Welcum to the Neighborhood Ch. 02


All characters are above the age of 18 unless otherwise specified.

This series is inspired by the request from reader Penny, and is based partially on true events.


The doorbell to Holly’s house rang out. I admired the reflection of my curvaceous and buxom body in the glass on the door.

The sleeveless orange sundress I was wearing was very comfortable, and looked cute on me. I had a white cotton sweater on over it, unbuttoned. The dipping neckline of the dress revealed a moderate amount of cleavage, and clung tightly to my large breasts.

A gust of wind blew by, almost delivering me into a Marilyn Monroe moment. Anyone looking would have been given a glimpse of my hairy and unshaven pussy. Per Holly’s request, I wasn’t wearing panties. When coupled with the very sultry makeup I was wearing, it made me feel very slutty, despite the seemingly innocent nature of my attire and visit to my next door neighbor’s house.

Holly appeared in the doorframe as it swung open. She wasn’t dressed up as much as I was. A pair of khakis adorned her long legs, and a pale blue blouse with sleeves rolled to the elbow completed her ensemble. Enough buttons were undone to definitely show off more skin than you would expect, and provide just a tease of what I knew was sure to come later.

She was barefoot as well. Our tall frames were about the same height, but my small heels made me about two inches taller than her now. Holly’s short blonde hair remained styled just as I had seen it yesterday, making her seem controlling and almost forceful. It certainly suited her persona as a dominant pillow princess, something I had come to discover yesterday.

“Hi, Penny! I’m so glad you did end up joining us. You look lovely!”

Holly stepped aside as she spoke, beckoning me inside.

“Thanks,” I said as I crossed the threshold. “You look lovely as well.”

“Oh please, I just threw this on,” she lied. Her perfect hair and makeup betrayed that statement. “Follow me to the living room. I want you to meet everyone else.”

My heart fluttered. Holly had hinted at much more when she had seduced me yesterday, and it seemed like that would start with getting to know the other ladies of the neighborhood.

We walked in to the lavish room. Three other ladies were seated around the room. Mimosas and finger sandwiches were covering the central table, surrounded by three chairs and a sofa.

“Alright, ladies, I’d like you all to meet our newest neighbor, Penny.”

“Hi,” I awkwardly said, unsure of how to introduce myself.

“I met with Penny yesterday and told her all about how close we ladies are, and she was more than happy to come meet you all today.”

Holly moved to the first woman closest to us, sitting on the sofa.

Her name was Tonya. She exuded an air of elitism, with her legs crossed and lips slightly pursed. Her much-older husband was easily the wealthiest of anyone’s spouses, and he was enjoying his retirement in comfort, playing golf and having lunch with old associates much of the time.

Tonya was, simply put, a gold digger. Or to be a little more polite, a trophy wife. Tonya was drop-dead gorgeous even in her mid-40s (although I’m sure lip fillers, a possible nose job, and botox contributed to that). She had long bleached-blonde hair that was clearly very expensively colored, now tied in a stern ponytail behind her head. Her clothes were gorgeous, if somewhat revealing.

And she had a lot to reveal. Tonya’s body was fabulous. She was slim and relatively tall (although not to the same extent as the 5’10” Holly and I) with slender hips and a big butt, apparently from copious amounts of running and exercise. To balance out her hourglass figure, she had very large boobs. They rivaled my own DD cup size, albeit on a much smaller frame. I wasn’t going to give her the benefit of the doubt on that one. They were certainly real… real expensive.

Next was Nadine. She looked to be the youngest of the group (I would find out later she was 39). She was originally born in Australia, but had moved to the US as a young kid. Her husband was an orthopedic surgeon, and she liked to do volunteer work at the homeless shelter when she could. I wished I had her heart. Or her gorgeous skin.

Nadine had flawless, clear skin, with a warm olive tone, and soft brown eyes. Her straight dark brown hair extended far down, nearly to her butt.

She was dressed much more plainly than Tonya, Holly, and I were. She was still in a blouse and pants, but they weren’t particularly sexy. She was close to flat-chested, but by the looks of the brief preview poking against her thin shirt, her nipples were very large and sensitive, much like my own.

The last woman was Lisa. Her husband was also a doctor, although he worked in private practice. She was the quietest of the three women, preferring to let Nadine and Holly lead.

She was a second-generation Chinese woman, and had the tiny frame to show for it. She couldn’t have been more than an inch over 5 feet or a pound over bakımlı gaziantep escort 105. A little older than Nadine, her face had begun to show slight signs of aging, but she still looked great. Her B-cup boobs were very proportional to her body size, and helped to compensate for her flat butt. She had her jet black hair cut in a bob down to her chin. She gave off the appearance of being very kind and sweet, and a meek voice matched that.

I went around and introduced myself to everybody before we sat down. They asked me about my husband and earlier life, and we talked for over an hour with no mention of what I assumed was to come later.

I found all the women very enjoyable, although I found myself naturally gravitating towards Nadine the most. She seemed vivacious, contrasting with my more reserved personality. They say opposites do attract.

Eventually, I had woven my way right up until the point where I arrived.

“And that’s of course when I met Holly yesterday. And boy, what a blast that has turned out to have been.”

“Hm, yes. Although I do believe I might have had more fun than you,” she retorted.

The others seemed to recognize where this was leading, to the main events for today, and they perked up.

“Well, we can’t be having that, can we?” Nadine asked.

“Certainly not,” Tonya answered. The women played off of each other perfectly, like they had done this many times before and knew each other inside and out. “So was that your first time with another woman?”

“Um, yes,” I said, rather meekly. Now that the conversation had turned to sex, I was retreating back into my shell.

“She was pretty good for a first-timer, too,” Holly said.

“That’s rather promising,” Lisa chipped in.

“Most certainly. But I have a hard time believing someone so eager hadn’t already wanted to try it,” Holly continued with a certain gleam in her eye, the same look she had yesterday while seducing me.

All other eyes were on me again.

“Oh, really?” Nadine asked.

“Well, I mean, maybe I’ve thought about it once or twice,” I answered to their probing stares.

“Oh, please, do tell,” Tonya instructed. “Who were you thinking about?”

“I’m not sure if I should say.”

Tonya moved a little closer to me on the sofa. She reached a hand out and let it rest on my upper back. “Oh come on. We’re all friends here. Who was your secret lesbian fantasy about?”

“Well, it’s very naughty. You can’t judge me.”

“Honey, if you had any idea of some of the things we’ve done, you wouldn’t worry about us judging you,” Holly replied with a smirk.

I sighed, knowing the only way out was to give them what they wanted to hear.

“Well, my sister is named Marina. She’s nine years younger than me.” All four women had their eyebrows raised and were sitting on the edge of their respective seats, anticipating my next words.

“I’ve talked with her and gotten to know that her sex life is terrible. Her husband never touches her. She’s complained about it to me, how horny she always is, jokingly of course. But it’s been a secret fantasy of mine for years to actually help her out and give her what she deserves.”

The women sat in silence for a few seconds, reacting to what I had said.

“Holy shit. I didn’t think it would be your sister,” Lisa said, breaking the silence.

“No kidding. Hot!” Nadine added.

“Yes, it definitely does seem to open up a world of new possibilities,” Holly mused. That statement scared me a little. She was the puppet-master and ringleader after all.

“Well I for one think that it’s very noble of you to be thinking of helping others even in your own sexual fantasies, Penny,” Nadine complimented. “I assume then that you consider yourself more ‘enlightened’ than Marina?”

I nervously chuckled. “Uh I guess so. I do have sex more than once a year, so…”

“Well if you want someone very ‘enlightened’ ask Lisa. Her husband’s a machine,” Holly said.

“Yep,” Lisa said. “Twice a day every day.”

“I’d be willing to bet I still have a higher cock mileage than you since getting married,” Nadine said.

Holly turned to me. “Oh, yes. Jon, Nadine’s husband, is an absolute stud.”

Tonya leaned over right into my ear. “Nine inches of pure heaven. The stereotype about black guys is true in his case.”

I couldn’t lie, just thinking about being fucked right now was making me wet.

“What about you?” Nadine asked. “When was the last time you had sex?”

“Not since we moved actually. We’ve been too busy. I had planned on doing it yesterday, so I wore some pretty lingerie in the morning to tease him for later. Of course, Holly came over and that’s when the whole thing sort of started.”

“Yes, Penny had the prettiest bra on,” Holly said. “But she was scared of showing it to me. You were a huge bundle of nerves then.”

I nodded in agreement.

“Are you nervous now?” Lisa asked. Her voice had a noticeably sultry tone bakımlı gaziantep escort bayan to it.

“Uh, well…”

I felt Tonya move closer to me. She was sitting right next to me, and I could feel her breath on my neck.

“Maybe just a little.”

“Well we can’t be having that, can we?” Tonya asked. She was practically sitting in my lap. Our thighs were rubbing against each other. One of her hands was tracing over my back.

The other moved to my chin. She turned my face to look towards her.

“Uh-uh,” I whispered.

Tonya leaned forward and delivered a kiss right on my lips. I was frozen, not necessarily caught by surprise, but definitely not used to doing this in front of other people.

I had to admit though, Tonya’s soft lips were warming me right up. I could feel my pussy throb in anticipation.

Tonya tilted her head and brought a hand to the back of my own. She pulled me in closer, kissing me more passionately. The same hand trailed down to my chest. She cupped one of my big breasts through my dress and padded bra. Her other hand remained at my back, keeping me locked in the embrace.

We remained together for close to a minute before Tonya pulled away. I found myself almost disappointed.

Her hands moved to my small sweater, and she pulled it off me before flinging it across the room.

“I don’t think you’ll be needing this anymore,” she remarked as she reached to my back and undid the zipper on my dress. With my help, it was soon over my head, leaving me only in a bra.

My legs were uncrossed, letting the rest of the women plainly see my pussy, covered in an unkempt mat of black hair. All eyes were staring squarely between my legs at my honeypot.

“I see you prefer the natural look,” Lisa remarked.

“Um, yes, that’s what my husband likes,” I timidly replied. It felt odd to have all those eyes wandering over my naked flesh. But there was something empowering and sexy about it too. I couldn’t help but feel my pussy get wetter.

It didn’t go unnoticed that drops of juice adorned my pussy lips. Nadine purposefully licked her lips, while staring straight at me.

“Well, I’m sure most of us would love to taste it,” Tonya began, obviously excluding Holly from the list of pussy eaters. “But I think a test is in store for you first, Penny.”

I knew what she was implying, and began to move off the couch.

“Oh, good girl. She already knows how to listen very well,” Nadine said.

“You did a great job on her, Holly,” Lisa chipped in.

“Penny was very open to begin with. She’s shy, but willing to do whatever you tell her to.” Holly spoke as if I wasn’t there. She was absolutely correct though. I had always been naturally submissive, only capable of shedding my seeming naivete when I became extremely turned-on.

“I can see that,” Tonya answered as she looked at me, on my knees in front of her. “Before we start though, just one last thing.”

She bent over and reached behind me. I felt the elastic tension on my shoulders and supporting my boobs release when Tonya undid the clasp of my bra. She pulled it away, leaving me as bare as the innocent Eve, ready to taste the forbidden fruit of Tonyas sweet snatch.

Tonya grabbed the bottom of her skirt and pulled it up above her waist. At the same time, she shifted forward on the couch, leaving her butt almost dangling off. Her pussy was a foot from my face, and I could almost see the folds through her thin panties.

Tonya spread her legs far apart, letting me get right in between them.

“Hmm, seems like she already knows what to do. Penny, you might not need any training after all.”

I grabbed the waistband of Tonya’s white panties and pulled them to below her knees. She brought her legs in together to let them drop to the ground, squeezing her toned thighs around my head in the process.

The smell of her pussy was intoxicating as I was held there, inches away from my reward. Tonya was completely hairless, either waxed or lasered, leaving her bald pussy lips looking so delectable. She spread her legs again after presumably stepping out of her panties.

“Consider this your first impression,” Tonya said. “Based on what Holly told us, you should be great.”

I blushed, which seemed odd to be embarrassed at being complimented on my pussy-eating skills.

My hands moved to Tonya’s thighs, pushing her legs a little further apart. I leaned forward, letting my big boobs dangle from my chest. My face neared Tonya’s pussy. I extended my tongue, and gave a long swipe from just below her hole to above her clit.

Tonya shivered in response. She was staring right down at me, and I looked up at her, keeping eye contact steady.

I returned my tongue back to her clit. I started off slowly, gently lapping at her hard nub. Tonya was moaning quietly at my repeated licking. It was the only sound in the room. The three other women were simply sitting and watching us.

My tongue began escort gaziantep bakımlı bayan to pick up its pace. I flicked it over Tonya’s clit and then moved down to explore her lips. Tonya’s pussy was already slick with her own arousal, and my tongue teased the outside of her hole without ever dipping in.

Tonya groaned and gave a small buck of her hips towards my face. It was subtle, but she was telling me she was close to cumming.

I moved back up, returning my focus to her clit. My lips sealed around it, and I drew my cheeks in. Tonya gasped as I sucked on her clit, providing an intense pressure. My tongue began working again as well, circling around her engorged button.

Tonya was leaning against the back of the couch. Her thighs squeezed tighter around my head, limiting how much I could hear.

“Oh fuck, don’t stop! I’m about to cum!” she screamed out, letting me distinguish her words.

My tongue moved faster and pressed down harder on her clit. I kept sucking on it, my mouth now making muted slurping noises.

“Shit, yes! I’m gonna fucking cum!”

Tonya’s pussy exploded in orgasm, covering my chin in her shimmery juices. Her thighs tensed and quivered around my head as the effects travelled through her body. Tonya’s back was arched up and her eyes were closed as she rode out the orgasm.

I stopped sucking on her clit, and my tongue steadily slowed. I shifted down and began running my tongue through her folds and around her pussy, tasting that delicious juice. Holly’s had made me addicted. I wanted and needed more, and this was surely just the beginning. At least, my throbbing twat hoped so.

At last, Tonya seemed to have recovered from her climax. She sat back up straight on the couch, making no effort to bring her skirt down and conceal her bald pussy. It felt a little odd being the only one in the room naked. The other four were still fully clothed, excepting Tonya’s panties.

“Well, how did she do?” Nadine asked.

“It looked damn good if I do say so myself,” Lisa chimed in.

“You are correct in that regard,” Tonya said, finally speaking up.

“So is she ready?” Nadine asked

“I’d say so. Holly?”

“Well, based on my experience, yes. So she’s in.”

They spoke about me as if I didn’t matter, which was somehow kind of hot. For now, I was just an eager beaver ready to serve them. My pussy was dripping wet; I was so turned on.

“Penny, come here,” Lisa beckoned. I crawled across the floor to her chair. “You two aren’t the only ones who get to sample the new recruit.”

As she was speaking, Lisa lifted her hips off the chair and pulled her shorts down, letting them fall to the ground. Her pussy was shaved, similar to Tonya’s, although I could see some small stubble of black hair against her tan skin.

Lisa returned to her seated position, and spread her legs. Her arms were resting on the armrest, making the whole affair seem rather casual.

I made my way between Lisa’s legs. I left a trail of kisses along the inside of her thighs, moving closer and closer to her snatch. I could see beads of nectar adorning the bottom of Lisa’s pussy. She was evidently nearly as turned on watching my show with Tonya as I was performing in it.

On all fours in front of her chair, I brought my mouth to Lisa’s pussy. The first thing I did was lick away the drops gleaming on her lips. Lisa let out a contented sigh as I did so. My tongue probed further, diving between her folds and teasing her pussy. She sat back, happy to let me do the work.

In the position that I was in, my big butt and pussy were exposed to the rest of the group.

“Look at how wet our newest recruit is,” I heard Nadine comment. “We can’t leave her high and not-so-dry like that.”

My tongue slowly explored Lisa’s lips, but I got a shock and stopped when I felt two hands squeeze my butt. Nadine ran her hands over my plump stomach and thighs, feeling my body and keeping me on edge before she got to her main course.

I twisted my head back over my shoulder, but replaced my mouth with a finger. I slowly tapped and rubbed on Lisa’s clit with my index finger, while looking back at Nadine.

She lay down on her back and slithered her way beneath my legs. Her arms wrapped around my legs, and her hands gripped my ass. She pulled down on me, forcing my hips closer to the ground. I couldn’t see her head, but I felt hot breath on my aching twat. I took a deep breath in anticipation.

Nadine’s lips connected with my own as she kissed my snatch. I groaned and ground my hips down on her face. I needed more, I needed to get off.

A hand grabbed my chin. Lisa pulled my head back towards her, and I dove into her pussy again. My mouth sealed around her clit and my tongue thrashed back and forth over the hard nub. I worked her over faster than I had with Tonya; I was feeling more energized.

Nadine’s tongue founds its way between my slick folds. She tongued the outside of my hole, drawing a whimper from my occupied mouth. She reached a hand up and began playing with my clit, gently applying pressure and circling it with three fingers. Nadine was drawing my pleasure out, slowly building me up to a peak.

I couldn’t say I was doing the same with Lisa. My hand trailed down between her lips. I pressed my fingertips against her hole, letting them become coated in her wetness. I forcefully pushed one finger in. Lisa groaned and bucked her hips in reaction.

All characters are above the age of 18 unless otherwise specified. This series is inspired by the request from reader Penny, and is based partially on true events. ********* The doorbell to Holly’s house rang out. I admired the reflection of my curvaceous and buxom body in the glass on the door. The sleeveless orange…

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