What Have I Done?


A new story because I can’t sleep…

10 more days. 10 more days of being uncomfortable. 10 more days of bland food. 10 more days of being overworked. 10 more days of the heat and humidity.

And most importantly, 10 more days of sexual frustration. God, there really is only so much porn a man can consume before becoming numb.

I’ve been stuck in a region of the Asian sub-continent, in which I neither speak much of the language, nor fit through any of the doorways. My body aches from tiny furniture, and my mind is becoming weary.

And I’m so fucking horny. I have exhausted GBs upon GBs of porn from my hard drive. For whatever reason, I just am not into Asian women. Sure they are beautiful, but I feel no sexual desire towards them. My dick no longer functions properly. Walking through the crowds of these pubescence-imitating ladies is just so frustrating.

I long for my bed back home. And my wife. My wife to cuddle and fuck. Well, at least cuddle. But until then, looks like more porn for me.

‘Local Asian teens looking to fuck,’ sounds like they know their target. Who even clicks on those things? Anyways, time for a drink.

Where is this bar? Google maps said it was two blocks away. This doesn’t seem like the right place.

Are those ladies in high school uniforms? No way they’re that young… ohh, they are working girls.

Wow seems like a lot of working girls around here. God they act like high schoolers. Please stop calling me daddy.

Yes, I’d like a Talisker, 12 year, double, on the rocks.

Hi, are you here on business?

‘Hi. No I am a local. Just looking to be a little social tonight. Where are you from?’

Your accent sounds familiar, did you study abroad? I’m from the US. Javon.

‘Elaine. Yes, I did my masters in LA.’

Very nice. May I buy you a drink?

‘Sure. Talisker, 12 year, on the rocks.’

There’s something about this girl. I can’t put my finger on it, but she seems so familiar. She’s not a little girl. Her dress is provocative, but professional. Her body is curvy, and her cleavage suggests spectacular tits. OK, let’s be grown up about it: they are immaculate breasts. Fuck, I’m getting tipsy. And I’m getting pretty horny.

Wait, am I touching her thigh? When did I put my hand there? Maybe around the 3rd drink?

You know, I just bought a Balvenie double cask this weekend. Would you be interested in coming over to try some?

‘Sounds great. Let me just visit the ladies room real quick.’

Nothing’s going gaziantep escort to happen. You are married and just enjoying the company. The company of a young, beautiful girl. I mean woman. Definitely a beautiful, sexy woman. You will have drinks, talk about the weather and part ways. What’s taking her so long?

Who is she on the phone with? She’s smiling at me. Fuck, what am I getting myself into?

“All set?”

Yea, I’m just a few blocks over.

Come on in, please sit, relax. I’ll go grab some glasses.

‘how long have you been staying here? Do you enjoy the area?’

I’ve been here 2 months now. I did enjoy it, but lately I’ve been feeling very lonely. Very few people are willing to speak English.

‘I can imagine.’

Her eyes are so deep. She’s not wearing those fake colored-contacts. Her lips are so soft. They are glistening.

Did I just kiss her? Shit, why did I do that? Her lips are so juicy. Maybe I should stop drinking. My head is swirling. And I’m so fucking turned on right now.

I can feel her hands unbuttoning my pants. I told myself I wouldn’t do this.

Maybe we can slow down a bit. I should say that.

Why can’t I say that?

Why am I just letting her grab my throbbing cock? Her hands are delicate, but assertive.

I want to feel her tits. But I shouldn’t. I’m going to stop this. I will not fuck her.

Stripping is probably ok, right?

I want you to take your clothes off.


Did I really just say that? Her body is so tender. Her curves are raw, soft and warm. I can see the redness in her skin from the humidity in the air. I want to put my lips on her body. She is the sexiest thing I have seen in months. I want her so bad. My cock is throbbing.

Now I want you to touch yourself.


She’s already wet. I can see her fingers getting moist circling her pussy. She hasn’t even inserted her fingers in her pussy, and I can smell the sex on her. She wanted this. She expected this. She knows what she wants; I like it.

‘Why don’t you come here so I can touch your cock?’

No, you’re not allowed to do that. I won’t let you. I will stroke my own cock. Shit, I can’t say that; it sounds crazy. I’m just going to take off my pants and show her my hard cock. She can watch me. She’ll like that.

My fingers are empowered. This isn’t like watching porn. I’m a voyeur; I’ve done this before. My cock knows there is a wet pussy in the room. It wants to show off. It wants to feel her wetness. But I won’t. I can’t.

‘Are you going to stand there stroking your cock, or are you going to come fuck me?’

I just want to watch you cum for me.

‘You know it’s all-inclusive, right?’

What’s all-inclusive?

What is she talking about?

‘My time. You get all services, except anal.’

I didn’t realize I’m paying you.

‘Don’t you want my pussy? It’s all yours.’

I’m not paying you. I’m not fucking you. I’m married.

‘Come here and let me take care of you.’

I’m not paying you.

I’m not paying her. She’s coming closer. Her tits look so luscious hanging down. She’s smiling at me. She’s seducing me. Her hand is already on around my cock. I’m not going to fuck her, I’m married.

‘I saw how you were looking at me in the bar. You knew exactly what you were getting yourself into. You knew I’d fuck you better than your wife.’

Fuck, her mouth feels so good around my cock. Her lips are moist, and my cock is twitching from her warmth. She thinks she has me under her spell. Her tits look amazing bouncing from her head bobbing.

Oh god, she can deep throat. She’s smiling. I can hear her giggle. I’ve heard that giggle before. She knows what she is doing. She’s taking what she wants.

‘yea, grab my hair just like that. I bet your wife doesn’t deep throat like I do.’

Fuck, my wife.

You need to stop.

‘So pushy. You just want to watch, you fucking pervert? Fine, watch me lay back and finger myself.’

She’s definitely showing off this time. She wasn’t as comfortable laying there fingering herself earlier. Now she’s teasing me. Her moans are calling my cock. Her fingers are mocking me. And my cock keeps twitching along with her hips. She’s playing a fucking game, how does she know I like games?

She’s tasting herself; trying to make me jealous. She does really seem to enjoy her taste. I bet she tastes nasty. Like a fucking prostitute. But she is hotter than any porn star I’ve ever seen. What if I have just one taste? But I won’t fuck her. I will not fuck her.

‘Stop drooling, you pervert. And come eat my pussy.’

Why am I following her commands like an eager schoolboy? At least take your hand off your cock. Calm down.

‘That’s it, put your tongue on my clit.’

But she tastes pure and innocent. She’s already dripping, and I can taste her getting even wetter. My cock is getting harder; it’s starting to overwhelm me. She tastes of something I long desired. Something illicit and immoral.

She’s watching me lick her cunt. I can see the intensity in her eyes; that desire looks all too familiar. She wants me, and my cock wants her. I need a fucking drink. Why can’t I just stay out of my head and fuck her like I’ve always wanted?

Because it’s wrong.

‘Come here and fuck me.’

That’s something I’ve wanted to hear from her for years.

No. Say no. I want to say no. Keep saying I won’t fuck her. Tell her no.

Ooh, she is so wet. My cock is sliding in so easily. I can feel how young she really is. As if I’m her first. She may look older, but she’s just an innocent little girl. With a tight cunt. A cunt my cock is not allowed to have.

I can feel her nails digging into my back. I can taste her sweaty skin on my lips. I can hear her breathing heavily. I can feel her inching closer and closer to me, like she’s wanted it ever since she’s known me. Her legs are wrapped around me really tight. She’s trying to get me deeper inside her pussy as if this will never happen again. Because it can’t.

My cock is feeling tighter. I’m getting closer. I can hear her moans. I can feel the smirk on her face. I can’t open my eyes, I can’t bear to see her face. Her pussy feels so good.

‘I want you to cum inside me.’


Flashes of white.



I’m coming, Emily. Come with me.

‘fill me up baby.’

Come with me, Emily.

The colors are re-appearing.

Muscles are relaxing.

My body feels limp.

I can still feel her soft neck flesh on my lips.

‘You really do love your wife.’

What? Huh? SHIT, I fucked up. I fucked her. I cheated on my wife. Fuck.

Shit, you need to leave. Now.

‘My name is Elaine.’

Shit, I fucked up. No.

I don’t fucking care. There’s money in my slacks, take it and get the fuck out.

‘I want to hear you say my name.’

What the fuck are you talking about? Get out. Just take my fucking money and leave!

‘Why won’t you say my fucking name?’



Ok… feeling.

And now pain.

Oww, my cheek will be red tomorrow.

Did she just slap me? What the fuck is going on?

I don’t know your fucking name. Take your money, get the fuck out!

‘Asshole. I’m Elaine, not Emily. Go fuck yourself.’

What does my sister-in-law have to do with anything? Get out!

I fucked up.

I ruined my marriage.

10 more days. 10 more days to live with my guilt. 10 more days till my life unravels completely. 10 more days of masturbating to memories of Emily… I mean Elaine. Shit, I really fucked up.

A new story because I can’t sleep… 10 more days. 10 more days of being uncomfortable. 10 more days of bland food. 10 more days of being overworked. 10 more days of the heat and humidity. And most importantly, 10 more days of sexual frustration. God, there really is only so much porn a man…

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