Wet T-Shirt Pt. 02


Ben: “Open it.”

I re-positioned myself to where I was basically sitting on her waist, with my legs under me. I looked at the torn shirt, and grabbed one side, and then the other. I paused. The room was electric. I don’t think anyone thought I would do it.

I slowly began to separate the two sides. Katy and Ben were now leaning over her as well, getting as close as possible. Her breathing was coming in very fast, short bursts. I pulled some more. The insides of her tits came into view. She moaned. I pulled some more. A hint of areola. I pulled some more. The edges caught on her hard nipples.

Then with one quick pull on each side, both breasts were fully exposed. I laid the two sides down on the bed, and stared. We all did. They were magnificent. Mom’s niece, nephew, and son all took in the sight of her laid bare.

Ben broke the silence. “Wow” was all he could manage. Mom closed her eyes and moaned, as the three kids took in her heaving chest.

Finally, Ben said “Hey Michael. I dare you to touch them.”

Mom’s eyes opened.

Katy: “I dare you too.”

I didn’t move. I didn’t know what to do. I looked at Katy, who was playing with mom’s hair and running her hands up and down her neck. Mom looked at Ben, and then up at Katy, and then finally at me. Mom was flustered.

I was too turned on to think clearly. I had just ripped open my mom’s shirt, and was now staring at her tits under me. But, they had dared me to touch them, and a dare is a dare….

My hands started at her stomach, and gently worked their way up. Katy took both of her aunt’s hands and held them above her head, and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “So hot, Aunt Kelly. You’re going to let your son feel your tits in front of us.”

Would she? I wondered. Mom attempted a brief feeble protest, but she didn’t move. Her eyes stayed locked on my hands. They slowly made their way up her naked torso.

I was feeling the area around her rib cage, and then the tips of my fingers made contact with the base of her tits. Katy held mom’s hands tight above her head. Mom squirmed in the bed. Her perfect round c-cups shook lightly.

I moved my hands around to the sides of her breasts. This was crazy. What was I doing? I caressed the sides gently with my thumbs, and slowly moved my hands inwards. Mom looked down her chest as my hands moved closer to the center of her tits.

They were now feeling her bumpy pink areola. I moved my fingers in circles around the outside of her breasts, waiting for a rebuke.

I lightly massaged the outside of her tit, before moving back inside. I was hesitant to touch her full breast. That felt like too much for her to allow. I waited again for words telling me to stop. I didn’t hear any.

Finally I couldn’t take it any longer. My cock felt like it was going to burst out of my pants. Looking down at this happening, I suddenly needed to feel all of her tits.

Katy and Ben looked on in anticipation, as I moved my hands inwards slightly. Mom inhaled sharply as my fingers first made contact with her nipples.

Katy: “That’s it Michael. Feel her up. I think she wants you to.”

I brushed the left nipple ever so gently, and then the right. I left my hands there, now barely making contact with my mom’s seks hikayeleri rising and falling breasts. I gave each one a soft squeeze. And another. I pushed them together. The nipples were hard against my palms.

I was so hard. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. It was so perverse. My cousins were watching me feel up my mom.

Katy, to her aunt: “I was right. You’re letting your son touch your tits, and it’s making you hot.”

Mom exhaled softly with closed eyes.

I continued to softly squeeze them. They were so perfect.

While keeping mom’s hands immobile above her head, Katy said: “You’re getting so turned on. What else will you let your son do to you?” Mom turned to her niece. She was silent.

Katy: “Michael, lick them. I want to watch you suck on your mom’s tits.”

An audible gasp came from my mom as she lifted her head up. She looked at Ben, and then down to me. Her hands were still locked above her head by her horny little niece. I lowered my head down just above her right breast, and opened my mouth. I paused briefly, and looked up at her. She was practically panting, with her hands still held above her head by Katy.

Mom looked at me with wide eyes, and a shocked open mouth. She stayed silent.

I looked down at the hard nipple, just inches away from my face. The way her chest was rising and falling, a couple of times the nipple almost touched my lips without me moving.

I took her full breast in both hands, and brought a thumb to her nipple. It was very hard. I flicked it, playing with her.

I lowered myself down, slowly. I watched her bite her lip and brace herself for what was coming.

Then, my tongue made soft contact with the hard nub. I heard a quiet “oh my god” escape from her lips, as I began to lick it.

I then took most of her breast into my mouth, and sucked on it. Mom’s back arched, forcing it into me. The room was silent as my cousins watched me suck on her tit. The sounds it made were clearly audible in the quiet guest house. She moaned in ecstasy.

Katy leaned in and whispered in her aunt’s ear. “We’re all watching your son suck on your tits. Does that excite you? It excites him. His cock is hard.”

I sucked harder, and then moved to the other one. Another cry of pure pleasure from her.

Finally I unlatched myself, and pulled back up. I couldn’t believe what just happened. I could see little beads of my saliva running down mom’s tit.

Katy looked down at her Aunt Kelly, and kissed her neck. “Oh wow Aunt Kelly. Watching that made me so wet.”

I sat back up, and was back in my original position, straddling her waist, with my hands on the belt line of her shorts. Kelly moaned softly as her niece kissed her neck, and then her cheek, and then the corner of her mouth. As she did this, Katy’s hands started caressing her aunt’s upper chest. Katy’s hands soon moved south.

Kelly: “Alright… let’s…. okay” was all she managed to get out, as her young niece’s fingers pinched her left nipple. Katy: “You’re so hot Aunt Kelly. I want to watch you cum.”

Katy, to me now: “Let’s try to make your mom cum.”

Mom stiffened. “Guys… wait….” she said, between breaths. Katy smiled, sex hikayeleri and leaned down and kissed her on the lips. Kelly submitted and kissed her niece back.

As Katy put her tongue into her aunt’s mouth, my hands began playing with the button on mom’s shorts. I didn’t know what I was doing. I was too horny, watching my female cousin kiss my mom, and feel the tit I just sucked on.

The button on mom’s shorts popped free. Mom moaned into her niece’s mouth.

Katy moved her kissing down her neck, and towards her aunt’s chest. She gently nibbled the outside of her right breast, and moved inwards. As I was watching this, I started to unzip mom’s shorts. Katy found her aunt’s nipple, and took it in her mouth. Ben and I exchanged looks like “Is this really happening?”.

Mom’s head was now tilted back, and her back was arched, while her niece sucked on one nipple and played with the other between her fingers. I looked down at mom’s now exposed panties under her shorts. I played gently with the band. Pulled it out, and let it snap back into place. And again. This time I held the top of her panties out as far as it would stretch. I lowered my head to try to get a look under, but there wasn’t room.

Katy took one of mom’s hands, and brought it up to her niece’s chest. “Feel my tits.”

She left it there, and mom softly massaged her niece’s little breasts. I continued playing with the band on her panties. The shorts were now in the way however. I started to peel them off, slowly, until they were down her legs and to her ankles, and eventually tossed them on the floor.

Mom briefly looked up and watched her shorts being stripped off of her, before Katy again put her tongue in her mouth. I took a moment to watch my mom make out with my cousin, wearing just a shredded open shirt and panties.

I took the top of her panties with both hands, and pulled out until it wouldn’t go any farther. I leaned in, and caught a glimpse of sandy blonde pubic hair. I pushed my fingers down slightly as I lowered it back into place, with my fingers now between the band and her skin. I could feel her pubic hair brushing on my fingers. I started to lower my hand, which also lowered her panties. After a second or two, her pubic hair was visible to all of us.

Mom looked up now, stunned. Katy said seductively: “Look at your underwear Aunt Kelly. Your son moved them down. We can all see your pubic hair now.”

Katy watched her aunt moan, and then moved back up to where she could kiss her on the lips again. They started kissing passionately, as I played with her pubic hair.

I adjusted myself on her waist, as my swollen cock was about to rip through my shorts. I got in more of a horizontal position, and my penis began rubbing up against her panties, now only covering her vagina.

Katy’s hand began feeling down below her aunt’s tits. It moved down, farther, and farther. Katy, whispering in her aunt’s ear: “I want to touch your pussy.”

She reached down to slip her fingers inside of mom’s panties, but instead she made contact with my cock, straining to get outside of my shorts. She stopped kissing her aunt, and they both looked down at Katy’s hand, resting on my cock. She left it there, and then gave it a quick couple of soft strokes, before pulling on the waistline. She reached her hand into my pants and grabbed my cock. With her other hand she grabbed the waistline.

Katy: “I’ve got his cock in my hand. Do you want to see it?”

Mom stayed silent. Katy gently massaged my throbbing penis. She began pulling the pants down.

“Watch, Aunt Kelly. You’re about to see your son’s hard cock.”

Katy pulled down, until my dick sprung out of my pants. It was aimed straight at my mom’s naked chest.

We all stared at what was happening. My cousin just exposed my cock, with me sitting on top of her aunt’s waist, just in panties, and barely. Mom was staring at my swollen penis. I began to stroke it. She kept watching. Katy took my dick in her hand, and placed it on her aunt’s panties, and began to rub the two together.

Katy: “That’s it. Hump her panties. Get her super horny. I want to see her pussy wet.”

Kelly: “Let’s…. um….” she stammered, trying to regain some control, as her son started very gently rubbing up and down her panties.

Katy then got up and moved next to me, and watched me rub my erect cock up and down mom’s panties. We all watched, as the friction between my penis and the soft material caused them to lower even more. Every pump of my cock was pushing the top of her panties further down towards the lips of her vagina.

I took my cock and lined it up with her lips, under the panties. I pressed, and the material gave enough for me to push inwards. “Ahhhh,” she moaned, as her son was pressing into her through her panties. I pushed, and harder, and harder. I thought I might bust a hole through mom’s underwear. It was soaking wet at this point, from a combination of our secretions.

Katy started playing with the waistband of her aunt’s panties, resting just above her vagina. “I want to see it.”

Katy grabbed the left side of her aunt’s panties, and began to pull. We all looked as Katy slowly pulled them to the side. I ran out of material to hump. When I looked down, I was actually humping her little patch of pubic hair.

Katy: “Michael, put it…. here. In her cunt,” she said, and with one quick yank, Katy pulled her aunt’s panties completely off to the side. Everyone froze. Her vagina was now on display, and my raging hard on was sitting at its entrance. Mom sat up on her elbows and looked down, now laser focused on my penis and where it was pointed.

Katy then took my cock in her hand, and began to guide it forward. With her other hand, Katy reached towards her aunt’s vagina. She put two fingers in, and opened her even further. “Come on, Michael. She’s so wet. Touch it with your cock.”

I reached underneath her now, and slipped my hands under the back of her panties. I grabbed her by her ass cheeks, and began pushing her pelvis up towards mine. We all watched the distance slowly close between her pussy and my engorged cock.

Just as the tip of my penis made contact with her lips, mom managed to collect herself enough to get out a weak “wait”. I paused.

We stayed just like that: The tip of my cock resting on her lips. It was pulsating, and dripping precum all over her. She was shaking underneath me.

Katy turned to her aunt. “Please Aunt Kelly,” she said in a whisper. “I want to watch it go inside of you.”

Katy: “Ben, get behind me. You’ll have a better view of his cock going in from here.”

Mom shivered.

Katy, to Michael now: “Put it in her.”


Ben: “Open it.” I re-positioned myself to where I was basically sitting on her waist, with my legs under me. I looked at the torn shirt, and grabbed one side, and then the other. I paused. The room was electric. I don’t think anyone thought I would do it. I slowly began to separate the…

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