What’s Your Fantasy Ch. 02

What’s Your Fantasy Ch. 02


Stephen awoke first, his cock ridged and pressed between his stomach and Jessica’s ass cheeks. The events of the previous night were still fresh in his mind as he reached over her and began to massage her breasts while he kissed her upper back.

Jessica began to stir as she felt the stimulation to her nipples and neck. She stretched, arching her back and pushing her ass harder against Stephen’s throbbing member. “Mmmm, good morning” she moaned sleepily as she continued to grind on his cock, moving up and down and it rested in the center of her cheeks.

“So, how do you feel about last night, now that it’s a new day?” she asked, trying to gauge just how into eating his own cum he actually was.

“It was definitely different, but I really did like it. I think my favorite part was you taking control. I could get used to that!” he told her as he leaned in and began nibbling on her ear lobe. “Your pussy full on my cum tasted amazing!”

“You mean you liked your creampie?” she joked back.

“Hell yeah” he replied as he moved his hand down her body, running it along her thighs, lifting her top leg. He held it there while he moved his body down, repositioning the tip of his dick at the entrance of her ever dampening pussy.

“No foreplay?” she asked as she felt his tip beginning to penetrate to entrance to her sex.

“Do you need it?” he asked back as he thrust his hips forward, sinking his thick cock halfway into her. “It sure doesn’t feel like it!”

“Ohhh fuck!” she moaned as she reached a hand between her legs and began rubbing her clit while Stephen continued to push his man meat into her. When he was fully seated in her open snatch she reached further back and began squeezing his balls. As he started pumping in and out she alternated between fondling his scrotum and moving up to rub her clit. After a few minutes of this she was on the brink of an orgasm. “Pinch my nipples” she told him, knowing that would help send her over the edge. He did as instructed and cupped her right breast in his hand, tweaking the nipple between his thumb and forefinger. “Shit, that’s it!” she moaned as she increased the pressure and tempo of her fingers on her engorged clit. “Oh shit! Oh SHIT!! OhhHHH yeah, I’m cumming! Fuck me!! Stuff your thick cock into my pussy!!” She bucked back wildly as her orgasm consumed her, shaking and convulsing with every contraction coming from her vaginal walls.

As she rode the wave down she brought her fingers up to his lips allowing him to taste her sweet nectar. He sucked them clean without objection as he continued slowly fucking her.

She began to pull away from him, his cock sliding out of her with a wet “plop”. “What are you doing?” he asked slightly annoyed “I wasn’t too far from going myself.”

“You’ll go baby, it’ll just be in my mouth” she told him as she turned and pressed his shoulder, laying him onto his back.

“Oh yeah?! I’m good with that!” he said smiling back at her.

She spread his legs slightly and positioned herself between them as she took a hold of his dick, her juices making it slick and slightly sticky. She pulled down towards his base making his skin taught and his veins bulge. She licked the underside from the top of his sack up his shaft until she was at the sensitive underside, just below his head. When she got there she wrapped her top lip over his head and engulfed his tip. As she held him between her lips she swirled her tongue around his crown and slightly parted her lips, allowing her saliva to run down his shaft. Maltepe escort bayan She caught it at the base with her hand and began pumping him in her fist, using it as lubrication. On her down stroke she followed it with her mouth, taking all of him into her throat. She pressed up with her tongue as she came up, savoring the taste of herself on him.

She increased the bobbing tempo of her head as she continued to pump and twist her fist in time. “Oh fuck baby….you’re gonna have me cumming in no time!” he panted as he watched his beautiful wife suck him. “Can I fuck your face?”

“Mm hmm” she hummed as she took her hand off of him and slightly opened her mouth. She knew he loved when she let him freely thrust his cock into her mouth and she was getting desperate to taste his creamy, hot semen.

He grabbed each side of her head as he began to piston his cock in and out of her mouth. He took shallow thrust at first, then he pulled her head down lunging his entire length into her mouth. He loved hitting the back of her throat, causing her to gag and produce more saliva to coat his shaft. He head her there for a few seconds and withdrew slightly allowing her to get a breath, before pulling her down again. He held her for a little longer, raising his hips in an attempt to push himself in further, until he saw her eyes start to water and could feel her drooling onto his balls. He lowered his hips and released the tension on her head, giving her an opportunity to breathe. Once she was composed he went back to thrusting, this time not as deep but now with a sense of purpose. With his dick super slick from gagging Jessica he slid in and out of her drooling mouth with ease.

“Oh fuck, baby, I’m close!” he warned as he continued the assault on her oral entrance. “Ohh yeah, cover my cock with you slobber…ugh! I feel it running down my balls and into my ass…fuck that feels so good!! UGH! Shit, I’m cumming baby! Here it cummmmss!!” He held her head still and went ridged as he shot rope after rope of semen into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around his throbbing rod and began to suck him dry. When his spurts and convulsions stopped she kept him in her mouth, swiping his tender tip with her tongue while she sucked with slight pressure, coaxing the remnants of his spunk out of his shaft before withdrawing and swallowing it all down with a satisfying gulp.

“Did you just swallow all of that?!” he asked shocked. “Holy shit, I know that was a lot. That’s so fucking hot!” he stared in awe for a second before looking slightly sheepish.

“What’s wrong?” Jessica asked, slight concern in her voice.

He looked down, suddenly ashamed of himself.

“What baby?” she asked as she lifted his face to hers.

“I wanted to kiss you with it all still in your mouth…” he trailed off. “Is that weird?”

“Fuck no!” she exclaimed happily. “That’s really hot if you ask me! I wish you would have told me. I thought you’d be happy I swallowed it all. You ate it all out of my pussy last night…why would it be weird to kiss me with it?”

“I don’t know. Last night I did it because you wanted me to. This time I wanted to…I didn’t want you to think I’m weird.

“Aww baby, not at ALL! It actually makes me wet knowing you want to do that. Here, I didn’t get it all.” she told him as she reached down and collected a small white dribble of cum onto her finger from his softening dick. She brought it to her lips and smeared it over them, leaning towards her lover. He leaned into her, extended Escort Maltepe his tongue and licked the semi-clear liquid from them, spreading her lips and kissing her fully.

They embraced each other for a few more minutes before she pulled away, telling him they both needed to get ready for work. She got in the shower while he went to the kitchen to start some coffee.

The rest of the morning was fairly routine. Stephen drank his coffee while Jessica got ready for work and then they switched…she kissed him on the cheek and left the bathroom with an “I love you” while he got into the shower and she grabbed her coffee as she walked out the door for work. Routine, that was, until around noon when Stephen’s phone vibrated alerting him to a text message. It was from Jessica and read “I can’t wait to feel your hard dick in my mouth again tonight!” She’d never been the type to send messages like that before so he was a little taken aback, but it put the biggest smile on his face as he sat at his accounting desk and began to feel a stirring in his loins. Taking advantage of the moment he text back “Oh yeah? Is that all you’re waiting for? Or do you want my cum too?”

“Well, that’s just a bonus 😛 but next time I won’t be the one swallowing it all!” she responded. His cock twitched in his trousers as he read that.

The next alert had an attachment and when he opened it he gasped and immediately shoved his phone under his desk. It was a picture of a hand with two fingers halfway buried in an open pussy. The fingers were coated in what looked like a clear sticky liquid with a rope of the liquid hanging between them. Underneath it it read “My pussy is so wet right now!”

“Holy shit!! Are you seriously fingering yourself in the bathroom at work?!”

She responded with another picture, this time it was her ring and forefinger pinching her clit “Yes…this morning wasn’t enough! I need to cum again. I can’t stop thinking about last night and I’m so fucking horny! Idk what has gotten into me…”

“Well, its fucking hot!!! Please don’t stop!” he replied.

“I’m not until I get off. My pussy is actually dripping I’m so wet! I wish your tongue was here to catch it and suck on my swollen clit. Damn it, I’m about to cum! My fingers are soaked and so slick…I’m fucking myself so hard!”

He didn’t get any other messages for a few more minutes but his cock was stiff in his slacks as he visualized his wife, who has never sent anything like that, let alone told him about masturbating, fingering herself in a law firms office bathroom.

“OMG! My legs are so wobbly right now lol it was difficult walking back to my office! So, are you hard?? I hope that thick cock of yours is straining to busy through your pants!” she finally sent back.

“Hell yeah I am!! I hope no one asks me to get up to do anything!! That was fucking hot babe! Where’s that been the passed 6 years?!” he sent back.

“Lol idk, but I’m really loving this! I’ve gotta get back to work. I’ll see you at home tonight. I love you!” was her last message.

The rest of the day seemed to drag by as he stared at the clock, trying to will it to move faster. As it finally hit 5 o’clock he all but ran from his desk and through the parking lot, jumping into his truck and throwing it into drive. Even though he sped home he saw that he wasn’t the first to arrive as Jessica’s SUV was already pulled into the garage. As he entered the house through the garage door he dropped his briefcase to the floor as he turned Maltepe Rus Escort the corner into the kitchen and saw her, naked and on her knees. “Hey baby” she cooed naughtily when she saw him. “I’ve gotten myself off twice since I’ve been home and I’d really like to taste your cock now.”

He didn’t waste time removing his pants, instead he unzipped and fished his cock out the front of his slacks, already mostly hard as he walked forward and grabbed the back of her head. Her mouth was already open and greedily accepted his turgid member. There was no time to get accustomed to his girth as he hungrily plowed to the back of her throat, the ache in his balls from the earlier text screaming to be relieved. He held her head in place while he began to vigorously thrust into her salivating mouth. Ropes of saliva running from the corners down to her ample tits, coating her chest.

“You’re turning into quite the little slut now aren’t you?” he asked as he continued the assault on her throat.

Jessica ran a finger over her breast, coating it in her saliva and reached between his legs, rubbing the pad of her finger around the firm ring of his sphincter, slowly pressing into the center until she felt it slip inside. She held it there while Stephen continued to pump in and out of her mouth, the motion allowing her finger to slide deeper and deeper into him until she was passed her second knuckle. Once she was in she began to press and wiggle her finger down, feeling his full and solid prostate. Once she found it she started running her finger side to side as she increased the pressure as she came to the middle of it. Although she had only digitally penetrated him a couple of times before she had done plenty of research online and knew how “milking” was supposed to work and how good prostate massages felt to men.

“Oh damn baby! That feels amazing!” he grunted as he pumped her face. “Oh yeah, that’s it! I’m gonna cum soon! Keep that up! Yes! Oh fuck, finger my ass baby!” his pumping began to turn wild as he thrust back just as hard as he did forward, forcing himself onto her finger. “Uugggghh! FUCK!” he shouted as he began to unload into her.

With each spurt of ejaculate she could feel his prostate pulse. She continued to work it with her finger as he dumped rope after rope of sweet, hot semen into her mouth. She felt his legs shake and go weak as she withdrew her finger, allowing him to pull out of her mouth and sink to the floor in front of her. As his face came in front of hers she shot forward and planted her lips on his, pushing the viscous liquid from her mouth into his as he parted his lips to accept it. Some began to escape from the corner of his mouth but she quickly scooped it up with her tongue, savoring the salty sweet taste before she swallowed it. She pulled back and looked him in the eyes as he swallowed the load she had given him before going back in for a sticky, opened mouth kiss. Her tongue dancing around in his mouth tasting the remnants of his seed.

After a couple minutes he composed himself and stood up, his soft cock now flopping in front of her. He reached down to help her up, but not before she leaned forward and sucked him into her mouth one last time. She then stood with his help and gave him another long passionate kiss.

“So, what are you cooking me for dinner?” she asked pulling back from their embrace.

“Name it” he replied with a chuckle.

“Let me get dressed and you get into something more comfortable and we’ll figure it out. You’re gonna need something good though, to keep your energy up for later!” she teased as she turned towards the bedroom, intentionally exaggerating the twitch of her ass as she walked.

“What’s later?!” he called after her.

“You’ll see” she answered back slyly as she disappeared into their room.

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