Virgin Chronicles Ch. 02

Virgin Chronicles Ch. 02

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Joyce C.:

I first met Joyce while visiting with friends at Peggy M.’s house. Joyce was 18, a senior in high school. I and two friend’s had gone to Peggy’s house to just visit and have some fun. Also there were Debbie (Bills sister) and Joyce. Not bad odds, 3 guys and 3 girls. Since Peggy and I were already friends, Debbie was for Joe and Joyce was for Bill.

It was a cool November day and we had gone swimming in Peggy’s private lake and was in the house drying our clothes off. Debbie, Joyce, Bill and Joe was downstairs playing a game while I went upstairs to talk to Peggy.

Peggy had slipped on a long dress or gown and we began to kiss and fool around a little bit. Soon we were on the bed….making out. As I slid my hand up Peggy’s leg, I could feel that she wasn’t wearing any panties. I began to finger fuck her, slowly at first, until she asked me to fuck her. I slid between her legs and inserted my cock in her tight little pussy. We began to slowly fuck…..nice and slow. As I was fucking her, I started inquiring about Joyce.

Peggy told me that Joyce had recently moved here from Ohio and was living near me with her mother and little brother. She told me Joyce didn’t have a boyfriend. So, here I was fucking Peggy and talking about Joyce. Soon all talk ended…and we began to speed up our fucking. Peggy was moaning for me to fuck her harder…..soooooo, fuck her I did, building up to an explosive cum….Peggy and I came together, with me filling her pussy with a hot load of sperm. We slowed down….and continued to kiss and until my cock slid out of her sloppy pussy.

I went back downstairs to see what everybody else was doing. Billy, Joe and Debbie was playing cards, while Joyce was sitting on the porch railing outside. She was wearing a short dress, exposing her long legs. Joyce antalya escort was about 5’9”, had long, beautiful blonde hair and skyblue eyes. I walked out to talk to her and she said she knew what Peggy and I had been doing. I asked her “What were we doing?” She said she had come upstairs looking for us and saw us on Peggy’s bed. She wanted to know how we could do that and not be married.

I began to talk to Joyce and started to softly touch her hands and arms. She was very receptive to it….and eventually I got a light kiss from her. Soon it was time to leave, and I offered to give Joyce a ride home. As we drove in my car, her dress had ridden up her legs showing me a lot of beautiful creamy thighs. I placed my hand on her thigh as we drove and she left it there to explore. I parked near her house behind some bushes and pulled her to me. She slid into my lap, between the steering wheel and me. We started kissing deeply as my hand explored up under her dress. When I felt her legs spread a little, I felt like I would be going further that evening, but when my fingers touched her panties, she slammed her legs shut. We kissed some more before she got out of the car ane went inside. She told me to call her sometime.

A few days later, Joyce and I were out riding around and went to a part of a Civil War battlefield on the ridge. We parked and made out for awhile, before grabbing a blanket from the car and heading up the hill. Joyce was wearing a loose, short dress, accentuating her beautiful long legs. We found a place on the hill near a monument and sat down on the blanket. As she sat down, I got a nice view up under her dress, seeing her white bikini panties. Mmmmmm….my mouth watered…..my cock hardened.

We lay side by side before starting to kiss and hug. I was kissing antalyadaspor.com her lips, her neck and pulled her shirt up to kiss her belly button. My hands were busy, sliding up and down her legs..moving closer each time to her pantied crotch. I finally had my hand on her mound and felt her move against my hand. I slowly got my fingers under the edge of her panties….feeling her pussy for the first time…..it was wet!! As we kissed, and I slowly fingered her, building her wetness…..I moved between her legs….she placed her legs on my hips. We kissed…..and I moved my pelvic area agaisnt hers…feeling her move with me.

I reached under myself, unzipping my jeans, pulling my hard cock out. I pushed it against her pantied mound several times…..with Joyce pushing back. Using my fingers, I pulled her panties to one side, while pushing my penis against her opening. I could feel the wetness on the head of my cock…..I pushed to gain entry…she pulled back….using her feet to push away from me. Each time my penis head touched her pussy….she pulled back. Over and over again…..talk about frustrating!! Soon, I gave up, we gathered the blanket and left. I took her home and made a date for the next day.

I picked Joyce up the next day and she was wearing a nice frilly short dress. As she got into the car, I saw she had on some bright red panties. We drove around for awhile before heading to the back lot of the local bird sanctuary. We went into the park, walking, kissing, talking. We walked through the park, across the swinging bridge. Each time that bridge swung, I was treated to seeing her creamy thighs exposed under her dress. I would stand behind her, sliding my hand up and down her inner thighs, while kissing her neck. It began to rain a little…..so we ran to the car.

We jumped into the car….and I pulled Joyce to me, placing her butt in my lap, our lips joined. I hugged her tightly, while sliding my hand up under her dress. Soon, I had a finger in her….spreading her wetness around her pussy. She was moaning into my mouth, as we kissed deeply. I moved us around in the front seat so that we were laying down, myself on top of her. I began to kiss Joyce deeply and feverishly as I pulled her dress upwards, while unzipping my jeans…pulling my cock out. Laying between her legs, I moved the side of her panties over…….

As the tip of my cock touched her wet pussy…she did an intake of breath, and began to push against me. But, her movements were restricted by the car doors. I again placed my penis in her opening….feeling her wetness on me. I asked if she was ready…she said yes….just be easy. As I pushed into her, I slid my tongue deep into her mouth, feeling her moan as my cock went through her hymen….sliding into her until I was completely buried within. We kissed……..deeply, while I waited on her to adjust to my size. Soon though, I felt Joyce push against me a little, I began to move slowly in and out of her. As she adjusted to my penis within her….she began to moan and beg for more. We were soon fucking like we had been forever. We were not to last long in our orgasms, however, as we both began to cum together. Joyce pulled me tightly to her, her pussy muscles coaxing my cum from my cock, as I spilled my seed into her.

We lay in the car for awhile, calming down…kissing, whispering to one another. I felt my cock begin to harden again, and Joyce felt it too. She kissed me….before asking if we could do it again. Over the next year, Joyce and I fucked anytime we got together. I once came close to marrying Joyce, but never did. The last time I saw her, she was living in Atlanta and we got together. I went down on her for the first time that night and then we made love all night long. I now wonder where Joyce is today.

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