What You Need

What You Need

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This story contains descriptions of domination, pegging and cum-play. If any of these are likely to offend you I suggest you stop now. If not then please read on and enjoy. I appreciate your comments and constructive feedback.


My wife was preparing her lunch for work as I finished my morning coffee. I was home for a few days after another long stretch away at work. I had arrived late the previous evening after she was asleep and tried my best not to disturb her as she had a full work day ahead of her. We hadn’t been able to spend much time together lately and we both needed some time to reconnect.

“Any plans for today?” she inquired.

“Just catching up on what I’ve missed over the past few days.”

“I know what I’ve missed.” she teased. She leaned in for a kiss while giving my cock a brief stroke through my shorts.

“You keep that up and you’ll be late for work.” I said.

“Might be worth it.” she said with a mischievous grin.

“Baby, I’ve got such a big load for you you’d be dripping all day.”

“Really? Then we don’t want to waste it on a quickie. Tell you what, how about something ‘special’ for you and I tonight when I get home from work?”

Immediately my cock began to stiffen as I remembered the last time we had a ‘special’ evening.

“I’m game.” I responded enthusiastically

“Alright, then don’t you dare cum today while I’m gone.” Her tone now more serious. “Watch all the porn you want, horn-dog, but don’t cum. Understand?” she said raising an eyebrow.

“I think I can hold off that long.”

“I’ll make it worthwhile my pet.” she said as she gave my now hard rod a final squeeze before collecting her things and heading out the door.

Whenever she referred to me as her ‘pet’ it implied she was speaking as my dominant but loving mistress. It was a side of our relationship that we both enjoyed. I adored her and part of me needed to be dominated from time to time. She understood this and nurtured it as my dominant.

We played with bondage from time to time. We would switch roles since she often enjoyed being the submissive and it improved our enjoyment by experiencing the sub/dom relationship from both angles.

We had a collection of restraints, ropes and toys ranging from dildos in various sizes to some electro-shock tools to heighten our experiences even further.

My mind raced wondering what she had in mind for me – for us – this evening.

I went about my day catching up on correspondence and dealing with family finances until I had finished what needed to be done on my computer. Before heading upstairs to shower I indulged my hornier tendencies and surfed to the Literotica site. In anticipation of our evening I gravitated to the ‘Fetish’ section and read several stories which had a fem-dom theme and pegging. I began stroking my cock but was careful not to cum as my wife had instructed. Knowing that if I continued to read more stories I would soon lose control and ejaculate, I closed my browser and stood to go shower. As I did my phone chirped from an incoming text. It was my wife:

“Finish the laundry and vacuum the house. If you do a good job I will reward you, bitch.”

My cock twitched as I read the last word. I loved being submissive to my sexy wife. I loved it when she took control.

“Yes mistress.” I texted back.

“Good boy.” was her response.

I headed to the laundry room and sorted the clothes. I was about to start the washer with the first load when my phone chirped again.

“I want you to prepare your ass and be ready for me. Put in a butt plug before your start the vacuuming. I want you nice and relaxed for this evening.”

“Gladly. Anything for you.”

“That’s right ;)” she responded playfully.

I went upstairs to prepare as she had commanded. I started by using the anal douche to ensure I was clean. Then I headed to the shower and began by shaving from my ass to my cock ensuring there was no sign of hair or stubble. After exiting the shower I found my favourite butt plug. It was silicone with a prostate massager at the head. With a generous amount of lube I slipped it in and felt my cock twitch as it sank into position. I then put on a pair of loose pants and began my assigned vacuuming duties. Every time I moved I was reminded with a caress or prod of my prostate. My semi-erect cock began leaking pre-cum as I cleaned the house and finished the laundry.

Just before 5:00 my cell phone rang. It was my wife.

“Hello” I said.

“How is your ass, my pet?” my wife said in a low tone without any other greeting.

“It feels great but it’s desperate for you to come home”, I replied.

“Excellent. Desperate is just how I want you.” I could hear the wicked smile in her voice. “Now listen and don’t talk. I will be home in 30 minutes. I’ve had a long day and I need to unwind. Make me a martini, dirty the way I like it. Leave it on the kitchen counter and go to our bedroom. Lay out the paddle and crop. Pick out a dildo that you Maltepe Türbanlı Escort think you can handle and arrange it with my strap-on. Keep the butt plug in and put on those lacy underwear I bought you. You will wear leather cuffs on your wrists and a blindfold over your eyes. You are to be on the bed, face down on your hands and knees, ass in the air ready for me. Do not talk to me when I enter. Remain in position until I say otherwise.” Without another word she hung up.

I was almost giddy as I quickly went about doing exactly as she commanded, hoping to please her. With the martini made I went to our bedroom. I opened our toy chest and retrieved everything as instructed. I laid out the leather paddle and the long riding crop. Next I stripped down naked and put on the lacy underwear she had bought for me. They were cut for men with ample room up front but made from a lacy material. She really enjoyed seeing me wear these and I knew this would please her. Next I put on the padded leather cuffs and found the blindfold. As I glanced at the bedside clock I knew she would be home any minute. I scurried up on the bed, pulled the blindfold over my eyes to total darkness and kneeled face down in a fetal position. With near silence in the house and no vision, time seemed to now crawl by. My cock was hard in anticipation as my ass involuntarily contracted and relaxed around the prostate massaging butt plug. Finally I heard the front door open then close. I heard the sound of keys and her purse being dropped on the counter. More sounds followed as she enjoyed her martini. After what seemed like an eternity I heard footsteps coming up the staircase. As she neared the bedroom door my stomach tensed. I desperately wanted to greet her but her instructions were specific: “Do not talk to me when I enter.” so I stayed still in my fetal position.

“Well done, my pet” she said as she entered the room. For the next few minutes I heard her disrobing and then what sounded like her corset being fastened. Next I heard buckles being adjusted as I assumed she was putting on her strap-on harness followed by snaps which I assumed were due to her attaching the dildo via the metal o-ring and leather straps.

As she approached I was almost trembling in anticipation. I felt a gloved hand caress my ass cheeks. Then I felt the leather paddle glide over my left ass cheek. She said “Such a nice round ass.” Then I felt a startling SMACK. I flinched at the sudden sting.

“I thought I told you to have your ass in the air, bitch. Now, get it up there!”

I immediately complied.

“That’s better.” she said.

“I do love the look of your ass in lace,” she said “but it will get in the way. Now take them off.” she said matter-of-factly.

I immediately slid my thumbs under the waist band and shimmied out of them, quickly resuming my position with my ass in the air.

“Well done. The house looks very clean. I think you should get a reward for being such a good boy today.”

I loved to pleased her.

“I think you deserve a nice warm ass.” she said and proceeded to paddle my ass, both cheeks, with firm strokes carefully avoiding my butt plug as I flinched under the assault. Every time she struck my ass it caused me to tense up. That caused my butt plug to stimulate me even more. She was firm but loving as the paddling continued until she finally stopped and proclaimed; “Beautiful. You should see your ass. It’s so bright red now. Does it feel good my pet?”

I nodded as I panted from the intensity of the paddling. The stinging pain felt delicious as she caressed my ass with her hand.

“Good. I want you to enjoy your reward. What do we have here?” Her hand continued to slide down between my legs to my dripping cock which twitched as she traced her finger down the underside to the tip. She wiped the dripping pre-cum with her finger and brought it to my mouth.

“Open up.” she commanded.

I did as I was told and she pushed her finger past my lips.

“Suck!” she ordered.

I pursed my lips around her finger and sucked the liquid from her digit.

“Sooo hot.” she purred.

She withdrew her finger from my mouth. I now felt the stiff tip of the riding crop moving slowly over my reddened ass cheeks. She began using it to tap on my butt plug which sent delicious impacts to my prostate making my cock twitch even more.

“Do you like that my little ass slut? ” she asked.

I nodded my head.

“Good. I want that ass nice and ready for me.”

She then proceeded to continue her assault on my upturned rear. I felt the sting of the crop tip snap against my bare cheeks. Each strike pushed me closer to bliss as the adrenaline coursed through my body from the mixture of pleasure and pain.

Suddenly she stopped her assault. I felt the crop slide slowly down my ass across my sensitive taint, over my balls all the way to the tip of my cock. She then used the crop to run across the weeping end of my throbbing cock.

She then brought Maltepe Otele Gelen Escort the crop to my mouth she said “Put your tongue out, cum slut!”

I immediately darted my tongue as commanded.

“Lick it clean.” she teased.

I proceeded to use my tongue to clean the pre-cum from the leather tip of her riding crop.

“Good boy. ” she said. ” Now on your back, bitch.”

I quickly rolled onto my back. She secured my cuffed wrists to the bed posts with ropes. Then she reached back down to my swollen and leaking cock and gave it a slow stroke from the base to the tip gathering the pre-cum. I wasn’t expecting what came next.

She said “I’ve covered the head of my cock with your cum. Open up and show me how much you love pleasing me.”

I opened my mouth as she leaned in and slid her life-like dildo between my lips.

“That’s it baby, get my cock ready for your hungry ass.”

She pulled off my blindfold. As my eyes adjusted I looked up at her, my mouth full of her realistic cock. She looked so powerful above me. Her red corset pushing her gorgeous breasts up showing off her hard nipples. Her hands on her hips thrusting her cock forward.

“That’s a good little bitch. Suck my cock. Get it nice and wet for your ass. Do you like the taste of cum my pet?”

I pulled my mouth from her cock and said “Yes. I love it when you let me lick it from your cock.”

“I know.” She began to saw her hips back and forth into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head of her girl cock as if she could feel it. As she stared down at me she could see me working my tongue.

“So fucking hot” she hissed. As I worshiped her phallus I could see that the pressure from the strap-on was affecting her clit as she rubbed against the back of the leather pad. This made me work harder to keep the cock moving around enough to give her the pleasure she desired.

“Tell me; is your ass ready to be fucked?”

I nodded my head yes.

“Then say it, my little cock-slut. Tell me what you want?”

“I want you to fuck me, Mistress.”

“Tell me how you want me to fuck you?”

“I want you to fuck my ass. I want you to use me for your pleasure. I want you to cum while you fuck my ass.”

“Good. Then that’s what I’m going to do.”

With that she withdrew her dildo from my slurping mouth and strode to the foot of the bed.

“Lift your legs pet.” she said.

I drew my knees upward to my chest exposing my plug-filled ass and glowing cheeks.

“Your ass looks delicious. I am going to enjoy this more than you know.” she said. With that she began pushing on the protruding end of my butt plug putting more pressure on my prostate. She held it firmly between her fingers and slowly began sawing it in and out of me knowing that it was milking my prostate as she did so. Her lips parted slightly as she focused now on my cock to see the effect she was having. She then encircled my cock with her gloved hand and stroked it from the base to the tip all the while using the butt plug to milk my prostate. As the mind blowing pleasure increased with each slow stroke of my cock I could feel my impending orgasm begin to build and my hips began to buck involuntarily.

“Shhh, shhh” she chided me. “Not yet pet. I’ve got plans for that sweet ass.”

I could feel her begin to slowly draw the plug from me until my sphincter released it. I felt a sucking sensation as my ass was left empty after so many hours of stimulation.

I heard her applying lube to her cock and then the cock head was against my freshly shaved and wanton ass.

“Ok pet. Now you’re going to show me how much you want this thick cock in your ass. Ease that beautiful ass onto my strap-on and start fucking yourself.”

Her hand returned to my raging hard cock and very lightly began to stroke it. She knew that she could control me and my movements by using my cock. As much as I wanted to please her the anal sensations can be painful, initially. Stimulation of my cock was the key to encouraging my ass to take her cock. As she stroked my cock any pain from the anal intrusion was masked and I became her willing ass-slut.

I pushed back on her cock as I consciously relaxed my ass and pushed out on my sphincter. I felt my ring slide over her cock head and contract on her shaft.

“Very good my pet. Now keep going. There’s more hard cock waiting for you.”

I exhaled as I continued to push back as far as my wrist restraints would allow and eased the entire length of her strap-on into my hungry ass until I felt her hips pressed into my ass. The whole time she was very slowly stroking my cock and encouraging me.

“That’s it. Almost there. A little more. Oh yeah, you’ve taken it all my little slut.” she coached me. “Now, doesn’t that feel good? “

I couldn’t speak I was so overwhelmed by the sensation of her stroking my cock and what felt like her now massive cock filling my ass and rubbing against my prostate. I nodded and grunted Maltepe Ucuz Escort ” Uh huh. “

“Say it bitch. Tell me how it feels!” she ordered.

“It feels amazing, mistress. Your cock is filling me completely. My cock is ready to explode. Please may I cum?” I pleaded

“Don’t you dare.” she sneered. “I’ll let you know when you can cum.”

Her hand left my cock as she grabbed both my ankles. Then the fucking of my life began. She started gradually withdrawing her cock from me, just to the base of the head without completely pulling out. Then she pushed forward. Then out, then in. Each repetition seemed to increase in speed slightly building slowly into a rapid pounding of my ass. As she built into a strong rhythm my cock was being massaged from below by the ridge of her cock head passing over my prostate. Copious amounts of pre-cum was leaking from me. I wanted so desperately to cum. She could see this and warned me again. “Don’t you dare cum until I give you permission.” Her breathing was more rapid now. She scooped up my leaking cum and fed it to me.

“That’s a good little cum slut, lick it all off my hand.” she encouraged. “I’ve got a special surprise for you later.”

She continued to fuck my ass with a bucking motion that was stimulating her swollen clit. With each stroke of her cock into me she drew nearer to her own orgasm. Her face was now flushed and she was breathing hard from her exertions when suddenly her face contorted and her eyes closed in an almost painful expression. She thrust herself forcefully into me as her hips began to twitch. Her fingers sank into my ankles as she held my legs up. As she came she started to spasm. I felt her cock twitching inside me as she rode her orgasmic wave.

She suddenly exhaled, relaxed and released my ankles letting her ass drop back onto her heels. The strap-on came almost completely out of me. Her breathing began to slow as she opened her eyes. She looked at me and said “I love fucking your horny ass. Now it’s time for your treat.”

She gave my ass one more deep stroke with her strap-on, lingering when she was all the way in and gyrating her hips knowing it was hitting my p-spot. She then withdrew her silicone cock from me and took off the strap-on. Without releasing my wrists she got on top of me and lowered herself onto my throbbing hard cock. The heat from her wet pussy was almost enough to make me shoot instantly. As she bottomed out on my cock she leaned forward and looked into my eyes.

“I’m going to cum again before you do. Do you understand? “

I nodded yes.

“Good slut. Don’t you dare cum until I give you permission.”

She started to ride my cock, alternating from steady bouncing to a grinding motion of her hips as she drove her swollen clit into my public bone. She then held still above my cock with just the head inside her pussy and glared at me

“Fuck me, bitch! Make me cum.”

I struggled to thrust up into her while being restrained but I desperately wanted to satisfy her. My leg and ass muscles began to burn and ache as I continued to thrust into her pussy when she suddenly drove down hard on my rod and started to shudder. Her hips twitched and I felt a warm gush of fluid as she came and squirted her juices on me. I felt her hot fluids run down my cock and balls as she writhed through a second orgasm. As her orgasm subsided she leaned back and let her head fall rearward keeping my cock buried deep inside her. When her breathing slowed she came forward and looked me in the eyes again.

“You’ve been a good little slut for me. It’s time for your reward.” She started sliding up and down on my cock “OK, my pet. You can cum now. Fill me with your hot load.”

I was finally able to surrender to the burning desire I had endured all day. I felt my orgasm building from my aching balls, through my prostate and rising into my swollen cock. I felt a flash of light behind my eyelids as my cock exploded inside my wife’s hot pussy.

Her love canal milked my shaft for all it was worth as I felt her hot breath on my ear. “That’s it, slut. Give it all to me. Give me all your delicious cum. Because I’m going to give it all back to you.”

I spasmed uncontrollably into her as what seemed like a never ending series of creamy pulses flooded her. My brain didn’t register what she had said until my entire body melted into a post orgasmic puddle of bliss.

She continued to slowly ride my now softening cock before sitting up and saying “Now for your real treat.”

She pushed up and off me as I gazed down to see my cum mixed with hers slipping from her pussy lips and down the inside of her leg. She swiftly moved up and hovered above my head.

“Lick that cream from my leg, bitch.”

I did as instructed trying to remain conscious in my post orgasmic state. This part was a challenge for me. As much as I wanted to taste her cum filled pussy when my cock was hard, the desire quickly left me after I had cum. I had no desire to go there now. I was still helpless, though, with my hands above my head tied to the bed. Despite the turn in my desire I began licking her inner thigh and swallowing our combined juices. As I licked she continued to lower herself on my face until her creamy pussy was covering my mouth. “Now clean me and make me cum again.” She commanded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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