What Happens in Spain Ch. 03


My Friend is your Friend

Irene awoke, realizing when she scratched her nose she could smell her own sex on her fingers and immediately realized she was still naked from the waist down. She started to move, her leg bumping against her dildo beside her in the bed, and realized she needed to wash it, wash herself, and get some clean underwear. Glancing over at Tina, she was on her side facing the other direction, so she just got up, gathered clean underwear and bra, and went in to take a shower. She washed her toy in the sink and put it on the back of the toilet before climbing into the shower.

She wasn’t one to normally luxuriate for long periods under running water, but she didn’t normally share a room with someone other than her husband, either. She was right in the middle of washing her hair when she heard Tina’s knock on the door, just before she opened it, and a query of “Can I come in and use the toilet?”

“Of course, come on in.” She was facing the wall, but heard Tina open the toilet and piss, the toilet flushing a moment later. She heard her wash her hands and the door open and shut, just about the time she reached and turned the water off. Turning around to reach for a towel, her eyes focused through the water splashed glass onto the toilet and her extra-large, ebony black, friend resting on the back of it. She hadn’t even thought about it when she’d told Tina to come on in but knew now that there were no longer any questions about what her toy looked like. There wasn’t anything she could do about it now; she just put on her bra and panties and picked it up with her pajamas and went out and put them away.

She hesitated, standing in front of the several clean blouses she had left. She’d known last night what she was going to wear today, she’d already pulled on her pants, but show a little skin, show a little cleavage was stuck in her head. Hesitantly she took the other blouse from the closet and slipped it over her head. A deep U neck exposed some of the tops of her breasts and, from putting on makeup when she leaned into the mirror, she knew when she bent over it was quite possible to look down somewhat between them. Truthfully, she didn’t know why she’d brought this blouse along; she’d had it in mind to wear for Oscar when she went home, but too late realized the train home would have been really late. She’d have to change at work or wear it during the day. But she did have it along, and she’d put it on. Turning to look at herself in the mirror, she was about ready to pull it off when Tina turned and said, ‘Oh, now that ought to get his attention.” Irene blushed.

They were in the small elevator heading for the cafeteria in the basement when Tina leaned in to her and whispered conspiratorially, “I’ll bet the bulge in his pants is bigger than it was yesterday.”

“Tina!” Irene exclaimed, and then giggled, feeling her nipples harden to the thought of her own implied exhibitionism.


For the first time Irene truly really recognized that Ryan did seem to be paying quite a bit of attention to her. She met his eyes several times, and when they’d grouped around Lori’s computer to see a problem she’d encountered, he rested his hand on the small of her back. At least once she’d had to bend over for something and, realizing by doing so she was exposing her cleavage even more, lifted her hand to her neckline. As she straightened up, she saw Ryan carefully looking elsewhere, which meant he’d gotten a good look down her blouse before she put her hand there. She was immediately embarrassed, as she would never have had a problem like that with her normal work clothes, but moments later was even more embarrassed when she recognized that Ryan again had a significant bulge in his pants, and that just after she’d flashed much of her boobs at him, it was much larger than yesterday. She may have been embarrassed, but it didn’t keep her from looking again when she got a chance.

An itinerary was delivered to Irene mid-morning, and after reading and thinking about it, she saved it until lunch time. “Everyone, here’s what we’ve got. They’ve gotten us a mini-van and were able to find us a hotel for Friday night in Alicante. That will be about a 4-hour drive for us from here, so we can go after work. They weren’t able to get the same hotel for Saturday, so we will be going on to Valencia. Benidorm is about halfway between, so if we want to take Sherry’s suggestion and go to Benidorm tomorrow, that will work perfectly. Then Sunday they have the hotel booked in Barcelona and we’ll be there for the week.”

“Last night in Madrid!” Ryan, said to nobody in particular as they sauntered their way through the streets, back to their hotel, after dinner. “I’ve got a bottle of wine in my room, if you all would like to join me?”

“Good Wine or White Wine?” Irene giggled aloud, repeating the oft repeated Spanish joke.

“What?” Ryan said, not understanding the question.

“Good Wine, or White Wine? gaziantep escort All the best wine comes from Spain; white wine comes from France.”

“Ah!” he chuckled in return. “In that case, Good Wine. Will you join me?”

Ryan had asked for some extra glasses for the room in anticipation that the others might join him. One bottle was enough for everyone to have one glass, but not much more. Sipping hers, Irene hadn’t gotten anywhere near the bottom of her glass when Sherry bid goodnight and left. A short time later, Lori also left, which left just Tina and Irene. Tina and Ryan were chatting, Irene opened the door and stepped out onto the balcony of the room, looking out over the noise and bustle of Madrid. Even though it was well after midnight, the sound of cars, the occasional honking of horns and muted voices of pedestrians sifted up to let her know the city was still alive. She leaned over the balcony to look down, and moments later felt a hand. Not quite on her hip, not quite on her bottom, the touch was more familiar than she would have expected. She realized it wasn’t a woman’s hand, which meant it could only be Ryan’s. She didn’t move, he didn’t move his hand. She didn’t need to look, she knew who it was.

“Help me finish it?” he asked, holding the wine bottle so she could see. Turning slightly, about to reject the offer, she could see there was barely any left and Ryan’s glass was nearly full. She moved her glass over, and he emptied the bottle, again giving her half a glass. She hadn’t heard Tina leave but now, turned so she could glance back into the room, she realized she must have. She turned back to look over the city, Ryan stepping in closely beside her.

“Pretty, isn’t it?” she said aloud, her heart quickening at his proximity. If he’d been a complete stranger, she would have moved away, understanding it was an advance on his part by moving into her personal space.

“It is,” he responded, his hand gently returning to the small of her back as he moved up beside her to lean over the balcony and looked down, his other arm and wine glass resting on the railing. Nervously she began to point out highlights, anything recognizable by the nighttime lights. Ryan listened, asked questions, but never moved his hand from the small of her back, if anything letting it slide a bit lower onto her bottom. She should have moved, should have stopped him, but she didn’t. When she tilted her glass and finished the last mouthful, Ryan finally moved his hand from her backside, reaching to take her glass. She handed it to him, and he turned, stepping inside to put the glasses on the counter. She stepped inside behind him, only to meet him turning back to her.

“I guess I’m the last one here? Time for me to go,” she said, reaching out to give him a hug and the European double cheek kiss. His hand gripped her arm, pulling her to him, and as she turned her lips to his cheek, he turned his face to hers.

There was no doubt that he fully intended the kiss. He didn’t pull away, although he probably would have if she had but she didn’t. His hand came up to her cheek, holding her face with his open palm, while his other was again behind her back, holding her close. His lips locked on hers and she couldn’t help herself, returning the kiss with her whole body, feeling his body heat melting her own. She’d been caught by surprise at the suddenness of it, surprised as her eyes closed, surprised at how thoroughly she enjoyed him pulling her close. She could taste his mouth, taste the wine from his lips and hers; she could smell his smell, and she could feel the growing bulge between their bodies as his hand slid lower, this time completely gripping her bottom and pulling her against him. Her mind was simultaneously screaming “no, you’re married,” and “yes, I want you,” with neither of them making an attempt to break the kiss. Finally, she broke away, inserting her arm between their upper bodies and pulled back slightly, not enough to pull away from him, but enough to break the kiss.

“Ryan,” she said, pulling away from his lips and looking up into his eyes, and regretfully saying, “I’m married.” She could feel his erection pressed against her hip where it had to be strangled inside his underwear.

“I know.” His hand eased from her bottom, easing the pressure of his cock on her hip and she realized he’d been holding her against his erection as much as feeling her bottom. His hand slid up her side, her mind understanding that he was reaching for her breast. She knew she should stop him, to grab his wrist and tell him no, even though her nipples were on fire anticipating his touch. Instead she did nothing, and his hand cupped her breast, his thumb running back and forth across her nipple. An electric shock went through her clit as his thumb caressed her nipple. “I haven’t been able to keep my eyes off you since we met on Monday.”

“I know,” she said, her hand rising to his cheek, caressing the light stubble on his chin. She turned, her arm pushing his hand and arm away from her breast and stepped for the door, knowing that if she didn’t leave now, she was going to stay. She stopped at the door, turning back to look at him. The bulge in his pants was visible through her peripheral vision, she didn’t have to look down to see it, just as he didn’t need to drop his eyes to see the hard pebbles of her nipples accentuating her blouse. “Good night, Ryan,” she said, stepping out and letting the door rapidly close behind her.

She stopped outside his door, turning to put her back against the wall. What am I doing? She thought to herself, recognizing that one kiss, one look, one light caress of her bottom and breast, one hard cock pressed against her belly had instantly turned her on more than her husband ever had by doing the same, leaving her quivering and weak kneed . I’m married, she thought, trying to reconcile why her nipples were aching and her panties were soaked. Her thoughts shifted to Oscar, and his constant questioning of whether she’d ever been attracted to someone else, whether she’d ever thought of touching someone else, whether she’d ever wanted someone else to touch her. Yes, Dammit! she screamed in her head. She turned and headed down the hall to her own room.

Tina had already finished her shower and looked up in surprise when Irene slipped her key in the door. She didn’t even bother to cover herself, although she was standing virtually nude beside her bed, dressed only in her panties, putting lotion on herself. “I wondered if I’d see you again tonight,” she said with a questioning smile.

“No, not going to happen,” she answered, trying in her mind to deny that she had as much of an attraction to Ryan as he apparently did to her. But then, why were her panties soaked and her nipples throbbing?

“Yeah, I guess not.” Tina turned away and Irene grabbed her pajama’s and headed for the bath.

Tina was in bed with the light out when she came back out. Putting her used, and wet, panties as well as her other used clothes into her suitcase as dirty clothes, she surreptitiously picked up her toy and lube. She’d been unable to orgasm in the shower despite touching herself; her hands had squeezed and pulled her nipples, although she’d been thinking of Ryan’s lips on them. Her fingers had teased her clit, had slipped inside herself, but hadn’t been enough to make her feel the way she desired. Right now, she was remembering the feeling of Ryan pressed against her and imagining being filled with him, but the fullness of her toy would have to suffice. Climbing into bed she bid goodnight to Tina, and received the same in return; apparently, she was no more interested in chatting than was Irene. Just as she had the other night, she slipped her panties off getting into bed, mixing the noise and movement with the natural act of getting under the sheet. Turning to her side, away from Tina, she lay there, listening, waiting for an indication that Tina had fallen asleep.

Silently she slid her hand inside her nightie to her breast, her mind remembering Ryan’s hand sliding from her bottom and up her side to her breast. She’d known what was in his mind, and although she should have stopped him, she’d wanted him to make the attempt. With the deeper vee of her flirty blouse, he could have easily slipped his fingers inside it, inside her bra, and onto her bare skin. Now, she wasn’t really sure what she would have done; if he had, would she have taken his hand and moved it away, or, taken his hand and held it there? She didn’t normally play with her nipples when she masturbated, although Oscar always did when they made love, but tonight, trying to not make noise to alert Tina to what she was doing, she was driving herself crazy with her self-touching. Realizing what she could do, she withdrew her hand from her breasts, finding the small bottle of lube beside the plastic cock. Flipping the lid, one handed, she turned and dribbled several drops on the fingers of her other hand. A thumb press closed the bottle, a plastic snap barely heard when she did, and then put the bottle back next to its mate. She carefully, so as not to arouse suspicion, rolled onto her back, spreading her legs for herself as she did. Slowly, silently, she slipped her one hand back to her breasts, and the other to her clit.

The touch was electric. Her fingers on her clit tingled in her nipples, her fingers on her nipples caused her clit to twitch. She consciously kept the rest of her body still, feigning that she was going to sleep, a falsehood that caused her to only very surreptitiously move either set of fingers. Why didn’t I just fill myself when I came to bed? I could have filled myself and been here enjoying the fullness, feeling what it will be like when Ryan fucks me, feel… The sound of Tina’s vibrator intruded on her ears. She realized that not only had she been waiting for Tina to fall asleep, Tina had been doing the same. Whether she thought Irene had fallen asleep and was now taking care of herself, or whether she just didn’t care if Irene heard or not, she had started her toy and was now pleasuring herself. Now sure that Tina wasn’t paying any attention to anything except the pleasure between her own legs, Irene quietly slipped her hand from her breasts again, guided her monster between her legs and filled herself with it. As always, there was no need for any extra lube, she’d been more than a little wet ever since she walked away from Ryan’s room.

She didn’t need to fuck herself with her toy this time, all she needed was the fullness it gave her. Her fingers were doing admirably on her clit and nipples; she really knew that if she hadn’t wanted to have the fullness of her dildo in her, she could have easily gotten herself off. Now, it was all in her mind. It didn’t matter that she’d imagined Ryan’s cock as she was fitting it inside herself, now with her eyes closed and fingers pleasuring, she was imagining Ryan, naked, stepping into Maria and Albert s tent, his magnificent erection in perfect profile… No, actually it was her tent, and she was on her knees just inside, waiting for that monstrous phallus to join her. She imagined Ryan, standing now, nude and erect, his penis angry and purple, dying for the cooling touch of…

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like with a big cock?” Oscar’s voice sounded in her mind, repeating his oft asked question.


“Have you ever wanted to suck a big cock?” Oscar’s voice continued, teasing, prodding, in her mind.


“Would you want…”

YES! she interrupted the thought. Whether she’d ever admitted it to Oscar, she definitely knew that she wanted to be fucked by a big cock, it was nearly her sole masturbation fantasy for years. Whether Ryan was as big as Albert, whether he was even just bigger than Oscar, right now all she could think about was being on her knees in front of Ryan, sliding her lips over his cock, taking him into her mouth, feeling him growing harder, until she pulled off and laid back, watching him slide it inside her. She didn’t think he could possibly be as big as her ‘friend,’ possibly not even as big as Albert, but in her mind, she knew he had to be bigger than Oscar, that he would fulfill her needs as no man, especially not her husband, had ever done before. All thoughts of being quiet, trying to keep Tina from knowing what she was doing had slipped from her mind. With her monster dildo filling her, her mind feeling Ryan slipping inside her, and her fingers dancing against her clit, she orgasmed, her hips rising in bed, pushing herself up into her imaginary lover. Her orgasm was so strong it left her quivering, her breathing hard and raspy, only slowly settling back down as her body relaxed. A warm post-orgasmic buzz began to overtake her when Tina’s voice intruded on her world.

“Do you… do that often?” Suddenly her mind cleared, the post orgasmic buzz turning to instant clarity. She realized that she’d gasped when she came. She realized that again her previously silent motions had probably not been so silent at the end. She was instantly mortified, whether Tina realized it or not. Tina suddenly giggled; “I mean, if we’re both doing it, we might as well talk about it.” They were both quiet for a minute or so before Tina continued. “My sister and I masturbated together nearly every night.”

“You did it that often?” Irene couldn’t help herself, the idea that someone masturbated daily, foreign to her life. It was something she had barely ever done when she was younger, and always with a tremendous pile of Catholic guilt making her feel bad afterward.

“Back then, yes. Now, not as much, but when I’m alone? Yes. I found out a long time ago I sleep better after an orgasm, so unless I’m sick or something, whenever my husband Terry and I are separated, I do. Even when I’m really tired, it helps me relax and sleep better.”

When I’m alone. Irene heard the modifier, making her wonder what the opposite was. “What about when you’re not alone? You don’t do it then?” she hesitantly questioned, wanting to know, but not wanting to pry.

“When Terry’s home? I don’t need to do it then, Terry’s a great lover, we have a lot of sex and I don’t need to, but even then, occasionally he’s not in the mood so I take care of myself.”

“With him there?” She asked, aghast at the thought of masturbating in front of Oscar, or with him near.

Tina laughed. “You make it sound bad or something. Of course with him there. Sometimes he just lets me take care of myself, but a lot of the time he’ll take over and do it for me. He likes to watch, or he’ll get into the mood just watching and we end up making love or masturbating together.” She giggled, the laugh coming through her nose, sounding almost like a snort. “I’ve told him to take care of himself once or twice before, too, and I’ve got to admit I find watching pretty hot too. He may start by himself, but I find it is a turn-on to watch. What about your husband, doesn’t he like to watch?”

My Friend is your Friend Irene awoke, realizing when she scratched her nose she could smell her own sex on her fingers and immediately realized she was still naked from the waist down. She started to move, her leg bumping against her dildo beside her in the bed, and realized she needed to wash it,…

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