Wife Gives In


My wife, Natasha, is Russian, and originally came here as a work exchange student. We fell in love her first summer here. She was a virgin, and I was her first. We kept in touch when she returned to her university, and she came back the next summer. We lived together that summer, and got married at the end of it! Our sex life was awesome from the start. But we are both very sensual people, and a dispute arose.

Natasha LOVED to tell me what a great lover I am, how big my cock is….etc., etc….. Finally, I called her on it. I told her she could not say those things, as she had no other experience to judge me by. I told her I loved her words, but they were empty. While she didn’t want to play around with another guy at first, she eventually conceded with a friend of ours. It took a long time, and the right situation had to occur, but when it did, she enjoyed the guy’s cock to the fullest! We had fun a couple times with him and a few other guys after that. Mostly, it was MFM’s, and a couple of straight swaps with other couples. Neither of us really enjoyed the swaps, but it was a part of a plan!

For as much as Natasha enjoyed different sexual situations, she was adamant that she wasn’t interested in being with another woman! I was hoping to steer the swaps that way,….and she even offered me FMF’s, with the stipulation that she and the other woman would not «do it»!…lol That stipulation just killed the idea for me as, although there was no «bi» action during our MFM’s, I really wanted to see her with another woman. And this summer, I finally got the chance! A Belgian girl named Anja was assigned to Natasha’s pool this summer. Anja is a VERY pretty brunette with big boobs, a small waist, and a nice little butt. My wife is slim and tall, with small boobs and an even better butt! The two of them got along very well from the outset, and Natasha loved working with her.

Then, a few weeks into the season, Anja confessed to Natasha that she was bi-sexual, and had been with a few women. She also told her that if she was to hook-up with anyone in the U.S. that summer, she would love for it to be Natasha! My wife freaked on me that night…and didn’t want to go back to work. I calmed her down telling her that nothing had happened, and wouldn’t, unless she wanted it too. She was upset that they had showered after work together, and this girl obviously liked what she saw. I laughed, and told her she was a bit full of herself, and this was not an issue.

At the same time, I took note. Natasha was fine the next day, and for the next couple months. She and Anja became good friends…with Natasha leading Anja and the other students all over the area. The two of them even hosted a few parties for the students at our house. And through all of it, Anja and Natasha became close, and even started flirting and joking about hooking-up. We’d have great sex after those nights, but Natasha would still rail against anything physical with a female. And I didn’t push the issue…or make comment on her eskort gaziantep and Anja’s relationship. But then I got an idea, and I got Anja in on it without much persuasion!

Last weekend, we had a little party with our friends, and whichever of our foreign students who wanted to come. Anja was the only one who did. We had a great time….drinking some wine and watching the opening weekend of the Olympics. I spent the evening caressing Natasha’s body whenever the others weren’t looking, and whispering in her ear that I wanted to tie her down and play with her. That’s one of our little fetishes, and her pussy was soaking before long. I fingered her pussy at every opportunity, and licked my fingers clean after she pushed me away. She was ready to play by the end of the night.

I said «goodnite» to the last of our friends as they left. Natasha was putting the serving dishes in the sink. I slipped my hand up her skirt, and rubbed her pussy. She leaned back and kissed me, as I worked a finger into her panties and into her wet pussy. I whispered to her that it was time to play, and took her to our bed by her hand. We kissed passionately as my hands ran over her body. I stripped her naked and laid her on the bed, still kissing her. Her breathing got heavier as I strapped her wrists and ankles down. And it got even heavier when I put the blindfold on! Natasha was splayed wide open for my pleasure. And our straps are hook-and-hole, not velcro, so there is no escape. I put my mouth to one of her nipples, and moaned loudly as I sucked it into my mouth. Little did she know that was the cue!

My jaw dropped when Anja came into the room naked! She had been hiding in the guest room until I had Nastia tied down. This had been our plan…to give Natasha her first lesbian experience…. but I hadn’t expected Anja to be naked so soon! And it was AWESOME!! Those big titties were amazing! Very little sag, and her nipples were as big as pencil erasers, and just as hard! Her pussy was shaved clean, and her inner lips protruded a good half-inch below her swollen outer lips! I almost forgot what we were doing when I saw her naked! Anja came over and kneeled on the same side of the bed. She took Natasha’s nipple in her mouth, as I pulled away. Natasha kept moaning for a few moments, until she realized something was going on. As Anja re-focused her attention to Natasha’s other breast, my wife started to bitch.

«Oh my god, what’s going on? Teddy? Hey! « And then it hit her. «Oh shit! Anja?!?!? Oh my God, NO!!» Anja ignored her and kept sucking on her breasts, and I think my cock jumped watching her hand slide down Natasha’s tummy to her naked pussy. Natasha screamed for me to untie her. She got really loud as Anja kissed her way down Nastia’s tied body! Nastia quieted a bit as Anja kissed her all over her bare mound, and then, just moaned as Anja slipped her tongue into her pussy. She started to whine again, but Anja quieted her. I stripped off my clothes gaziantep eskort bayan and took a seat at the foot of the bed so I could see all the action! It was a sight to see! Anja on all 4’s, with her pussy and asshole spread to me,….and the view of her licking Natasha’s pussy. Anja’s pussy was so wet! I couldn’t resist reaching out and caressing her ass, butt, and pussy. She let me play until I tried to push a finger into her sweet pussy….

She slapped my hand away and kept licking Natasha until my sweet wife arched her back and started to squeal! When she finally let out a gutteral scream, I knew Anja had made her come. But she kept on, bringing Natasha to another orgasm in minutes! My sweet little wife was shaking all over the bed…which I thought only I could make her do! After Natasha’s second orgasm, Anja kissed her way up my wife’s body. It was amazing watching her big breasts rub up her body, but I was really amazed when she laid right on top of her, breast-to-breast. I thought my wife would freak, but instead, she and Anja started making-out.! I was floored! And hard as hell!!

Anja finally pulled herself up Natasha’s body and offered her a very hard, very large, nipple. She rubbed it across Natasha’s closed lips for moment. I was sure this was the end of the night…but hoped that I could at least fuck Anja. But, to my surprise, Natasha opened her lips and started sucking on Anja’s nipple. And then she started sucking in as much of Anja’s breasts as she could. I just fell back to watch. Next thing I knew, Anja crawled up my wife’s body and hooked her legs under Natasha’s shoulders. She straddled my wife’s face, with her pussy only inches away from Natasha’s mouth. Much to my surprise, as Anja lowered herself, Natasha opened her mouth and took Anja’s pussy eagerly! I saw my wife’s tongue slip into Anja’s pussy, and heard Anja’s moans.

Natasha broke away and asked me to free her, and I was happy to oblige. I thought she’d break away, but instead, she wrapped her arms around Anja’s thighs and went to town on her pussy! She cupped Anja’s ass and her down harder on her face. I couldn’t resist my wife’s soaking pussy, and went down on her as she ate out our friend. I pulled myself up and pushed into Natasha, all the while kissing Anja’s back. It didn’t take long for me to cum into my wife…. I was pretty turned on! I rolled off to watch the girls play, and play they did. Natasha brought Anja to at least one massive orgasm. Then, Anja slid back down my wife’s body, and started eating her out, licking up all my cum! As she was on all fours, I thought I’d take another shot. Her spread pussy and asshole were too much!

This time, I went tongue first…lol…and got no resistance! I ate Anja’s pussy without any care! Damn, that girl tasted so good! I fucked her pussy, and ass, with my tongue while she cleaned my wife’s pussy. She finally broke away and laid on her back, legs spread. I didn’t waste a moment in gaziantep eskort mounting her! I knew there was something up, but didn’t care. I thrust into her with all my might….while my wife rubbed my ass and balls. She coaxed me on as I fucked Anja’s tight pussy. And when I was ready to cum, Nastia pushed down on me to keep me inside Anja. And, of course, I blew a huge load into her. I I laid on top of Anja until my cock went limp, then off beside her. Natasha was on her other side and moved her hand to Anja’s pussy and began rubbing her slit. She then moved on top of Anja and ran her tongue down Anja’s body until she got to her pussy, where she proceeded to clean my cum out of her. When she had finished, she moved to lie on the other side of, and we all fell asleep.

We awoke in the morning about two hours before the girls had to go work. Anja asked if she could use the shower. She got up, and I felt a stirring in my cock as I watched her breasts sway as she tied up her hair. Natasha got up and went to pee. I headed to the kitchen to make us tea. I called to Natasha to ask what kind of tea she wanted, but got no response. I went looking for her to ask, but she wasn’t to be found. I finally checked the bathroom where Anja was showering, and found my wife in the shower with Anja! Now, my wife loves to jump in the shower with me, and we always end up fooling around, but this was too good to be true! The girls were soaping each other’s bodies and kissing. My wife seemed to be fascinated with Anja’s boobs, rubbing them all around and tugging at her thick nipples. Anja was focused on my wife’s pussy, running her hand between Natasha’s legs and, judging from the look on my wife’s face, fingering her good! I wanted to join them, but our shower was just too small. They eventually finished their fun and rinsed off.

I got in the shower after the girls got out. When I went back into the bedroom I found my wife sprawled on the bed, her back arched in mid-orgasm, and Anja between her legs with at least 3 fingers thrusting into Natasha, and her mouth clamped on my wife’s clit. My semi-erection went full-bore as I watched the action come to its conclusion. As Natasha lay on the bed breathing heavily, Anja crawled up the bed and looked back at me with a little smile. That was all I needed, and I crawled up behind her and pushed my cock-head against her pussy. I slid into her easily, moving in and out slowly at first. Then, as my wife reached over and began to rub Anja’s tits, I grabbed her hips and started fucking her hard. I wet my thumb and pushed into Anja’s ass as I furiously fucked her from behind. She let out a moan and her pussy clenched my cock as she had another orgasm. I came a moment later, but continued to pump her until my cock went soft and fell out of her. Anja fell flat on the bed, and I rolled between her and Natasha.

My wife reached over and scooped some of the cum oozing out of Anja’s pussy and licked it down. She then moved her head to my limp cock and licked me clean. When she was done, she sat up and gave me a devilish smile, then kissed me. She thanked me for the surprise, then looked at the clock and realized it was time for them to go. I laid back and watched the girls dress. They both gave me a little peck, then headed out to work. Anja leaves in a few weeks, but I think there may be alot of fun ahead before then!

My wife, Natasha, is Russian, and originally came here as a work exchange student. We fell in love her first summer here. She was a virgin, and I was her first. We kept in touch when she returned to her university, and she came back the next summer. We lived together that summer, and got…

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