Waterford Manor


It was an unusually hot summer day at Waterford Manor in Ireland in 1787. The cows were lying in the fields, the pigs were sleeping in the mud, and even the chickens were reluctant to leave their coop.

But there was Kenneth, the yardman, out in the heat of the sun chopping down a tree in the garden that had been struck by lightning the night before. He had removed his shirt and there he stood, all six feet of him in only his kilt and boots.

From her bedroom window, Lady Kathleen could see that Kenneth was no stranger to hard labor as his strong arms, back and chest muscles flexed with each swing of his axe. His body tanned from the sun glistened with perspiration.

As Kenneth paused from his labor to wipe the sweat from his brow, he turned and noticed Lady Kathleen peering out the window. He smiled and gave her a nod of his head. She smiled in return. Then Kenneth noticed her hand-servant, Moira, standing behind her in a certain state of undress – her long blonde hair flowed over her unclothed shoulder scarcely covering what appeared to be her bare beast.

Moments later, her Ladyship walked out the door wearing only her dressing gown carrying a tray with a pitcher and a glass. Lady Kathleen was a strikingly beautiful red-haired woman about a half a foot shorter than Kenneth whose small waist only accentuated how well her full breasts filled out her dress gown.

“Kenneth, you must be dying from the heat. Please have a drink”, Lady Kathleen implored. “And why don’t you come and sit in the shade for a while.”

“Thank you ma’am that’s very kind of you”, he replied, “but his Lordship will be home in two days and I must have this finished before he returns.”

“Nonsense, you take this drink and go sit in the shade right now.” She said sternly. “I’m in charge while the Lord is in Dublin.” With that she walked back into the Manor and Kenneth walked over and sat in the shade the garden arbor provided.

It wasn’t long before Moira the hand-servant returned with a basin of water and towel. “Lady Kathleen asked me to help you wash before I bring you some lunch.” Kenneth stood there quite surprised as she began washing his bare back with the dampened towel.

Moira had a gentle, sensual touch as she gently washed his back, then his arms. Turning him, she began to wash his chest. As she faced him, he couldn’t help notice her pert breasts tecavüz porno heaving under her low cut peasant dress with each breath she took.

As Moira continued to wash him, Kenneth asked her “What were you doing in the Lady’s bedroom earlier appearing to be half naked.” She replied, “Lady Kathleen had awoken in a sweat following a dream and need my attention immediately and I didn’t have time to fully dress.”

“What kind of attention did she need that didn’t allow you to cover yourself?” he asked. “Much the same as I’m giving you right now.” She replied “You mean you were washing the sweat from her chest?” he responded “Yes, and everywhere else as well.”

“Tell me, did you enjoy washing her as much as you seem to be enjoying me?” he asked smiling down at her. Moira looked at him with a shy grin and replied, “Oh yes. She has a beautiful body with such soft, smooth skin. I enjoyed it very much and she seemed well pleased with my service too” Your service? What else did you do for her? Kenneth asked

“Well, while I was washing her back as she lay on her stomach on the bed, she asked me to give her a message. Well you know how high her bed is, so I had to climb up and straddle her on my knees to get the leverage give her a rub. I started with her shoulders all the way down to the small of her back. She then asked me to go even lower. So I moved down a bit, working my thumbs on the small of her back onto her beautiful ass, where I then used my full hands.

“While I was messaging her ass and the back of her legs near her knees, she spread her legs and asked me to message her inner thigh. So I began and she insisted I keep moving up her leg. I could see her pink vagina had a glint of moisture beginning to form as my hands got closer to it. I must admit I was getting a little wet as my hands moved closer.

“I must have been distracted by this beautiful sight my knees slipped and I lost my balance and fell on top of her with my face in between her legs. I thought she was going to scold me, but instead she out let a sound of pleasure and said ‘oh yes, please taste me.’ Well she is the Lady, so I couldn’t refuse.”

All the while Moira was speaking she continued to wash Kenneth and it was evident he was enjoying her tale and her touch as the front of his kilt was beginning to bulge and lift.

She continued, travesti porno “So I let my tongue gently taste her juices – and they were delicious! As my tongue began lapping up her sweetness, Lady Kathleen rotated her hips and slid her knees forward to raise her ass and fully expose her pink pussy. My tongue couldn’t help but lick harder and finally enter her.”

With that, the bulge in Kenneth’s kilt had come to a point and was now pressing against Moira. She looked down and began to unbuckle his belt. His kilt opened and fell to the ground revealing his fully aroused manhood. Moira slid her hand down to his hard cock and began stroking it as she continued her story.

“I see you like me story. Where was I? Oh yes, I was licking the Lady’s juicy pussy and my tongue going in and out and then flicking her clit, when she rolled over and grabbed the hair on the back of my head, holding my mouth against her wet pussy; her hips grinding against my face.”

As Moira was stroking Kenneth’s hard cock, he glanced over toward the Manor and saw Lady Kathleen standing at the door with her dressing gown open with one hand squeezing her breast and the other fingering herself. When she noticed Kenneth had spotted her watching, Lady Kathleen quickly closed her gown and quickly walked outside and asked, “What’s the meaning of this? I only asked you to take Kenneth a towel and water. Go to your room!” With that, Moira went into the Manor leaving Kenneth standing there only in his boots and Lady Kathleen in her sheer dressing gown.

“Well, I see Moira has managed to clean things up, and I do mean UP” Lady Kathleen said staring at Kenneth’s aroused manhood. With that, Kenneth cupped his hands over his outstanding feature. “Why are you hiding it? Are you ashamed of it?” she asked.

“Well, yes, I mean no ma’am. I mean I’m not ashamed of my loins but that you have seen it in such a state.” Kenneth relied.

“What caused this ‘state'” she asked.

“Moira was just telling me about how her morning began and your need for assistance”

“What did she tell you?”

“Only that you woke covered in perspiration and needed… well needed bathing.”

“And this caused you to be aroused?”

“Well, the combination of Moira’s hands washing me and her description of your beautiful body was very stimulating.”

“Why did you xhamster porno find this stimulating?” the Lady asked

“To be perfectly honest, I was picturing you in my mind naked with me there beside you.”

With that Lady Kathleen released her dressing gown and allowed it to fall to the ground revealing her large, beautifully formed breasts; her trim waist and lovely hips that framed the flower of Kenneth’s desire.

“Is this what you were imagining?”

“Oh yes and much, much more”

Lady Kathleen walked over to Kenneth and asked, “Would you like to touch me to be sure you’re it’s not just your imagination?

Kenneth moved closer and placed his hand on the side of her breast and gently moved his hand around and under full breast until it as cupped in his hand. Then he slowly stepped in and placed his lips on Lady Kathleen’s soft moist lips. As they kissed, Kenneth lifted Lady Kathleen onto the garden table. With his arms around her holding her close, Kenneth caressed her long, slender neck then her shoulder. Lady Kathleen’s head leaned back as she cooed with sounds of pleasure.

Kenneth’s hands slid down to the small of the Lady’s back lifting her slightly, arching her back as his caresses moved onto her full breasts. His kisses moved around her breasts moving in to her areola. His tongue then began circling her areola getting closer and closer to her nipples until at last he was flicking her nipple with his tongue. Her nipples were hard and fully erect by now. He began to suck them and squeeze them between his teeth which brought with it moans of delight.

His journey down Lady Kathleen’s body was not over. After playing the Lady’s nipples for a time, his caresses moved down her stomach as his hands slid under her ass, lifting her wet pussy to his waiting mouth. His tongue encircled her full clit then parted her pussy lips entered. Moira was right; the Lady’s juices were delicious!

After arousing the Lady orally until her hips were moving and grinding her pussy into Kenneth’s face, he knew it was time. With his hands still on her ass, he lifted her up off the table and held her as he lowered her onto his hard, erect cock. With his cock fully inside the Lady’s pussy, she wrapped her legs around him as he fucked her standing there under the arbor. Kenneth held her and pumped her up and down on his big hard cock. His thrusts were coming faster and harder and then as they both were about to climax, he gave Lady Kathleen a couple of long hard thrusts, holding the last one as he exploded inside her.

As he laid her back down onto the garden table, Lady Kathleen asked, “Should I ask Moira to cum back and bathe us?”

It was an unusually hot summer day at Waterford Manor in Ireland in 1787. The cows were lying in the fields, the pigs were sleeping in the mud, and even the chickens were reluctant to leave their coop. But there was Kenneth, the yardman, out in the heat of the sun chopping down a tree…

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