Alice Chater

Just imagine it, in a fit of madness I decided to go away with my parents and little brother on a driving holiday to France, and guess what we were just starting out on the journey home after a week of mind numbing boredom when the car broke down.

My father, in his infinite wisdom, had decided that he didn’t need any special breakdown cover because the chances of the car going wrong were so slim.

So there I was, a 20 year old girl stuck in the middle of nowhere with my arguing parents and spotty 15 year old brother, and I had turned down the chance to go to Ibiza just so I could spend some time with my folks.

I got out my small mirror just to check my face for something to do and my brother started,

“What you doing your make up for, you not likely to pull out he.” He sniggered.

“I’m just making sure that I don’t look like a total wreck, or that I’m as spotty and greasy as you are!” I shot back.



“Shut up you two,” screamed our Mother, “thins are bad enough as it is without you two starting.”

“Sorry Mum, but we’ve been stuck here now for nearly three hours and we haven’t even seen another car go past.” I apologised

“I know honey, but your Dad is trying to sort it out.”

“Yeah I know Mum but I really need the toilet.” My mother scanned the bleak landscape, “We’’ you’ll just have to use that ditch that runs the other side of the road.”

“Yeah right Mum, that’s gross.”

“Well it’s that gaziantep vip escort or nothing at the moment so stop moaning.”

I knew I was going to have to swallow my pride, my bladder was near bursting point. I crossed over to the other side of the road a scrambled down in to the ditch. Keeping a sharp eye on my family I hitched up my skirt, pulled down my thong and squatted, it was a feeling of relief when the pee started coming out of me and hitting the ground. Strangely though that feeling turned to something different when a gentle breeze brushed across my naked bottom and between my legs.

The feel of the air felt so good on my bare skin that I stayed there even after I had stopped peeing, letting the wind blow against my pussy, I began to feel myself getting wet inside and I let my hand drift towards it.

“Kerry, are you alright over there?” The sound of my mothers voice brought me sharply back to reality, quickly pulling my thong back on I called back to let her know I was okay, now as I walked back over to the car I was not only fed up but frustrated as well! As I sat there all I could think of was that feeling of the wind on my body and it just left me feeling hornier and hornier.

Eventually we were rescued, a local garage with a trucked and towed us to the nearest town where the garage people said they would be able to fix it but not until the next day. The garage owner told us that there was gaziantep yabancı escort a small hotel at the edge of the town that would probably be able to put us up over night, so off we went to find it.

The edge of town was no exaggeration, in fact there was no town beyond the hotel only woodland, “great” I thought to myself, “another night of insane boredom.” Once I had put everything in my room (a room I had to share with my brother) I decided that I had had enough of everyone’s company and announced that I was going out for a walk.

I made my way to the back of the hotel and entered the woods. After walking for quite a time I got a little bit tired, so I found myself a nice little sunny glade and just sat down and relaxed. As I was sitting with my eyes closed I felt the soft breeze against my skin, it instantly brought the memories of earlier flooding back.

I moved slightly so that the breeze would flow along my legs and up in to my skirt, where it caressed my thong and my pussy that lay beneath. I lay like that for a while but the feelings that were welling up inside me were becoming uncontrollable.

I opened my eyes and looked around nervously to make sure nobody was about, but nerves were defeated by raw desire. I lifted my skirt and removed my knickers, then I lay down again, now the wind blew gently straight on to my wet pussy, the sensation sent a shiver of pure lust down my spine, gaziantep yaşlı escort I needed to feel more. I took of my t-shirt and bra and let the air play across my entire body, my nipples were so hard now as the wind gently kissed them.

As it did so I could feel a deep hot passion welling inside me, my hands began to caress my body in tune with the summer breeze, eventually my right hand found it’s way between my legs as I opened myself to let the air penetrate deeper.

My left hand tenderly stoked across my small breasts heightening the intense pleasure of my body while with my right I began to slowly rub myself, sending electric sensations through my entire being.

This was like nothing else I had experienced before, this was pure self-love, no thoughts of any men running through my imagination, no desire to be held in someone’s arms, no lust for a cock ramming deep inside me, just the total indulgence of me and nature’s own power.

As my hand worked my clit faster and I let my fingers slip urgently inside me, I entered a whole new realm of existence, my whole being was transported to a new realm of desire and lust.

Suddenly my body arched and the biggest orgasm that I had ever had ripped though me, my whole body quaking with pure gratification.

As the enchantment wore off and I came back down to earth, the realisation came that I was completely naked in the middle of no-where, again though, I checked nervously to make sure no one was around, luckily there wasn’t.

I dressed quickly and made my way back to the hotel, my mother commented that I looked at bit muddy, I couldn’t look her in the eye when I told her that I had slipped.

A few days later we were back home and I had bought back with me a whole new sense of being and it wasn’t long before I was studying maps to find where the nearest woods were!

Just imagine it, in a fit of madness I decided to go away with my parents and little brother on a driving holiday to France, and guess what we were just starting out on the journey home after a week of mind numbing boredom when the car broke down. My father, in his infinite wisdom,…

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