What Goes Around Comes Around

What Goes Around Comes Around

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Big Tits

To begin this story, I need to take you back about 10 years to when I was in college. My name is Rick and I attended a Division I school, where I was a member of their football program. I remember back to my freshman orientation and the first time I saw Marsha. She was stunning, with an incredible body, gorgeous face and piercing eyes that could melt you.

Marsha was definitely in a league of her own when it came to looks. The problem was that she knew it too and carried herself around campus in that I’m too good for you, so don’t even bother trying attitude. Every guy wanted her, but few would even approach her since she had a nasty habit of not only turning you down, but insulting you at the same time. She was a royal bitch, but an incredibly hot royal bitch. Marsha would also dress as provocatively as possible, as she loved to be a big cock tease to all of the guys on campus.

So, for my first three years, I was just like every other guy on campus that she would not give the time of day to. That all changed late in my junior year. We had just won the National Championship in football, and I had posted conference records in receptions and touchdowns receiving. Suddenly, the championship and the receiving records brought a lot of attention to our small university. By the time we were in our spring practices, the national and local media attention seemed constant, with many predictions of us repeating as Division I Championships. If that was not enough, there were even some analysts who felt that if I went to a larger school, that I would probably be one of the favorites to win the Heisman the next year. With all of that attention, suddenly Marsha began to take an interest.

At first, I really was not interested since she had been such a bitch for most of the past 3 years to me and everyone else, and I was trying to stay focused on my classes and football. Even with all of the hype that I was beginning to get around me, I knew I that I would probably not be able to play football much longer. All of the games in high school and college, many of which I played on offense and defense, had taken a toll on my knees and ankles. I was under 6 feet tall and had average speed that I felt was already showing signs of slowing down because of the injuries.

I felt if the team had another strong year and I put up some good numbers again, I’d have a chance to get drafted in the NFL. But, I realized the odds of me staying there very long were not good, so it was important that I complete my degree and make the most out of any football opportunity that arose.

My coach knew of my constant aches and pains, so he did a nice job of keeping it very quiet and minimizing the amount of hits I took in practice. Our first game of my senior year was nationally televised and we beat a much larger school. I ended up having 15 receptions and 3 touchdowns in that game, so the media frenzy began. I was also getting constant attention from Marsha by then. She had gone from being a royal bitch to me, to wanting to be with me all of the time and even being somewhat cordial to my friends and team mates.

Now I’m not stupid, so I was well aware that it was not a coincidence that Marsha’s attention to me came shortly after all of the attention I was getting from the media on football. I figured hey, I might as well have the hottest looking girl on the planet walking around with me. And to be honest, although she was a bit stiff in bed, looking down at her body as I fucked her was an incredible high.

After our team repeated as the Division I Champions and I surpassed my previous season’s records, all of the attention (at least at my school) was on me for the NFL Draft. We even had a camera man at our house ready to take footage when (if) my name was called. Most analysts thought I would be a middle round pick, so we were all shocked when I was selected in the second round by the Chicago Bears. I was still concerned about how long I’d be able to play, so I was delighted to be able to sign a contract that had a fair amount of money guaranteed.

I don’t think I was really in love with Marsha the person, but I certainly loved being with Marsha’s body, so I proposed and we got married a few months later. As I feared would happen, the wear and tear on my legs limited my ability to contribute much to the Bears. After playing mostly special teams in my first season, I did get some action at receiver during my second year, but that was ended early with a knee injury. I tried coming back after surgery for my third year, but the Bears and I realized that the quick burst of speed off the line that I used to have was gone and I spent most of my third year on the Bears’ practice squad before retiring from football after just 3 years.

The good news was that since I was not counting on a huge NFL income for several years, we had done a good job of spending wisely and making a few good investments. We had a very nice house, with a large pool and gorgeous yard. And, I had secured a job at one of the local Marketing companies, so things were looking cimcif gaziantep escort ok. That is until Marsha began to miss the glamour and glitz of me being a small time celebrity. Soon, her bitchy edge had returned when she was around my friends and the outfits she would wear left nothing to the imagination. She was back to being a bitch cock tease. Having come from a family that truly believes in marriage, I was determined to make ours work…until…

We were having a party at our house to kick off the summer and had invited about 40 friends to join us. The party was scheduled from noon to 8, so most guests would stop in for a few hours depending on what their schedule was. Marsha looked as hot as ever when she came downstairs in the outfit she had chosen to wear for the party. She was wearing tight fitting bright yellow terry cloth shorts that looked amazing next to her long tan legs and around her great tight ass. On top, she had a light tan tube top, exposing her sexy tight abs and if you looked hard enough, you could see the outline of our areola through the top.

Here’s a little bit of information about a few of the guests that were coming to our party.

Sean was a friend of mine from our college days. He was black, about 6’2″ and kept in great shape. Sean had recently been divorced and had moved in with another friend of ours named Kenny.

Kenny was a very successful Architect. He was 6′ tall, always seemed to be working and never had time to date. Although he did not have time to work out, he kept himself in decent shape primarily be eating very healthy.

Lastly, there was Dennis. I would not necessarily say that Dennis was our friend, although we had known him for about 4 years. He was in the construction business which is how he met Kenny. Dennis was only about 5’6″ tall, had a stocky build, was single, and probably one of the rudest / crudest guys I’ve ever met. He seemed pretty lazy to me, but apparently had tremendous luck when it came to money matters and had some very profitable developments that he led. The one thing that was appealing about Dennis is that he owned a very large party boat that he would captain around the lake we lived near.

Although we only officially invited Sean and Kenny, both of us knew that Dennis would probably attend as well, as the three of them hung out pretty regularly when Kenny was not working.

As expected, all three of them came together and quickly joined the others in eating, drinking and socializing. When I saw Dennis for the first time that day, he commented how incredible Marsha’s ass looked in those shorts and that he would love to tap that. Had it come from anyone else, I probably would have punched him, but it’s what I had come to expect from Dennis. He’s crude, obnoxious, loud – just a real jerk. So, I just thanked him for the compliment.

Marsha was definitely enjoying herself. She was enjoying the food and drinks, but more importantly she had a huge house of guests that she could flirt with. Guys at the party were practically drooling as she stretched out, bent over to pick things up, or arched her back throughout the afternoon. At one point I saw her walk over to Dennis and him place a hand on her rear as she was talking to him. I decided to walk over just in case I need to defend my cock tease wife from the crude jerk.

Marsha was on the planning committee for her upcoming high school reunion and was hoping to get Dennis to let her host a girls only party on his party boat during the reunion weekend. When she asked him if he would do that for her, he thought for a few seconds before responding, he’d be happy to as long as every bitch would be topless while on his boat. If they agreed to that, not only would he provide the boat that he would captain for them, but he’d also supply the food and drinks.

You could tell by the expression on his face that he was very serious, and Marsha just replied to him that he is a disgusting classless pig.

With that, Dennis said that may be, but I’m a disgusting classless pig with a party boat that you want to use. He then gave her rear a light squeeze and walked away.

The party continued and at about 5 o’clock, Kenny told me that he has just been called to go meet with a client, so he was going to have to step out for a few hours. He expected to be back before 8, but wanted me to know since he had driven Sean and Dennis with him. I told him not a problem and that they could hang out with us until he finished up if the meeting goes longer than expected.

Sure enough, 8 o’clock came and the only guests remaining were Sean and Dennis. Kenny had called Sean and indicated it may now be closer to 10 before he finishes up.

Marsha, Sean, Dennis and I moved to our family room, after we had cleaned up a bit from the party. I can’t even remember the exact comment that Dennis made, but it was definitely sexist in nature which caused Marsha to immediately go into a barrage of women are better comments. The two of them cimcif gaziantep escort bayan went back and forth for about 15 minutes, until Dennis said there’s a way to prove that women don’t have better instincts than men, which is one of the comments that Marsha had made.

Marsha said fine, how do I prove it?

Dennis said, I’ll bet you that if we blindfolded you and let you touch each of our cocks for a few minutes, that you could not pick out which one is your husband’s dick.

Marsha snapped back, unless you guys have tiny dicks too, I bet I can. I was shocked and pissed off that she’d say that. First, I know I don’t have the largest cock in the world, but being right at 6 inches and fairly thick would probably put me at least in the average category. Definitely not tiny.

So, a few minutes later, we had blindfolded Marsha and she was sitting on the coach waiting to feel us up. Dennis motioned for Sean to go first. He slowly dropped his pants and moved to about a foot in front of Marsha. Dennis, who was standing directly behind Sean, told her the first cock had arrived.

As Marsha reached out and began rubbing Sean’s cock, my cock was stiffening, just as his was. Within a minute, she had him at full attention. I could tell by looking at his cock that there was no way she would mistake him for me. Sean’s cock was probably about an inch longer than mine, but much thinner. After another minute, Marsha said next.

I moved forward and her hands quickly grabbed and began to rub what was very familiar to them. A small smile came across her face as I’m sure she realized that was me and that she would prove Dennis wrong. When she said ok next, Dennis moved in.

At first, much like himself, his cock looked short and stocky. But, as she began to rub it, it seemed to double and then triple in both length and girth. There before us stood a guy 5’6″ that had a cock that was easily 9 inches long with the thickness of a beer bottle. Marsha definitely seemed to be enjoying herself as she had a big smile on her face.

When Dennis, pulled away, Marsha immediately asked are you ready for my answer?

Dennis asked her how sure she was and whether her instincts would allow her to identify who the owner of each cock was. She quickly said absolutely. With that, Dennis said, well maybe you’d be interested in making a little wager on it? He went on to say if she could correctly identify all 3 of our cocks, that he would allow her to use his party boat, he’d supply the food and drinks, and the girls could keep their tops on if they wanted too. But, he went on to say, if you are not right on all 3 cocks, I’ll still provide the boat, food and drinks, but you have to do anything I request from you for the rest of this evening.

Knowing that Marsha may be thinking that Sean might be the one with the largest cock (you know that black thing), I started to interrupt, when she said “I don’t need any advice from you tiny. This is my decision, and I’ll take that bet.”

So, Dennis said to ensure no one gets accused of cheating, the 3 of us will line up side by side. You grab one of our cocks in one of your hands and tell us who’s it is and then do the same with your other hand while still holding on to cock number 1. One of us will then remove your blindfold to see if you are correct. Marsha said let’s do it.

We moved in front of her and she quickly felt from cock to cock with her hands. One she was sure she had my cock in her one hand, Marsha said I know this is my husband’s because it is tiny. After that, she grabbed Dennis’ monster cock and said this magnificent cock belongs to Sean. I just shook my head as I realized that this cock tease had finally met her match.

When Dennis removed her blindfold, she was shocked to see that it was his cock and not Sean’s that she had her second hand holding.

Dennis said, well the good news is that you get to use my boat and the great news is that we get to use you as I like tonight.

Marsha made eye contact with me and you could see that her eyes were watering up and that she suddenly regretted what she had done. I knew that she was looking for me to step in and end it, but whether it was the tiny remarks she had made, the alcohol I had consumed that day, or just the fact that I was tired of her bitchy cock tease ways, I just looked at her and said it was your bet.

So, as each of us pulled our pants back up, Dennis instructed Marsha that he’d like to have her begin with a slow striptease, while standing on our coffee table. I showed my support for the control Dennis now had and quickly turned on the stereo with some music she could dance to. Marsha slipped out of the shoes she was wearing and stepped up onto the table. She started out rather slowly and was just swaying slowly back and forth. Dennis did not approve and told her that she had better start dancing like the cock tease she was or he was going to smack her ass good and hard.

With that, she started moving much more escort gaziantep cimcif seductively. She began by inserting her fingers into the waistband on her shorts and slowly lowered them to her feet. Her panties were kind of a Rio cut design, so they did a great job of highlighting her long sexy legs. After she kicked her shorts to the floor, her hands moved to her breasts, where she cupped her breasts through her tube top. She then slowly lowered her hands to the bottom of her tube top and slowly worked its way up and over her incredible breasts. Sean, who had not said a word over the last 30 minutes, blurted out “Holy shit, what a pair of tits”, when they came into view.

That seemed to give her more confidence, as she took the tube top over her head and tossed it playfully at Sean. Then, as she slowly turned on the table, she hooked her index fingers into her panties waist band and slid them down for all of us to see her arrowhead shaped shaven pussy pointing down to her now very damp pussy lips. With that, Dennis commented that she did a great job and it was about time she wasn’t such a prudish bitch.

As Marsha stepped off the table, grabbed her clothes and began heading to the bathroom, Dennis asked her where in the hell did she think she was going and informed her that the fun had just begun. She looked my way as if to again ask for help, and I again restated my support for Dennis and told her that it was her bet and that she lost.

So, with a defeated look on her face, she turned to Dennis who walked up and roughly grabbed each of her breasts. He commented that he had waited a long time to do that and was looking forward to the rest of the evening. With that he told her to get her hot ass to the bedroom, because it was fucking time. Marsha slowly moved to our bedroom as he continued squeezing one of her breasts as we walked.

When we got to the room, he looked at me and told me to get our camera and video camera, because we were going to have some Kodak moments. He turned on all of the lights in the room and told Marsha to lie down on the bed. She climbed onto the bed as Dennis explained he wanted to shoot some pictures before the serious fucking began. He ordered her to pose in various positions as he shot some still shots. Then he said he wanted some action shots.

The first thing he said he wanted was a shot of her deep-throating a cock. He looked at me and said since you have the smallest cock, you go first. When she grabbed the base of my cock and started giving me her usual blow job, he asked what the hell is that? He told Marsha to lie on her back with her head hanging over the edge of the bed and open her mouth. When I moved forward to place my cock in her waiting mouth, she again reached for the base of my cock with her hand to control the movements.

Dennis screamed at her that she could not use her hands and told Sean to grab one hand while he grabbed the other and to hold her in position. Then he looked at me and said now fuck that throat. I know you are probably saying, what about the love or respect you had for your wife. And to be honest, I kind of asked myself that same thing, but I figured it was probably that I was really never in love with her and that she had always been such a bitch, that this was finally payback time.

So, I moved forward and glided my cock into her mouth. She closed her mouth slightly trying to prevent me from fully entering, but I was able to continue as I had a clear straight path to her throat. It was an incredible sensation having my entire cock in her mouth and being able to see the outline of the tip of my cock in her neck. She started to gag as Dennis was taking some still shots and video, but he just said just a few more seconds. As she was catching her breath, he told her she could have a break from cock sucking, but now it was time to get fucked.

Dennis went right for her pussy with his tongue and began licking her out. As he had his face buried in her pussy, Sean had moved to the bed and was sitting beside her. He was initially rubbing her arm, but quickly moved to her breasts. Within a few minutes, he had one of her perfect 35C curved up breasts in his mouth, while he groped her other breast in his hand. Dennis looked up at me and told me to shoot some video of them getting this slut ready for action. After a few minutes, I noticed that Marsha and moved her hand into Sean’s lap and was stroking his cock as she was really beginning to get into it.

Dennis pulled his face out of his pussy and said he was ready to fuck her, but that she’d need to be stretched out more before he did, so he told Sean to go ahead and fuck the bitch, while he looks for something to spread her out more. I went to my dresser drawer and grabbed some condoms, but Dennis said we were going fuck her bare back and whatever happens happens.

Sean wasted little time as he climbed between her legs and lined up his cock with her pussy. I’m not sure if I was more turned on or in shock as I watched my friend slide his black cock into my cock tease wife’s pussy. Since his cock was definitely much thinner than mine, he had no problem quickly sliding all the way in and working to a quick fucking pace as he grabbed her tits. By the time Dennis had returned to the room, Sean had shot his load into my wife’s unprotected pussy. That was when I noticed what Dennis had returned with, it was a empty plastic beer bottle and a container of lubricant from our bathroom.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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