Veronica the Stewardess


Just a wee message before I start. A few readers have chosen to take offence from my previous stories for which I can only apologise. While not proffered as an excuse, I should explain and references to race, etc were only to set tone. I see now that that was wrong.

On with the story…


To say that I was livid would be an understatement. I was hot, bothered, uncomfortable and to cap I all, I felt betrayed. I had dolled myself up something silly for what I thought would be taken out for the night and romance and I had dressed for the occasion: lovely barely there lingerie (more on this later) and a beautiful linen dress from Dior which I thought set off my light tan (acquired over the past week poolside in Brunei [much to the pool boys’ pleasure but that’s another tale]) only to be told by Tom that there was a crisis at work. Apparently, the charter flight arranged by Tom’s company wouldn’t be able to take off without a full cabin crew complement – and that this was an important contract for his office.

Very briefly, Tom’s company was arranging a charter contract to transport a bunch of oil rig workers on shore leave after 6 weeks offshore from Bandar Brunei to Macao. This was lucrative work and shore leave was precious for the crew – and a delay would potentially mean the loss of good repeat business.

And so, along comes me, Veronica, his long suffering (but always elegantly fashionable) wife to save the day– (bet you didn’t know but I only stopped flying 2 years ago with as an air stewardess for a middle eastern airline…and oh, the stories I could tell you) – because I still had current Aviation Authority certification.

“Please V, you’re the only one with the power to let the plane take off and we’ll lose the timeslot in 30 minutes,” he said as I glared at him.

Being the big hearted soul I was, it only took a second for me to decide. “Okay, but you’ll pay for this…and (pause) I’m not soiling this dress. It’s a Dior,” I said as I reached behind to unzip the dress. Stepping out of it, I said, “Just to show you what you’re missing” – and revealing a strapless cupless brassiere and matching high waisted thong – both. Tom’s jaw fell to the floor…as did the 2 office administrators who were also there. Tom flustered and recovered, “peel your eyes away from her – and quick get her something to wear. You. Yes, you. Stop gaping at her tits and give her your blazer.”

And, so there I was mounting the steps to the aircraft 10 minutes later, wearing a cheap blazer and a tennis skirt salvaged from a gym bag in the boot of my car and …well you already know what’s underneath.

There was a bit of a cheer as I stepped into the cabin – well polyester blazer aside, I was probably the first live female the oil rig crew had clapped eyes on in 6 weeks; and so I pretty much understood why they didn’t make eye contact when I took them through the safety briefing. Their eyes were elsewhere. Let me tell you boys that us girls have a latent ability to know when you’re staring at our boobs.

“Hey, my eyes are up here,” I said playfully to keep the mood light and tempers low. They had after all been sitting on the tarmac for 45 minutes by that time. (I should mention that the cabin reeked of sweat at that time because the air conditioning had to be turned off once to preserve the battery).

There was a burst of laughter among the men who gazed hungrily at my body, and the rough fabric of the blazer was playing havoc with my unprotected nipples (I was wearing cupless lingerie, remember?). Although excited, I hammed it up by acting demure and ashamed and lowered my eyes and avoid their stare. I reckon my cleavage must have looked pretty enticing – glowing with rivulets of sweat streaming down between my titties – (34bs bunched up between the tight fitting blazer) – as I bent over to dispense icey cold ones .

In time, the humidity in the cabin approximated a sauna, with condensation dripping off the ceiling – and it eventually really came to look like a sauna when some of the passengers removed their tops. Well, I couldn’t possibly stop them could I? It was just little old me and about 15 of them.

I think it must have only take them 5 minutes to notice that I mightn’t have a top under the blazer. It was steamy and I could feel rivulets of perspiration beading down my spine as the heat got to me and I felt a little faint. I must have swayed a little in my feet because one of the men, a dark swarthy muscled indian man with lovely calloused hands said to me in his delightful sing-song accent, “miss are you okay? You seem a little hot. Maybe you take off your jacket. Come, I take for you,” he said as his hand reached for the button (I guess there are no personal space issues on the rig).

Golly. I panicked. “No” and stepped back – but it was already too late as his fingers deftly undid the top button. I was still bent over and he had an eyeful of titty. Well, that was when matters got out of hand because the rest of the crew ateşli gaziantep escort caught his widening eyes and smile.

I stepped back into another brute of a man. Literally bounced off him. Pure muscle and while hairy, probably could pass as a gorilla shaved strategically to look human (yummmm)..

Things began to look dire by that time. There I was surrounded, drenched in sweat, tits out and pretty much exposed – but they really got worse when the gorilla who introduced himself as Tarique, the rig’s foreman said, “enough. We have waited for 3 hours and we have only 1 week’s R&R in Macau. Not acceptable. I not happy. We will not fly with your company again.”

You might know about my dirty little gang bang habit by now (if you haven’t ,read my other tales), the constant friction teasing my tender little nipples and what with my anger with Tom at that time…well, what’s a girl to do. And you certainly know where this is headed (wink).

“Wait. Don’t.” I hammed this up knowing that they weren’t aware that I was Tom’s wife (I dread to think what they might have done to me if they knew that the wife of the country manager of the company who had botched their leave). “I need this job and if the company losses the contract, I’m fucked”. I stammered my voice, “maybe there’s a way of working this out” … appearing little nervous and unsure – and biting my lower lip and lowering my eyelids. There is nothing more persuasive than letting some people think they’re in control.

Ohh. These gents were quick on the uptake, “okay. You take off clothing. We see. We have girls …Russian blondes waiting for us in Macau. Very expensive because they fuck like machines but maybe if you let us see your boobies, we can be patient.”

“Okay. But just look. No touching,” I said in a faux reluctant tone after letting them persuade me for a few minutes that they could be trusted to be gentlemen and although they all nodding and grunted affirmatively, I clocked the exchange of sly glances.

What followed wasn’t a strip tease and there wasn’t a slow peel. I shrugged the blazer off – looking a bit flustered because after all I had been co-erced (secretly, I couldn’t get the garment off fast enough. Polyester isn’t known for on skin comfort).

There was a collective sharp intake of breath as I turned to face the crowd – my skin glowing with sweat, shoulders back, my chest out – breasts jutting out and exposed for all to see but framed perfectly (at least I thought so) by the cupless La Perla bra. That my nipples were still erect from the constant friction with the rough material and now my increasing arousal despite the heat was not lost to all and sundry. I really felt myself getting horny, secretly hoping that the men would be so overwhelmed with lust that they would lay their hands on my body and start molesting me immediately. My breath quickened as Tarique looked at me appreciatively and said, ” skirt”. I sighed, blew my fringe and complied.

I then faced the crowd in my lingerie, hoping that the wisps of silk would at least shield my nudity. Any attempt on my part at modesty was however removed by the men who closed in on me to paw at my body with their rough calloused hands.

Well I didn’t want them to think I was a total slut and thought some resistance would be in order. “Please. You promised no touching” but that only served to spur more groping.

Ignoring the multiple hands pawing at me and the leering faces, I zoomed in (don’t ask me why) on Tarique’s bare chest, took his brown nipple between my thumb and forefinger and twisted. What followed was a high pitched yelp – and eventually much laughter from the rest as they realized that their burly hairy, bear like foreman had been humiliated like a woman – and by a woman. “I said stop”.

He glared at me and then an evil smile crept across his face. “Don’t you think it’s a bit warm in here?”, Tarique said as he stepped in front of me raised his right hand to my chest, his fingers tracing light circles over my nipple, teasing it, testing its erectness. I was determined not to plead or cry out – and turned my head away in dismay as he continued to grope for my bare breasts before 15 strangers.

You know what? I think you just want to show off! you are like prostitute!”

“No! That’s not true– Ouch!” My angry protest turned to a cry of pain when Tarique grabbed my right nipple and twisted it just like I did his only a minute or 2 ago. Reaching down, he ripped off my thong to reveal a nicely trimmed pussy.

“Hmmm… nice!” he purred as he ran his hand over it. I closed my eyes and turned my head away in dismay. “Take your filthy hands off me. You promised you wouldn’t touch me” I snapped. He stopped for awhile and then said, “I did, didn’t I? you’re right, but I didn’t promise these touching you”, as he fished out a few ice cubes from a nearby glass and slowly traced circles with them around my nipples. I was soon moaning ateşli gaziantep escort bayan softly with pleasure. “Ah!” I cried out as the first shockwave of iciness hit me. “Hold them still for me, please,” Tarique said chuckling as he continued to trace circles around my nipples with the rapidly melting ice cubes – the meltwater mingling with the sweat which already covering was my body making every part slicker. It didn’t really hurt that much, but all the same I thought I should continue to ham it up for the crowd’s benefit.

I think that got too much for Tarique because he very suddenly spun me around and bent me over and with a grunt, pulled out his cock and took me from behind. There wasn’t any niceties involved – just pure animal lust. He just grunted as he entered me with one deep thrust. I barely had enough time to grab the back of a seat for support before he began pumping away. I was soon moaning louder and louder, and as he continued to fuck me – and this drew comments from the crowd. They were clearly enjoying the spectacle – highfiving each other and occasionally reaching forward to give my bouncing tits a playful tug on the nipple.

“You like that, don’t you, you little slut?” He asked, panting as I sensed his orgasm approaching. “Yess” I hissed as I met each thrust with an equally forceful counterthrust – hoping to make him come as quickly as possible in a bid to further humiliate him before his men.

But I failed. It would be several orgasms on my part before he let off a roar, shuddered and unleashed the massive sperm buildup from the past 6 weeks into me.

After awhile, we were cleared for takeoff – and as we taxied up the runaway, I was made to sit among the crowd – and as you might expect for any girl in my predicament , I was groped mercilessly. I was soon twisting and kicking about as the crowd roughly began to put their huge hands on my bare, helpless body, stroking me, petting my thighs and hips as they groped mercilessly at my wriggling body before them. I think I came a little.

Knowing that these chaps had spent the past 6 weeks without female company, I was a little worried that I’d be in for some rough treatment. “Wait there’s too many of you. Can we do a deal. Go easy on me and I’ll do what you want”. Well they conferred among themselves for a bit…not all of them though. The Indian gent from earlier took some private time with me probing my tender pink pussy with his fingers, making me come noisily.

As if on cue, Tarique smiled. “We have discussed and we want to see you do DP show.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, hoping that the frisson of excitement which had entered my voice would be missed. Of course I know what he meant. 15’s too much but 2 I can handle…and with added excitement of an audience. Oh joy.

He just smiled and stepped aside – as huge Arab man approached. Oooh he was magnificent. He had a well defined, muscular body to the point of being grotesque. I had a hard time trying not to look at the pulsating veins covering his turgid member – and most of all his dark lustful eyes. He then pulled of his vest to reveal his bare chest. I could but help but stare in amazement at the man’s rippling stomach muscles and huge, broad shoulders. He was absolutely incredible. His penis was incredibly large, almost monstrous –a baby’s arm gripping an apple.

I instinctively rolled my thighs inward and turned my hips slightly away from him as he approached. He grunted as he sat down and leaned over me with his broad chest and sleek, muscular arms. “I have fucked a lot of women before but never an English girl. This will be fun.” he said staring deep into my eyes as he pressed his forehead to mine.

We were then joined by yet another rig worker who was already stripping down. He was almost the Asian twin of the first with a similar body builder’s huge physique. He stood flexing his enormous arms and legs, tightening every stomach, chest, arm and leg muscle as he stared down at my helpless form. I moaned slightly as I stared in horror at his enormous cock. It hung like an enormous piece of meat between his super tight, muscular legs.

Without any further ado he roughly placed his huge hand on her bare pelvis and slid it around over my lower tummy – giving me an evil smile.

And then unexpectedly, a third rigworker joined us. He was a giant carved out of ebony. His physique was similar to other 2 except he was a huge, dark, black man. His entire body was shaved, including his head, which was absolutely bald. Even his legs were smooth and bare. He just grinned softly as his huge black hand patted my white thigh. “Nice” he said in approval as his fingers worked their way roughly higher.

I groaned with dismay. Matters were spiraling beyond my control. I had already lost count of the orgasms I’ve had since boarding the plane and was pretty much spent – and we’ve yet to start the main event.

I really didn’t have ateşli escort gaziantep time to react when the first man roughly cupped my left boob with his hand. It was like a huge adult playing with a small doll as he cupped my relatively small breast and massaged it around in huge, erotic circles. I gritted my teeth in panic as he moved down over my chest and began cupping both breasts with his hands. Like a kid playing with cookie dough, he began to wildly squeeze my 34cs, molding them and teasing them with his well skilled hands. He then barreled down on me and pulled my chest upward, forcing my ripe, erect nipple into his sucking mouth.

I yelped in shock as he began to chew on my nipple. The sensation of my nipple and tit being heavily chewed, along with the other man’s intense attention to my pussy was sending wild ripples of sexual sensation throughout my already sensitive and aroused body. These guys were professionals.

Then, the first rigworker, the Arab bodybuilder sat up and inched his knees under my rear. With one hand, he held my right thigh from underneath while he guided his massive erect cock to my vagina with the other.

It was huge. I yelped in panic as I saw the tip of his penis pass between my legs and felt it slowly part my delicate lips. Then, wailing and screaming, I gyrated my hips about frantically as the man’s erection pushed its way deeper and deeper inside me. At first the going was very hard but the resistance soon melted as the super hard member pushed its way slowly past my protesting vaginal muscles at it sent waves of wild, uncontrollable sensations through my bare body. It felt so tight, so tender, so sensitive and as his foot long organ pushed its way, like a piston, toward its target, sinking deeper and deeper into my yielding pussy.

When he had fully penetrated me, he just laid over me and his hips began to slowly pump his huge organ in and out of my defenseless body as I wriggled slowly, pinned under his ominous form.

“UUGH! this bitch is tight… so… fucking… TIGHT!.” He gasped as my vaginal muscles vagina squeezed down hard on his member. “God, she’s so… ugghghn!”

I pushed my hips around as I clamped my muscles in a vain attempt at slowing his progress. This was a sad mistake, however, as the added tightness only served to heighten the man’s already excited state. Like an animal, he began to heavily bang me, pushing his cock in and out of me with increasing frequency and intensity.





He was a definite stayer, his swarthy muscled body gleaming with sweat as he continued pounding into me for what seemed like eternity, my pale limbs contrasted with his darkness. He just kept pile-driving his foot long cock into my helpless soppy wet cunt, oblivious to my screaming shuddering orgasms (much to the delight of the rest of the cabin – I’m sure). I could feel my heaving tits wobbled in rhythm with each stroke from his cock.

I was moaning with each violent thrust, and the wave of sexual excitement began to build deep inside me. As my body was pounded by this huge man, the other lover, the Asian leaned back in and began again to lick and massage my tits. This time, however, he was much more ferocious, groping and squeezing me relentlessly as his mouth sucked hard and deep on my delicate breasts.

Meanwhile, the Arab at my cunt pumped faster and faster – and my body was slamming about violently now as he continued to quicken his pace. This wasn’t just some sexual tryst arranged by Tom. I was being fucked good and hard and I was powerless to stop it.

“Fuck her HARDER! Bang HER!” coaxed the crowd of onlookers as they cheered their big swarthy Arab mate as he pounded forcefully into me. I continued to pant and scream in sexual agony as his thrusts drove me higher and higher. His cock was so huge, and I was so helpless. Together, the sensations sent me spiraling upward as the relentless pumping continued.

Then, my hips exploded upward, tightening with every muscle in my body. At this point, he began thrusting inward, twisting his pelvis around and forcing his pelvis bone against my clit as he devilishly sent incredible waves of sensations shooting through me. My teeth gritted and my eyes fluttered as every muscle began to explode with excitement. Then…


I unleashed a scream of utter sexual submission. I bucked and thrust about horribly as the overpowering climax rendered me into a quivering mess. Not content, the great ape at that moment, grabbed my bum and squeezed it hard as he tightened his body. Gritting and hissing he shook and thrust as his climax overwhelmed him.

He roared as he exploded inside me. His pelvis continued to pump away slow and deep as he discharged heavily inside me. I was by now panting and moaning loudly as we shared the moment. Any respite was however only momentary, however, as the next chap, the Asian’s words shattered the serenity.

“Its my turn now.” he said as he let the first spent bodybuilder slowly retract his soaking penis and he moved into place. I was just too exhausted to resist.

All three men enjoyed their prize with one on his back, his huge arms clapped around my reddened, tender breasts and using them to pin me down, his enormous cock was slowly burrowing its way deep into my anus as I tried to wiggle my hips free.

Just a wee message before I start. A few readers have chosen to take offence from my previous stories for which I can only apologise. While not proffered as an excuse, I should explain and references to race, etc were only to set tone. I see now that that was wrong. On with the story……

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