Wife Released

Wife Released

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They say life begins at forty, well for my wife (Jane) it certainly has.

We were holidaying in Crete, enjoying the sunshine and generally chilling.

Wifey was on the lounger soaking the rays listening to some music.

I was doing the same but reading, well, appearing to read. I actually had my phone inside my book and was messaging my secret daddy. You see I am a closet crossdresser, looking to experience a secret sex life as my hidden self (Lucy).

My ‘daddy’ is an older man, black, tall, handsome and a gorgeous sexy cock.

He is a very intelligent man, more so than I realised and it seems he can manipulate me at his will.

We had been chatting for weeks and building a nice relationship when things started to hot up.

He requested I send him pics, some sexy ones from my collection which I enjoyed doing. Generally me posing in my sexy underwear, nice dresses and some hot ass shots. Daddy loved these and encouraged me to reveal more about my home life, suddenly taking an interest in wifey. He explained that he was going to make me his woman, show me how to please a man as a woman and I loved the idea of this. Part of my path to this experience was to ensure wifey was not hurt in the process which is what he said he wanted to guarantee.

He started by asking for a picture of her, not the face but a full body shot (a holiday snap) which I sent, he liked this and asked for something a bit special from me, said it was a task he wanted me to undertake. The thing he requested was a picture of my wife’s ass, I should have been suspicious but I just went along with it, thinking I would be unable to accomplish this anyway.

This is where things became weird, that very night we were getting ready to go out. We had been drinking in the afternoon and were quite tipsy and ‘Jane’ was messing about dancing in the room. After she had showered she started teasing me, flashing her tits at me giggling and bending over showing me her gorgeous arse. When she got near enough I grabbed her and pulled the towel from her fondling her tits in the process. She giggled and said we didn’t have time, as we were due out shortly.

This changed to OK but we’ll have to be quick as soon as my hand slipped down to her pussy. She was extremely wet and horny and made straight for my cock which was already throbbing. She wanked me off before turning to the bed and bending over onto her knees offering herself to me. As I moved toward her I grabbed my phone and put the video on, filming her as I approached her. I couldn’t believe my luck, I had the perfect shot of her, bent over in front of me, her head in the pillow and her pussy and ass facing me, a perfect close up shot which I took complete advantage of, even filming my cock tease along her asshole before slipping into the inviting swollen pussy. I tossed the phone onto a chair and proceeded to fuck that sexy ass, a fast and furious fuck, slapping her ass and pulling her up by her shoulder as I went as deep as possible. We were nearly there when she told me not to cum in her, (I don’t think she wanted my cum dripping from her while we out) so I pulled from her and shot my load across her ass, watching it drip down her crack onto her cute rosebud. I reached for a tissue and wiped it off her but secretly pushing my finger ever so gently into the bud which I’m sure she secretly likes.

So the night went well and I later took screenshots from the video and sent them to daddy which again he loved.

The Maltepe Öğrenci Escort holiday ended and we returned home, back to normality so to speak.

Daddy went quiet for a while but eventually upped the tempo and once again raised his interest in wifey’s welfare. He said we were getting close to him taking Lucy’s virginity, he had me stretching myself with butt plugs and shaving myself in preparation. But his real interest was wifey not getting hurt as he had his fun with me (or so I was led to believe).

So his next task for me was to find out how far wifey would or could go. I started out by introducing her to some light porn which she enjoyed and found that she had a special interest in watching wives in roleplay, naughty wives with workmen or with a boss or even a pizza guy. This was what I wanted (or least what daddy wanted) and I put the idea into her head about how it would feel having a different cock inside her rather than mine. This went really well if we had been drinking and she would be very open and said the idea would appeal but she did not want anything coming between us. I reassured her that his would never happen and that I think it would be OK for her to try at least once with the right man. You see, daddy’s idea (I think) was for her to have some fun of her own and then for me to have mine. Ultimately I think he wanted to possibly be the ultimate daddy and maybe have us both??

So the road we travelled down picked up pace and we moved onto chat sites and swinger sites. Not much happened for a few weeks but then we got chatting to a guy from the next town (John), he seemed nice, funny, and from his pictures Jane said she thought he was quite attractive.

We chatted for a few weeks when he suggested him and Jane take a leap and meet up, strictly on our terms and in a safe environment which totally suited us.

Between us we agreed to have a go, Jane was surprisingly keen, but always insisting it was my final decision, so we moved forward and made our plans.

We booked a room in a travelodge with a restaurant attached and made the arrangements with John to meet on the next Saturday at 1pm. They could book a table, have a bite to eat and then if everything was agreeable go across to the pre-booked room. Saturday came around too fast. Jane had prepared herself, all shaved and smooth, her pussy looked stunning, absolutely hairless and she had had her hair done and prepared a stunning outfit for her ‘date’.

We arrived early and went to the room while Jane prepared herself.

A couple of glasses of wine were drunk to ease the nerves and she changed into her outfit.

I was in a stunned silence watching her as she stripped off and slipped on her black hold ups and then put on her matching black knickers and bra and completed her outfit with a sexy black dress tied at the waist with a belt.

She looked gorgeous and my cock was hard as rock looking at her. One final time she asked if I was OK with this, I nodded and we left to go our separate ways.

We agreed she would call me when they met to let me know she was safe and happy and then call me when the date ended to collect her.

I sat in the car and received the call, she said she was ok and that he seemed nice and not to worry so off I went, returning home to wait.

The wait was strange, I felt turned on by the unknown, yet nervous at the same time and the clock seemed to slow right down,

I thought maybe and hour Maltepe Çıtır Escort or so if things didn’t work out, then again if they did get it on what, maybe 3 or 4, either way I decided watching some porn would pass the time and what better than one of my wife’s favourites, a good old naughty wife fucking the boss.

After a while I thought it would be a good time to message daddy and let him know where we were up to, the message sent, I sat back and waited to see who would contact me first. As it was it was daddy, he must have been sat waiting it was that quick.

He demanded to know every detail, what she was wearing, how far did I think she would go, then proceeded to make suggestions about what she would be doing and if it bothered me. Looking back I should have known he was jealous but he continually reminded me that he was my daddy and he knows best.

So, the time dragged on, and I waited and waited till the call came. I answered and Jane said she was ready and could I come quick. Quick wasn’t the word, I shot there as fast as I could and found her waiting outside the hotel entrance. I pulled up and she got in, kissed me and home we drove, although very quiet, I asked how she was and she said she would tell me everything when we got back.

I didn’t say too much but she had got in the car without her hold ups on and looking quite dishevelled.

We arrived home and she said she was taking a shower before we chatted which seemed more than reasonable.

As she showered I popped in to collect her clothes for the laundry. There wasn’t that much to collect to be honest, just her dress and bra??

She came out and we settled down on the couch, snuggled up as she described her ‘date,’ leaving nothing out as I requested.

She entered the restaurant, and he was sat at the table waiting for her, he greeted her with a kiss on the cheek and offered her a small bunch of flowers. (a nice touch she said). Small chat ensued before he came straight to the point.

He said she was beautiful and admitted he was confused as to why she would need to arrange a hook up like this and more so why her husband would allow it.

She told him she had her reasons and it was something she needed to do and if he wasn’t interested they should part company and go home.

This stopped him in his tracks, he apologised and said he had been looking forward to meeting her and had made plans to ensure she would not be disappointed.

He said he would like to start the fun immediately if she was up for it, she said she smiled at him and nodded, and so it began.

He asked her to go to toilet and remove her knickers and bring them to him, she said she had a hesitant moment but thought why not, this is what she was there for (in a way) and it might be fun.

So off she went, removed them and came back to him, he smiled and took them from her, smelling her pussy aroma as he did so. He placed them on the table between them and smiled as the waitress came to take their order with them in full view. As the waitress left, he motioned Jane to sit beside him, she stood and moved across the table but he stopped her in her tracks, looked her in the eyes and put his finger to his lips in a Shhh movement.

“Jane, I want you to sit here, but if you do I want you to know that I am going to ask you to do things that may make you feel uncomfortable and I am going to touch you at times when there is the possibility that someone may Maltepe Elit Escort see us. But if you agree then I will awaken long forgotten memories in you of when you were young carefree and reckless. Don’t say anything, just sit next to me if you agree.”

Jane stood for a moment, then sat down.

John put his hand on her thigh immediately and gently squeezed, he moved under her dress and slowly prised open her legs giving her a rush as the air hit her pussy. He raised the dress above her stockings just enough to hide her blushes and told her stay like that when the drinks arrive.

This time it was a young waiter who turned up, smiling. He leaned towards Jane and wouldn’t have been able to miss the site in front of him. John acted normal, chatting to him as Jane simply sat there, the top of her legs exposed above the black lacy stocking tops, knowing that if she moved slightly her swollen pussy lips would be exposed. The waiter was engaged in conversation with John but his eyes kept darting down to Janes flesh. John then accidently?? knocked his spoon onto the floor and motioned to the waiter that he should pick it up. He shot down like a bullet and leaned under the table, at the same time John put his hand on Janes dress and lifted it, exposing her to the waiter.

He looked straight at her open legs, her shaved pussy at his eye level and took an age before starting to stand. As he did, John stopped him and said he should take the opportunity to see if there was anything else down there. He looked into John’s eyes as John winked at him then nodded for him to go down again.

Jane sat there nervously excited as the waiter moved under the table and then closer to her, she could feel his breath on her thigh and looked down to see him looking back up at her. John told her to open her legs wider, which she did, and to slouch forward, pushing her closer to her new friend. The waiter stayed put, taking full advantage of his position as John leaned down and gently pushed his face into Janes swollen mound. Jane shuddered as the young man extended his tongue and licked hard and probing, relishing the opportunity he could only dream about.

Johns hand held his head in place as he ravished her from beneath the table, licking and forcing himself as deep as he could making her juices flow uncontrollably as he slurped and dined on her womanhood.

Finally John eased the young man away from her, her hands and nails gripping the seat cushion as sweat formed on her brow and her eyes continued to roll into her head. She could have stayed there, letting this teenager gorge on her and she said she almost pulled his head back into her.

The young man finally stood, his face sopping wet and the biggest smile he had ever had on his face. John said he hoped he enjoyed his tip and asked what time he finished his shift. 6pm was the reply and John suggested there may be more and if he was interested he should leave his number.

The youngster walked away thrilled and left the ‘old’ couple to enjoy their drinks alone. Jane admits she was now desperate for a cock to fill her and reached to Johns groin feeling his stiffness.

She said “enough of the boys games, take me to my room and show me what a man can do,” she was now desperate for sex, the waiter had started her juices flowing and now she need to fuck.

It was the waitress who returned to the table with the bill and a piece of paper with a phone number on and the message ‘YES PLEASE’ scrawled on it.

They made their way to the hotel barely touching one another, not looking at each other, almost afraid to start something they knew they would not be able stop.

They walked down the hall, opened the door and lunged at each other, almost ripping their clothes off.


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