“You are so beautiful,” I whisper in her ear, warm wet breath against her softly arched neck. She smiles and giggles a little. She’s used to hearing it from her husband, from other men, but not other women. It sounds different coming from another woman. It sounds hungry, like a purring panther against her ear. It makes her wet almost instantly.

I trace my fingers down her ear, her neck, linger a touch on her collarbone, so delicate, so fragile. Then I move to the softest skin just above her breast. I hear her sharp intake of breath but she doesn’t move away. I smile. I lift my face to hers and smell her breath, sweet and tart like a warm peach, then kiss her lips. Slowly, softly, licking and biting gently. She tastes as good as she looks.

When I brush my open palm against her nipple she moans, a tender mewling. She shudders a little with pleasure. I wrap my other arm around her waist and pull her closer. Her own hands are tangled in my hair, pulling me closer to her, deeper.

We hear another soft moan but it’s coming from you. Her husband, sitting across from us, watching and enjoying her and arap escort me together, enjoying our similarities and our stark differences. You love watching her face as she melts against me, surrenders to me, how her eyes are half closed and her mouth slightly opened. You watch her carefully as I kiss down her throat and chest and pull a pert hard nipple into my warm mouth. I roll the hard nub around with my tongue, suck it and then when she is least expecting it, I bite a little gently at first. When she doesn’t protest, I bite a bit harder.

I slip my hand between her legs. Can you see what I’m doing to her? She’s so very warm and very wet that my fingers slide easily around her sensitive clit. I rub it and she moans again, shoulders shaking. I bring my glistening wet fingers to my mouth and lick them, tasting her juice. She’s like warm rain on a hot summer night.

Her legs are shaking, I’m trying to hold her up, but we make our way to the bed and fall onto it, sliding down as though slipping into an easy dream. I push her legs apart and gently caress her inner escort arap thighs. She’s twisting and moaning; she can hardly wait. But we need you here too. I look over my shoulder towards you and smile. “Come here,” I whisper.

You leap up and join us on the bed. You lean down and kiss her, tenderly, and squeeze her tits, play with her nipples. I love watching you do that to her. You look into her eyes as if to ask if it is ok to do what you want, she smiles and nods. Then you rise up and kiss me, deeply, tongue probing and teeth biting my lips. Then you move behind me and slide your hard cock into me as I bend down and thrust my face into your wife’s hot slickness. When you grab my hips to thrust in even harder, I nearly slip out of her, but I won’t let go. My teeth bump her clip and she gasps, tries to squirm away. I wrap my arms around her legs and pull her back closer, my tongue swirling up and around and in and out, licking and sucking every soft wet crevice.

I nibble on her clit gently and she does scream this time. I love licking that hot little button. arap escort bayan I can hardly concentrate on her when you are fucking me like a madman, so hard and so well. But I want to make her cum before I do. So I slide a finger into her while I lick and gnaw on her clit. Then another finger, pressing on her g-spot and rubbing her from the inside. Her legs trembling, she tries to close them but I push them open further, never letting go. Your cock feels so good pounding into me I almost loosen my hold on her. But then I slide another finger into her, stretching her more. She’s moaning and whimpering, you’re groaning and thrusting behind me so hard and fast I can hear your balls slapping me. The bed shakes and when she cums it’s so amazing, the heat off her like a humid jungle steam. I feel her pulse and tighten against my fingers, her wetness a tiny puddle in my hand, her back arches and her head thrown back in pure ecstasy. When you hear her cum as well and you push me forward onto her with the force of a final thrust. “Yess,” I hiss. My cunt is throbbing around your cock as you cum groaning and shaking against me.

We fall on the bed on either side of her, gasping and laughing, warm and tingling from head to toe. I wrap my arm around her waist and nestle into her, you snuggle close to her on her other side, stroking her arm and softly kissing her cheek. She smiles and purrs like the happiest kitten between us.

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