White Wife in Sari Ch. 02


“So, are you really going to wear sari with nothing under it in front of your husband’s friends!?!” Beth asked with disbelief. “The sari he got you for your birthday?”

“Yes, it is the one you saw last week, remember?” I reminded her.

“Of course, I do! Maggie, I didn’t dare to tell you, but eerr…, I think you should know, it is kind of transparent. I could easily see the shape of your breasts,” she added.

“You are kidding me, right?” I looked at her hoping she was.

But she wasn’t. Beth was my very best friend and I knew she was being honest with me now. We knew each other very well and I could always rely on her, especially in most intimate matters like this one.

“So, are you really going to parade nearly nude in front of them?” Beth repeated her question, intently looking at me.

“Actually, I negotiated a small deal with Rahul.” I smirked.

“Oh, you did!” This clearly piqued her interest.

“Yes! Well…, I convinced my husband that greeting his friends that I never saw before, dressed in too revealing clothes would make me very uncomfortable and my awkwardness would spoil their entire visit.” I explained.

“And he bought it? You are saved then!” Beth seemed relieved.

“Yes, but, well, it is a little more complicated.” I continued. “He agreed I can wear whatever makes me comfortable under the sari when they arrive, but I will still have to change the way he wanted me to dress before desserts are served. And he also wanted me to wear the new black sexy heels I had recently purchased.”

“But wait, it’d be better to greet them in heels, rather than put on official shoes in the middle of the party,” Beth looked puzzled.

“Precisely! And I tried to explain it but he insisted I follow his plan. But he promised to dim lights, so maybe I will be all right.”

“This is still crazy,” Beth said frankly. “But at least it is a more comfortable arrangement for you. You will get a chance to get more comfortable with the visitors before you will have to dress sexy for them. And your husband should be happy because he will get what he wants, just a little later.”

And finally, the day came. The morning was uneventful, although I was so anxious I dropped soap in the shower, and I almost forgot to lotion my skin. I got even more anxious when I overheard Rahul speaking with someone on the phone. “Do not worry, she will look sexy!”

“Sexy?” “She??” “What was this all about???” Immediately all sorts of alarms started going through my head but then I went back to preparing the house (and myself too!) for the evening, and did not have much time to delve into that.

And finally, the three guests arrived. I was ready as Rahul wanted me, perfect make up, flats, in sari, and of course multiple layers under, as I negotiated.

Rahul opened the door and greeted his friends, then introduced me. They quickly turned all their attention to me, complimenting my look and hugging me softly. The touches combined with the thoughts I would have to be around them nearly naked later that evening were enough to send tingles through my well covered body.

The time for serving desserts came much faster than I expected. In fact, I did not even realize when it arrived, but Rahul made sure I know by giving me gentle signals. I had no choice; a deal is a deal. I quietly left the room and headed upstairs to our master bathroom. I closed the door, turned the lock, took a deep breath, hesitantly undressed, and looked in the mirror at my naked body, at my freshly shaven pubic area, and my nipples hard from the excitement.

Was he talking about me when he made that “she will look sexy” comment?

I put the sari back on but this time right on my naked body, trying to wrap it around my body as best as I could. Beth was right. No matter how I put it, it was revealing the shape of my tiny, round breasts. I put on heels, arranged my hair, and walked back downstairs, grabbing a tray with desserts on the way in.

I timidly opened the door bayan gaziantep escort and immediately realized the room has been completely transformed. Not only the lights were deemed as Rahul promised, but soft music was playing, and some disco lights I didn’t recognize was on, bringing a hint of fun and mystery. The guests were comfortably sitting and chatting, but immediately stopped when they saw me, and turned their eyes towards me, making me even shier.

“Please come in, Maggie. We’ve been all waiting for the dessert,” Rahul’s soft voice broke the silence.

“Oh, desserts, that is right!” His voice brought me back to reality. I slowly went around the room with the tray to distribute ice creams, trying not to trip in my high heels, feeling their eyes constantly following my every move, scanning my sari as if they knew I was not wearing anything under it. I could almost feel their eyes exploring my breasts.

“Argh, darn nipples, don’t do this to me now!” I realized they betrayed me and were super hard, poking through the thin material. I could tell it did not escape guests’ attention. And my embarrassingly red face probably didn’t either!

When the guests got their ice creams, I headed towards the corner of the room with an empty tray, but Rahul gently stopped me in the middle.

“Let’s serve the real dessert to our guests, Maggie,” he said softly, emphasizing the word “real.”

I looked confused at him, as they all had their ice creams, but he didn’t care to explain it. Instead, he took the tray from me and put it behind him, then gently took my hands, lifted them up.

“You look superb, Maggie. Very sexy.” he whispered. “Turn around.” “Slowly, please.”

His hands spun me in motion. For a moment I thought I’d lose balance. It distracted me, and before I knew it, in one swift motion he unclipped my sari while keeping my hands up, letting the material softly fall to the floor, exposing my body to his friends and leaving me completely naked in front of them. Well, just in heels.

He continued holding my hands tightly.

“Damn it, you didn’t make it up, she is as sexy as you described her, Rahul,” his friends were lustfully devouring my body with their eyes.

“And not a single public hair, so delicious!” Added another one.

I stood there right in front of them. Naked. Shy. And as I listened to their naughty comments, I could feel my body started to respond sexually down deep inside.

“Enjoy your dessert, guys,” Rahul smiled with satisfaction, then gently pushed me towards them.

“Let’s explore this little sexy white body,” they rushed towards me and started touching me all over. One hand was gently squeezing my nipples, another was caressing my thighs, and one was teasing my neck, triggering a soft moan I involuntarily uttered. I felt a hot gush rushing in my pussy and without any warning my juices started leaking down my thigh.

“Look guys, she is getting wet already,” one of them noticed my arousal. He knelt in front of me and started feeling my smooth pubic mound. I moaned as he gently parted my pussy lips and touched my engorged and throbbing clitoris with the tip of his soft, warm tongue. His tongue felt unbelievable, and quickly brought me to the verge of a clitoral orgasm. “Oh gosh!” I closed my eyes, trying to control the tingling in my body caused but his tongue touching the entrance to my most intimate parts.

He then slowly slid his finger into my slippery pussy, feeling my pussy walls, exploring my private insights, and with slow strokes started sliding it deeper and deeper, then began to move it in and out, occasionally taking it out and licking my arousal fluids, licking them off his finger and from my thighs.

This stranger knew very well how to excite me. For a moment I thought I should resist and not enjoy it, but I could not stop it. Instead, I moved my legs apart, giving him even better access to my pussy area, and stifling a bayan escort gaziantep moan of pure desire as his adventurous tongue, lips and fingers accepted the invited and moved in.

“Kneel,” whispered Rahul into my ear and gently pushed me down to my knees. I wasn’t sure why, but it quickly became obvious as I faced one of his friends’ jeans. His friend then moved even closer and suggestively run his finger across his belt and down his zipper. My hands automatically moved up. I unbuckled his belt, and pushed down his jeans. His erection was visible through thin material of his underwear. I put my hands on his hips, took a deep breath and slid them down, taking off his underwear. His cock jumped out right in front of my face. I looked at my husband and as he approvingly gave me a nod, I put my hand around stranger’s thick dick.

“Look guys, she is even wearing her wedding ring.” It didn’t escape their attention that my wedding ring was on my finger, now touching bare skin of stranger’s cock.

I started to slide my hand up and down as I do when I play with Rahul, but the stranger held me by my hair and guided my lips onto the tip of his cock. A string of precum started to come out of the hole of his cock. As he moved my head towards it, I extended my tongue to catch a large drop hanging on the stretched string of his precum. The erotically intoxicating scent and taste of his fresh precum prompted me to invitingly open my mouth in a shape of a tight round hole. He knew exactly why. I kept it tight as he gently pushed his cock inside. My lips pulled away skin of his uncut cock, exposing his wet glans. I pulled away and touched his most sensitive areas with the tip of my tongue, flirting with his cock, licking his precum, paying him back for the oral pleasures I had just received. Before I realized, my tongue pushed him over the edge. He firmly held my head and with one strong motion he thrusted his cock deep inside my mouth, the head of his cock tickling my throat. I never tasted another man’s cock, not to mention I never had a cock in my mouth so deep I’d be close to gagging, so it took me by complete surprise. As he hit my throat he exploded. Unsure what to do, I started swallowing his cum. Few minutes later, when pulling away, he rested the head of his cock on my tongue, letting the last few drops fall on it.

I wondered how I looked, on my knees, my hands on his buttocks, pulling him close to me, looking up at him and swallowing every single drop of his semen. I looked to my left and noticed a professionally looking camera pointing straight at me, red dot blinking. I turned to my right and saw another camera. “OMG, they were taping the entire thing!!”

“Lift her up guys and hold her,” I then heard.

A moment later I could feel two pairs of hands lifting my petite, 48kg body in one swift motion.

“Let me down!” I unconvincingly begged. Rahul turned a spot light, pointing it right at my pubic area while they slowly opened my smooth legs, stretching them apart.

There I was. Afraid to move because they could drop me. Helpless. Eagle spread, vulnerable, and inviting wide open. My hairless pussy fully exposed in full light. My nipples hard and chest heavily breathing. Fresh streaks of cum on my face. My clitoris pulsing, soaking wet from my own juices that my body produced to lubricate my hungry love tunnel. My vagina wider and bigger than ever, getting ready for a sexual intercourse, preparing to be fucked.

“So delicious,” one of them said while kneeling between my thighs, stretching them apart even more with his hands.

“Aaaahhh!!” I screamed as his tongue touched the tip of my clitoris. My body started to shake uncontrollably from the excitement. He knew were to touch and how to touch! He continued for several minutes, but then suddenly stopped right when I could feel a climax coming.

“Keep holding her, guys!” he ordered his friends in a commanding voice. Curious what is happening, escort bayan gaziantep I opened my eyes and saw him unbuckling his belt, running down his zipper, and slowly pulling his jeans down, as if he wanted to tease me.

But a moment later he was completely naked, staring right at my glistering, fully exposed pussy invitingly open right in front of him, right next to his long, erected cock.

“Now hold her tight,” he added.

He approached me, his black cock pointing towards my pink loving spot. I looked at my husband who was intently looking at the tip of his friend’s cock touching the entrance of my married vagina that was never, ever touched by anyone except him until now.

I groaned and shivered with pleasure as the head of his thick cock touched my vaginal opening and began to slide inside me, stretching my pussy like it was never stretched before, sliding it deeper and deeper with every thrust, until he reached areas deep down there inside me that were never touched before.

Let’s face it, “touching” was not the right word. He was fucking me, his dick glistening from the juices my pussy produced. Fucking my pussy that was clearly showing it wanted to be taken and used. He was fucking me right in front of my husband, who was looking at his white hot wife having sex with his friend. He was watching his wife instead of protecting her.

“O. M. G., but what about protection?” I was about to tell the stranger I am not on pills but then another cock slid into my mouth, preventing me from saying a word. As I was trying to move my hips away, my husband came closer and held me steady. “Continue enjoying. I love you,” he told me, putting his hand on my tummy as if he was trying to feel the cock I was impaled on.

“Guys, let’s move to the bedroom. Let’s take her right where she sleeps with her husband,” suggested one of them.

And a moment later they lowered me on our king-size bed. The same guy positioned his cock near my well lubricated pussy entrance, tickling and exciting my clitoris as he passionately kissed my lips. I don’t know if it was his passionate kissing, the hands caressing my body, his scent, the way he touched my clit with the tip of his cock, or the way my husband was looking at me, but I felt a sudden rush of hot fluids in my love tunnel. It wasn’t just a climax coming up – I could feel the buildup of some kind of urge I never experienced before. Without hesitation I lifted my craving pussy and impatiently started impaling myself on his glistering cock. This time it wasn’t him fucking me, but it was me lusciously fucking on his cock. As I was doing it, I looked at my husband, then straight into my new lover’ eyes and softly whispered… “Take me. Make me all yours.”

I didn’t finish saying it and I felt his already erected cock hardened even more, started throbbing, crossing the point of no return, and spreading carnal fires deep inside my loins. I pulled his sweaty body close to me, my fingernails scratching his skin. I could feel every move of his cock as it was ejaculating sperm deep inside me. I screamed and climaxed, feeling his hot potent fluid injected deep into my unprotected, fertile womb.

Before I had time to recover, they changed positioned and his colleague positioned himself in front of me, unleashing a massive 9-inch-thick black cock, and without a warning thrusted it inside me, pushing the semen that started flowing out of my drenched pussy back deep inside. He fucked me for about twenty minutes before he finally shot his load of sperm inside me, sending me to heaven multiple times.

“How did you like the dessert, guys?” Asked Rahul after the third one finished fucking me.

“You have an amazing sexy little hot wife, Rahul”, one of them replied.

“We took it slowly, mate,” added the second one, laughing. As he was saying it, he looked into my eyes, started walking his fingers up my thighs, and gently massaged my swollen clit, bringing me to yet another climax.

“She is amazing. We will be back.” “Soon.” He added.

“Please do come back…,” I whispered, still breathing fast from the climax.

He smiled. And suddenly I realized his finger was gently circling my anal hole, flirting with the narrow, tightly closed, virgin entrance.

I was horrified, but strangely, I already knew I would be eagerly waiting for their next visit.

To be continued…

“So, are you really going to wear sari with nothing under it in front of your husband’s friends!?!” Beth asked with disbelief. “The sari he got you for your birthday?” “Yes, it is the one you saw last week, remember?” I reminded her. “Of course, I do! Maggie, I didn’t dare to tell you, but…

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