We Finally Meet


We had been chatting for a little while and we were to beginning to feel very comfortable with each other, with not just the willingness to share sexual thoughts, idea’s and fantasies with each other, but beyond that, things that were happening in our life, things to bounce off one another, one of us being a good listener to the other while one was going through difficult times, etc, etc. We teased each other several times about meeting up, with each one of us not sure if it would ever happen or not.

We had a breakthrough one day and we both finally agreed we wanted to meet up with each other. We both had obvious different commitments at home with partners, so we had to work a plan as to not interfere with work, which was important to both of us, and to not cause undue stress at home. After numerous ideas bouncing back and forth, we agreed that you would skip class one night and I’d have one of my regular client dinners, etc. That gave us both the opportunity to move forward, but we had to make sure we stuck within general times, so there was no suspicion at home. We actually planned it for weeks and finally picked a Friday night.

I must admit, I was a little nervous, certainly excited, but also a little nervous. We had gotten along great in chat and it seemed we have very similar life desires, goals, etc., so the obvious next step was to meet in person. What did meet in person mean to us? Neither one of us was sure. While we both knew we had burning desires, we both wanted to give the first meet the comfort level it deserved and we wanted it to truly be a next step in a friendship relationship.

The stage was set and we picked out a restaurant to meet up at that was convenient for both of us. We agreed on a 5:30 meet time, as that gave you plenty of time to leave work and get there. We talked a little that day, but nothing deep just really confirming meeting details and times for later.

I took an extra long shower that morning, and paid a little more attention to the clothes I was wearing to work that day. The day just dragged and dragged as I was so eager to finally meet you. Sure we chatted, but it wasn’t the same that day as we both knew we’d finally meet up in person later in the day.

We agreed not to talk after like 3:00pm so we could both make sure to finish everything at work we needed to so neither one of us had to get delayed. The drive to the restaurant was with much eager anticipation and as usual, I showed up like 15 minutes early. I know you’d be right on time, since you couldn’t get out till 5:00pm.

I parked along the side and watched as cars approached, parked tecavüz porno and people got out, I kept telling myself, no, no, nope that’s not her, etc, until, bingo, there you are, sexy little Christina with a big smile on her face stepping out of the car. She saw me at the same time and we both grinned, we approached each other and give each other a nice little hug and a gentle kiss and it was so automatic. I wasn’t sure what greeting I was going to give or get, but it was just so natural, at least for me, and it certainly seemed for you as well. You looked so sexy.

The ice was broken. We proceeded into the restaurant.

We sat opposite each other at a small table and decided to order us a glass of wine. You were concerned at first, as this was a “school night” but we laughed that one glass was not a problem and it would probably ease the little nervousness we both had. The conversation was great, and we just talked and talked, there were no odd moments, no moments of silence; it was just a very relaxed enjoyable dinner. We shared a variety of foods and even feed each other a little.

We were enjoy our meal so much, we hadn’t realized that it was like going on 8:00 already and we knew you had to leave no later than 9:30. We both knew we wanted more and while we both probably thought it, we certainly didn’t plan a room or anything that might have been a little so over assuming!! We went to my car and both simultaneously moved in to kiss each other. This was not a peck kiss like we gave each other out in the parking lot when we first meet; this was a real kiss; passionate, closed eyes, tongues intertwining with each other, gentle nibbles on each other’s lips, tasting each other. The mutually passion had been released and our kisses were so erotic and sensual. I hadn’t kissed like that in a long, long time.

It finally dawned on us after a few minutes that we were in a public parking lot with people coming and going and knew we had to go somewhere, but where, like I said, we didn’t plan a hotel room. We just pulled out of the parking lot and thought for a minute. You reminded me of a little public park that was not too far that you had visited for summer lunches sometimes, and we decided to go there. Now, truth be known, we both felt like high school kids again sneaking around to find a place to make out. We backed into a spot that was not too far off the road but allowed ample visibility to any other cars or activities going on.

We immediately reengaged into the sensual kissing we started back at the other place. It felt so good, your lips were so soft travesti porno and sensual, and I was melting in your arms. Our hands were beginning to roam ever so slightly around each other’s bodies but we were still being respectful as neither of us wanted to ruin such a good thing that was occurring. I lowered my hands down from your face, over your shoulders and brushed over your breast. There was no sign of reluctance at all, the kisses defined that, so I gentle cupped my hand over your firm breast and began to massage them. You moaned in acceptance and I continued back and forth to make sure to please them both. Your hands lowered to my thighs and you ran them down to the knee and ever so slightly back up, with each stroke getting closer and closer to my now erect cock hidden deep in my pants. After a minute or so, your hand finally didn’t stop and you grabbed my cock thru my dress pants, you just purred as I threw back my head in ecstasy. This opened up the opportunity to run my hands up your thighs until I reached the warm crotch area of your pants. We both just continued to rub a little, with passionate kisses going back and forth. I knew pre-cum was defiantly leaking from my cock and certainly assumed that your panties were beyond damp.

You grabbed my belt buckle, undid that and my top button, all in the same motion, seconds later the zipper was down and your hand reached into my boxers pulling out my rock hard cock into your gentle little hands. After a sultry little kiss, you moved up to my ear and whispered to me, “Remember my statement about my proud ability?” and before I could even answer your mouth dropped around my cock and you began sucking me and licking up the pre-cum that had leaked out.

OMG I thought is this really happening.

There was no hesitation and your head was bobbing up and down on my cock, I was in heaven and you definitely confirmed to me the passion you have with your ultimate cock sucking abilities.

With the previous passion and the kissing and groping, I was already nearing what I believed was your finally goal. I stopped you, as much as I didn’t want to, pushed you back slightly so I could undo your pants, you lowered them just slightly over your hips to give better access. My hand roamed all over the outside of your confirmed wet blue bikini panties, until I hit the top, tucking in my hand under the waistband and lowered it again back inside. You were know wreathing in ecstasy as I found your little love button. You scooted down a little in the seat and lowered the pants down to your ankles; I pushed the panties xhamster porno down with them and spread your legs to get a better view of the beautiful wet, cleanly shaved pussy. It was glistening from the moisture. I leaned down and give your love button a gentle little kiss, and tongue lashing’s while you just moaned in delight.

The confinement of the car didn’t allow for as much oral on you as we would have both liked but I got enough taste to know I wanted to be back. I leaned back up and kissed you with your pussy juices all over my mouth, as your hand lowered to your pussy and you began to put on a fantastic show for me, I couldn’t help but to smile, watch and grab my cock all at the same time. You looked at me and said, “Don’t finish that!” with a nice little wink. I loved sitting there watching your fingers circle your clit and your rubbing was getting faster and faster and it was not more than a few minutes that you brought yourself to a rousing climax while I was watching. We both know how much we enjoy masturbating and know how comfortable we are with each other to do it for the other.

Upon coming down from that extreme high you sat up and lowered your head back down on my throbbing cock and went right back to bobbing up and down. Minutes passed and I knew I couldn’t last any longer, I warned you, and thinking you may want to stop sucking and finish by hand, but you did the complete opposite. As soon as I warned you, you sucked harder and put more passion then even I thought possible into it. I exploded inside your mouth and I even think the amount of warm cum surprised you, splashing the back of your throat. You took it like a champ and gently finished as you swallowed every drop. OMG that was the best blow job I have ever gotten, period. You are amazing. You smiled, grinned and came up and kissed me passionately telling me how great I tasted. That small kiss turned into a final make out session, but I didn’t care what still remained in your mouth, it just felt so right kissing you like that.

We both knew we had to reluctantly get going, you reached into your purse and just looked at me and said, “I brought another pair for me just in case” and winked as you tossed the soaked blue ones over to me as you slide the new dry ones on. You tossed the cum soaked panties to me and said. “These are yours to do with as you please, enjoy”. A little memento to remind me of the night, as if I was going to forget!

I drove you back to your car, we made out a brief second more and even though neither one of us wanted to leave we knew we had too. I apologized for not being able to bring you off orally due to the car constraints and you just smiled and said “Don’t worry; you’ll have plenty more chances to do that, trust me”. The grin on your face confirmed this was just the beginning of our little “friends with benefits” relationship.

I sat there as I watched you drive away.

We had been chatting for a little while and we were to beginning to feel very comfortable with each other, with not just the willingness to share sexual thoughts, idea’s and fantasies with each other, but beyond that, things that were happening in our life, things to bounce off one another, one of us being…

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