darrin laughed sadly, “I guess. But no, I never told anyone. And he never mentioned it until the day I came out to him and my mom.”

“What happened then?” Mitch asked, apprehensively.

Darrin gave a hollow laugh, “Not much. I’m quite a bit bigger than him now, so he didn’t try anything physical. Just told me to get out and never come back. That I was dead as far as he was concerned.” Darrin paused for a moment. “And that he thought he’d beaten that demon out of me years ago.”

Turning his head again to look at Mitch, “I guess he didn’t succeed did he. Because I’m in love with you, Mitch.”

Mitch felt his heart flutter as the words were spoken. Leaning over he kissed Darrin softly. “No, it didn’t work. And I love you too.”

Mitch moved so he could hold Darrin. He pulled the bigger man against him and held him tight in his arms. He unconsciously started to rock him gently and hum a tuneless melody. His rage at Darrin’s abuse was tempered with the simple declarations that they had both spoken. Reaching up he kissed Darrin’s cheek, realizing that tears were still silently rolling down his face.

“Oh babe, I feel awful that I brought all this back up for you.”

Darrin turned with a laugh. “Don’t. Don’t you dare. I wouldn’t change anything. And these are tears of happiness because you love me. And because your boyfriend is apparently a big ole girl today.”

Mitch chuckled and started teasing Darrin’s belly, soon having him writhing helpless with laughter. Stopping he kissed Darrin again.

“Ok, I think its time we left.”

Darrin turned with a frown. “I’m sorry I fucked up your day. It was so great too.”

“Oh, shutup bitch,” said Mitch with a laughing growl. “This day isn’t over. We are just moving to a new place.”

They quickly pulled on their clothes, leaving their shirts off in the Texas heat, and climbed on the ATV. Darrin soon realized things were looking familiar, as they stopped at a steep overlook.

“Mitch, is this . . .”

“Yup, same. I thought a place with fantastic memories was just what the doctor ordered.”

Turning he laid his thighs over Darrin’s, pulling him into a tight embrace that culminated with a steaming kiss. Mitch ran his hands over the amazing chest in front of him, as he again wondered at his luck. As much sadness and rage as he still felt at what Darrin had told him, Mitch was determined to make this afternoon a pleasant memory. Moving down, he kissed Darrin on each nipple, taking them one at a time in his mouth to suckle on them. Darrin braced himself against the back on the ATV with small mews of pleasure escaping his lips. Soon Mitch moved on top of Darrin, grinding his jeans covered crotch against the hardness below him.

Scooting back, he opened Darrin’s jeans and kissed down to his crotch. Mitch smiled at the new bright yellow jock that he had somehow missed earlier. He chewed on the hard penis in its fabric confines, flooding the material with saliva. After soaking the bulging jock, he reached up and pulled the strap down, tugging until Darrin’s jeans and jockstrap were bundled around his knees.

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