Working Girls Pt. 02

Working Girls Pt. 02


I’m eighteen going on nineteen, a virgin, and I’m in bed with my mom in our small studio apartment.

We finally left the whorehouse that was where I grew up and where we used to live and mom used to ply her trade.

We are both naked except for our platform high heels.

It is hard for me to take it all in, is it hard for you?

I hope so.

Both of us are short and so four-inch platforms and six-inch heels were always our preferred choice. These pairs were backless mule style, mine were red, and hers were lavender.

She’s actually my adoptive mom, my biological mother died in my childbirth. We were all of mixed Asian race and so we have long black hair, hairs comes down almost to her butt, my to the midpoint of my back. We both have slender bodies, though large hips for our frame. I have brown eyes, she has deep green.

We are both drunk, having split a bottle of wine; we didn’t get to drink at the Ranch where we finally left. So we were not used to drinking.

I think that explains our behavior.

Perhaps…or we’re just both naughty…and naked…doing naughty things.

We have that in common.

She has small perky breasts whose nipples are erect and aroused; my nipples are too, though I am flat chested, since I am actually an eighteen-year-old boy.

We are both working on our third climax-slash-orgasm.

We have been playing a masturbation game/dare that mom thought up.

I had bragged that I could cum multiple times and so she said, “Well then see if you can keep up.”

“I will,” I said cockily.

“Okay big boy, let’s see if you can.”

“If I do then what?”

“If you don’t,” she said with a sexy smirk, “I will spank you.”

“And if I do? What’s my prize?”

“Well, I’ll ahhhh…hmmm…I will lick the cum off of you, how is that?”

“That sounds like fun!”

“Now, before you go and start pumping that small adorable penis of yours…”

Now, I should tell you that I have a tiny one and small balls, always have. It is about maybe an inch big when it’s just hanging in neutral. When I get fully erect, it is a slender wand of about four inches. Hey, you work with what you got.

As she was saying…

“a few more rules. One, you have to last as long as I do. You lose if you cum before I do. That’s when I get to spank you. If you can’t cum within five minutes of my orgasm then the game is over. If you succeed in cumming within the five minutes after then I get to spank you but you get to try for another round. “

“What if you can’t cum anymore?”

“Not likely buster, I’m a pro at this,” She says with a swaggering slur.

“So each time I match you then you will lick up my cum load, wiping my Willie with your tongue is that my reward?”


I have a sore butt and I imagine mom has a sore

hand as well. I lost round one.

I did win the next two rounds…of God she has a great tongue! Seeing and feeling her warm soft yet firm tongue lick up my goo off of my bare skin was enough to almost have me cum all over again right then and there!

It was no wonder that I am still all aroused and able to work on my fourth climax of this masturbation game. I God it is so fucking hot watching her hands work her wet pink clit into a body shaking when moaning orgasm. The bed underneath her is a growing stain from her sex juices. We are both flushed and on fire from our repeated masturbating. Our chests rise and fall at a quick pace as we once again work ourselves toward our goal.

I wonder if you can damage your hands with this kind of repetitive motion?

Then we hear and feel a vibe of her phone.

“Ignore it…please…” I moan between strokes of my throbbing prick.

“I can’t it could be a client. I had you lean my number in an emergency. We need to check it out, now be quiet as I answer the call.”

“Oh Hell.”

Mom takes a composing breath and answers the call trying to sound like it is perfectly normal to answer a client’s call at eleven thirty on a Friday night.

“Yes, we were serious. Yes, we can take a job on short notice. Yes, we can be there within the hour. Big fraternity, big party to clean up after. Full price, yes it means we work naked. Showers? Oh…yes…I am familiar with the euphemism. That will cost extra. That many at the Fraternity, still expectable at that rate. Yes, it is okay to do that while we work…Yes, of course you will need to deposit that somewhere and yes doing it there means a minimum of mess for us to clean up afterwards…well just take it with us. No, we definitely don’t give out free samples, nor do we offer party favors. No, not offering a hands on service, nor a lip service.

This is strictly eye candy and cleaning. Cash, yes that is best. Yes, that amount is correct. Good that will give us time to get there and you time to get the cash. You’re on a cul-de-sac, no prying neighbors. We can just pull up and leave our clothes in the car. Cash to start. Text the address. See you shortly.”

“We have our first gig?” I ask all excited as I bounce up and down gaziantep escort numaraları on the bed, causing my still erect penis to wiggle in the wind.

“Yes we do. A Fraternity house, eighteen young men live there. We need to clean up tonight’s party. A few added wrinkles but not unexpected given the line of work we are in, I’m used to it and you’re a working girl now as well.”

“Whatever you say mom.”

“Now,” Mom says with a evil grin and wink as she reaches out and taps the tip of my head with her index finger, “We have barely enough time to finish our last round, then quickly into uniforms, stop and pick up a few towels or blankets at the local all-night drugstore, if my memory is correct and think I spotted them on the shelf earlier today when we were in the store.”


“Don’t worry about it. We might be a bit of a mess when we leave and so don’t want to stain the seats of the car. Just a precaution and the fact of doing business.”

“Okay mom, you’re the boss.”

We get dolled up, applying makeup and lipstick. We go for the scarlet lips, fingernails, and toe nails. We put on matching gold hoop earrings and we go for matching red platform high heels. Then put on our denim short shorts and a red tank top and we are out the door. It is exciting to be out in public dressed as a girl showing off my pretty shapely ass in these shorts. It is too bad no one is around to admire me at this hour of the night.

Mom explained that they have all the cleaning supplies on site, no need to bring anything.

We pick up the towels, drive off to the Fraternity House, and find it easily. We drive up as the last of the party goers are leaving. It is a cul-de-sac and so we park our vehicle and see that the house is relatively isolated, great for parties since there are no nearby neighbors to complain about the ruckus.

“Our employer said we can leave our clothes in the car, they’ll be safe,” Mom says as she gets out of the car and begins to take off her tank top.

“Got it.”

We toss what little clothes we were wearing in the back seat and then strut our bare asses as we do the catwalk in our red platform heels toward the house. It is more like a large two story small-scale mansion. It could easily house two dozen Frat boys. As we approach the front of the house, we are greeted by a dozen wolf whistles as the Frat boys have been waiting for us, all of them sipping and/or guzzling beers. They are a mixed bunch of white, Asian and black young men, just wearing boxer shorts. One is wearing a short black silk kimono and he approaches with bulging pockets.

“You’re early and dressed as you promised, this is looking good,” the young blonde Alpha male looking guy says, who I gather is the head of the house and our employer. “Turn around and let me get a good look at you two.”

We do the runway spin and he admires our naked bodies. “Well, I got the cash and you ladies certainly got the ass.”

“Hand it over big boy,” Mom says.

“Certainly, come and take it out of my pockets.”

Mom sashays up to him swing her hips and rubbing her body up against his. “So what do you have for me? Let me see what this bugle is about.” She reaches in to his pockets and takes out the cash.

“Need to count it?”

“Sure show me what you got,” mom says teasing him.

He begins to lay out the money on my mom’s open hands and they count it. Hmmm…it seems like a lot more than I would have expected…almost doubled…no tripled what our rates are. What’s going on?

“Satisfied with what you see?” Our employer asks.

“Oh yes. It is nice and tall and thick, just like

I like them,” mom teases as she walks back to the car all the time under his steady lust filled gaze. She stores the cash and the returns. “Shall we get to work?”

As we get closer to the house, we can here all the catcalls of the young Toms in heat.

“Damn they are hot.”

“Now that’s a Mother-I’ld-Like-To-Fuck!”

“I’ll say!”

“The jail bate with her is not bad either.”

“The fag is a nice piece of ass.”

“It would be sweet to go to town with those two.”

“I bet they could give us all a sweet ride.”

“Juicy little asses.”

“Sweet and sour Asian ass.”

“I hear their just for show.”


I try to ignore them as we get inside the large main room, which is a disaster from the party. As I survey the extent of the disorder, the Head of the House shows us both where things are and the extent of our clean up obligations.

“All tease and no putting out.”

“Not even a nibble?”



“Hope about a quick suck?”


“Just eye candy and cock tease.”

“But we can have some fun with them…”

“Oh yeah… A little Japanese special fun…”

“Can’t wait.”

“They’ll be such a mess.”

“Oh Hell yes! I plan on going at least two or three rounds.”

“Are you sure we can’t fuck those asses?”

“If we could? Which would you do?”

“Oh gaziantep escort bayan numaraları Fuck, man, I’d want to do both.”

“Hell yeah!”

We are also shown through the bottom floor, the main room, dining area, Kitchen, Den, all are strewn with bottles, cups, plates, remnants of food and evidence of debauchery and the devil may care partying.

“I’d do them both.”

“And…boss man said, no touching.”


“Just lookie-lookie?”

“Fuck yeah…”

“Not even a pinch?”

“A quick squeeze?”

“Na da.”

“No touchie.”

“Except! There is an exception!”

“Oh yeah…pillows!”

“We can play with the pillows!”

“We can hump those pillows!”

“Fuck yes!”

“Damn straight.”

“Which are you going to do?”

“Ain’t it obvious?”

“By the nights out, I’m going to hump all those soft round pillows.”

“Hooray for humping!”

We each put on some plastic gloves, then take a sturdy plastic trash bag, and then start picking up the trash. I’m doing recyclable bottles and glasses, and mom gets the compostable junk.

Wherever we go there are all those horny frat boys following us and lusting after us. I’ve never been around so much sexual energy, I feel like I’m just a sex toy or preforming in some porn show for them. It feels great and such a sexual rush. My little dick is throbbing as it and my balls bounce around as I bend and move picking up all the trash, feeling like I’m a piece of trash as well.

“Lookie the little fag has a hard on.”

“Such a tiny little thing.”

“It’s so cute.”

“It’s like a small mouthful.”

“Yeah, easily swallowed up.”

I notice that their all tenting in their silk boxers, some of them have even started to reach in and play with themselves as they watch us perform our chores for them.

“Damn it I want a piece of them.”

“Oh fuck yes.”

“Want to slide my pole in their hot wet holes.”

We have finished picking up the main room, emptied our third bags of trash and head back inside to do another of the rooms, when two frat boys sporting their erect cocks approach us.

“Okay time for a little play time.”

“Oh yeah.”

“Be a good piece of ass and bend over and spread-em wide.”

“But,” I mutter as I do what they say, “We were told sex wasn’t part of the service.”

“It’s okay,” Mom says as she bends over and leans onto the back of chair. “Relax and enjoy.”

“Don’t worry fag,” He says as him and his partner cuddle up against my and mom’s bare butt. “We’re just going to hump your ass.”

I watch as the frat boys cock slides up and down my mom’s bare ass even as I feel a hot prick and balls rub up against my ass cheeks. Oh my!

Ohhh…it feels like I’m being violated and yet it feels so good…mmmm…is this why we got paid so much?

They are using our getting off simulating fucking as they press their cocks against our ass and hump us. It’s like when I used to masturbate by humping a pillow at the ranch. I know how good it feels to do this and now I know what the pillow feels like as his hot hard cock presses and glides up, down and along my ass cheeks.

We are now surrounded by everyone as these two hump us. Most of the frat boys are now naked and they are slowly stroking their oiled or greased hard-ons as they watch their friends hump mom and my ass.

Oh God it feels good. I can feel his cock throbbing as he presses it up along and between my ass cheeks. I can feel him leaking precum as he picks up the pace. They moan and grunt as they are nearing their climaxes.

Oh God! I can see the other one’s cock shooting out white gooey cum all over mom’s ass and then I feel him spurting his hot cum on my ass.

My own dick is so hard and hot as well. I want to reach over and jack off so badly.

As the two finish ejaculating all over our asses they stagger back away.

Before I can catch my breath, I feel another set of cock and balls press up against my now slightly sticky bare butt and feel another one begin to hump me.

As he humps my ass it slowly dawns on me that all off them, all eighteen of these horny young men are going to take their turn with mom and I. Each one is going to hump us and get themselves off and shoot their cum loads all over our asses.

And we’re getting paid to let them do just that.

I’m beginning to understand what mom must have felt like all those years as a working girl. Guys paying to get off using her. Even though they’re not really having sex with us they are still pleasing themselves with our bodies and we’re being paid to let them.

Is that wrong?

I don’t know…but oh God…it feels so good.

I almost wish they weren’t just fake fucking my ass, but were really doing it. As he pounds my ass and presses his hot rod against me, I try and imagine what it we be like to feel that shaft sliding in and out of my asshole.

It is not long when suddenly he starts to erupt and I can feel his warm juices escort gaziantep numaraları spurting out between my ass cheeks.

I see my mom is getting her own thick creamy shower as well.

These two step away when their done and are replaced by the next pair of horny hot cocks as once again my wet ass is used for someone else’ pleasure.

I close my eyes and just enjoy the pleasure of feeling hot throbbing meat rub up against my bare ass or slip between my thighs as one after another takes his turn fake fucking my ass. Each spurting out their hot jizz and add to the collection of stick mess that covers my butt.

The next set of frat boys complain about our messy ass and don’t want to rub up against all that stick jizz. So they just quickly jack themselves off and pump out their load onto our butts.

In the end, we are both covered in nine creamy sticky jizz loads that coat our hot steaming asses.

“Now,” the head of the frat house address us sternly. “You two haven’t finished cleaning the place up but you’re both such a mess. We can’t have you dripping all that juice onto the floor, whatever are we to do with you two sluts?”

“That won’t be a problem,” my mom says in reply. “Dear, come over here and lick your mommy clean.”

Oh my God! My mom wants me to lick all that cum off her ass!

“Come on, don’t let it drip onto the floor,” mom says pointing her jizz covered ass at my face.

“Yes mom,” I say as I get on my knees and begin to lick her wet ass. So much cum and so many different flavors. I hold onto my mom’s bare hips to steady myself as I get into licking up this cum. It should be nasty, licking all these strange men’s cum loads. I should be angry that we allowed them to do this to us. We let them use us as there depository, as there cum rag, each and every one them. They got off on fucking us and shooting their messy loads all over our naked bodies and we had to let them. They paid us to let them. We are like cheap whores.

Oh God…yet, the smell of her hot moist cunt and the cum is strong and potent and adds to the sexual sensual act of cleaning up my mom’s ass. I am aroused like I’ve never been before in my life. Here I am naked in front of strangers and licking up their cum off my mom’s naked ass, and I am so turned on. What’s wrong with me? I am loving every little lick of this.

“That’s a good boy,” Mom says as I lap up the jizz off her ass. “Clean mommy up nice and good and then I’ll clean your little butt next.”

As I clean up my mom’s cum covered ass all around me I hear the frat boys laughing and joking about us, calling us sluts and cum whores and in general having a good time watching us. We are two cum sluts licking up all their cum juices.

It’s almost as if they paid us to give them all blowjobs, for in the end I’m swallowing their jizz.

“Okay boy, that’s good enough. Let Mommy clean you up now.”

I stop and do as I’m told.

“You’ve been a good boy,” Mom says as she gets behind me. “Now mommy is going to reward you and clean you up. You are such a mess.”

She gets down and begins to clean me us just as I did her. I feel her warm wet tongue on my bare skin and feel her hot breath on my skin as well.

I try not to swoon or to cum as I just close my eyes and take in the feeling of mom licking all the dripping jizz off my wet and messy bare ass.

God I am so in need of a good jacking off. I ached to touch my cock and pump out a load. With each lick of my ass, I imagine my hand sliding up and down my hard on.

“Now baby, be carefully and don’t make a mess,” Mom whispers to me as she continues to lick the jizz off my bare butt.

“Okay. I won’t,” I reply. Though I need to do it so badly.

“I want to do it also,” Mom whispers to me, “Later. Not now, not here.”

I nod as mom finishes licking my ass.

We go about picking up the remnants of their party all the time under their watchful lust filled eyes. They are drinking more beer and most have remained naked showing off their erect or semi-erect manly meat. As we do their chores some are outright masturbating, others are just wiggle their cock and balls at us showing off, others are simulating with their bodies how they would fuck us. I try to ignore them as I work but I can’t and I find myself wanting to show off for them as well and to tease them with my cum coated ass that they seemed to want but they can’t have.

We end up doing the dishes, mom cleaning me drying and putting them away. They take advantage of us since we have our backs to them and two approach us to rub their erections against our asses.

“Damn…all that beer is finally getting to me.”

“Yeah…me too.”

“I feel the need as well.”

“I’ve been holding it in for the last few minutes.”

“Hey man, I think it’s time for them to hit the showers.”

“Hell yeah…I’m going to lose it really soon if they don’t.”

“Okay, Okay,” I hear the head of the Frat house say. “Keep a grip on it. So, you two. You can stop with the last of those. It’s time to head to the showers, like we talked about over the phone.”

“Understood,” my mom replies. “Let’s go dear,” mom says taking my hand in hers. “Lead on.”

“Follow me,” the head of the Frat house says as he turns and holds tightly his engorged dick.

We follow him and everyone else follows us. Soon we are in their bathroom area. It is like what I imaging they have in a gym, with lots of stalls, urinals, and a large tiled shower room.

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