Weekend in Connecticut


This story is the sequel to “Toys, Toys, Toys in the Attic”.

Arrangements for the kids are complete. Reservations for the hotel and ferry made. All that’s left to do is pack and go. Paula has been on her best behavior for the last week, not that she is normally difficult, but she has been especially nice to me lately. Planning a weekend away alone together always seems to bring out the best in her. No griping. No complaining. Hugs and kisses offered frequently. Even a bit of sex! Yes, she is definitely putting on her best, not wanting to allow a minor tiff today to spoil a nice weekend together.

We are both packing our suitcases, not that I really need anything more than a briefcase. I mean three days, two nights, nothing approaching formal. Of course, she needs a footlocker.

“You know, you won’t need that many clothes, I’m hoping to keep you naked as often as possible.” I kid her.

“I know, but I can never decide, so I bring everything.” “What are we going to wear to the festival?”

“Totally casual. It’s held outside for crying out loud. Something sexy would be most appropriate.”

“You ALWAYS want me in something sexy.”

“That’s because you always look so good that way.”

And honestly, she does. At forty, Paula still turns a lot of heads when she wants to. Some makeup, some snug clothes and the heads turn. Most of the time she dresses conservatively, but a racier, sexier Paula comes out when we go away alone, and I enjoy every minute of it.

“Should we pack your ‘plastic friend’?” I ask. ‘He’ is a rather realistic looking vibrator and is not really plastic, more of a pliable latex rubber. Paula’s response here is telling of how she will handle the whole ‘toy’ situation. If she hesitates or declines, then the sex will be quiet, romantic one on one. If she embraces the idea, we could be in for some serious fucking.

“Yeah, we should take it, don’t you think?” She questions.

Part of me wants to make a joke and answer: Sure, all oversexed wife-sluts carry their dildos with them. Then I realize that she is vulnerable here and follow Billy Joel’s advice to “Leave a tender moment alone”.

“I think we should take it. We’ve had some fun with it before.” I reply.

And what fun we HAVE had with her toy. Not frequently actually, but maybe every other month when Paula really seems fired up sexually I’ll pull it out. I’m always careful to read her since trying to introduce her toy if she’s not really into it would be a disaster. On those times when she is really smoking it’s something that we both truly enjoy. Paula will suck it, alternating with me, or I’ll fuck her with it while she sucks me. To date, we haven’t had the chance to have me fuck her pussy while the toy fucks her ass, but I’m hoping to do that this trip. So it’s off to the ferry, with a brief stop in Greenport for wine, bread and cheese – our staples for day-trip lunching. Paula’s dressed in a cute denim mini skirt and tank top. I didn’t have a chance to see her get dressed this morning, so in my perverted way, I’m curious to know what panties she’s wearing so I ask her.

“You’ll have to wait and find out later.” She insists.

“C’mon, tell me.”

“No. Later.”

I try to sneak a peek when she gets back into the car, but she smoothly rebuffs me, holding the hem of her skirt down. Additional tries at the ferry parking lot are also stopped. Shit, she’s got the blocking maneuver down good. The drive north mellows out once we get onto the interstate and I finally sneak a hand under her skirt, searching for fabric to identify which panties. This time she is caught by surprise and is unable to stop me. I am equally surprised to find no fabric, just skin and some sparse hair.

“You are SO naughty!” I accuse her.


“Yeah, and now totally distracted. How am I going to drive knowing your sweet pussy is hiding under there uncovered.”

“You’ll just have to tough it out, I told you to wait until later.”

“I don’t feel too much hair, have you been busy with the razor?”


This is another thing that gets us both going, trimming her pussy. Left unchecked, Paula has a typical bushy pussy. Except perhaps in mid winter, she always has to keep it trimmed a bit. When she wants to really get me going she’ll shave her pussy lips and trim her mound leaving just a ‘landing strip’. I find this so sexy, and it makes for some great pussy-eating. Lately, I’m starting to think it gets her going too, since I don’t have to plead with her to do it, or beg her to let me do it for her, she just does it herself. Thinking about this, I might like to watch her do it sometime, hmmm. We pull into the Old Sturbridge Village parking lot, our first stop. As I maneuver the car into a secluded area, I’m able to get my hand under her skirt again.

“Steve, not here.”

“You gaziantep yavuzeli escort mouth says no, but your pussy says YES!”

“Please, later. I promise.”

With regret, I remove my hand. She was wet. Not dripping, but wet enough to get my finger in. I might have been able to convince her to let me continue, since her legs were slowly spreading, but sometimes the tease is almost as much fun as the doing. Her pussy felt very smooth, she must’ve really worked out with the razor. We found a picnic bench in the shade and enjoyed our wine, bread and cheese. Finishing, we set out to tour the restored village. You could really spend more than a day there, and it was especially nice to sneak kisses to my aroused wife at every opportunity. I tried to get Paula to join me in a hayloft, but she refused. Back to the car, I must’ve made a wrong turn leaving, because we ended up nowhere near the interstate. As I went to turn around on a gravel road, I noticed it turned behind some trees and decided to go a little further, parking in a very secluded area.

“This isn’t the right way.” Paula charged.

“Just a minor detour, I thought maybe we’d finish the wine.”

“Oh did you. Nothing more?”

“Well, it IS later.” I said as I slid my hand back under her skirt. No objections this time.

“Just what else did you have in mind?” Her legs were now apart, her pussy very wet.

“I thought a little teasing.” Rubbing her clit. Paula’s breathing was quickening. My objective was to get her close, but not too close. Sure enough, just as I thought she was approaching orgasm, I stopped.

“OOOh.” She gasped. “That was nice.”

“It’d probably be even nicer if I did it for another minute, but that’s all for you until later. Hmm, later, there is that damn word again, huh?”

“Yes, a most inconvenient word right now.”

“You know, all this teasing has kind of gotten to me.” I stated, rubbing the front of my jeans. My cock was hard and aching.

“Poor baby, is this bothering you?” Paula now bending over me and rubbing my jeans. I thinking I fucking love trips away. Without another word, I open my jeans and my cock pops out. Paula straightens up and looks around. I’m worried that she is going to bail out, but she’s just making sure the coast is clear. Bending back over, she takes me into her mouth. Heaven on Earth. The teasing, kisses and sexual tension have built up so much I know it won’t be long. Paula bobs, taking me deep into her mouth. She can’t deep-throat me, but she gets close. It seems that hornier she is, the deeper she can go, and today she is going deep. My cock bumps the back of her throat. The pressure is building. My right hand is in her hair, guiding her. She’s not a dick tease, I know she’ll finish. Suck, suck, bob, bob, lick. I’m getting sooo close I tell her. And then it’s there! OOOH. A blast of come shoots into her mouth, and another blast. It feels like gallons draining out. Paula raises up enough on my cock to swallow. She is so good at this, sucking gently as the last chunky come oozes out. Cleaning me off.

“That was awesome, thanks babe.” I compliment her.

“You’re welcome.” Looking about, “Do you know how to get us out of here?”

“No sweat.”

Back to the highway and off to the brewers festival, already in progress. Twenty-five craft brewers are set up under a giant tent, selling samples of their best beer. Venders lined up along another side with various foods. Live bands playing one after the other until after dark; and I’m here with a very horny wife who I know will want to fuck me to death later tonight in the hotel. Does it get any better than this? Well maybe if she had a hot girlfriend with her…. Anyway, we had a great time. Over the years, Paula has learned to enjoy superior beers. We enjoyed each other’s company and the crowd was upbeat and not too rowdy, considering the alcohol consumption. One interesting thing happened during the day. This was about 7pm. We had both had a few and the beer tent was crowded. Paula elected to wait under a large oak tree while I went in to get us fresh beers. When I returned I overheard her tell someone, “See, that’s my husband. I told you.” Sitting on the ground across from Paula was a young man, probably 22-25. I asked her what she had told him.

“I told him that I had a husband, and that you would be right back. He didn’t believe me.” She explained.

“Hi, I’m the husband, and she tells the truth.” I explained to the young fellow. He looked rather sheepish, and got up.

“Nice talking to you.” He muttered to Paula as he walked away.

I asked Paula who he was. She didn’t know him, saying that he just stopped by and started talking to her. His name was Michael, and when she told him she was married and that her husband would be back gaziantep yeni escort any minute he didn’t believe her. I kidded Paula that he was trying to pick her up, but she disagreed with me, saying that he was only being friendly. I knew it was bullshit, guys aren’t just friendly with chicks; he wanted to fuck Paula. At around 10pm we were both feeling a little beat and a little drunk. The last band was wrapping up and it seemed like a good time to head out to the hotel. I didn’t see Michael again, but the place was still crowded. Thankfully, it was a short ride to the Hilton and I was careful. Paula was very kissy in the car. We checked in and went to our room. I thought sex would be the first thing on the agenda, but Paula had noted that the pool was open until midnight and she wanted to go for a swim. We changed into our suits and went back down. The pool and hot tub were secluded off of a long hallway away from the lobby and elevators. Paula made a beeline for the hot tub, but I was ready to cool off, so I entered the pool. At this hour the whole area was deserted, in fact we hadn’t seen another guest since our arrival. Paula must have been either feeling her beers or her horniness, because as I surfaced and looked over at her in the tub she pulled her bikini top down, flashing me her breasts. I looked around, but we were still alone with no sight of anyone.

“Why don’t you bring those babies over here?” I asked her.

Without a word, Paula climbed out of the hot tub and came into the pool. I was at the far end and she walked right over to me, her beautiful breasts swaying, until she was right in front of me. Kissing me hard, she reached into my shorts, freeing my rapidly hardening cock.

“I want you in me right now.” She stated matter-of-factly.

And with that, she pulled her bikini bottoms to the side and mounted me, right in the hotel pool.

“We can’t do this.” I gasped.

“Just for a minute.”

Paula was true to her word; she rode me for perhaps a minute, and then slid off, fixing her suit. With some effort, I stuffed my hardon into my suit.

“That was nice, but I think it would be even nicer upstairs.” I said.

“I’m ready.” In what must now be referred to as an understatement.

With that, we returned to our room, Paula using the bathroom and I pulling off my wet suit. Looking at the hotel chair in the corner with my clothes on it gave me an idea. I stuffed my other clothes into the legs of my jeans and positioned them over my shoes. The effect was a little bit like a scarecrow, minus the torso and head. Behind the fly I placed Paula’s toy. This might be interesting, I thought, dimming the lights. Shortly thereafter, Paula emerged from the bath and joined me in bed, dressed in a sexy nightie.

“You look yummy and I can’t wait to examine that porn-star pussy of yours.” I complimented.

“I hope you like it and that I didn’t go too far.”

We began kissing and I rubbed her breasts through the thin nightie.

“You know, that guy Michael really liked you a lot.” I started.

“He did not. Really, we were just talking.”

“Take it from another guy, he had more than talking on his mind. Did he see what you were not wearing under your skirt?”

“NO. Of course not. Steve, don’t give me a hard time. He was talking to me, I had nothing to do with it.”

“Easy, I’m not mad. I don’t blame you. You are so pretty, he was attracted to you.”

“I disagree.”

“You’re too modest. Anyway, I ran into him later. He was very nice and admitted he thought you were a knockout.” I lied.

“You’re lying.”

“No really. He was attracted to you and I thought, what’s the harm in him seeing you for a minute or two. So I invited him up.” More lies.

“What? Are you crazy? We don’t even know him. I don’t want to know him.” Paula was getting upset.

“Just for a few minutes, he’ll leave when you want him to. He’s sitting in the chair there right now.”

Paula quickly glanced over to the chair. Seeing only my clothes on it, she turned to me with a puzzled expression on her face.

“Really, he just wants to look at you for a few more moments, then he’ll leave when you tell him enough.” I explained. “Now just ignore him for a minute and kiss me.

“I don’t know what you are up to, but I’ll play along.” She replied, and kissed me. I resumed rubbing her breasts, noticing her nipples hardening.

“He thinks your breasts are beautiful. He doesn’t know the half of it, can I show him them?” I asked.

“Umm-hmm.” And I untied her nightie top, revealing her full breasts and hard nipples. I gently licked and nibbled them.

“You are so beautiful and nasty too, showing off your boobs to a stranger. Does that make you wet?” I teased, my hand now rubbing her mound through gaziantep zayıf escort the nightie bottom.

“Umm-hmm.” Again from her.

“Maybe I should take you bottoms off so he can see that porn-star pussy of yours.” Upon hearing no refusal, I untied the bottoms, pulling them off. Paula was nude now. I moved between her legs, the chair in a corner behind my right.

“Oh such a lovely little pussy, so wet, so bare.” I complimented. “Mike thinks it’s fantastic.” I gave her a little lick and she caught her breath. “He would really like to be the one to do this.” I licked her again. Paula was really heating up as I licked her wet pussy and hard clit. I brought her a little closer to orgasm, and then backed off.

“Do you want Mike to eat you?” I teased. No response. “Show him how wet that yummy pussy is.” As I guided her hand to her box. Paula dutifully rubbed her slit and then gently slid her middle finger all the way into her pussy.

“That’s it.” I encouraged as she pumped the finger in and out, “Now show him how yummy it is.”

Paula pulled her hand up from her pussy, her finger glistening with wetness in the dim light and brought it to her mouth, sucking her wetness off. I laid next to her watching her lick, then kissed her deeply, smearing more of her juice from my face to hers. With that, I laid back, our signal for her to suck my cock.

“Show him what a good little cocksucker you are honey.” I commanded.

Paula raised onto her knees and began sucking me. I held her hair up out of the way and watched her devour me. Deep, then up to just the head. Licking me like a lollipop, then rubbing me all over her face.

“Oh, you can be such a pro, Paula. Mike says you are fantastic. He wishes it was his cock you were sucking so well.” Paula made no response; she gazed into my eyes with a look that could only be described as smoking sensuality, as she again plunged my cock into her throat. If I thought she took it deep earlier in the car, she took it even deeper now. I was hard as a rock, but thankfully I didn’t yet feel like I was going to explode, because tonight I wanted to bury my dick to the hilt in Paula.

“Get on your back.” I commanded Paula, and she laid back.

Holding her legs in my hands, I positioned myself just at her opening. I teased her, sliding just the head into her and withdrawing.

“Say the magic words.”

“Fuck me.” She answered. What a wonderful girl. And fuck her I did.

“OOOOHHH” Paula moaned.

She really sounded like she was close; I slowed down and settled into an easy rhythm. I wanted her hot enough to use the toy, but not to come yet; it worked.

“Get on your hands and knees in front of Mike, he wants to see your tits better.” I demanded. Paula complied, kneeling in front of the chair with her ass up. I entered her doggy style and pulled her hair so that she was looking straight at the crotch of the jeans.

“Do you like showing off your body and fucking in front of strangers?” I asked.


“Do you like being my slut-wife?”


“Rub his cock.” She put her hand against the crotch of the pants, and feeling the bulge began rubbing.

“Is he hard?” I asked.


“Unzip his pants and stroke his cock.”

As I pumped her pussy from behind, Paula unzipped the jeans, reaching inside to pull the toy out. She held it realistically, protruding from the pants as she stroked it.

“Do you want to suck his cock baby?” I asked.

“Umm-hmm.” And with that she lowered her mouth over the hard plastic cock.

“Oh my nasty little slut-wife likes two cocks at once. One pumping her little wet pussy and one filling her mouth.”

We continued like this for a moment or two, but I felt my come rising. I knew if I was going to get both of Paula’s holes filled, I’d have to work fast because the erotica of her doing both cocks was getting to be too much for me.

“Maybe my little slut-wife would like both of her holes fucked at once. Would you like that, baby?” I asked.

“Hmmm-hmmm.” She moaned back with fervor, pushing against my cock with such eagerness I was afraid I would come.

I pulled Paula up and positioned her on the bed on her hands and knees. I squirted some lube onto her ass, and then positioned the cock against her anus. She tensed, and slowly relaxed as I pushed the hard toy into her.

“He’s fucking your ass. Oh honey, he’s fucking your ass.”

Deeper and deeper the plastic cock went into Paula. I was surprised by how hard I had to push it, until finally it was all the way in. Paula was gasping. I quickly laid underneath her with my cock pointing up. Paula moaned as she slowly lowered herself onto me. The tightness of her pussy was incredible. Her face was contorted by either pain or pleasure as she finally reached bottom, our crotches pressed together, her ass and pussy totally full. Paula paused only a moment all the way down before she rose again to complete another stroke, banging me as I reached behind her to plunge the toy in and out of her ass. I could feel the movement through her pussy as the two cocks pushed in and out. In scant moments, Paula came and I followed, spurting into her.

This story is the sequel to “Toys, Toys, Toys in the Attic”. Arrangements for the kids are complete. Reservations for the hotel and ferry made. All that’s left to do is pack and go. Paula has been on her best behavior for the last week, not that she is normally difficult, but she has been…

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