Working with Wendy Ch. 01

Before getting into the story, I should state that although I have enjoyed reading stories on this site for many years, this is my first time writing. Whilst feedback is appreciated, I am a virgin author so please be gentle with me.

What is in the following story is based on real events, but there are almost certainly some factual errors due to the almost 20 years that have passed between the time of them occurring and the time of writing. Names may also have been changed to protect the not so innocent.

It was the Spring of 2003, building up to a particularly hot summer in the UK as I recall, and as a single 21-year-old I was working for a small engineering consultancy in a small town in England’s West Midlands, having just completed an Apprenticeship to qualify as an engineer. The world of building services design was an opportunity to work in construction, which had been my ambition for as long as I could remember, and whilst not as glamorous as Architecture, the opportunity to create great effects with lighting design (when client budget allows) was always something I enjoyed.

Towards the end of my apprenticeship, I had started to take on my own designs, rather than just assisting the other engineers with elements of theirs. This involved meeting with clients, producing the designs, supervising the construction through site visits every few weeks, and dealing with any unexpected problems on site as they arose. It was a steep learning curve, but I’d been trained by some good people, and I enjoyed the opportunity to get out of the office and see things.

The office I worked in was an old building, converted for office use some time in the 90’s. The engineers occupied the open plan first floor (in the UK we call the upstairs the first floor), with the ground floor comprising a meeting room, kitchen, toilets, reception office, and admin office. At the time it was all male engineers and CAD staff (not usually the case these days, but at that time there weren’t as many female engineers in the industry), with three girls — Paula, Claire and Claire – working in the admin office downstairs. I say girls, the youngest was a couple of years younger than me, the office manager Paula mid 20’s, and the older Claire approaching 30.

I quickly realised the importance of a good relationship with the girls in the office. Keep them on side and they would go the extra mile for you, and on occasion your work would magically jump the queue ahead of work for someone they didn’t like, so I made it my mission to be friendly, polite, take an interest in what they were talking about, and making my writing legible so that any letters or documents would be easier for them to type, and also less likely to have any errors when it came back to me to check. I also quickly discovered what dirty minds they had, and it is fair to say that I learnt a lot from their conversations. Where most of the other guys in the office would walk out of the room at hearing stories about how their boyfriend’s cum was “still dripping out” from the previous night, I laughed along and joined in with the smutty talk.

While I was single at the time of this particular story starting, I had been in a couple of relationships since starting work there, as well as a couple of one night stands, and the girls always claimed they could tell when I’d had sex the night before and demanded to be told the details.

Whilst I was always happy to flirt with the girls, and they were attractive enough, there was never any thought of a relationship with any of them. Paula was recently married, the older Claire was in a long-term relationship, and the younger Claire was a lovely girl, but just wasn’t really my type.

When Paula became pregnant one Spring, the growing bump would regularly be referred to as my baby. It wasn’t my baby — indeed, I never slept with her — but after I had said it as a joke one day early in her pregnancy, she kept the joke going throughout the pregnancy (and after the baby was born, jokingly referring to him as my little boy for a few years afterwards).

Paula’s pregnancy meant changes in the office were inevitable. A larger company may have been able to cope with being a member of staff short for a few months, but it was clear to everyone that the other 2 girls wouldn’t be able to cope with the increased workload. The solution that management came up with was to temporarily promote the older Claire into Paula’s role and bring in a temporary admin assistant to help with the filing, some typing and answering the phones, and so they advertised for temporary staff and set up a day of interviews for their shortlisted 3.

The interviews involved 2 of the directors, Paula and Claire, with Claire then giving a tour of the office to the candidate while Paula and the 2 directors discussed what they thought of the candidate’s suitability for the role. The tour also gave the opportunity for myself and Dan, one of the CAD guys of similar age to me, to give our own appraisal of the candidates.

The first girl to be shown around looked rather shy and timid görükle escort bayan and was a little chubby — nothing wrong with that as such, and I wouldn’t say she was overweight — with short dark brown hair. Nice cleavage was the one positive I could see, probably at least a D or maybe a double D cup I thought, but although I don’t mind a decent set of boobs, it wasn’t enough to overcome the fact that she just didn’t seem my type. “Not a great start” I thought to myself, mentally giving her a 5 out of 10.

Girl number 2 was quite an improvement. A little taller and slimmer, probably about a C cup breasts that looked round and firm and were framed nicely by the dark blue low-cut dress that she was wearing, long brown hair with a cute smile. “About a 7/8 out of 10” I thought to myself.

Then came the best of them all in my opinion. Girl number 3 was of similar height to girl 2, blonde medium length blonde hair, slightly slimmer than girl 2 and with slightly smaller boobs that I estimated to be only a B cup or at a push maybe a C, but such a cute smile that captivated me instantly. Add to that an amazing firm round ass that I couldn’t take my eyes off as she turned to go back downstairs, the sway of her buttocks imprinted in my memory. My recruitment decision was made, bum edged out boobs for me — girl three was the one I would have hired.

5 minutes later, both Dan and I received telephone calls from Claire, asking us to go downstairs and give our verdicts as she knew we were both scoring them.

“Definitely the second one” said Dan, who always preferred brunettes. “She was so fit, she’s got to get the job!”

“No way” I responded, pleading the case for the blonde goddess that I simply couldn’t take my eyes off earlier. “the third one, the blonde, she was much nicer. Her smile and that ass! A definite 9 out of 10 at least!”

“But number 2 had bigger tits!” argued Dan.

“Not by much! Besides, girl 3 looked like she’d be better in bed!” I argued back.

“Well, I’ll see what I can do” laughed Claire, “but it’s not my decision. I can give my opinion as it’s me that will have to work with them, but ultimately it will be Paula that has the final say.”

And so, all I could so was wait and hope. I wasn’t sure what I was hoping for. Even if girl 3 was chosen for the role she would probably have a boyfriend already, or not be interested in me. Plus, there was the added complication of having to work with her until Paula returned from maternity leave, and the other girls beyond that, and the risk of being humiliated if I tried to make a move on her and was rejected. In a larger company it might be easier to hide away, but in such a small office everyone would know and there would be no hiding. However, I still hoped that she would get the job as if nothing else, at least I would get to see that smile every day, not to mention that ass that I knew I would fantasise about.

Fast forward a few days, and out for lunch with Claire. With the office being in a village on the outskirts of town, the internet being somewhat slower and less developed than it is today, and smart phones still several years in the future, there wasn’t really much to do at lunch time, so for three of us lads in the office it became a regular occurrence to get a lift into town with one of the girls, whether to shop, or just for something to do to get out of the office. This time was just Claire and I, and on the drive into town she gave me the news.

“They’ve offered the job to the third girl, and she’s accepted”.

“The blonde one? The one I picked out?” I replied excitedly.

“Yes” she answered smiling. “I thought you would be pleased”.

“When does she start?” I enquired.

“In a couple of weeks” she informed. “Her name is Wendy, she’s 18, just finishing at college and then she’ll be joining us”.

For the rest of the day my mind wasn’t really on work. It could be said that it wasn’t necessarily an unusual situation as although I loved my job, my mind could easily drift to think about sport, music, tv, weekend plans, travel, anything but work, and today my mind was on Wendy (as I now knew was her name).

The next couple of weeks passed uneventfully, and Wendy’s first day arrived. In many ways, nothing really changed for me. Of course, there was a new person in the office, and somebody that I found attractive, but the office continued to function as it ever did. Wendy was gradually shown how to do more things, from bringing the post round to everyone and making drinks for the engineers, to coming upstairs for a couple of hours to do the filing and answering the phones. She was becoming more confident as she got to know everyone better and, being a small office, that didn’t take long. We were generally all a fairly friendly bunch, and she quickly came out of her shell and the obvious nervousness of a new employee disappeared and the smile that had so captivated me before became more common.

I continued as I ever did, spending time chatting to the girls in their office as usual and singing along to altıparmak eskort songs on the radio that they had in there while I was sat in there working one day. As I got up to return to my own desk upstairs, Wendy glanced up from her computer screen opposite and discretely passed me a folded-up piece of paper with the briefest of smiles, before looking back at her computer screen. I waited until out in the corridor before unfolding the piece of paper and saw written there “your singing is terrible” with a smiley face. Not quite the impression I had wanted to make perhaps, but nonetheless it was an impression, and a smiley face which suggested a friendly tone.

I wrote a message back, saying that I’d been told I had a beautiful singing voice — this is a lie, nobody has ever told me that, other than myself, and I had once been banned from Karaoke on a night out after performing so badly in my first song. I managed to pass her the note back while she was making the drinks for the office.

Another reply was sneaked onto my desk, questioning who would have told me that. I forget how I answered that one, but the note passing back and forth continued over the next couple of weeks, the conversation turning to finding out about each other. Discussions involved interests, plans for the weekend, friends and family, that sort of thing, and along the way I discovered that she did indeed have a boyfriend who she had been with for over a year.

“Oh well” I thought to myself, “it was never likely to happen anyway”, and I resigned myself to the fact that we would just be mates. Yet still the note passing continued. However, it would seem that we had been spotted, as we were both called into the meeting room by one of the directors and spoken to about why relationships in the workplace were not a good idea. Walking out of the room we were both a little confused as although I found her attractive, we were just friends, and at that time there had been no indication that our relationship would ever become anything more than just friendship. Perhaps he had seen something that I had yet to see?

A few days later, during the morning she asked me if I fancied going into town at lunch time because she had some shopping she needed to do. Having nothing better to do, I offered to drive there if she didn’t mind me walking around with her as there was nothing that I really needed. She agreed that would be fine with a smile and went back to her filing.

Lunch time came around, and we set off together for the town centre, parking in the usual multi-storey car park at the shopping centre that dominated the centre of the town.

“So, what are you shopping for” I enquired.

“Clothing” she replied with a smile, leading the way through the mall towards the large department store at the opposite end of the centre. On entering the store, she headed straight for the escalators up to the first floor, then off towards the lingerie department.

“I want your opinion before I buy something” she said, clearly watching me to see what my reaction would be. “I know I can trust your opinion, and I’m safe to ask with you being gay”.

“Gay?” I asked in shock.

“Yeah, you and Andrew are always together” she teased. Andrew was my best mate in the office, and we formed quite a double act. He would usually join me on the lunch trips with the girls, or we would just pop out to the nearest shop together to get some food, and had on occasion met up outside of work, usually so that he could help fix a problem with my car as he was quite a capable amateur mechanic in his spare time.

“Ok” I said, “but only if you model them for me some time”.

She smiled back at me. “Maybe I’ll have to do that some time” she replied, “but only if you give me a massage while I’ve got my clothes off. I could do with one”

“I’m sure I could do that, I’m quite good at massages”. I wasn’t good at massages. In fact, I didn’t know whether I was any good at massages as I’d never given one, but I couldn’t tell her that and potentially miss the opportunity to not only see her in some sexy underwear, but to get my hands on her sexy body.

“Good” she went on. “It’s got to be ‘skin on skin’ though” she added with a wink as she picked out a sexy red, lacy thong and matching bra that would leave very little to the imagination, followed by a set of French knickers in black with lacy trim, again with matching lacy bra. “What do you think of these?” She asked, first holding the thong set against herself. “Would I look good in these?”.

“Definitely” I responded, wondering how far I could take things and adding “I bet you’d look better out of them though”.

“Interesting” she said, then holding up the other set, “and what about these?”

“I wouldn’t say no to a private viewing of those too” I replied.

“Well, maybe I’d better try them on to make sure they fit me now I know you approve”. And off she went to the fitting room, leaving me standing outside, looking awkward in the way that so many husbands and boyfriends can be seen looking nilüfer escort awkward outside fitting rooms in lingerie departments, conscious that all the women are probably looking at them and laughing at how silly they look. But at that moment I didn’t care one bit about that. All I could think of was how right now she was the other side of the wall trying on the very underwear she had asked my opinion on and offered to model for me, and how she had emphasised that she “liked it skin on skin” Sure she was talking about receiving a massage, but could she have been suggesting anything else, and would I ever get to find out?

She came back out, still carrying both sets of underwear, informing me with a teasing smile that she would take them. As we proceeded to the tills to pay I noted the size of the garments listed on their hangers -size 10 panties and 30B for the bras. The cashier seemingly thought we were a couple, asking whether they were a gift from me.

“No, but they might be a present for him later” Wendy joked back as I smiled nervously at the lady serving her.

Underwear bought, there wasn’t much time to look anywhere else, so we headed back to the office. The conversation in the car was back to normal, mundane conversation between 2 co-workers, almost as if the conversations of the lingerie department had never happened, and then back to work for the afternoon.

Understandably, not much work was done that afternoon as all I could still think of was how she would look in the underwear that she had purchased. And then came the next note, slipped discretely into my hand when I made a trip downstairs to collect a letter that had been typed for me by one of the girls. It read “Thank you for taking me shopping. Hope you didn’t mind. Txt me if it’s easier” and then her phone number, followed by a P.S. “would you mind giving me a lift home after work tonight?”

Getting her phone number might not seem such a big issue these days, especially with us working together, but this was a different time, before social media and smart phones, and not everyone had a mobile phone, and those that did may not have given their number out too willingly. So to get her phone number seemed another big breakthrough.

I decided to send her a message to reply to her note as it seemed less obvious to anyone else in the office than the passing of notes that we’d done before — ‘thanks for your number. Yeah, can give you a lift home. Meet you downstairs at 5?’

‘can we say 5.20? I’m supposed to be staying til 5.15 with Claire tonight, then give me a few mins to get ready xx’

I noted the kisses on the end of her message and added the same to my reply ‘yeah, no problem. Speak to you in a bit x’

At exactly 5.20 I got up from my desk, picked up my bag and headed across the open plan office for the stairs, wishing everyone who was left and ignoring a sarcastic comment from the director I reported to about not having gone at 5 as usual. Through the door at the bottom of the stairs and into reception and there was Wendy, sat waiting for me. She got up and smiled, thanking me for taking her home as we left the office, locking the door as we went for security as the only people left in the building were upstairs, and headed for my car parked at the back of the building.

I started the engine and put the car in gear ready to drive a way and felt Wendy’s hand on my thigh. “Can we talk?” she asked.

“Sure” I said, “but not here. Let’s go and I’ll think of somewhere”

I drove out of the car park. I had no idea where I was going to drive to, or what would be appropriate. You can’t just come out with ‘shall I find somewhere secluded so we can fuck’, but on the other hand would she prefer somewhere to be alone rather than being in a busy public place? I decided the busy public place was probably a safer option and remembering there was a park a short detour from our route back to her place I opted for there, parking up in the corner of the car park.

“So, what do you want to talk to me about?” I asked.

“I. I. I don’t want you to think I’m leading you on” She replied.

“How do you mean?” I enquired, a little confused.

“I overheard the girls talking this afternoon, saying what a nice guy you are and that they hope I don’t hurt you. I’ve got a boyfriend, so I shouldn’t really be flirting with you, but….”

“But what?”

“But, oh I don’t know”

There was a silent pause, probably only for a few seconds, but it felt like several minutes. I looked into her eyes and she looked back into mine, and in the moment I just knew it was now or never. I slowly leaned in to kiss her, and to my delight she met my lips with hers, and we had a long, passionate kiss, my tongue finding hers, and my hand resting on her leg as hers did on mine. We briefly parted and I saw her beautiful smile that had so captivated me the first time I saw her before kissing her again. This time I let my hand explore a little more of her body, starting with stroking her inner thighs through her work trousers, then up the side of her body. I felt her hand brush against the growing bulge in my trousers. If I wasn’t sure to start with whether it was intentional or accidental, I soon found out as her hand once again rested on my crotch, but this time it remained there and started to stroke up and down what could be felt of my shaft.

Before getting into the story, I should state that although I have enjoyed reading stories on this site for many years, this is my first time writing. Whilst feedback is appreciated, I am a virgin author so please be gentle with me. What is in the following story is based on real events, but there…

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