Watching Désirée Ch. 02


Désirée found Marshall cuffing Zafira to her bed in her room. She liked leather and it showed in the cuffs and straps on her wrists and ankles. She laid with her head and shoulders down on the bed and her tush up in the air, providing a good view of the pink lips sticking out of her pussy.

‘This good?’ he asked Zafira.’

‘Yeah.’ she said, moving her body back and forth. ‘It’s good.’

‘I’ll get your first customer then.’ he said and took out his pad.

‘Before I freeze with my ass hanging out in the cold.’ she chuckled.

‘No worries, as usual you won’t have much time to cool off.’ he said, giving her a wink and saw Désirée. ‘Hey there. I’ll come for you after I get her customer.’

She nodded and gave Zafira a wave in greeting. ‘Hope you enjoy tonight.’

‘Well, it’s a living.’ chuckled Zafira.

Désirée sat naked on the bench and Marshall entered her room two minutes later. ‘Ready for another night?’

She nodded. ‘M-mm.’

‘Any preference tonight?’ he asked, opening the trunk.

‘I liked what you did yesterday, can you do that again?’ she asked, kicking her feet like a little girl.

He took out the freshly washed ribbon and smiled at her. ‘As you wish.’

He tied her up carefully again, making sure she was comfortable enough and returned to the monitoring room after letting in her first customer, a distinguished looking gentleman who just needed something to distract him from a difficult day.

‘Looks like the new girl has fun at this job.’ said Bob, glancing at her monitor.

Marshall watched the aroused look on her face as she bounced a little from the man’s thrusts and smiled. ‘I guess she does. Looks like she’ll be popular here.’


Désirée got to know the other girls better during the days while they shared stories during breaks and before and after shifts. Fran was back and Désirée thought she looked very sexy with her dark red curly hair, green eyes and slim figure in tight jeans. When the subject of why they started working here most said they did it because it gave them a good living and others because they just couldn’t handle regular office work. Désirée told them she wanted to save for early retirement, feeling her true reason would make her an outcast if anyone knew.

Marshall got to know the way she liked to be bound and she felt happy he made sure she could be tied up for hours and still feel comfortable, although a little stiff at the end of the shift.

‘Come here.’ he said as she stretched herself and he pat on the bench. ‘Lay down on your tummy.’

She wondered what he was up to and laid down while he searched the trunk. He came back with a bottle and squirted the contents in one hand, then wiped both hands together. When he placed his hands on her back she let out a soft sigh.

His back massage felt great and she felt the stiffness melt like snow before the sun. ‘That’s good..’ she whispered. ‘Thank you..’

‘You’re welcome.’ he said, glad to see it felt good. ‘I just couldn’t let you go home all stiff. Just like our customers.’

She chuckled and smiled as she watched him from the corner of her eye. ‘No wonder all the girls want to take you home. You’re just too good to be true.’

He let out a short laugh. altyazı porno ‘They’ll have to do with my care here.’ he said, smiling softly and moving his hands down along her legs. ‘I like them all and enjoy our flirting, but I haven’t found the right one for me yet.’

She hummed in pleasure while his hands caused tingles to go down into her feet. ‘And what is the right one?’

He went back up to massage her shoulders and neck, making her almost purr like a cat. ‘I don’t know actually.’ he said. ‘I’ve met many different girls, but none made me think more about her than her being a nice girl.’

‘Tough.’ she whispered, thinking she could lay here for hours underneath his hands.

‘It’s okay. I’m in no hurry, and I get to see plenty of nice curves around here to sate my need to see naked women.’ he chuckled and finished her massage by moving one fingertip from her neck down along her spine, across her plump tush and the back of her leg to her feet.

A shiver followed his finger all through her body and she giggled. ‘If you keep doing this I’ll join with the others and let you see as much curves as you want.’

He leaned close to her ear and grinned. ‘Welcome to my harem, rowrrr.’

She felt a hot flash going through her body and chuckled. ‘Damn, you’re not nice. You’re bad.’

He laughed as he washed his hands and put away the massage oil. ‘And still the girls want a piece of me.’

She got off the bench and her body felt much better as she stretched again. ‘I think I’ll try a relaxing bath here now.’

‘I think we’re the last ones here, so you can enjoy your soak in quiet.’ he said, holding up her robe for her to put her arms in. ‘The cleaning crew won’t be here for about an hour.’

Marshall walked down with Désirée to the dressing room. ‘I’ll let the night porter know you’re in the bath. If you need anything just give him a buzz.’

She nodded and took her bag out of her locker. ‘Thanks.’

‘See you tomorrow evening then.’ he said, walking out to the lounge.

‘See you.’ she said, giving him a soft smile.

Feeling like reading a little, she took her bag with her and placed it on the wide tiled side of one of the baths. While the tub filled with warm water she looked at the collection of bath salts, body washes, soaps and shampoos gathered on several shelves. She had just chosen a strawberry scented bath salt when her eye fell on a couple of thick silicone dildos at the back of the shelf. A tingle shot through her pussy as the image of lying in the bath with one of these inside her popped up into her mind. She hesitated for a second, but the tingling feeling won her over and with no one else around she took one of the dildos and went back to the tub.

She turned off the faucet and slid with a satisfied sigh into the sweet smelling water. Taking a minute to run her hands over her ample breasts, plump tummy and firm legs while thinking back of the touch of Marshall’s hands, she then took the dildo and slid its tip along her slit, opening herself up and pushed it slowly inside her slick pussy, breathing deep as the thickness filled her.

When it reached her womb she closed her legs and leaned back against the rolled up towel she used for amatör porno a pillow to enjoy the little bit of bliss she felt now.

Reaching out for her bag, she took out a book on applied mathematics, one of her favourite subjects to study and what she was currently taking a class on. Despite never having failed an exam, she still felt nervous when it came to tests and exams. She read a few pages, but the dildo felt too good inside her and distracted her from wrapping her mind around the subject.

She sighed, having the choice to take out the dildo, or just stop reading, and put the book back in her bag. She sat up on the edge of the tub, leaning back against the wall and slid the dildo slowly in and out of her wet pussy in rhythm with her deep breathing. She felt every ridge rubbing inside her and closed her eyes, thinking back on all the men who had come today, fucking her and filling the back of her pussy with their seed. She went through every dick’s sensation in her mind while shivers coursed through her entire body.

Marshall checked his pockets one more time, then cursed for forgetting his wallet at work. He turned back from his car and walked back to the rear stairs and went up to the monitoring room. Relieved to see his wallet lying on the corner of his desk he picked it up and remembered why he had left it there. Désirée had to sign one more form for administration and he had put it underneath so he wouldn’t forget. Unless he’d forget his wallet.

He decided he’d leave it in her locker for her to find and walked down to the dressing room. Inside he heard a splash of water and figured she was still in the bath. Thinking he could have her sign it right away and dropping it at administration he walked into the bathroom.

‘Désirée?’ he said before turning the corner. ‘I forgot to hand you this fo-‘

Désirée felt the shivers intensify through her body and knew she was close to her climax when a voice started to register with her.

‘..hand you this fo-‘ she heard and saw Marshall stop dead in his tracks in surprise at the sight of her pushing the thick dildo between her wide spread legs.

She yelped, plunged down into the water and knocked her bag from the side, making the contents spread out on the floor.

‘Shit!’ he said as he saw her belongings fall and rushed to her bag to save as much as possible from the wet floor. ‘Sorry! I didn’t mean to startle you!’ He gathered everything in his arms and checked how wet her book and papers were when he noticed the writing on a certificate he held. ‘Phoenix University? You got a degree in mathematics?’ He watched her while she looked down at the water, her face red from shame. ‘You’re this smart?’

She gave a quick nod.

‘Wow.’ he said, reading the certificate again. ‘I’m impressed, but why work here when you could get a great job in this field?’

He looked at her again and saw a tear falling down her cheek.

She had hoped she could have kept her smarts a secret but now that he had seen this he’d figure it out soon enough. Ashamed of her stupidity in letting her addiction get the best of her, she felt like crying.

‘I’m sorry!’ he said, kneeling down at the tub. ‘I shouldn’t have been so curious.’

She animasyon porno shook her head and wiped her cheek. ‘I wouldn’t have been here if I wasn’t an addict.’

He raised an eyebrow, thinking he’d never had thought she’d be a junkie. ‘You’re on drugs?’

She shook her head again. ‘Not drugs..’ she whispered. ‘Sex..’

He had to let that sink in for a moment. ‘Sex?’

She sighed and hugged her knees. ‘I noticed it during college.’ she said. ‘Masturbation with a dildo felt so good. Just the sensation of something moving inside me made my whole body feel good. I couldn’t get enough. My first boyfriend couldn’t keep up. I needed more. There were a few more boyfriends after him, thinking they could satisfy me and be the one for me, but it was no use. I broke up with each before I’d resort to cheating on them to get fucked. My grades almost went down the gutter but I managed to hold on until graduation, then found any work I could get so I could spend the rest of my time just masturbating at home.’

Marshall sat up on a dry part of the edge of the tub. ‘That’s..’ he said, wiping her book dry. ‘I haven’t met anyone who’s addicted like that, even in this work.’

Désirée felt even more ashamed of her condition. ‘It affected my work and life. I was constantly distracted and I had no friends, so one night I sat down and faced the only solution that would fit me, and applied for a job here.’

Marshall nodded. ‘I see now.’ he said. ‘The guys did say you looked more enthusiastic while you worked compared to the other girls. Your interaction with the customers did look more sincere to me.’

‘The moment they come in me is what gives me my own satisfaction.’ she whispered. ‘So getting fucked all evening gives me the relief I need.’

They sat in silence for a while when she spoke up again. ‘You must think I’m pathetic..’

He turned to her and cupped her cheek. ‘Don’t be silly.’ he said, smiling softly at her. ‘You’re dealing with a difficult situation and found a way to make the best of it. If anything, I’m glad I got to know this side of you and be impressed with you.’

She felt her heart skip a beat and her face turn red. She smiled back at him and another tear fell down her cheek for his kind words.

‘Now, don’t cry anymore.’ he said and wiped her cheek. ‘You’re here to have fun and get your satisfaction, so smile for me and do what you enjoy most. And I don’t mean like right now in front of me, I’m not demanding anything. Unless you really like to do that.’

She chuckled and poked his nose with a wet finger, making him wipe his face with his sleeve. ‘I think I’m good for now, but thanks.’

He took her bag to her locker, wiping everything dry while she emptied the bath and dried herself. They walked outside together after he dropped off her signed form.

‘Thanks again.’ she said as they arrived at his car.

‘Don’t mention it.’ he said while he pulled out his car keys. ‘Since I’m here anyway, shall I drop you off at home?’

She didn’t mind skipping a trip on the subway and nodded. ‘Unless it’s out of your way.’

He opened the door for her. ‘Hop in. It’s not much of a detour to my place at fifth district.’

The ride didn’t take long but it was long enough to exchange some college stories. When they arrived at her apartment building she found herself in a good mood again.

After another thanks from her she got out and watched while he drove off to his place, happy to have found someone to confide about her addiction.

Désirée found Marshall cuffing Zafira to her bed in her room. She liked leather and it showed in the cuffs and straps on her wrists and ankles. She laid with her head and shoulders down on the bed and her tush up in the air, providing a good view of the pink lips sticking out…

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