Walter’s Alignment


“Your chakras need realigned.”

Walter turned around from his seat at the hotel bar. He was taken aback by the woman before him. She was small, but exuded an energy that felt like electricity humming behind a power plant fence. She wore some sort of crystal around her neck on a hemp cord and either a pewter or turquoise ring on each finger. She was dressed like she’d just come from a Phish concert, but her clothes looked like they were bought at a high end boutique instead of a thrift store. She smelled of incense, and her long blond dreadlocks were streaked with silver to match her Ganesha earrings.

“Were you talking to me?” Walter asked.

She held out her hand. “I’m Devi.”

He had a Hindu friend back home, so he recognized the name. “Like the Hindu goddess?”

“I always appear in times of need,” she said.

He smiled. “And what do you think I need?”

“Your chakras are all out of alignment,” she said. “You need a serious adjustment.”

He took a sip of his mojito. “And you can do that for me?”

“It’s my specialty.” She took the mojito from his hand. He didn’t protest as she took a drink from it. “Your root, genitals, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. They’re all out of whack.”

“How can you tell?” He wondered if she was a guest at the hotel, but he couldn’t imagine missing so striking at the daily breakfast buffet.

“I can read your aura,” she said as she sat next to him. Her ankle-length dress slid up to her knees as she crossed her legs. She had a toe ring on each foot. “It’s a nice aura, but jumbled. You need one of my balancing treatments.”

He was too tired, and a bit too drunk, to put her off as a loon just yet. He took his drink back. “Just what does that entail?”

“Some crystal therapy, maybe some aromatherapy, definitely a sharing of tantric energy through chakra manipulation.”

He smiled. “I have no idea what you just said.”

“You’re here for the electronics convention, aren’t you?”

He was shocked by the question, but only until he remembered the bar was full of other convention attendees. People everywhere were jabbering about the newest high definition televisions, iPod headphones, or home theatre displays on the showroom floor. Many bar patrons still wore their convention badges.

“I work in digital cable,” he said. “You’re a masseuse, I’m guessing?”

She nodded. “Your work has affected your body’s energy. Too many hours behind a desk looking at a computer screen. Your posture is quirky, and your third eye is tense. You get lots of headaches, I imagine. Lots of stress from working in sales and the unnatural light from your computer doesn’t help. You look fit, though. Free weights?”

“Rowing machine.”

“More artificiality. An outdoor exercise forced indoors.”

“I live in a landlocked town. No lakes to row in. I grew up on a river where I could row every day. The job took me to a different state and away from the water.”

She nodded again. “And away from your natural element. You’re a water spirit living around too much earth. More imbalance.”

“So I should dig a pond in my back yard?”

“It would help.” She smiled. “Or get in the water once a month.”

“I’ll take a swim here at the hotel.” He decided to try his luck. “Are you staying here?”

“No, the bartender’s a friend. I was here to drop off his house key. I feed his dog while he’s here.”

The bartender brought her a fresh mojito, winked at Walter, and then went back to work.

“That’s nice of you,” Walter said to her.

“It’s the least I could do for all the yang energy he gives me.”

“Yang energy? Isn’t that some Chinese thing?”

“Yes, to help me balance out my natural feminine energy, my yin power.”

“How does he give you yang energy?”

“From his hot come.”

He almost dropped his mojito, spilling a good amount of it on his shirt.

“See?” She said. “You’re way off balance.”

“I just wasn’t expecting you to be so bold.” He would’ve dismissed her as crazy minutes ago if she hadn’t been so damn alluring.

“You have to take life by the horns.” She took an ice cube from his glass, sucked on it, and then dropped it into her drink. She wrote her phone number on a napkin. “Call me if you want that alignment.”

She turned on the stool, smiled one more time, and then left. The butterfly tattoo on the small of her back flapped its wings with each step.

He paid little attention during the convention’s panel on digital cable sales the next day. He hadn’t slept well. He kept seeing her face, smelling her incense scent, and hearing her pretty voice. He almost called her, twice, but he wasn’t keen on being caught hiring a private masseuse while his company was paying for the trip.

After the sales panel, he lost his exhibitor floor badge, dropped a fully loaded hot dog on his pants, stubbed his toe on a table leg, got lost on his way to a buffet luncheon, spent four dollars on a burned mocha, and then discovered the buffet luncheon was cleaned out travesti porno by the time he found it.

His head felt like someone was carving him open with a jigsaw. He half-walked, half-stumbled back to his hotel room, having missed the shuttle bus. He had an hour to kill before the next sales presentation, and he couldn’t remember ever needing a nap more than he did at that moment.

He dropped his briefcase once inside his room. His jacket, tie, and shirt followed, all landing in a heap as they slid off the back of the desk chair. He pitched forward onto the bed, not bothering to remove his shoes.

Sleep rushed into him, but he was yanked back out by the piercing sound of hammering on the door. It was housekeeping. He’d come back before they’d cleaned his room. He told the woman it was fine and gave her five dollars to come back tomorrow afternoon. He whacked his hand on a hallway table as he headed back to the bed. Pain shot through him and sent him into a cursing fit. He was about to throw his valise across the room when he saw the napkin Devi had given him.

She answered on the first ring.

“It’s Walter. The guy from the hotel bar last night,” he said. “I’ve had the worst day you can imagine, and I’m wondering if you were right all along and that I’m somehow causing all this.”

“I can be there in ten minutes,” she said.

“I have to be back at the convention in less than an hour.”

“Do you?” The question was asked in her sweet voice, but it still felt like a glass of ice water thrown into his face. “Do you really?”

His shoulders relaxed. He sighed. “No. They’ll never miss me, and I won’t miss them. I’m in room 220.”

“Take a shower. Drink some water. I’ll be there soon.”

She was knocking on the door by the time he was rubbing a towel over his wet head. He pulled on a bathrobe, unlocked the deadbolt and removed the door chain, and opened the door.

She was dressed in a blue bikini top, yoga pants, sandals, her crystal hemp rope necklace, and a ring on each thumb. She carried a small hand-knit purse over one shoulder. She smiled. He smiled.

“Did you drink the water?” She asked as she walked into the room.

He relocked the deadbolt and reset the door chain. “Two glasses’ worth.”

She sat on the end of the bed and then cupped her hands on her lap, like she held a softball in them. She inhaled a long breath through her nose, tucked her chin to her chest, and was then silent and motionless for a minute before raising her head to blow her breath out between her teeth.

He got up the nerve to ask the question he’d tried to ask three times. “How much do I owe you?”

Her eyes drifted open. “Five hundred dollars and all the yang energy you can spare.”

“When should I pay you?”

“Later,” she said through an exhale. Her eyes blinked with new energy. She opened her purse and pulled out a bottle of massage oil. She untied her bikini top, dropped it beside her, and then dribbled the oil over her small, cute breasts. The oil smelled of lavender and some exotic scent he couldn’t identify.

“We’ll start with the heart and solar plexus chakras,” she said. She beckoned him to her. She took his hands once he was close enough and then pressed his palms to her chest.

He sighed as a strange shiver ran through him. She closed her eyes, inhaling deep through her nose again, and began a slow massage of her chest and breasts with his hands. He was amazed at the warmth of her skin and how their fingers moved together with little effort.

His heart thumped against his breastbone. He sweated under his cashmere robe and his cock pushed up and through the robe’s opening. She put her hands down, leaving his to smear the oil over her tits, pinch her nipples, tickle her curves, and finger her crystal.

She arched her chest forward as her eyes opened. “Feel the chakras opening. Feel the love and beauty of pure light beaming from you. Accept and love this gift. Let it heal you from within.”

He couldn’t help but smile, and he noticed his posture had straightened. His robe had loosened. His stiff cock was plain view now.

“Now share your energy with me.” she said. “Give my chakras your yang essence.”

He wasn’t sure what she meant until she squeezed his balls in one oiled hand. He cried out and shot a hard spray of come onto her chest. She smiled and moaned as her eyes fluttered shut. He sprayed her a second time as he smeared his semen over her chest. Her head rocked back and forth like she was in a mild trance. She stopped massaging his balls just before he stumbled backward and into the desk.

She moaned a bit as she rubbed his come into her skin. “Brew me some tea, will you?”

He nodded. There was a one-cup brewer on the dresser. He poured a bottle of water into it, set a coffee mug underneath, and pressed the button.

“How do you feel?” She asked.

“Good,” he said, realizing this was true. He spotted his wallet on the desk. He wondered if she should pay her now, alt yazılı porno but the coffee maker’s coughing fit caught his attention. He flipped through the assortment of tea bags on the dresser.

“I have my own,” she said as she opened her purse. “It’s a special blend for the throat chakra.”

He handed her the mug, and she dropped a teabag into it. After a quiet minute, she sipped her herbal tea in silence while he tried not to fidget.

“I’m going to transfer some of the energy from my throat chakra to you, and then I’ll have you activate my third eye.”

She may as well have told him how she was going to re-haul the transmission of a Sherman tank. “How are you going to do…whatever it is you just said?” He asked.

She took a long gulp of tea and then slid off the bed to kneel in front of him. “You’re going to fuck my throat and come on my face.”

“I am?” He asked, both surprised and not sure if he was up to the task.

She took his limp cock into her mouth. He gasped at the warmth of her tongue. The tea had made her mouth an oven for him. She kissed at his tightening balls and stroked him erect in moments. She licked wide lines up and down him, slurping over the head of his cock and getting him slick with spit.

She pulled away, a line of saliva still connecting her bottom lip to his cock. She took another gulp of tea, and then slid her mouth down his cock until her nose was against his abdomen. He was stunned mute by the heat of her throat and the sight of her mouth pressed against his base. She slid back, inhaling a deep breath and smiling up at him as she jacked his wet cock.

She slurped back down him again, tickling his balls as she nuzzled his belly. His buttocks and thighs clenched with each scratch of her fingernails or twitter of her tongue. She pulled away before his knees gave out and took one long last drink of her tea.

She inhaled him once more. When she reached the bottom of his cock, she took his hands and guided them to her head. He held her like she was a precious glass vase. He pumped with timid strokes, feeling like he’d stab her spine if he went any harder. She hummed in approval, even nodding a bit. He had forgotten about having an orgasm. He was worried she’d gag, puke, or pass out from lack of oxygen. How could she expect him to pump in her throat like a piston without making her cough up all that tea?

She did expect it. She grabbed his ass and somehow pushed him further down her throat. Her head bobbed back and forth as his hips moved. He gripped her dreadlocks in his fists as her gurgling sounds filled the room. His balls slapped her chin. Spit flew in all directions, spilling onto her face, tits, and neck.

He had taken two short steps forward as his ferocity grew. He towered over her now, his cock almost at a downward angle. He fucked her throat while he held her hair in two mangled pigtails. She leaned back for him, giving him all the room he wanted. He pulled out, giving her only a second to suck in a deep breath before burying his cock in her throat again.

“You like that cock in your throat, you dirty little bitch? You want me to come down that fucking whore throat?” He wasn’t sure who was saying this. It sounded like a strange imitation of his voice, but he had never said such things to anyone.

“You’re a good little slut with that little slut mouth, aren’t you?” The voice asked as he pulled his swollen cock from her mouth and brushed thick stands of saliva across her cheeks. He pushed back into her, yanking her face to him by the dreadlock handles in his fists. He held her nose to his stomach until he felt her tongue tremble. He pulled her away, leaving her gasping and trembling. She opened her mouth for more.

“You want more, you little cunt?” The voice asked. “You want that cock?” His cock plunged in and out of her mouth with new speed. His balls ached as he exploded hot come into her throat. She gulped it down. He jerked her head away so he could grip his cock and spray onto her face and red, swollen lips. Her face became a sopping mess of come mingled with spit. Her hands smeared the gloppy mess on her face and neck as an orgasm overtook her. Her body rocked with pleasure, making her lean back against the bed as she cupped her cunt through her pants.

He let go of the death grip on her dreadlocks. His knees unlocked. His vision blurred and he pitched forward onto the bed. He managed to catch himself and turn to a sitting position. His cock was a red throbbing hose across his thigh. He breathed in fast gulps, but managed to calm down after several minutes.

“Get me some cold water, will you?” She asked, jolting him. He had forgotten she was there. He obeyed, and she was wiping her face with a moist towelette by the time he got back from the bathroom with the glass of water. She downed all of it in two gulps.

“I’m sorry I called you those things,” he said.

“Don’t be. It’s all right.” She handed him the glass. Her voice wasn’t a bit üvey baba porno hoarse.

“No, I mean it. I don’t know what came over me.”

“I know what came over me,” she said. They both laughed. “You needed to get that out. Your throat chakra was clogged with negative energy. All the energy you took from mine pushed it out.”

He moved for his wallet. He knew he’d sleep better than he’d had in a month.

“We’ll do the bottom two chakras next,” she said, stopping him in his tracks.

“The bottom two?”

“Genitals and the root chakra. Your crown should naturally follow.”

She wanted more? “My head is still spinning,” he said.

“That’s the result of your third eye opening. Your perception is altered.” She smiled now. “There’s still more work to do.” She got up and pushed her pants down to the floor. She had a cute bony ass and a perfect triangle of dark blond pubic hair. She pointed to the desk chair opposite the end of the bed. “Have a seat while I get ready.”

He thought she meant she was going to take a shower, but she pulled the blankets off the bed. She left the sheet. She tossed her purse up to the pillows and then crawled forward to meet it. Her little ass and open cunt faced him.

She braced one hand on the pillows and slid the other down her belly. She sucked in a happy breath when her fingers found her clit. She rubbed in small circles and rocked back and forth on her knees. Two fingers went into her as she kept muttering something, and he realized she was chanting. He couldn’t understand it, but didn’t ask for a translation for fear of breaking the spell.

She sucked her wet fingers and then opened her purse. She looked back at him, taking notice of his cock making a tent of his bathrobe. She took a small vibrator, a tube of clear gel, and a string of plastic beads from her purse. She turned on the vibrator and buzzed it over her clit. She gasped, shook, and smiled. He could not move. He had a mad urge to jack his cock, but his arms were somehow locked to the arms of the desk chair.

Her free hand caressed her ass. Her fingertips rubbed her asshole. She bit her bottom lip and looked back at him. “There are condoms in my purse. Put one on and fuck me from behind.”

Invisible strings yanked him up from the chair. His bathrobe dropped to the floor, as if removed by an unseen servant. He pulled on the first condom he found in her purse. His balls were heavy with come. He had no idea how long he’d last inside her, but he suspected ten thrusts at best.

He almost didn’t last one. Her heat was almost overwhelming. He clenched her ass and pushed deeper. She started a slow rocking as his breath shortened. He felt a building surge at the back of his balls. He was afraid to touch her, afraid to move. It seemed the slightest change in the action would send him over the edge.

“Lube up my ass,” she said. “And put those beads in one at a time.”

He was glad to have a new task to take his mind off his aching balls. He popped open the lube and squeezed what he thought was far too much on her ass. She gasped as the cool gel oozed over her hole. There were six beads as big as the end of his thumb. She moaned as he pushed the first one in, and her muscles helped him get the next three inside her. He could feel them on the back of his cock. By the time the last two were inside her, he felt like a light breeze from the air conditioner would turn his cock into a come-spraying lawn sprinkler.

She grabbed handfuls of pillows and pushed back against him. “Now fuck me. Hard. And when I tell you, pull those beads out one at a time.”

He grabbed her shoulders, took a deep breath, and then began a rhythmic slapping against her. He was lost to all else. He collapsed atop her back, wrapping one arm around her tiny waist to keep her from sliding away. He pulled on her dreadlocks as he came. It was a long orgasm, and he yelled with each spurt. Her voice, yelling “Now, now,” seemed like it came from the room next door.

He rose up and pulled the first bead from her ass. Her mouth opened in a silent gasp. The second and third came out, causing her hips to rock faster. The fourth popped out. She braced her hands on the wall and rammed back onto him. The fifth made her bare her teeth and her eyes light up with ferocity.

The sixth came out, and she gushed onto him. He felt stick, hot girl-come wash over his balls and splash up onto his stomach. He pulled out, half in surprise and half to see the wet evidence on them and the sheets.

“Get another condom,” she said between shaky breaths. “Hurry up and fuck my ass. It’s ready for you.”

For a moment he wondered if she worried his erection would deflate after such a strong orgasm. He was amazed to find his cock showed no signs of taking a break. If anything, it was eager for more. He threw the filled condom toward the bathroom and rolled on another. She held her cheeks apart for him as he slipped into her come-splashed hole.

He was an animal. A strong, primal power filled in him. His cock was a stone spear stabbing into a doe. He was a great hunter, a wolf, a fucking Minotaur having his way with a nymph in the forest. He sat back on his heels, pulling her almost upright against him. He bounced her up and down on his monster cock. He had never felt so strong, so big, so powerful.

“Your chakras need realigned.” Walter turned around from his seat at the hotel bar. He was taken aback by the woman before him. She was small, but exuded an energy that felt like electricity humming behind a power plant fence. She wore some sort of crystal around her neck on a hemp cord and either…

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