Very Special Toolbox

Hard Cock

NOTE: I thought that this was an invention that should be invented, and built. I know I’d buy one!

I had seen the ad in the back of one of those airline magazines, and thought it sounded like a great gag gift; it was a very “Special Toolbox” just for “Real Men”. I ordered one for my old high-school buddy, thinking it would be the perfect joke. The package arrived about four days later, and that evening, I decided to check this thing out.

I opened the box and pulled out what looked like a large lunch box- one of those old-fashioned ones that had the rolled top that held the thermos. Only it was considerably wider, taller, all around larger. The instruction booklet was only one page, that said simply:

1. Get naked.

2. Lubricate your asshole.

3. Open top of box and sit on it, straddling the box.

4. Insert the tip of penis in front hole of the “saddle”.

5. Recommended setting to LOW, especially for Beginners.

That was it. I opened the top of the toolbox, and the cover lifted right off revealing what looked like a scooped out saddle. The one end was labeled “FRONT-Face this direction.” There was a hole at that end. At the top edge of the front part was a small knob, with speeds labeled, currently the arrow pointing to OFF, and a small ON/OFF switch.

I thought that I had gotten seriously ripped off, and almost threw the whole thing in the trash, but then I noticed gaziantep ucuz escort a small sticky note in the middle of the seat. It said, simply: “Try it at least once.” Now, that was funny- the manufacturer must have known I would think it looked like a rip-off. “What do I have to lose?” I thought; I should at least try it out. So, I stripped off my clothes, lubed up my ass, and lowered myself onto the box, with my legs straddling it. I put the tip of my soft cock into the hole, and then turned the switch on. I could hear the box come to life, with a soft humming sound.

I reached in front of me, and turned the dial from OFF to the first setting, which said START. Suddenly, I could feel something touch the tip of my cock, and then felt it wrap over the tip, covering the crown of my cock. It felt like a soft rubbery substance, and it had clamped firmly over the entire crown of my cock. Then the center panel of the seat opened in the center, the piece dropping down and moving to the side, which left my ball sack hanging down inside. I then felt another piece rise up and wrap itself around my ball sack. It pushed gently up, my scrotum hanging down inside it, and then it gently clamped itself around the top of my ball sack, and sort of hung on. The weight was not at all painful, and, in fact, it felt good, like a soft tugging on my balls. Then, something began gaziantep ukraynalı escort to protrude out from the back of the saddle, and pushed gently, but firmly, against my asshole. This was a different feeling, and I wasn’t too sure what was happening. But, this piece firmly pushed against my sphincter, and as I was already lubricated, it slide slowly in. It felt only about a half-inch wide, but it had inserted itself several inches into my ass.

I was now pretty well pinned down on the saddle, my entire genital area sort off clamped on. It was a little nerve-wracking, not knowing what was happening, but it was also kind of exciting. My cock was beginning to twitch and thicken just a little. I heard a “Beep” and saw a green light on the dial move from START to BEGINNER, so I moved the dial to that setting. I immediately felt soft feathers caress my balls, which made my cock start to grow. The cup on the crown of my cock was actually a small pump, and I could feel the suction begin. The piece in my ass was actually a slender vibrator, and it began to vibrate. The sensations of the three touch points were amazing, and my cock rapidly grew hard. The cock pump sucked me, the feathers caressed by balls, and the vibrator was giving my prostate a tantalizing massage. I heard a beep, and the green light moved to the next setting. I moved the dial to gaziantep üniversiteli escort that setting, and then things really began to change.

The vibrator started to rotate gently, and also began to pump in and out of my ass. That felt incredible! The feathers on my balls kept touching me, but I could also feel an increased pulling and releasing and pulling down of my balls. The pump suction varied, which continued to arouse me. Then, I felt something new; it was like dozens of small beads, like the size of pearls, wrap around my cock, just below where the pump had clamped below the crown. These beads snugged down, and then began to roll down the length of my now-hard cock to the base, then back up to the crown. Oh man o man, that felt awesome!

My cock had swelled up bigger than I had ever felt it before, my balls were aching to release their cum, and the vibrations in my ass were putting me over the top. Suddenly, I began to orgasm. Everything started to explode! My balls blew their load, and my cock started to spurt and spurt. Each inward pump of the vibrator in my ass seemed to act like a hammer on a pistol, causing my cock to shoot more. The box pulled down on my balls, milking them dry.

I was seeing stars, my cock blowing off like fireworks, the stimulation of it all absolutely mind-blowing! I couldn’t handle any more, and reached forward and shut it OFF. Everything stopped. Then slowly, with one last tug, it released my balls. The suction pump on my cock released, and the beads rolled down one last time, then up and off the tip of my cock, which caused one more dribble of cum to roll out, the last evidence of a phenomenal orgasm. The vibrator in my ass slowly retracted, and then I was free to step off the toolbox. Yeah, right… I wasn’t stepping anywhere. I’d be lucky to fall off!

NOTE: I thought that this was an invention that should be invented, and built. I know I’d buy one! I had seen the ad in the back of one of those airline magazines, and thought it sounded like a great gag gift; it was a very “Special Toolbox” just for “Real Men”. I ordered one…

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